What’s the Worst Present You Ever Received from a Partner?

Occasionally on this site, we ask you guys a nosy question and you can share your answer in the comments section below. Feel free to share your age, gender, relationship status, sexuality, etc., if you feel that it’s relevant to the answer. This week’s Question of the Week:

What’s the worst/most inappropriate/most disappointing gift you’ve ever received from a romantic partner at the holidays?

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Roxanne Jefferson

I received a soap, a towel and a shampoo from my boyfriend on my birthday! Ewwwww! But I won’t call it ‘worst’ because it was more of a joke.


I agree with Kristina. My boyfriend got me this awesome high end waffle maker that I mentioned once during the summer. It was amazing not only because it was something really awesome that I really did want, but that he remembered me talking about it so long ago.

You know, if you’re wondering what to get for your significant other, this would be a great question to ask them. Start a conversation about holiday and birthday presents. Ask about traditions. When do you open them? Does everybody tell each other exactly what they want, or is guessing part of the fun? What’s the worst present to get under the tree, or from a secret santa? It’s interesting learning about the traditions your partner grew up with, and then you’ll get some insight into what makes a good gift and what makes a bad one. Just keep asking general… Read more »

Sometimes a kitchen appliance can be awesome, if it’s what you want. My husband (an amazing gifter…I’m pretty lucky) got me a super awesome frying pan one year for Christmas, and to this day, it’s still one of my favorite presents ever. It has a copper core! And can go in the dishwasher! Giving good gifts is about knowing your partner and getting them something perfect for them.


My husband has always picked out wonderful useful quality gifts. I, on the other hand, am terrible as picking out things. Sometimes I think I would be better off giving people money. How’s this for odd : a sugar bowl packed full of plastic monkeys? DIT barrel of monkeys, see? Yeah.


In college, my live-in bf gave me:
1. Navy flannel sheets that showed EVERY little stain…eww.
2. A tongue scraper (WTF? I am obsessed with oral hygiene and my breath has to be impeccable)
3. Lotion socks for ‘scratchy feet’
4. Screw You.


My bf “didn’t know what I wanted”, so got me nothing. He’s not cheap or boring, he just really fell short this year.