What’s Your Favorite Incest Plot-Line?

Flowers in the Attic

Our Bodies, Ourselves. Judy Blume. Flowers in the Attic. If you grew up in the ’80s, chances are these books had a pretty big impact on your sexual development. In other words, as far as V.C. Andrews’ book goes, you probably have a bit of a thing for incest plot-lines. Forbidden love, up in the attic, with your hot sibling! Swoon. But it’s not the only story to explore the erotic potential of fictional incest. Think Angels and Insects, for example, or all those daytime soaps where two lovers find out they’re actually siblings separated at birth. Bummer for them! Hot for the rest of us!

So, tell us… what other titles belong in this incest genre? It could be a book, movie, TV show, highbrow, lowbrow, whatever. We’ll compile a list and publish it on our site soon. You’re welcome.


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3 years 19 days ago

Greg and Marsha Brady :) In the movie, when they have to share the attic hahaha

3 years 21 days ago

Lewis’ The Monk. Gotta love Gothic literature.

3 years 21 days ago

Oh and it’s been one of the storylines on Eastenders here in the UK- 2 cousins

3 years 21 days ago

Not sure if this really counts, and also ****SPOILER ALERT**** but the only one I can really think of is this South Korean film called Oldboy

3 years 21 days ago

Cousins Daisy and Edmond in the book How I Live Now by Meg Rosoff. Just a beautiful book.