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7 Comments on "What’s Your Take on Chest Hair?"

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I come at this issue with the same attitude I have about grooming pubic hair (or any for that matter). He can do what he likes with his body hair, just like I will do what I want with mine. I won’t make my partner change his habits for me, and he shouldn’t expect me to change for him. My preferences are secondary. Personally, I like chest hair, but a man’s chest hair (or lack thereof) is never a deal breaker for me. I do think its fun to switch things up a bit once in a while. I usually… Read more »

Hah, ever had skin on skin contact on day 2 with a guy who shaved his chest? Eh. Thanks for scrubbing my skin, sweetie, when do we do sensual stuff?


Men, please don’t shave your chests, ever. Thank you.


I don’t like chest hair. I want it all clean and baby’s butt smooth. Then again I would say I’m transgender, so like everything else with me it’s complicated.


I’m all for chest hair, but I’ll do with mine whatever my partner likes best. Although since literally no woman has ever asked me to shave my chest, I don’t put much thought into it.

I have shaved areas of my back at the request of women though.

I enjoy seeing a shaven chest on professional athletes because it makes it easier to see and appreciate their muscles. For a man who I am intimate with, though, I find small to moderate amounts of chest hair ridiculously sexy. I agree that it does look manly, and I love to run my fingers over it. This said, its really important that there isn’t TOO much hair. If there’s so much that it starts to look like a vest, then that’s a big turn off. And it goes without saying that back hair is NOT attractive. But yes, for me,… Read more »

A man’s chest hair is a sign of his masculinity and sexual maturity, and shaving it off is (to me) an affront to nature. Seeing a man’s chest hair shaved off makes me totally sad.