Wise Guys: Do Men Have Multiple Orgasms?

Advice from three of our guy friends. This week they answer the following: “How common are multiple orgasms among men?”

colin_adamo_100Straight Single Guy (Colin Adamo): This is one of those things that really mellow, grey-ponytailed guys that meditate daily, do kegels constantly, and have been practicing tantra since the late ’70s tell you is possible but that the majority of men have not experienced and don’t expect to any time this millennium. The idea of multiple orgasms reminds me of a more realistic fantasy of making auto-fellatio possible through years of practice like in the classic SNL skit with Will Farrell. I know it’s possible. And sure it sounds great. But who wants to put in all the hard work to get there?

terence_100Gay Committed Guy (Terence): I believe the nature of men is predisposed to multiple orgasms. By multiple I mean two. More than two is pushing it, but most men I’ve “known” have had a pretty good track record for multiples. Then again, by multiple are we talking within an hour or within a day? If you’re talking about a whole day’s worth, well then you’re looking at three to five orgasms easily — with diminishing returns of course.

anonymous_suitStraight Married Guy (Matt): As in multiple orgasms in one night, or in one go? ‘Cause if it’s the former, you can probably start at around four to five orgasms a night as a physical possibility at age 18 (not something that happens very often in practice, mind you). From there it’s pretty much a straight diagonal line to zero times per night at age 90 or whatever. I’d say monogamy also exerts downward pressure on this line. Not to say that this is a bad thing; at 38, I’m frankly less than enthusiastic about the idea of spending enough time to bring about a second orgasm. One is plenty, thanks. As for multiple orgasms in one shot, I’ve never, ever heard of this happening — not to me or anyone else I know. Even if this were possible, due to each successive orgasm for men being less intense, I’d say again: one is plenty, thanks.

Our “guys” are a rotating group of contributors. Colin Adamo is an undergrad at Yale University where he directs the biennial Sex Week at Yale; Terence is an American living in Sydney; Matt is a little shy. To ask the guys your own question, click here.


  1. DJ: I totally believe you. My boyfriend does the same. He can orgasm 10-20 times in a session and we have love making sessions a few times a day. I am 47 and he is 45. and to Johnny: you are rude. It’s all about control. and yes, it can happen. Trust me. Please ask your doctor, as I am sure he can back it up.

    DJ, thanks for the post!!

  2. I got my man off 5 times in less than 2 minutes last night. He was orgasm say go again, orgaasm go again. He says I earned the lifetime acheievement award. He is still talking about it lol. He is 43 too. Any man ever experience this?

  3. I have personally had 16-20 orgasms at one time (lost count) while having sex with my wife and admiring photos of the mighty Ulisses Jr, I think it was he that actually caused this or the fact that my wife was admiring his body as well. I am straight but for some reason this mans body hardens me like a rock and I cant stop the cum from pumping out. Multiples are the best feeling ever!

  4. My husband climaxes — convulses, the whole sha-bang — then he is immediately hard again. He can usually go back to back 2 twice within less than a minute; sometimes just a few seconds, and sometimes immediately! The most he’s ever done it back to back is 3 times though. He does say that they aren’t as intense as the first. But both times he ejaculates.

  5. My bf has orgasmed and came 16 times in a row. But his average is maybe 5 to 7 times. We have to work hard for the 16 but it is possible..

  6. I am 47 and my husband is 44. Unbelievably, my husband can get erect right after an orgasm! His “rest” period is only a minute or two. There have been weekends where we have had sex easily 3 times in a row!

    He says it’s a matter of concentration, believing in his ability, his extreme attraction for me, my extreme attraction to him.

    So, who knows what’s possible.

  7. Im abstinent, so Im a virgin, but Im a male and I can say multiple orgasms are definitely possible.

    My record in one session is 21, and back when I took masturbating seriously, I was averaging around 8-10 a session before I got bored and went to bed.

    People might not believe me, but I can and will assure you it’s true.

    Reply if you feel like discussing.

  8. So there’s the ejaculation part. But the orgasm part CAN be separate. For me Squeezing the PC muscles at exactly the right time is key. Don’t let the ejaculate get too far during arrousal or plateau or you’ll lose your little guys during the O. During the O timing is everything. Steer clear of outside influences (besides partner or visual aids) and practice practice practice. Take it slow.

  9. My lover says i great, i can usaly get 10 orgasmins over a few hours, i use lots of vitimens whch make my balls feel full all the time, could it be i am a large guy, 7.5 inch still going strong at 50

  10. It’s definitely possible. My boyfriend (soon to be fiancé) and I were just talking on the phone and he orgasmed 5 times in a row in the span of an hour, so it’s definitely possible, just very hard to come by. I was really impressed. 😉

  11. I’m a guy, 26, and sometimes have a second orgasm immediately after my first. I often notice that this happens a lot after a period of forced abstinance (i.e. staying with friends in close proximity camping etc where you cant, uh, get relief).

    Its pretty much as the other guy described after the first you just keep going pretty hard and feel it building up after a few seconds. Neither orgasm is ever earth shattering and i’ve only ever managed it solo not during sex.

  12. Oh yes it is true! My husband had 4 orgasms in less than 25 seconds!! The male reproductive system was my favorite in nursing school….:>

  13. My boyfriend actually ejaculated 5 times today. And actually ejaculated, i would know. I had no choice but to swallow.. he’s almost 21, and after the first one we relocated to our bedroom, I’m almost 20 by the way. He tried to get me to orgasm. But i had a lot on my mind and I was focusing more on pleasing him. The 2-5th times were about 2-3 minutes apart. Let me tell you. He was connnfuuused! He says he’s only ever had one. And he’s been with a good amount of other partners. Didn’t do anything special to achive this. He was my first everything so I’m not highly experienced. But we’ve gone 3 hours non-stop. And it’s very satisfying.

  14. Wow, I just experienced my first double through masturbation. male, 23 yo.
    Not sure if I could succeed with my partner..

    No refractory time in between, both ejaculatory. For the first one I just let myself go and relaxed as best as I could. After I finished ejaculating and the sensation was gone already I felt like there was still something left, still hard, still aroused… in about 5 seconds later of full speed masturbation – SECOND. Not entirely sure which of them felt better though, ~10 seconds apart, can’t really tell, mind was blown.

    I’ve never felt so good in my entire life! It’s like my entire world changed, got straight out of my depression.. lol this is amazing!

    P.S. Have double orgasm -> google it 10 minutes later

  15. I am 50 and can orgasm 5-6 times in a session of a half hour to 45 minutes. I also know that through my life I have had countless instances were I would orgasm one after another seconds appart typicaly 3 times but have had 7 or so I think tops. I know I am not alone in having this happen and everyone is different tells us that anything is possible.I always hear how men go at it like idots to please a woman and get nothing out of it for themselves other than a sore back and tired muscles and make like it’s an ego boost for them lol. Women are exactly the same in thinking as we are if you let them, and if you share the work load she will also get the ego boost knowing she brought extacy to you also with neither getting sore backs and tired muscles.

  16. My boyfriend is 55 years old(!) and he has actual multiple orgasms. He will orgasm and then immediately orgasm again within the same minute. He will sometimes get hard again a few minutes after a session. We can’t sleep in the same bed because he will wake me up several times to try to have sex with me and it pisses me off. He doesn’t take Viagra or any other pills. He once asked me if I wanted him to try them, and I almost smacked him upside his head (j/k). He is a shit brick house though– a strength and conditioning coach for MMA fighters and a former Pride fighter.

  17. I have had 6 orgasms just a few days ago and i was having sex for about an hour and i say this is possible, depending on men and also how you control your emotions. That answer about 25 years old or younger, that is a lie, i am 31 and i can have more than 3 orgarsms in time.

  18. My boyfriend has orgasmed (actually ejaculated) three times in less than 10 minutes. He’s a sex _GOD!!!! I’ve only seen it once before with one other man…but he could only do it twice. Oh most definately it can happen!

  19. I am 17 and I’ve never experienced such a thing. After my first O, it is very hard for me to even feel the sensitivity of the vagina or mouth after I O … I mostly continue just to pleasure my partner. at one point in time I sat down and received oral for 1hr atleast and still didn’t even feel close to orgasming after I had an O probably 1 1/2 hour prior. I’ve only had 2 Os within let’s say 2-2.5 hours with the latter feeling like I shot blanks, because it was not as intense as the first.
    It depends on how into the sex I am for my refactory time, inotice that if I jump straight into sex I stay up and if I get head when I have an O I have to wait 10min or so to feel aroused again.

  20. I agree…My Fiance usually has two in a row with no refractory time in between…Its just orgasm, and 10 minutes later Orgasm again…I’ve never seen It with any other men I’ve been with, Its a total turn on for me, and I’m quite impressed that he can orgasm back to back like that…The second one is the best from what I can hear, get it, hear…LOL!!!

  21. I’ve managed a max of 3 (about 20 min to get to the first and slightly less time for each succeeding one), all were ejaculatory (and forceful), and I rarely ever hold back. I’ve always had the ability to do so. Perhaps it is because the first time I ejaculated I was ignorantly unaware that males aren’t supposed to be able to have more than one orgasm. I came twice. The second feels the best usually. I have only managed a third recently, having recently desired to see if it was possible. The third is pretty satisfying too, but 2 is probably the best number to have. I have had no tantric training, or anything similar.

    I think that a lot of it is a mind game. If you can really get yourself to want more after you orgasm, you’re on the right track. It’s a great skill to have because your time is something you never worry about. Finish too quickly? Not a problem if you can keep going.

  22. I always believed it was a possible. However the closest I had come to achieving multiple orgasms in the past where 2 over a very lengthy time spent in bed, well over 3 hrs. Tonight It took me awhile to achieve my first but then I had a second within ten minutes and a third within 5 mins. I truly did not expect a third but felt like trying since the 2nd came so easily. Its my personal belief that the open communication with my lover about our fantasies and our acceptance of them has opened up a door sexually that I had not known about. Either way I just achieved 3 in such a short which I consider multiple orgasms. The final two where no less rewarding and came with absolutely no effort. Following a very sexy talk about a mutual fantasy we share and have been cultivating together. Hope it shed s some light. Regardless of the reason. I am amazed these multiple orgasms occurred at all. I feel like I just won a prize 🙂

  23. On several occasions I have had over 20 orgasms, yes over 20 as i lost count but my wife just took it in disbelief. It takes a lot of control and not letting the first one go completely and just holding back. It is an experience that I want every time we have sex but it is so challenging to catch the first orgasm. It really helps looking at a photo of Ulisses Jr, he can keep you hard for days!

  24. Having one was not so easy (after treatment with antidepressants and stalling lifestyle) and two, even in the same day was almost impossible. But then doc put me on testosterone and added Dostinex (increases dopamine and lowers prolactin) and man… one time I had 4 in a row, but libido was over the roof, I had hardons just by looking at a sexy gal on the street and once I even came on the beach while kissing my gf.
    Still, I had to back off from that medication cause it was giving me heart probs 🙁
    I miss it very much though, the awesome libido.

  25. Oh, and he’s in his early 30’s. I don’t think he’s had any tantric training. Yea, I don’t think I’ll be going anywhere any time soon either <3

  26. I just had sex with my boyfriend today. He ejaculated 3 times in about a 15 min span. We go at it while we’re both “working” so it HAS to be hard and fast. Last week’s quickie session produced 2 orgasms for him. And the first night we had sex he also came 3 times back-to-back-to-back =)

  27. I can usually have 3-4 explosive orgasms in a single masturbation session. I find just focusing and breathing in the right way with absolutely no physical touch gets me going pretty close to start off. It’s something I’ve worked at to let myself go and be aware of what I’m feeling and thinking. I usually go at it very slow with no sense of urgency and like to feel every little sensation along the way. My first orgasm is full body and takes maybe 5 or 15 minutes depending on my mood. I ejaculate and hold back about 25% from totally letting go. My second and third orgasms folllow quickly in a minute or two accompanied by a steady flow of thinner fluid, but not a forceful ejaculation. These sensation of orgasms are more in my head, versus “down there”. My last orgasm is always the best, but takes more time. I can’t be gentle or slow and just go at it hard for maybe 4- 5 minutes. It is intense and full body accompanied by a full ejaculation. It takes me 15:-20 minutes for everything. I never lose my erection until the last one. I have very little recovery time no matter if its masturbation or sex with my girlfriend. I love it and she enjoys the show!

  28. I have had multiples since I first became sexually active. I used to think something was wrong as I was rock hard after sex. Then in my 30s I just would do it again right after sex. Seconds after first time. Then I realized I could have 5 in a row over 45 min of straight sex. Now mid 40s and 2-3 times is normal each session. Sometimes I still go 4 times. Mine are just as good each time.

  29. I’m in the 30-40 range and I’m able to have multiple consecutive orgasms, but almost never from intercourse. It takes a lot of foreplay (about 40 minutes-1 hour minimum), mostly with a vibrator/massager on the bottom of the penis, just brushing the bottom of the head. Orgasm is uniquely intense with 4-5+ immediate orgasms. And if someone is playing with my nipples, sometimes even more. I’m usually left wanting more, but after that kind of show, it takes about 15-20 minutes to do it again.

  30. I have actually experienced two consecutive orgasms within seconds of each other during masturbation. After I came the first time, I kept going even faster and harder than before to keep the pleasure rising, and within seconds I had a stronger orgasm.

  31. My boyfriend can often manage a “double” and occasionally a “triple.” In general, the first one or two are not as strong, the final one definitely seems to be the strongest. They are generally spaced very close together (30 seconds to a minute or so in between), but agreed, not the kind of multiples I have, where there feels like literally no time/space in between. Still, they’re pretty impressive! (He is 24, so it may be partly just a youth thing, although I’ve only been with one other person who had this ability, no matter what the age. Both of them are good at orgasming without ejaculating, which probably helps.)

  32. I’m over 40y.o. and have had two in a row, 10 to 30 seconds apart, both wet, many times. Enrique and Alex/Suzanne are exactly right though. It doesn’t come naturally at all, takes practice and good control. You must just barely cross over the line the first time, then once the first one begins to recede, then go at it full blast and try for a second time. Neither tends to be as powerful as a good single O though. Have never even come close to having 3 in fast succession though.

    I avoid using words like “tantric” or any other such terms that unnecessarily shroud it in mysteriousness. It’s just a learned response. Probably one not every man is capable of.

  33. Like Suzanne said, if the cork has fully popped with an earth shaking ejaculation, good luck trying for a second. At that point my thoughts turn to rehydration with a 32 oz. Gatorade or I.V. (and of course satisfying my wife’s needs).

    My wife can give me a multi-O, usually it involves quality foreplay, some P-spot stimulation (exterior or interior), and her on top (not necessarily in that order). Never had a multi-O in the missionary position, I don’t think you can relax enough.

  34. The closest I’ve ever been to that is that even after fully climaxing I was still aroused long enough to keep on keepin’ on and do so again, as it were. Usually she would be ready to stop before a second climax happened. When it did happen, it was really enjoyable, as I was not particularly sore, nor was I quick to climax again. I don’t think it’s the same as the multiple orgasm that women can have.

    When you’re talking about several hundred million sperm in a single climax, evolution probably figured if that one payload didn’t get the job done, give a guy a few minutes and you can try again.

  35. Outside of tantric sex (check “Candy,” a very funny novel from the dear dead ’60s), we don’t have multiple orgasms the way women do. We just don’t. The perfectly honest responses you’re getting from other men describe something else entirely different. We’re envious of women. At least for that.

    Now, in what way has your life been improved by this knowledge? Thought so.

  36. I put this question to Alex and he said this is possible for him if he hasn’t come “hard” the first time.
    Once the cork has fully popped out of the bottle he can’t manage another.

  37. For men, from what I have seen, they definitely are NOT the same as female multiple orgasms. When most women talk about being multiple orgasmic, we are talking about arousal, plateau, first orgasm and then one or many more orgasms often without significant Plateauing in-between and without Resolution phase entering the picture until we are done. When the orgasmic cycle is over, then we enter the Resolution phase.

    Most men who have “multiple” orgasms, seem to have Arousal, Plateau, Orgasm w/ ejaculation, Resolution, THEN RE-arousal, Plateauing, then an other orgasm etc. Of course, some young men under 25 or so seem to be able to have at least two with no discernible plateauing or resolution phase, but researchers like Master’s and Johnson and Kinsey tell us there men ARE having plateau and resolution, but in a very rapid fire manner until the next orgasm.

    I’ve never really heard of a man having the rapid fire multiples, with little or no plateauing which at least 14% of the female population is capable of. (I think more women are capable of this, but the research says only this small number. I really don’t know how accurate this percentage for women is.)

  38. My boyfriend stays hard after he cums and I’ve witnessed him have three orgasms in a single session. So it’s definitely possible.

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