Wise Guys: What’s the Appeal of Bare Down There?

Advice from three of our guy friends. This week a straight woman asks,“What is the appeal (or not) of a woman who’s completely bare down there?Click here to ask the guys your own question.

Straight Married Guy (Mike): I grew up in a world of topshelf Playboy (and god forbid) Penthouse magazines. In Playboy, the bush was an airbrushed mask that softened the mystery of what was underneath — and it was a mystery. In Penthouse, more was revealed, but the bush was as celebrated as the afro. The bush itself was the object of fascination — and the subject of much full frontal nudity. Then, somewhere along the way — perhaps it was the Clinton years — the bush started to fade away. First a mohican strip, then a mere trail, followed by total eradication. The mystery, the magic of all that is female was lost for an entire generation. Too bad for them.

It’s kind of hard to take this hairless fad seriously — and that’s what it is — because it is born out of digital-age pornography, not natural lust. It’s made us into uniform skinned aliens. Human fuck-me dolls. It asks women to be forever girls and not women. Worse, it demands aesthetic perfection, which opens the door to surgery, bleaching and other madness. Bob Guccione, the world needs you.

Gay Single Guy (Jay Dyckman): I suppose the appeal is practical.  I mean, how many times have you seen someone struggle to dislodge a pubic hair from his or her mouth or throat during the middle of sex?  Things are going great and then suddenly Garfield is coughing up a hairball down below.  Sort of a mood-breaker.  But I have to say, as it goes for gay guys — and yes, many guys also trim to within an millimeter of their life down there — I find it can be a turn-off.  The more manicured a man is, the less masculine he comes across.  And for many gays, myself included, that’s a no-go.  I suppose that doesn’t hold true for my straight brethren however.

Straight Single Guy (Tyler Barnett): The issue of hair down there seems to be generational and cultural. Just about every guy friend I have (we’re in our late twenties) agrees that completely shaved is the best bet. Comparisons are often made to shaved vulvas resembling adolescents, and understandably so, but I personally have never made that connection visually, physically or mentally. For me and my friends, is just looks and feels clean, smooth and feminine. It’s a cultural norm, as common as shaved legs and armpits. Underarm hair on women is generally thought to be displeasing, but in Europe it was considered sexy for years. If it were really an issue of pubic hair being natural, I would ask why women shave their legs and underarms here? Without getting too graphic, finding a hair in my salad at a restaurant is enough to ruin the entire meal. Make sense?

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smooth chocolatey goodness
smooth chocolatey goodness

I’ve often wondered what men prefer; smooth, trimmed or natural.

I most recently (within the last couple of years or so) began completely removing my pubic hair.

From a female perspective, it makes sex SO much more satisfying as there is nothing obstructing clitoral contact during intercourse. That right there gets a big old YAY!

Secondly, I find my partners LOVE the feel of the smoothness against all body parts, be it mouth, tongue or the big dipper.

Lastly, I feel sexier and more attractive hair free.

As I sit here contemplating a rare but very irritated razor-burn rash under my chin I’m reminded once again that shaving is unnatural no matter who does it. That said, my bare face is definitely more sensitive when my partner touches me there. It’s definitely easier to keep my face clean when shave regularly. I should also say that most of my partners have preferred to kissing and being kissed without a beard rather than with one. Personally I think I just tend to look better clean-shaven than with a beard or moustache. Even without considering visual or partner preferences… Read more »
The fact that I can’t seem to form an opinion on this topic troubles me slightly. Is there something (other than the obvious) wrong with me? Am I ‘too nice’ to even have a conviction? Most of my firsthand experiences came at a time when pubic topiary was a rarity so the state of nature seems pretty normal to me. I have encountered a few who were trimmed or waxed and it struck me as interesting and novel but not compelling. Generally, I’m just happy to have the opportunity to play. The length of the grass on the field is… Read more »
we (my boyfriend and I) discussed this the other day and neither of us can see the appeal of being anything other than natural or very slightly trimmed (I’ve recently started trimming a tuft that sits over my clit for er ‘unimpeded access’ ;0)) but we do seem to be in the minority lately, my best friend, who is generally very free with her affections shall we say, was surprised that there was still a guy out there who liked pubes! I don’t get fuss about hair in the mouth though, I could probably count on my fingers the number… Read more »

Coming from a girl who is bare down there, most girls are more comfortable with themselves when there is no hair down there. Especially during their ‘monthly’ things it keeps them feeling cleaner. Other wise its like sticking a feather duster in jelly and trying to wash it all out. yeah its not gunna happen. My boyfriend happens to get off very much from it. he says just the feel of it being smooth and what not is amazing to him. i dunno. maybe it is a generational thing.

Madamoiselle L

QUOTE Jay Jay Says:
February 19th, 2010 at 8:19 pm

Oh. P.S. That picture accompanying the article is disgusting, vomit inducing in fact.” END QUOTE

Jay Jay, that’s just a cat who is “disgusted” by her natural body hair!


Ha! No, Candice, the quality of white peoples’ pubes isn’t the issue. There is no uniformity to white peoples’ pubes. They come thick, thin, light, dark, minimal, huge and bushy… The whole range.

I am a very all-inclusive sex-haver. White women, black women, hispanic, asian, whatever… I’ve seen body hair ’round the world. Pubes are no more appealing to me on one race than another.

You do raise an interesting question, though. While there’s no doubt that less hair is currently “the look” for women, what does the general public think of body hair – not just pubes – on dudes?