Wise Guys: What’s the Deal with Blue Balls?

Advice from three of our guy friends. This week a straight woman asks, “What do blue-balls feel like… is it really that painful, or that big a deal? Is it even a real physical phenomenon?”

Straight Single Guy (Tyler Barnett): Blue balls are the testicular equivalent of a migraine headache. They are very real and can be very painful: pressure builds up due to sexual excitement from direct stimulation and has nowhere to go. Imagine having to sneeze, getting right to the second before and holding it for 15 minutes. Now, to be clear, I’m referring to situations where sexual activity has already begun (i.e. handjobs, oral, whatever) and then stopped in the middle for some reason. Mere kissing doesn’t cause blue balls, and those guys who claim otherwise are probably pigs. (To suggest a romantic situation that starts with kissing HAS to end with an orgasm is not only absurd, it’s borderline abusive.) But in those situations where physical contact with the johnson has been initiated by a second party and then arbitrarily withdrawn, it can be not only physically frustrating, but emotionally frustrating as well. It’s like, Why would she do that? Why??? My work ethic has always been to finish what I start, and I recommend this philosophy be applied to the bedroom as well. Of course, guys who find themselves in this situation have a very easy solution: masturbate! Much like Excedrin cures a headache, masturbation will cure blue balls. It’s really quite simple.

Gay Single Guy (Jay Dyckman): Truthfully, I had to look this up.  Wikipedia claims it is “the condition of temporary fluid congestion in the testicles and prostrate region caused by prolonged sexual arousal in the human male.”  I say no way.  Total urban legend.  “Prolonged sexual arousal?”  What kind of oxymoron is that?  I don’t know any guy who “prolongs” sexual arousal.  Sexual arousal in men is like Superman: it’s up, up and away, end of story.  Maybe it existed in the ’50s, when people would just “neck” for hours and it wouldn’t go anywhere. But those days are looooong gone.  Hi Bristol Palin!  And gay-wise?  Uh, never an issue. However, if I’m wrong and there really is such a thing, I would sincerely hope they look like Smurf balls — because that would be kind of cool.

Straight Married Guy (Jim): What does it say about me that I’m not even sure I’ve ever really experienced blue balls? All I can say for sure is that not having orgasmic sex is the worst part of not having orgasmic sex.  I’d prefer to think this is an evolutionary advance, rather than a carefully cultivated myth I’m ruining for half of everyone.  Maybe someone who wasn’t effectively celibate in high school can explain if it’s only a problem with new balls.

Our “wise guys” are a rotating group of contributors, some of whom wish to remain anonymous and some of whom like the attention. This week’s Straight Married Guy is Jim from New York, our Gay Guy is Jay Dyckman, an LA copywriter, and our Single Straight Guy is Tyler Barnett, owner of the LA PR firm Barnett Ellman. To ask the guys your own question, click here.


  1. Your all full of shit. A girl gets you excited and does it for several hours your balls are going to ache like you just survived a bicycle wreck

  2. Blue ball is real and almost every guy experience after prolonged caressing without ejaculation.Its painful and causes so much discomfort to men.The pain can be reduced y bathing with cold water immediately.

  3. All the “Lol, clearly they aren’t man enough to not get them” or “anyone past high schoole” jokes are hilarious. Considering the fact I can think myself into blue balls, and have extremely high levels of testosterone.

    Follow up question:

    What’s with insecure inferior males constantly belittling others? Does it make you all feel better about yourselves?

    “Truthfully, I had to look this up. Wikipedia claims it is “the condition of temporary fluid congestion in the testicles and prostrate region caused by prolonged sexual arousal in the human male.” I say no way.”

    In the same sentence?

    Dude this has to be the most toxic idea for a website anyway. You have a panel of morons saying “I know nothing about this” and “I’m positive it’s false” in the same sentence?

    Holy toxic internet mentality.

  4. I get blue balls almost every night but if you go to sleep it will go away and masturbation doesn’t work for me so it really sucks when they hit midday.

  5. alright I’m tired of hearing from you guys about masturbating when i get blue balls…are you being fucking serious with me right now? I can’t even move without it hurting like shit, hell I can’t even sit straight & you are telling me to masturbate to make me feel better? are you trying to get me killed? how the hell is that supposed to make me feel better?

    1. Masturbation does not help. Only thing I’ve found to help was ”massage’. Rolling them around. For a long time. If your partner can do it you’ll both feel better about the situation. This really can happen and really can be debilitating. Once it’s happened the ejaculation won’t help me. Sort of like jerking of right after getting a baseball in the crotch. Only time will help.

  6. A girl I had stopped dating met up with me one night and we started getting it on. I hadn’t been laid in weeks and had not masturbated in over a week either. She gave me head and used her hand a bit but them stopped and didn’t want to go any further. I was so close to orgasm but she was being stupid and purposely stopped knowing full well what she was doing. Trying to get me back for the break-up. I left and had this awful ache in my balls. I went were I could be alone and jerked off. It took about 1 minute to reach orgasm and it almost hurt to cum. I had to do it again 30 minutes later to get even more relief. It’s a build up that needs to be let out.

  7. Blue balls is most definitely real. Hurts like hell. I find laying flat on my back helps a lot. P.s don’t ever try and keep your orgasm in longer than 3 climax attempts that would = the worst pain ever!!! F-ing blue balls

  8. Honestly blue balls hurt me at a full scale of 1-10!
    When i try to walk it hurts on my lower abbs and in my ass! And all a woman can suggest is ice!

  9. I have had it twice that I can remember. Me and my girlfriend were getting into it and she started giving me head, said she wanted to stop, and then a few hours later my god it was painful. I knew about the masturbation cure and when I did, I noticed I came a lot more than usual. But to those who say it doesn’t exist, get your head out of your ass.

  10. There is a real thing called blue balls, but it is very rare, and often guys say they have it as a way to coerce women into sex (VERY DOUCHEY).
    In vast majority of cases, even after sex has begun, stopping will not cause blue balls. Instead it will cause a butt-hurt ego, and a raging erection that will take a few minutes to go down.
    The real blue balls happens when a guy stops DURING orgasm – not before it.
    To explain:
    From http://www.everydayhealth.com/sexual-health/the-male-orgasm.aspx:
    “The [male] orgasm itself occurs in two phases, emission and ejaculation. In emission, the man reaches ejaculatory inevitability, the ‘point of no return.’ Semen is deposited near the top of the urethra, ready for ejaculation.”
    Blue balls is a pain in the stomach and groin when a man stops stimulating / being stimulated during or after emission but before complete ejaculation. At that point semen is then neither here nor there – it has been released from the testicles, but hasn’t made it out of the penis. This can cause pain for some time like a stomach ache, in my case lasting about 15-30 minutes.

  11. Guys I went to the Dr. to ask the treatment for BB. He said there is no fucking treatment just masturbate and you will feel better .. how the hell can I masturbate at work or any public place? I am a man and if i see a hot woman my penis is out of control and after few hours BB attacks. WTF….. someone HELPPP….!!! :((

  12. I have experienced ‘blue balls’ many times, I was very worried as it can be excruciating. It generally makes me feel kinda ill as well, similar to when you are kicked really hard in your balls. I have had it from just kissing, but the worst pain is when you have to stop during actual intercourse -.- lasted about four hours. I have also had trouble relieving it once it has begun, masturbation doesn’t seem to do much help, I just have to wait it out and it is very distracting

  13. jay dyckman is either mistaken or is a liar. i currently have blue balls. i googled it to see whats up and stumbled across this. coincidence that hes homosexual and he so boldly claims that it is an urban legend and an oxymoron? nope. more likely that hes one of those non-oxy-morons who throws knowledge and reason out the window in order to:

    never let a rape victim be blamed
    prove to the world that straight men are complete and utter liars and pigs
    all men watch porn while scratching their armpits and picking their nose
    girl power
    women have right to choose
    sexual harassment should never go unpunished
    never let women be demeaned
    democratic party, liberal, for no reason other than the sole fact that hes gay

    “Maybe it existed in the ’50s, when people would just “neck” for hours and it wouldn’t go anywhere. But those days are looooong gone.” – i mean seriously, what kind of faulty logic is that? this is a physical occurrence. it doesnt just go away after 50 years! thats like saying that balls have gone away! maybe for you…in which case you need to grow a pair. not every person orgasms in 30 seconds. thats would be pre-mature ejaculation. people like to last a long time. just because you clearly dont last doesnt mean other men cant either! moron.

    youre spreading misinformation because of your misandrist agenda. maybe you should throw a change up and pitch for once. then you might have an idea.

  14. wat the hell are these guys talking about u dnt get blue balls!! Well WTF do u call wen ur having a heaps heated makeout sesh and get a boner but the girl is not ready yet. You just roll with it puting the boner aside and still kissing. You leaveher place and you get large amounts of pain in the testicles and up into the stomach that makes you sick. No mid handjob, no mid BJ, just kissing!! Dnt tell me my pain is not real!!

  15. Was making out with the lady on the weekend an got cut short due to a family emergency, and got a bad case of blu balls. Had them before so i know what to do, but this time was different.

  16. I am 30 and I have not had sex yet! I have a problem though of being aroused so quickly by slightest touch not even close to the lower regions! A brush past by anyone wil cause an erection which for the last few months now is causing me BB quite regularly! It gets so bad sometimes that I can barely walk! Is there anything I can do about over active erections/arousals? I am getting to a point and excuse the pun that I am getting fed up with it and want to find medication to stop the erections and stuff! Does anybody know what I can do except masturbation?

  17. I’ll be honest. This very second, I am experiencing ‘blue balls’.. as a sexually charged 20 yr. old gay guy, who didn’t “get off” like he wanted to.. I am suffering immensely. BLUE BALLS IS REAL. Boyfriend and I had an argument right in the middle of everything.. Long story short, I’m in pain. Groin area, down my thigh, up to my bellybutton. I almost feel nauseated.. Took an Advil, + “relieved” myself.. but still in pain! Good luck guys!

  18. I’m over 40 and lucky to say I’ve only experienced blue balls once.
    I was dating this woman for a few weeks before finally getting in bed with her. I masturbated her to an orgasm and was expecting the same, but she was not into blow jobs or hand jobs. Thank you she said, I’m going to sleep. Now, when you are in a new relationship the arousal level is ten times what it is in a older relationship. I needed to explode; frustrated I left the room to go to the couch hoping that I could possibly get rid of this hard on; but it was too late, the pain had started, I did not feel aroused anymore, just a hard dick! I tried to jerk off but there was no point. I laid in the dark in pain for an hour or so till I fell asleep…. thinking next time I’ll make sure I come before she does.
    Blue Balls is REAL! from my experience, you need to reach a certain level of arousal and maintain it there for a certain time before BB sets in. Having an erection is not enough to get BB, otherwise teens would have to masturbate every 15 minutes to not spend their time in pain.

  19. It’s real! IT’S REAL! It happened to me last night! I had sex on the brain, and I popped a boner. My girl was asleep, I was tired, and for whatever reason, I decided not to get up and relieve myself in the next room.

    I slept restlessly, waking up several times during the night, always with what must have been the same woody. My sex thoughts never abated, and I still didn’t take matters into my own hands.

    By five in the morning I experienced a hint of the pain the guys here are talking about. Not full-on blow-to-the-nuts pain, like some guys are describing, but mild testicular pain. A dull, mild throb. If it had gotten too much worse, it would have counted as actual real pain.

    I couldn’t believe it. I’ve always been a blue balls doubting Thomas. And while it wasn’t as bad as some guys get, my case convinced me that it’s a real phenomenon. I could imagine it being worse for some guys. Jeez. Learn something new every day.

  20. Oh, also, when I laid down in bed, I wrapped an ice-pack around my scrotum. I don’t know if it was that or the pain killers, but, I think it worked a little.

  21. Blue balls are the worst pain I think a man can endure. Every once in a while I get it. When I was younger, I had two cases that were so bad that I was rushed to the emergency room because I thought it was torsion and I didn’t want to take a chance of losing a nut. At the time, I had no idea what blue balls was. I’ve had 4-5 extreme cases.

    Tonight, I just really learned what was going on, reading online. I had an encounter earlier today with a gorgeous girl that lasted two hours. It was, more or less, sexual cuddling and I never finished. But I had an erection for almost two hours. After we stopped and she left, my sack started throbbing, and within a half hour, it amplified into the worst pain I have ever experienced. I was rolling around on the ground screaming for a half hour. My testicles were so sensitive that a feather rubbing them would have been excruciating. I puked out of shear pain for 20 minutes, rolled to the bath tub, and sat in cold water. It helped a little. There is no way I could have masturbated to rid this, I would have rather have died than even try. I took 1000mg ibuprofen and squirmed and moaned in bed for an hour until I fell asleep. I woke up not too long after, still sore but not in much pain. It’s been nine hours now and I am still very sore sitting here. Bottom line, blue balls are real and can be VERY painful.

  22. ^ Slightly more tolerable than a smack in the sack? Wow. That’s pretty bad. Personally I have never experienced blue balls. I guess it’s frustrating to get backed up, but it’s never actually hurt me.

    I think blue balls are the male equivalent of PMS: it’s real, but often exaggerated and frequently used as an excuse to act like an asshole.

  23. I am truly envious of anyone that has never had blue balls. Pain is a subjective matter, so attempting to scale the pain level seems pointless. Personally I find the pain to be only slightly more tolerable than being smacked in the sack. I have found that going a lengthy period of time without sex and then getting aroused without immediate release causes blue balls. As one that suffers from such an ailment, I can assure you that masturbating to ejaculation does help; however, the pain from the blue balls can be distracting.

  24. Hello,this sight has been enlightening! Has anybody experience what I’m about to mention,any advice would be welcome! I am a 35yr old male and have a fairly low labido I masturbate roughly 3 times a week, I get deep pain in groin and lower abdominal area verterally all the time, I can not get any relief from this and get pain between my legs as well, I was diagnosed with M.E. Last year! PLease any advice would help! Thank you

  25. Dear all of you men,

    It’s cute how the occasional sexual experience for you which does not end in orgasm results in physical pain. Do you know how often women orgasm when they have sex with you? Hint: not as often as you think.

  26. omg omg omg my balls feel like they are being squished in a vice that is being squished in another vice. THIS IS THE WORST PAIN EVER. This shit is REAL.

    my gf was dry humping me and then we stopped before we could get all nude and shit. we went on a hike and halfway through my balls blew up in pain. we got back home and had sex to relieve the pain and it was great but i didnt orgasm but somehow there was cum or something everywhere and we were confused as BALLS. ive heard of ejaculating w/o orgasming, but does having blue balls make it more likely?

  27. I’ve blue balls many times and though it’s quite uncomfortable, I don’t fear it too much. There has been a recent change in the way I typically experience this horrible curse on men. My wife and I have really been on a hot streak, I’m fucking her more than when we first met. The problem came in one night after I had climaxed once already and going for two. I never made the second nut, and the next morning it was “hello my old friend” , blue balls bad!! I was pretty calm for I know the masterbation cure. This time was horrifyingly different , I jerked off and got no relief. What the fuck do I do, it hurts worse and nothing helps. Do I ice the jewels?

  28. Just had blue balls, hurt like a BITCH. So me and my girl were fooling around sexting eachother for a good 3 hrs lol, i jumped into bed ready to explode, when a terrible pain took my balls and my groin area by surprise, i was so scared cuz i thought it was serious. I looked at a couple websites and saw tht jacking off was the cure, so i opened up the hub and in less than two minutes i had made the biggest explosion ive ever had…after the pain slowly went away within an hour… Let this be a lesson to all you folk out there

  29. I had heard about blue balls, but never actually experienced it, until today. My girlfriend n I were making out for a long time, kissing dry humping n caressing all our sensitive parts with all our clothes still on, cuz my roommates were around. >,< Everything was fine until I had to escort her home. My balls were sore, but I wasn't minding them cuz my right pelvic side was killing me. She hadn't heard about blue balls n laughed at me when I opened this page for her.

  30. I was having sexual instant messaging from my online friend. We started talking horny, unfortunately, I didn’t have any relief. 30 minutes later, the mother of all blue balls pain ensued! Thanx a lot Mel The Snail B.

    Green Hearts to you!

  31. Oh My Fucking God this hurts so bad! ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. I ejaculated and it is still hurting very badly. I’m about an eight on the 1 to 10 scale. FUCK!

  32. I can tell you as a woman, the times I was having sex and came close to orgasm for one reason or another, had to cut it short (like say, a cop showing up at the car window) : it hurt. The whole pelvic was really sore. It’s like all the muscles are tensed up and can’t relax. It’s like wanting to sneeze and not being able to times a thousand. Took my husband a few years to figure out I wasn’t joking; apparently a few too many previous girlfriends with the “Oh, I don’t care if I orgasm or not, I just enjoyed the quality time together” line. It does hurt and it’s extremely distracting.

  33. I have blue balls all the time. It happens when I don’t climax and the main source for blue balls is when I don’t masterbate. I masterbate every day and if I go as little as one week without doing one session my blue balls occurs. To relieve the pain I simply masterbate and about ten minutes later late I’m relieved.

    Try playing football with blue balls LMAO! It hurts!!!!

  34. Had a two sessions of erect penis and my girl couldn’t get me come, and by 10 in the morning, I began to feel 50lbs stones hung from my bladder through the balls.
    Hurts like a woman giving birth.
    I COULD NOT JERK OFF coz tiny movements peaks the pain. I lied on floor, prostrated, drank lot of water and tried to pressurize the balls while peeing to get rid of it.

  35. Sorry ‘Gay single guy’ (seriously, Jay dyckman?), but some new couples do make out for hours.

    I’m 32, and divorced, and I recently met a very attractive brazilian with a sex drive to match my own. But while we have talked about it, and have been very open with our beliefs and desires, we have only ‘necked’.

    And I’ll tell you, that can get you very excited! blue balls are real; they’re a pain in your testicles due to pressure, and in your abdomen as well. It sucks, but it comes with the territory of being fully aroused.

  36. I recently had foot surgery… I was prescribed pain killers… my wife and I where messing around and where having intercourse for over 2 hrs…I did not get off. due to the pain killers … kinda like having whiskey peter… so my wife was sore and pleased with what she got… so it ended there… I didn’t get mine… I will be the first to tell you “BLUE BALLS “are real and ot hurts like nothing else I have ever felt… I thought I was gonna puke.

  37. I have to say this was a new one to me, not having had many sexual partners (long term from school jobby). I recently had a romantic encounter with a girl i have been after for ages. Given we was in public when first contact was made we was unable to complete the job, however there was significant touching and feeling. After about an hour of this i began to get a dull ache in the right ball. This increased to about a 4 on the pain scale, walking and touching was uncomfortable… I rushed home and looked it up on Google and was relieved to find it was nothing serious… In my thirty odd years i have never experienced it!

  38. I had a serious case today. My wife and I were filling around this morning and interrupted and I did not get to finish. Problem is I was leaving for a 15 hour drive from DC to Florida. Roughest ride of my life!

  39. Untrue about not happening during kissing. If you are the kind of guy who can get aroused by a kiss then you can get blue balls. I got them today after just THINKING about my girlfriend (no physical contact with penis going on) and I’m not even thinking about sex.
    Does this mean you can use it as an excuse to cajole your woman into sex she doesn’t want? Absolutely not! 5 minutes in the restroom will solve the problem. The pain is nasty but it’s not utterly unbearable anyway.

  40. I am sorry that you knuckle dragging Neanderthals have made it this far and long in society. You childish little bastards don’t know meaning one of a relationship, morals, ethics and the value of a mans word. 21 Years. I never cheated. Was cut off and given up for lent more times than I can count. The divorce is pending. But, I did some good things along the way and I have a roof over my head (for now) because I am a man. And, I respected one little word every woman can say. NO. Not that I did not try, attempt to coerce or bare angst. But, it is her body. Not your property or right. Learn, Live and EVOLVE.


  42. I don’t care what any of ya say! If u have a girl of any kind(wife or girl friend) you have experienced “blue balls”. Your in the mood and want some of your lady and she gives only a little but doesn’t feel like having sex, then you have had blue balls! Or if you jacked off and stopped before you came, and then started back up again and stopped again for a few cycles. Then you WILL get blue balls! I warn you! If you jack off and stop before you climax. And keep doing that for like 5 or more times and finally stop without coming at all…them my friend, you will experience the pain of blue balls…but I warn you if you try this, you will hurt like hell!!

  43. Hey guys, this is REAL and no myth…all men are not pigs but real men get erections all the time and not all can be satisfied all the time. today’s story:
    today I got to meet in person, a lady I Emailed for a while. She turned out to be extremely attractive… much more so than her screen pix ever showed me. I was floored when I approached her and immediately started to get erect! she also was surprised by my good looks and gave me a ‘hello’ kiss…Boing! well after we walked and talked for awhile we got comfortable with each other and began holding hands and then I put my arm around her…feeling her body get closer to mine…Boing #2! when we walked back to her car, she gave me a kiss , this time with open mouth and Boing #3. after dinner we took another little walk and then the last kiss was with tongue!…well that was #4…I went home so sore I could barely walk normal.
    Hey all you experts & doctors, listen to anecdotal evidence, theres plenty out there…we HURT!

  44. I had never known for sure if blue balls was a real thing until yesterday morning. I spent all night in bed fooling around with a new lady friend of mine, then the whole morning after we woke up again. But because she is new and very shy, she wasn’t ready to give me oral or really even touch my genitals (though I did give her a manual orgasm which, slightly hypocritically, she welcomed and encouraged). For much of the time we were fooling around, especially after watching her get off, I was quite erect. I was aroused for at least 2 hours late at night, then another 1.5 hours the next morning, and never reached orgasm. As she was getting ready to leave my apartment, my balls and lower abdomen started to feel a bit uncomfortable. After about 30 minutes, it had reached about a 6.5 on the pain scale. I sat down in a chair and almost cried out because the contact between my junk and the chair was so painful. The pain was concentrated in my testicles themselves, but also more generalized to my penis and pelvic region. I masturbated and took some ibuprofen, and the pain receded in about an hour. But I definitely had blue balls, and hope to never have to experience it again 🙁

  45. I had never known for sure if blue balls was a real thing until yesterday morning. I spent all night in bed fooling around with a new lady friend of mine, then the whole morning after we woke up again. But because she is new and very shy, she wasn’t ready to give me oral or really even touch my genitals (though I did give her a manual orgasm which, slightly hypocritically, she didn’t welcomed and encouraged). For much of the time we were fooling around, especially after watching her get off, I was quite erect. I was aroused for at least 2 hours late at night, then another 1.5 hours the next morning, and never reached orgasm. As she was getting ready to leave my apartment, my balls and lower abdomen started to feel a bit uncomfortable. After about 30 minutes, it had reached about a 6.5 on the pain scale. I sat down in a chair and almost cried out because the contact between my junk and the chair was so painful. The pain was concentrated in my testicles themselves, but also more generalized to my penis and pelvic region. I masturbated and took some ibuprofen, and the pain receded in about an hour. But I definitely had blue balls, and hope to never have to experience it again 🙁

  46. My girl just gave me blue balls today, she thinks it’s funny but the truth is it hurts like hell. I wasn’t even in control, she would crawl on top of me and start riding me(dry humping) and right as soon as she knew I was getting into it, right when I started to grind back, she stops and laughs at me. If blue balls aren’t real, explain why mine hurts so damn much.

  47. I have had Blue Balls twice in my life and both times it was extremely painful. The 1st time when I was 13 my GF was trying out oral sex for the first time, when her mother came home. I slipped out the window disappointed and went home horny as hell. The next morning it felt as though I had been kicked in the nuts. The pain was unbelieveably bad. My balls were so sensitive that any movement sent jets of pain up in to my lower stomach. The second time was during marine corps boot camp. I was close to 3 months without an orgasm when I had a hot encounter with naval nurse that was cut short. I woke up later that night to excrutiating pain. By then I had learned through the grapevine that ejaculation cured Blue Balls. I went to the Head, did the deed, and the pain disappeared.

  48. So I actually found out what causes me to get BB. I always thought it was just prolongued, unsatisfied erections. But I discovered with my girlfriend that even if I have an erection pretty much all day long, I can stop getting BB. How? I just let the erection happen but I don’t encourage it. It’s difficult to describe with words, but basically when a man is erect, he’ll be contracting muscles around the penis area, petting, stroking etc, all for sexual pleasure. I decided I would do none of that, and just let the erection happen, on its own, but just ignore it. Guess what? it works for me! IGNORE your erection guys. Just pretend it’s not there, and definitely do NOT encourage it. Works for me. Of course, the best thing is when I get to undress my girlfriend and do her, but that’s another matter.

  49. I experience very mild blue balls pretty regularly. Like after fooling around with the wife for a while but not finishing the deed, or while having sex but holding back myself so she can come.

    These cases, let’s put them at about a 3-4 on the pain scale. It aches, but it doesn’t get in the way too bad. I usually don’t even mention it. On about three or four occasions in my life it’s been so bad (7 or 8) that for some reason it made me feel like I had to take the most painful BM in my life, similar to Dude. Then pushing for the BM made the pain twice as bad. I never got to the vomiting stage, though I did feel nausea. A couple of these times were when I first had sex, since it took me a couple tries to get over the nerves and reach orgasm.

    In my experience once the pain has started it’s too late. Prevention is the only cure.

  50. I have definitely had blue balls. Usually it isn’t that bad, but recently I had a terrible case of them. Walking hurt really badly, and I was quite concerned because they hurt for some time, but it went away eventually.

    I also agree with the comment that suggested that they would be too sore to masturbate, because I can’t even imagine jerking off after that. It would have killed.

  51. Zoe said: “My question, since I am a female and my husband gets this and masterbating is not an option (We are Catholic), what helps?” END QUOTE

    I need to ask, WHY is masturbation “not an option?” There are NO proscriptions against masturbation in the Good Book.

    Onan’s Sin was refusing to impregnate his dead brother’s wife (as was demanded by Ancient Hebrew Law, if a man died with no sons, his brother had to marry his Sister In Law and the first Son would be considered the Son of the dead brother. Refusing to impregnate your sister in law was a serious ANCIENT HEBREW law.) His sin was NOT simply “spilling seed” and he certainly wasn’t ALONE or masturbating, he was having SEX with his sister in law and he “pulled out” so the woman wouldn’t have HIS child be called his brother’s child.

    It has NOTHING to do with Masturbation. Unless you are also following EVERY ONE of the other 400 and some archaic laws in Leviticus and Deuteronomy, FORGET Onan’s sin, it is no longer relevant. And it never WAS referring to Masturbation.

    It isn’t a sin. It isn’t wrong. It just IS. Everybody does it. If your man gets Blue Balls, he can either masturbate, OR, Here’s an Idea: the two of you can just have sex, OR you can give him a Blow Job, OR a Hand Job. There are LOTS of ways to “fix” this, especially easy if you are in a relationship. There is little reason for anyone in a dedicated monogamous living together relationship to SUFFER like this.

    I also find it a little hard to believe that HE isn’t fixing this “problem” on his own…..I don’t know a grown man or woman who would allow themselves to suffer like that, when there is usually an easy cure BEFORE it gets too bad to remedy.

    I believe he IS complaining about his pain, (who wouldn’t? Two weeks or more out of the month with NO sex via NFP.) but not that he isn’t fixing it on his own. Sudafed? How about a Blow Job? It’s much healthier.

    Did you know there is an increased risk of Testicular Cancer in men who don’t have an ejaculation regularly? (Most studies have defined “regularly” as every 48 hours, give or take.) It’s more than just painful, it UNHEALTHY.

  52. blue balls is very real. i have had them for about a day currently. i had them last night when me and my boy friend started to get heated and ended up having sex. during sex and four play the pain subsided and soon after orgasm and ejaculation the pain returned. i’ve had blue balls before and mine always last a day or two. not a few hours like most claim. and ejaculating doesn’t help make them go away for me. they make me grouchy and irritable all day. a warm bath seem to help but only a temporary fix. anyone have any tricks that help them?

  53. In response to Zoe: masturbation is the best way to prevent blue balls. At least for me, it’s the only way. The other remedies relieve the pain a little but don’t make it go away. I guess your husband should try them out and see if they work for him. It’s a good idea to take a strong painkiller as soon as he feels the pain, not when it’s too late.

    MC: your experience sounds painfully familiar.. the entire day spent kissing and cuddling, resulting in that john wayne walk… LOL. Glad I’m not the only one. The other day I had to masturbate in the MIDDLE of a date. It was a girl who turned me on like you can’t imagine. I beat off once before meeting her, but only a couple of hours later, after a few uncontrollable, hard erections and massive sexual arousal, I had to pretend to make a phone call to go to the toilet and jack off. I felt the warning signs of blue balls. Luckily that seemed to stop it dead in its tracks. I noticed (again) that when I get to that stage of pre-blue balls or during blue balls, my ejaculate is very transparent and there’s very little actual sperm, it’s mostly clear liquid. It also comes out with tremendous pressure (I got some all over the wall, well above head height when I was sitting down). Anybody else notice this?

  54. I went on a date with a girl that lived quite some distance from me recently, she was a beautiful and very tactile woman, there was a lot of touching hands and stuff, but also lots of kissing.

    Anyway by the end of the day i was in so much discomfort, during my time with her i must have had at least 6 erections if not more, i joked about walking with a limp but it was far from it, it was more of a hand in pockets and look around to make sure no one has noticed. Embarrassing to say the least.

    Anyway i came on here to find out weather there was something worse going on and i am so relieved that it is nothing too serious, well at least for an Agnostic. If i was you Zoe i would try all of the above good luck. (me i will stick to bashing the bishop)

  55. This is all very interesting, but what would be nice to read here is TREATMENTS!!
    What helps?!?!?!
    Dude said, warm water and some kinda pill I never herd of. Prb a script.
    Wikapedia says, psudophedrine?!?!
    someone else said Kegals.

    My question, since I am a female and my husband gets this and masterbating is not an option (We are Catholic), what helps?

    Does ibuprofin/motrin help?
    cold shower? hot shower/bath?

    I need to know before I suggest it cause he is usually in a pretty bad mood when we can’t do it (we practice NFP).


  56. I have expeirnced blue balls few times while I was with my girl friend. Initially I feared assuming it to be any sexual disorder but I know once I ejaculate, all went fine.
    One suggestion I’d like to give is whenever we involve in foreplay, try to avoid oral sex, handjob while you have just initiated sex with your partner. Once you feel sexually arouse, then use your penis to come into the role. This way you’ll enjoy the sex for a longer time. Otherwise, youo may affect with blue balls at very initial time and end up eigher doing masturbation or nothing.

  57. Well, don’t I feel absolutely foolish… I make a post here saying I’ve never had blue balls, and just today I learned the hard way what they felt like. Sensitive? Most definitely. Swollen? Ouch. Pleasant? Not entirely, no! And today of all days, masturbation, the easiest solution, simply wasn’t an option. I had to suffer through at least an hour of it with grit teeth! It did give me a bit of a chuckle at the irony, however. Another experience off the checklist…

    I simply wanted to thank you for your speedy reply, Mme L. It set my mind to ease. Both of my issues have been resolved (albeit humorously), and I can sleep a little easier at night.

    p.s. To partially confirm the remedy myth of cool water that Dude mentioned, a dip in the local pool today gave almost immediate relief to the lasting soreness of that tender area; I don’t know how much longer it would have lasted without it! If it happens to be more convenient, I suppose someone could try taking a cool shower or the like.

    Thanks again~

  58. Steele, I’m not a doctor, either. I’m a nurse, and I am guessing that with your history there may have been enough issue, either with the surgery or with the tumor itself, that the vascular engorgement to your testes is just slightly different than a man with a different history.

    You’ve seen a urologist, a good thing to do, and continue to do, and if he says the vascular flow is adequate and you can perform sexually (most men who have had to have a testicle removed DO have totally normal sexual function) I wouldn’t worry much. I’d take your urologist’s opinion above all others. He knows the issue.

    Blue balls is just something you don’t have to worry about. You aren’t missing anything. 😉

  59. This has actually been bothering me a little… Not the pain of blue balls, but the lack thereof. I’ve only seen maybe two comments on the above list that state that the person had never experienced them.

    This bothers me because I’ve exposed myself to a high number of sexually stressful activities similar to or even more prolonged than above examples, and I’ve never felt even a little discomfort. The situations I am giving as an example often contain extended periods of erections, some stimulus, but repetitive denial of climax.

    When I was looking up information on blue balls, partially for amusement and partially because I really didn’t understand them and had never experienced them, I also read that it’s common to find some swelling in the testes during arousal as the vascular tissue expands. I’ve given myself a simple examination in relation to this, and found no noticeable change in size or a consistent change in texture.

    Because these two frequently spoken-of phenomena seem to be linked at their roots, I’ve been beginning to wonder if I may be unhealthy. Could this be a sign that I’m not receiving proper blood flow to that area? I hope that I’m not the only guy out there that might worry that they -aren’t- getting blue balls when it seems every other guy out there is.

    This may not be relevant, or it may, but I’ve never had very large testes, as 19-almost-20-year-old, they’re only about 1.5-2 inches long and about 1 inch diameter. Most sources seem to report this to be under average. My urologists seem fine with this, however.

    I may also want to specify that I had to have my right testicle removed two years ago, due to a [benign] leydig (sp?) cell tumor. There have been no noticeable changes in any of my sexual areas or even patterns of arousal, and my reported findings on blood flow remain consistent, so it probably does not matter, but I’m not a doctor to say for sure.

    This may seem a little backwards in comparison to the experiences of others here, but I can’t find any info on this via Google.

  60. A couple of times I’ve been sick because the pain of a headache got so bad I couldn’t stand it anymore. But it’s exceptional. If I get a headache usually a bit of sleep and paracetamol kills it off.

  61. I’m glad you’ve seen a doc to rule out any vascular problems. It’s not that you can’t “tolerate” pain, it’s the way your body responds to stimuli. Do you, by any chance, have migraines? My guess would be the vascular response, or the way your body responds to pain related to vascular issues is at fault. Not much you can do about it, but like has been said, there are some things you can do to help. Masturbate, etc.

    You can try the lifting, it may help (you may also pass out, that’s the way the vagus nerve responds in many people) But, it would only be for a moment, and it may relieve some of the issue. I’m NOT a doctor, so you do want to keep in touch with your doctor, especially about those headaches. My guess is they are in the migraine family.

  62. Yes Mademoiselle I’ve had several urology visits since the ER episode with a different person everytime, ultrasound scans and urine samples: medically speaking my testicles are perfectly normal. Pain is one of those things we all react to differently; sometimes I vomit because I have a headache. I guess I just don’t tolerate pain very well, but thanks for your sympathy. I should try to masturbate before a date, it’s true I never tried that before. I heard of the other remedies Enrique, but I haven’t tried lifting something heavy. It’s fine once I’m used to a girl, then I don’t get constant erections all the time. Luckily I can predict when I’m going to get blue balls, it’s usually in that first phase when I don’t know the other person very well and the slightest thing they do can be a massive turn on, I’m helpless, at the mercy of my balls. Damn, that pain that radiates up in the abdomen, I just don’t have words for it, it’s by far the most pain I’ve ever experienced. People also say that cold water around the balls helps, but I gotta say, when I dipped my boys in a bowl of hot water, wow, it was amazing.

  63. Wow, I had no idea that intentionally triggering a vago response would help, but it makes sense, if the parasymp is involved. My concern would be IF it’s vascular (and I have no way of knowing, it is probably what you said.)

    He just seemed like it was so severe, a lot of urologists (all, in fact) are trained in Gen Medicine as well, so they may be able to help him avoid this side effect in the future. He could also talk to his Primary Care, or Family Doctor, as he it appears this is so severe and painful.

    Never knew taking a dump would help this. The things they DON’T teach you when you get a Nursing Degree. (And my Specialty is Maternal Infant Care and Lactation, so the male physiology is not really something I was taught a heck of a lot about.) Thanks for the info. I’d like to go back and study Sexual Health, but it is hard to find a program.

  64. Lizzie,
    What Madam’L said, tell your Boytoy that he has activated the launch sequence, or slip a Viagra into his Guinness.

    As for what Dude said, Madam’L (it sounds like you are in the medical field) think about the effect of arousal on the parasympathetic nervous system. His body obviously has a heightened sense to the plexuses and pelvic splanchnic control, which effect the prostate, rectal, blah, blah, blah spasms. I am only an EMT, but Dude’s condition does not sound like he needs a Urologist, he sounds like a guy. I have not had blue balls in years, but Dude described what I experienced at its worst, including the explosive BM. Especially that dull ache that radiates upward into the abdo. Dude two things that I have heard help: 1.) Try taking a shit, the vasovagal response provides momentary relief, but you try hovering over a public toilet seat with raging hard on. 2.) Try performing an isometric like picking up the bumper of a car, it is supposedly like performing a full body kegel.

  65. Dude, you have the worst reaction to Blue Balls I have ever seen. Have you seen a urologist since the ER visit? There may be some vascular issue in your testes, which may need to be looked at. I feel bad you have such awful side effects. I’m a woman and I just ache and get crabby as HELL, as well as a mild abdominal pain. Nothing like what you described.

    Have you tried masturbating BEFORE a date? That way some of the pressure will be relieved and a second erection may not be as intense or quick. I’d still talk to a urologist, though. Those are some nasty side effects. It can’t be good to have those side effects on a regular basis due to this condition.

  66. lizzie, TELL HIM. Try something funny like, “Back in the saddle, cowboy, I ain’t done!” Or just let him know HE needs to help you reach a climax. If you don’t say anything, he may not know.

    ALWAYS let them know when you aren’t done. Likewise, if you feel it “just isn’t going to happen” let them know, too. My Man will knock himself out AFTER I’ve said, “don’t think it’s happenin’ today, darling.”

    Maybe your boy just doesn’t KNOW how you orgasm, you may need to show him. It’s only fair, and right and the American Way and all that. 🙂

  67. Dear Lord, I hate getting blue balled.
    I’m a girl, and my current boytoy is dumb. We’ll be doing stuff, and obviously it’s easier to get him off than me, but I’ll be just getting into it, and he’ll be done. It’s painful. It sucks.

  68. Blue balls is VERY REAL. I see there are still skeptics out there who don’t believe that they can be that painful, well let me tell you, it is just as bad as people say.

    I get blue balls from hell. The first time it happened I had no idea what was going on, I’d never even heard of blue balls but I felt like I was going to die. All I knew was that after a night with my girlfriend of repeated periods of erection and flacid state without ever coming, my testicles were strung high and sensitive as fuck, not to mention the stomach ache which was relenteless. Eventually I found myself at the bottom of the stairs, unable to stand up and with hardly enough strength to hold the phone while I dialled for an ambulance.

    When I got to hospital I must have looked like hell because the nurse who admitted me looked horrified. I later found out she admitted me on the highest level of emergency which is usually reserved for life-threatening and other serious emergencies. They gave me a bunch of painkillers and I fell asleep. Later in the day a urologist finally examined me and couldn’t find anything wrong. By that time the pain had gone, although my balls still felt like someone had played football with them.

    The second time it happened was with a christian girl who didn’t want to put out before marriage but she spent the entire night rubbing against my cock. Surprise, the pain of blue balls (which I’d hoped I’d never experience ever again) came back. I thought, not THIS again! I recognised that dull, deep stomach ache combined with high-hanging testicles that scream with pain if as much as a fly flies past them within a mile radius. The stomach pain also seemed to cause some sort of diarrhoea, because I rushed to her bathroom and DESTROYED it with the smelliest, runniest shit I’ve ever had. I felt embarassed because she must have heard through the wall that abomination come out of my ass, but at the same time I was like, meh, you gave me blue balls, this is how I get back at you. She was kind enough to drive me back to my house though. Once home, I ran upstairs and vomited a whole bunch of bile. I spent the rest of the day lying on my back, with my legs far apart.

    Eventually I put 2 and 2 together and worked out that prolonged sexual arousal (I mean several hours worth) combined with no ejaculation equaled pain. I finally found the term ‘blue balls’ on the internet after researching my symptoms. So if anyone again says blue balls is a myth or a half-truth then they’re calling me a liar. I’ve had my balls scanned and examined by 2 urologists and as many doctors and they’re anatomicall y fine. I have no other condition; deal with it you non-believers, blue balls, it really is just that bad for some people.

    My last occurence of blue balls was a couple days ago. I met a nice girl and spent the day with her. I was well aware of the potential for blue balls here and was determined not to be caught out. Still, I liked her a lot and everytime we held hands, hugged or kissed I started growing a raging boner. Yeah I know it’s FUNNY but I couldn’t help it. Immediate erection. I knew she wasn’t the kind of girl to sleep on a first date so I knew I had to do something otherwise I’d get blue balls again. I tried to consciously stop my erections but that was impossible. They just kept coming back. When I finally said bye to her, the pain had begun. I was in the middle of town and miles away from home. I now knew what caused blue balls and realised that the only way to avoid vomiting in public/ending up in hospital was to masturbate. So, in the middle of a busy street, I was walking like John Wayne trying to keep my testicles safe from brushing against my underwear (yes, the pain was that bad), thinking, I gotta find a toilet and rub one off in there. I went to a nearby train station, found the public toilet and locked myself in a cubicle, took a massive, disgusting, painful shit and then reluctantly proceeded to jack off. I gotta tell you, the odour of my shit, the noise of the train station, the whole thing could not have been less conducive to arousal, yet I knew it was absolutely necessary otherwise I would not make it home that day. So I forced myself. I had trouble getting an erection because I was in so much pain, but eventually managed a semi, and came. I have to say, my cum did not look normal. Instead of the usual thick white paste, I seemed to ejaculate mostly clear liquid and very little white pasty stuff. The pain relief was almost instant. My balls, although still hurting, were nowhere near as bad as before. The stomach ache however, was still hammering away and showing no signs of going away. I washed my hands and left, not even ashamed of what I had done. I did it because it was a matter of life and death.

    On the train ride home by stomach was killing me and people watched me as I was doubled over in pain. The pain had almost totally left my balls and I knew that masturbation had ‘saved’ them, at least this time. But I knew the stomach ache was there to stay. When I got home (after walking like John Wayne), I ran hot water in a bowl and dipped my gonads in; hmmmm it felt so good and seriously helped soothe was little remained of the pain there. I popped a few pills to deal with the stomach ache and lay down with my balls on a pillow, like there were some sort of expensive freaking pedigree cat. Eventually all the pain went away.

    So there, blue balls is sadly very real, I wish I didn’t suffer from it, but those were the cards I was dealt with. I really hope any people reading this that are still skeptical about it come round (no pun intended) and realise it’s not blown out of all proportion. I gave an accurate account of what blue balls is like for me.

  69. I have certainly experienced blue balls. About 7 years ago i took Paxil for two weeks. At the time I met a very sexy girl and started a sexual affair with her. The paxil made it so that no matter how much sex i had with her .. i could not cum. after a few days the pain in my testicles was so incredible that i had a hard time walking. I ended up damaging my left testicle and it now hurts when I don’t cum every few days and i also have a ton of pre-cum I did not have all of this pre cum before… its like its leaking out during intercourse. This is very real and my testicle is visibly damaged thus it goes beyond the pain and leakage

  70. Anyone who says blue balls is a myth is completely ignorant and ungrateful for how lucky they are to have never experienced it.

    I guess it’s not super painful for some guys, but for a lot of us it is. It’s not permanant damage but it puts you out of commission for a good few hours.

    It’s hard to jerk it off to get rid of them because your balls hurt way too bad in my experience.

  71. Blue balls is real. I had it last night. Drove up to my girlfriend’s house earlier in the day. We made out for a couple hours and some touching but nothing else. Well when i was leaving, about 12 at night, i had the WORST ache in my balls. I got in the car and drovr about half a mile and stopped to take a piss on the side of the road. i got back in the car and my balls were aching so bad… it was like i just got kicked really hard, except the pain was this intense for about an hour or so. Went home, went off, and felt better. Blue balls SUCKS, and is most definately real.

  72. Elizabeth, obviously I can’t speak to Sambo’s tale, but in my limited experience it actually felt akin to getting tagged in the nether region. Not crippling pain, but it definitely took my breath away.
    I’ve certainly never regarded as justification for coercing anyone into anything.

  73. Sambo, while I would never suggest that blue balls aren’t real (like I said before, women experience something I imagine to be quite similar), don’t you think that maybe some of your symptoms had something to do with the fact that you were drunk? Really, your story sounds more like someone hit you there, rather than just not allowing you to come. Obviously I can’t know, that just sounds WAY more severe than anything I’ve ever heard anyone experiencing.

    Oh – and as an aside, I think that if you beat someone with your testicles, it’s more likely to cause you that kind of pain again, than to cause them pain. I’m just sayin’. 😉

  74. I can’t believe any guy would say that Blue Balls are a myth. THEY ARE NOT.

    Here’s a true story from my past.

    One time in college I was walking home drunkenly with a girl in the middle of the night, hopefully to get my end away. However, half way back to her place we were so horny we started eating each others faces on a path through a small wood. Due to the secluded nature of said path, we gradually got more and more physical until we were lying in the dirt, tearing at each others’ clothes manically. She soon she had my pants down and was giving me a five knuckle shuffle. She had been going for a good few minutes when we heard people approaching. She had to stop and the moment was lost, after that she said she should go home and left me, unsatisfied..

    I started walking home and after a few minutes got the most righteous ache in my love spuds. I am talking severe groinal pain, so bad I had to sit on a bench at the side of the road for half an hour (at 5 in the morning). The pain was so bad at one point that I was dry heaving onto the hard shoulder.

    When I eventually made it back to my dorm room I was in so much pain still that I had to sleep with my gajungas on a pillow, after having taken three paracetomol.

    If anyone suggests to me that blue balls are a myth I will personally take them out and beat this person with them.

  75. Madamoiselle L: I fully know what you are talking about female wise. I have had this often… It’s achy, and sometimes I get a bit of a stomach ache. But I have never felt like I needed to force someone into sex because of it!

    And David from July 9 … Wikipedia doesn’t qualify as a good source of information. I can go put whatever I dang well please on that page you link to… So there is no guarantee that the info is accurate.

  76. Just a funny anecdote. When I was in High School (this was NOT the Man I have now) I was dating this guy, and we made out, nothing too intense, but he claimed he had a case of Blue Balls and if I didn’t “do something about it” he would have “permanent damage.” I thought he was being a jerk (I didn’t know him that well, and wasn’t sexually active yet, and sure didn’t want HIM to be my first, and not for that reason.) So I told him, sorry. He persisted, that he would be “damaged” and it was “up to” me to fix the problem, and I finally got upset and said, “That’s what the Good Lord gave you a left hand for.” And went home.


  77. Oh, and I did want to add, my Man has also told me this has happened to him, but more when we were younger and not having sex regularly enough or before we started having sex, and just petting (Hey, I was YOUNG!) At least for me, and my Man, this is NOT like a migraine. (at least for us.)

    I have terrible migraines, and it is one of the worst pains imaginable. (In some ways worse than childbirth.) There is a HUGE difference between being physically uncomfortable from being sexually frustrated and the nauseating 10+ pain of a migraine.

  78. Some women have a very similar situation.

    It usually happens when you are having sex, and for whatever reason, you can’t or aren’t able to orgasm.

    It feels like menstrual cramps. My guess is blood and other fluids build up in the uterus, ovaries and outer pelvic areas and when the congestion is not relieved, IT HURTS!

    When someone in a movie (particularly a woman) says “I ache for you.” I think of this condition.

    I don’t know if all women experience this, but it is very unpleasant, and if you can’t orgasm, your man can’t seem to help (or sometimes falls asleep, eh ehm!) and can’t even get to the point where you can relieve yourself, you can get not only “congested” but VERY VERY irritable.

    I don’t think anything actually “turns blue” though.

  79. I have always gotten blue balls since my mid teens, I’m 43 now. It hurts pretty bad for me but not so bad I can’t take it. On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the worst pain you’ve every felt for me it is a 6. When I do have it I am glad when it finally subsides. Usually for me it will last for 2 or 4 hours before it finally starts to go away and yes it will only happen if I have a hard on and am very sexually aroused for like 30 minutes or more and then don’t organsm. Its a wierd thing but I’ve always just put up with it.

    I have know guys that say they never get it and others that say they do. It just depends on how an individual guys boby works.

  80. Blue balls are a very real, quite painful phenomena. I cant give an exact definition or the scientifical reason that they happen but I can say that the do happen and they are quite painful

  81. Me too, DC. For me, it’s mostly around the vaginal opening, but it might be different for other women. It hurts *a lot*, but I would never use it as an excuse to push someone into sex. Like others have said, masturbation was invented for a reason. 🙂

  82. As a woman I have had a similar experience in my nether regions when they have become engorged. It’s an achy feeling.

  83. Funny, blue balls just came up with my boyfriend the other day. I got back from a long trip away and upon my arrival home, he surprised me with a mini-vaca outside the city. On the way, we were kissing in the car which led to rubbing, and while stopping to pay a toll on the highway he mentioned his stomach hurting. I asked him why and he said it’s from getting excited but not coming..kind of the same feeling as when a guy gets hit down there. I was like, oh yeah, we call it blue balls (my man is Italian..lol, bit of a language thing occasionally) So yes, I think it definitely does exist, although it’s just a nickname for the feeling when theres alot of buildup and no release, nothing changes color – ha. And probably not all men get that feeling which makes it so debated.

  84. I agree with David, I resent the implication that the condition is a myth, it’s certainly not. It’s not an excuse to pressure anyone into doing anything that they don’t want, as I have experienced this condition and I went ahead and took care of it myself with no lasting ill effects, but it does happen. In my case it wasn’t a pain near a migraine, it was very uncomfortable however.

  85. According to wikipedia, there’s quite a lot of science behind this:


    The formal term is vascocongestion, or “epididymal hypertension”– “the condition of temporary fluid congestion in the testicles and prostate region caused by prolonged sexual arousal in the human male. It is often accompanied by a cramp-like ache of prostatic congestion and pain/tenderness or edema of the testes”.

    Reading this, I kind of resent being told that blue balls are a myth. I agree with other commenters that they’re no excuse for being pushy with a partner, but that doesn’t make them any less real, or any less painful. And I’m not surprised that your one gay wise guy is a skeptic, because I suspect that most men intuitively understand this about each other and would never let it happen. Female partners, sadly, are often used to the idea of sex without orgasm, and may imagine that men are comfortable with the same.

    Which brings me to a final point– Em and Lo, can you do a post about antidepressants and anorgasmia? I’m not currently on anything, but I’ve tried prozac, zoloft, and lexapro in the past, been sexually active on all three, and found that it was either difficult or impossible to have an orgasm. Sex began to feel like a chore. It helped me understand what some women experience– the mild plateau of sexual excitement that eventually gives way to soreness and boredom, since an orgasm just isn’t happening. Another thing I discovered, somewhat to my surprise– even if they know the reason, women tend to take it very personally if they can’t get me off. I think antidepressants seriously damaged a relationship, and now that I’m off them, I’m as horny as a 13-year-old again.

  86. I always thought blueballs were BS too… I mean, yeah, it’s uncomfortable to have a boner and not be able to come, but I never experienced anything near pain. But I guess if so many guys say it’s real and painful, I guess some people must experience it that way.

    Anyway, we’ll have a conclusive answer soon. I just linked this page to the MythBusters.

  87. They are very very real. I used to get them when i was young, and then never experienced it for 20 years or so. Lately I’ve had more than a few bouts, and no, it does not require physical contact.

    Last week I was giving my girl an extended session of oral, and by the time she came down(double pun?) and was ready to move on, I was basically disabled by the pain in my sac.

    Too bad for me!

  88. I didn’t start getting them till pretty late in life. It’s a deep ache, not so much in the testicles as higher up. It sounds like it’s different for different men but for me just being aroused for a long time isn’t enough to trigger it. It also has to have been a pretty long time (maybe a week or longer) since my last ejaculation too. Since that doesn’t happen very often blue balls don’t happen to me very often either. I mean, even without frequent partnered sex there’s still frequent masturbation.

    And speaking of which, I’ve got a feeling that as masturbation has lost most of its stigma blue balls has probably become a lot less frequent in the general population. And if nothing else, its certainly painful enough, and the “preventative medicine” is pleasant enough and harmless enough, that it *shouldn’t* have to be terribly common either.

    I agree with some of the other men here that ejaculation once you’ve got them isn’t entirely pleasant. The orgasm’s nice but the achy cramps in (what seems to me like) the epididymis and vas deferens knocks out a lot of the enjoyment. But! The nice thing? If it’s been that long since my last orgasm it’s pretty easy to get aroused again. And the next orgasm feels just fine.

    All that said, I disagree completely that “taking care” of blue balls anyone’s responsibility but one’s own. It’s usually up to you to go that long without ejaculating, it’s easy (and often surprisingly quick) to deal with them, and if you’ve had them once you can recognize the warning signs soon enough to call things off before it really gets bad.

    So. Sample script you can try out: “I’m really enjoying this but if we keep it up I’m going to get blue balls. I’d like to keep going if you’d feel comfortable helping me have an orgasm. But otherwise I want to stop.” And, incidentally, by making it a choice for your partner instead of an obligation she (assuming your partner’s a woman) may be a lot more interested in continuing than she might otherwise have been.


  89. I have had blue balls and they HURT LIKE HELL. Definitely not an urban myth. But I think some guys are more susceptible to it than others.

  90. Add me to the group that thought the term was merely a metaphor… until I experienced them first-hand. The first time was in college after an extended makeout session, although there have been instances since. It’s definitely real, and it definitely hurts. It’s also no justification for any demands to be made and I’ve never mentioned it to any partners (mostly out of a desire to *not* seem douchy or lame).

  91. My boyfriend actually went to the hospital for blue balls, shortly after our first date – he didn’t know what was happening. I never touched his genital area, we just spent nearly the entire day together, with lots of cuddling and things like that. I should probably mention that he was about 16 at the time.

  92. Hoodie’s right — there doesn’t have to be “intimacy” involved to get blue balls. I got it bad one time without even kissing the girl. As to why it affects some stronger than others, I think one factor is level of sexual activity. Going a very long time without sex makes you a lot more susceptible to blue balls (which is a problem since I’m usually in a dry spell).
    I’ve never had anything as bad as a migraine, though; it felt more like extreme soreness to me. Like any bit of movement or touching would make it worse. Masturbation is a handy cure, but as David says, it’s not always a practical option. If the girl just wants to cuddle, she probably won’t want you dashing off to the bathroom with your kleenex.

  93. I used to get this all the time with high school girlfriends who had reached the petting stage, but weren’t yet ready to get me off. It actually hurts like hell. The worst part is if you don’t have the opportunity to masturbate for an hour or so after being seriously aroused. The ache really sets in and even walking is uncomfortable. Then you get home and find you’re so sore that it’s difficult to get hard. And when you finally do get hard enough to jerk off, the orgasm is so powerful it hurts a bit.

    I doubt I’ll ever be as aroused again as I was back then, though. The mere fact of a girl touching me can’t possibly carry the same novelty.

    I agree with Colin– they need to teach guys about this. Girls too.

  94. The first time I got blue balls I thought I was dying of testicular cancer. I think they could do more to educate young guys on blue balls.

  95. My boyfriend has admitted (blushingly) to having blue-balls. For the longest time he wouldn’t tell me what was wrong, just that he had a “really bad stomachache.” I discovered later that the “stomachache” was really blue-balls because one of our sessions from earlier in the day had stopped without him ejaculating.

    He had trouble walking for awhile, and tried to masturbate as Tyler B. said in his reply, but was in fact too sensitive for him to even attempt it for quite some time. I suppose this must have been very uncomfortable for him, but this leads me to reason that if a guy really did have a bad case of the blue-balls, he wouldn’t be able to use the excuse of “Let’s just do the deed so I can get rid of this pain” because in all likelihood, he may be in too much discomfort/pain to do anything for awhile!

  96. I was, shall we say, timid when first dating my ex; although he was too gentlemanly to tell me I was blue-balling him at the time, he revealed later that too much excitement without finishing did indeed give him migraine-level crotch-pain. I can believe it. However, I also believe it can be used as a cheap, sleazy excuse for overly-pushy men.

  97. Oh, they are very very real. I’d disagree that you need touching, just prolonged arousal and an erection that doesn’t go anywhere (e.g., no ejaculation).

    I’d never (and never have) used them as a bargaining chip or for a mercy fuck, but they’re quite real and they do hurt…

  98. Now, as a married woman, my husband in no way has to use lame excuses to get some action…..but god forbid I feel up on Big Willy & the Twins every once in while (you know, just to make sure they’re still there and they still love me) I get, “I hate it when you do that, you’re give me blue balls.” I’m not sure of the specifics of what exactly it would feel like, but 2 out of 3 of the guys call it a myth, so I’ll be sure to bring that up the time I just want to fondle my husband!

  99. I’ve experienced it before, but it was no where near “migrane headache” level. More just an ache — like my balls were swollen or something.

    It surprised me, since I thought blue balls were just an excuse that jackasses gave to get laid.

    But, having experienced it,
    It’s still no excuse for being an asshole.

  100. Very weird. I’ve never experienced this, either, and I’ve been in a situation before where I was facing very direct and, shall we say, imminent temptation to do naughty things with a very hot someone I should not have been doing naughty things with… In fact, started doing other naughty stuff before stopping myself and disengaging, as it were. If ever there was an incident that should cause the mythical blue balls, that was it, but nope. No such experience.

    Maybe some guys get them, but I never have. I’ve always assumed that they were just a lame excuse that douchey guys give to their high school girlfriends.

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