Your Call: Are Women’s Ethical & Erotic Preferences About Circumcision in Line?

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Dear Em & Lo,

My parents did not believe in circumcision so they left me natural, and I don’t have any problems with the way I am and I have not had any problems with ladies. But I would like to know what women really think about foreskin or no skin? I ask this because there seems to be a disconnect between what some people say publicly and what they believe privately. Is there a difference between the ethical and the erotic for women?  It’s easy to imagine a woman not wanting to hurt a baby, but might that same woman find circumcised penises more of a turn on? In this PC culture, it can be hard to acertain people’s true opinions. What are the majority of women’s ethical and sexual preferences when it comes to a circumcised or uncircumcised penis — and, more to the point, are those two things usually the same?

— Uncut Collegian

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Uncirc fan
I am a 55 year-old woman who has had sexual relations with several men over my lifetime – all of whom were circumcised. Until my current partner, that is. I can honestly say that I had no idea how different (WONDERFUL!) an UNcircumcised penis feels! I hope I never have to be “in the market” again, because I think I’d have to limit my options to uncircumsised men only. It’s that much better. I now feel exceptionally bad that my ex and I had our son circumcised, even though I had learned that none of my six brothers were circ’d.… Read more »

In my experience circumcised penises feel, taste, smell and look much better.


very interesting suject.thaks.


I have never been with an uncircumcised man and I really don’t have an interest in trying. I have a friend who’s husband was uncircumcised and she told me that he would get yeast infections and then she would get yeast infections…often.


I’ve been with both circed and uncirced men. They were equally good. Mmmm, nice thinking about them. Anyhow, Collegian, if you are natural, the women that you end up being intimate with will most likely have a preference. However, when you find the one that makes you cum harder than you ever have before and you can curl her toes like nobody’s business, foreskin will be neither here nor there. Good luck, man.


Doctor D,
instead of believing everything you read on rabidly pro-circ sites which select comments out of context, ignore contrary evidence, and post scare articles, you might wish to read the actual and entire medical studies pertaining to circumcision.

You can start here:


Search the subject that interests you.

IF you are a doctor, you seem woefully ignorant of the studies your SHOULD be aware of–it is your JOB to be informed of VALID evidence.


Circumcision are medical malpractice. Deal with it.