Your Call: Does Love Mean the End of Sex with Other People?

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When a guy really loves you, how often is he really thinking about being with other women? Can he be in love with you and still want to hookup with other women? Does he view wanting sex out of a person differently from wanting love out of a person?

— Lovefool

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Sounds like you’re dating someone you KNOW is not interested in being exclusive, or else someone who’s probably already cheated on you. Everyone has a wandering eye to some extent or another, both women and men, esp after the glow of initial love/lust has dimmed. But there are three types of people who deal with those impulses in different ways: 1) the monogamist who will look but not touch, 2) the polyamorist who will look and touch, but with total honesty and transparency, and 3) the cheater who will look and touch behind the back of the one with whom… Read more »
Long ago, when there were wolves in Wales and the ice giants lurked just out of sight when the wind blew the snow against my eyes, I might have written such a letter to a trusted source. This is a letter from what sounds to me like a very young woman, confused about boys (men?) and herself. Let me answer in that spirit, perhaps more directly than you would prefer. Boys just want to have fun. They think using the head without the brain. Many will tell a young woman any damn thing she wants to hear to get into… Read more »
Dear Lovefool, First thing to remmeber, honey, is that Love and LUST are two seperate entities; one is an emotion, the otheran instinct. Problem is, the two ften get mistaken for each other. Now here, i’m guesing you don;t just mean Lust; you mean “how long until I become the only girl he feels ANY kind of gentler emotion towards so I can be totally secure he wants, craves, desires, is sweet to, affectionate with, and anamored by ONLY Me?” And the honest truth is, my friend, that no ordinary human being, male or female, EVER really becomes so completely… Read more »