Your Call: Is Casual Sex Really That Great?

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Dear Em & Lo,

I haven’t had sex in 8 months (typing it out just now is painful enough), and the reason for this is that I have never had a one night stand. The last time I had sex I was in a relationship; all the times I’ve had sex I have been in a relationship (3 relationships in total). A part of me is happy that I haven’t had a lot of sexual partners, but at the same time I almost feel like I am missing out on something. I feel like I am so strict and I hold sex in such high regard that it might be good to shake things up a little bit. I’m just torn. Are one night stands and/or fuck buddies really as great as some make it out to be?

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I dislike casual sex. I had a one night stand last year and completely regretted it. We barely knew each other (second date) and it was just sloppy and strange. To me, its not hot to meet up with someone just for sex or go out to a bar or club and take someone home. I would rather have sex with someone and have it mean something, than “hey, I’m horny and so are you, let’s relieve each other.” As frustrating as it may be to go months without sex, my toys help me out just fine in the meantime.… Read more »

It depends who you are. Some people get off on the whole “stranger” aspect while for others it’s a nightmare. Some people are more uninhibited than others, and more so with certain people than others. Don’t do it having high expectations. And if you have some doubts in the back of your mind, it’s probably best to listen to yourself rather than regretting it later. Casual sex isn’t for everyone.


I think you should pick a friend of a friend of a friend. That way, you already know them so you will be more comfortable. Then hook up with him and then never call him. It’s a one-night stand and leave it at that. Fuck buddies never work out, the woman develops feelings most of the time. men are better at separating sex and love. so again, do him, and never call.

Personally, I find casual sex with strangers unappealing, potentially risky and unnecesary, so I would not suggest it. Rather, I’d suggest buying some good sex toys and making more efforts to meet Mr Right. If you really would like casual sex, then I would suggest that rather than just picking some guy, having sex and then not seeing him again you take the time to find and make friends with a nice and safe man with similar sexual tastes who is in a similar situation or who perhaps has some reason not to seek a relationship. There are heaps of… Read more »
After the Morning After

Casual sex can be really fun when you are willing to be comfortable with a new guy. Just be safe and it can be a great experience. I write about all my sexual encounters on my blog.

I’m going to slightly adjust Dannie and Anon’s advice a tiny bit. About that “should” thing. Definitely don’t have sex because you think it’s something you’re supposed to do. There are really two kinds of shoulds to avoid. First is the “I’m really horny and lonely or just tired of not having sex and people say in this sort of situation one >shouldshouldshouldshouldshould< have a lot of casual sex.") I think it's a good idea to avoid both kinds of shoulds. The first kind which is the sort of "Others are doing it so I might as well try it,"… Read more »

Casual sex is awesome!

I’m going to echo things said by a lot of people above – don’t have sex because you think you “should” and feel free to change your mind if someone is not turning you on. Be safe!

Most importantly be very explicit and up front about what you want and about what your boundaries, and if someone can’t give you that, or is trying to push your boundaries, leave.

Have fun! 😉