Your Call: I’ve Been Faking Orgasms with BF for Years

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Dear Em & Lo,

I’ve been with my boyfriend for almost 2 years and I love him more then anything, we really connect. We have had a lot of sex, but I have a confession: I’ve never hit the high note. I fibbed telling him I did and now it;s gone on way too long to spill that I have never gotten off. I have tried all sorts of tricks that I have read in Cosmo but nothing works. I have come close but then it always goes away.

Don’t get me wrong, it does feel good, but he’s the only guy I have ever been with, so I have nothing to compare it to. I get him to do the things I like, and still no orgasm. Even when I do it myself, I don’t get off. I’ve never had a orgasm in my life. I want to try a vibrator, because I think that might do the trick.

— Pants on Fire in All the Wrong Ways

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You need more foreplay. Or less. IF you can get him to try that without telling him why, you may not need to tell him, I have literally gotten off after my husband did, while he was soft on a number of occasions thanks to him understanding my need for that. The first time I ever got off was with my husband despite having kids from previous relationships even.


Here’s the thing- Orgasm is a word that is incompatible with the concept of “should”…
You have this idea of what an orgasm should be like. And the fabulous thing (which can also be the frustrating thing) is that the more you grab for the “right” sensation, the more elusive it will be.
Just slow down and enjoy what you DO feel. Keep paying attention the the enjoyment you get and the sensations in your pussy.

i think that not telling your boyfriend is hurting you the most in this situation. us as men have overly large ego`s..but if a man truly cares about his women , he will do anything to make sure that you have an enjoyable sexual experience. i`ve read many articles on sex, many stated that in order to achieve an orgasm you need some kind of mental stimulation aswell as physical. along with dildo`s and toys try to understand your body more, what makes you tick and what doesn`t. in order for a partnership to be successful it is essential to… Read more »
I think it’ll make him feel less bad about it, when you do tell him, if you make it clear you’ve NEVER had an orgasm. That way, he knows it really, really isn’t about anything he’s doing “wrong,” just that you have a harder time getting there than some do. Also, make it clear that what he DOES do feels good!! I *thought* I hadn’t ever had an orgasm for a long time, because my experience of it is a little different from how I was interpreting what it said in the magazines. Eventually, I had a really intense orgasm… Read more »
Now in my mid forties I don’t get off as easily as before. When I was in my teens and twenties I could get off three or four times in a night with girls I loved. Now, some nights I don’t get off at all and my wife wonders why after all she is beautiful and oriental. She blames it on porn and masturbation. Not admitting to anything, however, they are both wonderful, especially together. I have had girlfriends in the past that enjoyed that too, and we could do them together and sometimes finish together, but my wife is… Read more »

Vibrator vibrator vibrator.
As the other ladies have said, it will allow you to pinpoint what that feeling is and then work towards that when you’re with your boyfriend.


…also, Kegels. Front, middle and back – as many times a day as you can, as many times as you can. (I did actually get that advice from Cosmo back in the mists of time, and it did work for me, so just in case you haven’t tried it, I thought it might be worth suggesting.)