Your Call: My GF Almost Had a Fling…Then Tells Me the Guy Looks Like a Pornstar!

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Dear Em & Lo,

My girlfriend recently told me about this guy she has thought about having sex with. She even let him chase her at one point while we were going out. I totally knew something was up and kept asking her but she kept on denying it. She said there was a party she went to when he was there and she could have easily had sex with him but didn’t want to because, well, she just didn’t want to — not because she was in a relationship or anything! This really got to me, I just feel like she has no respect for me or our relationship. At the time that this was going on, we were having a rough patch and she said that this is why she entertained the idea. But I said we hadn’t split up so it was not cool. We were then watching a porno together a few days ago and then she turns round and says, “Oh that guy looks like the builder” (the guy she thought about sleeping with). I got turned off and annoyed that she brought it up. Am I overreacting?

–Not the Builder

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Yes Michael and while he’s at it he should club her with a T-Rex bone and drag her back to the cave. Don’t be ignorant. Obviously they’re having a communication issue. You should bring this up, the fact that her comments and her apathetic stance hurts you. Trying to be psychic isn’t going to resolve anything. Open your mouth and perhaps she’ll do the same as it sounds like something is bothering her and her response is to attack you passive aggressively. If trying to be open doesn’t work then the relationship is probably something you should relinquish. People who… Read more »

Stop acting like a eunich, grow some balls, and tell the bitch to hit the road. She’s a whore and doesn’t deserve you. I am so sick of pussy-men who let their wife/gf tell them what to do. You are the male! Act like it. You tell HER what to do. Not the other way.

Sara Stone

She better make more movies or I’m gonna die. Sara stone is gorgeous.

Lady Tarrant
The girl is showing a bit of a lack of sensitivity. I thinks you guys need to have a long discussion about it. Hey, it maybe something as small as she didn’t like the porno and thought that comment was a good way to get you to turn it off. We’re girls, we can do some weird stuff sometimes to get something when we don’t want to have to come right out and ask. She also maybe looking for a pat on the back for having soooo much self control *rolling eyes*, and since she didn’t get it before, she… Read more »

No, I say dump this woman. She sounds like one of those women who enjoys having power over other people. She also sounds like a coward for not being able to say she’s unhappy with the relationship and just getting the hell out. Instead she figures its a better idea to just slowly chip away at the foundations until it falls apart. She probably also hopes that you’ll do the dirty work and she won’t have to take the blame.



Something else here: you’re bothered that she doesn’t seem to respect the relationship. What about -you-? Respecting you as a person is more important that respecting…what, a contract? An agreement? You’re bothered that she didn’t sleep with him because she didn’t want to. Hello! You know who she DOES want to sleep with? The person she -is- sleeping with: you! She wants you more than him; you are more important to her, and she’s attempting to be honest with you and maybe garner a bit of attention. The whole reason she even has a relationship with you to respect is… Read more »