Your Call: My Guy Is Too Fat for Sex

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Dear Em & Lo,

I genuinely have the most wonderful guy in my life. We were high school sweethearts who found each other again 20+ years later. Obviously I wouldn’t be writing you if there wasn’t a problem, so here it is: his weight prevents us from having intercourse, and it bothers me more and more as time goes on. Sexually he is amazing to me otherwise.

It didn’t actually occur to me early on that we would have this problem, and then when I did realize it, I believed it wouldn’t be a problem for long because he had lost 60 pounds in the previous 6 months. But it’s a year later and the weight loss stalled.

After 14 years in a miserable marriage and losing 50 pounds myself … well, I would really like to have “traditional sex.” But his weight (and difficulty maintaining an erection, even with ED medication) prevents me from successfully pulling off woman-on-top. And the final difficulty for me is that I feel unsure how to pleasure him to orgasm other than oral sex, and that kind of gets old when I feel that’s my only option. Got any advice? How do I talk to him about this?

— Weighed Down

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2 years 10 months ago

i also am dating a pretty big guy that i would love to explore different sex postions with, but everytime we try they dont work.i love doggy style but i cant do it with him because his belly gets in the way and it hides some of his penis.he blames it on me and says it because i dont put a big enough arch in my back but i kno thats not the case because in previous relationships ive never had a problem.he is a great guy its just my first time being with a guy so big.i dont want to cheat and have sex with someone else so i try to tell him about his weight in a nice was but everytime i say something he gets all sad and says he gonna work out and do better.he gives GREAT oral and if we do have sex i have to get on top or if he get on top he has to hurry because he puts all his body weight on my legs and they start to cramp.i love this guy and do want to be with him plus i am currently 6 months pregnant with our first child.its just so hard to stay when i love sex and cant get it how i want it all the time.i love oral sex but i wanna feel the deep hard penetration sometimes to…….HELP ME PLEASE ANY ADVICE

3 years 5 months ago

This is something I’ve always wondered about. I’m straight so I don’t have any interest here, but I’ve seen guys in the showers at the local health club that have made me wonder how the hell they do it with their wives.

I’m in my late 50s. I don’t have a gut, but I’ve noticed that in the last 10 years or so, the small weight gain I have put on has affected the visible length of my penis. (Hiding maybe an inch.)

3 years 5 months ago

I just started dating a larger man myself, so this question has lingered in my mind. I’m very sexually attracted to him, but I wonder how his weight will affect his performance. I’m a highly sexual person that enjoys the many different aspects of sex. I hope that it wont be an issue. I’ve been seriously contemplating how I will handle poor bedroom performance. I really like this guy and want us to begin a relationship together. I hope you were able to find a solution.

3 years 8 months ago

Why not just say “honey your weight is keeping us from doing everything we could be doing in the bedroom and what can I do to restart or boost your weight losing abilities?”

Until the weight comes off…nobody will be happy!

4 years 7 months ago

Would a sex swing help any in this situation? Or any other piece of positioning furniture?