Your Call: What Do I Do When I Get on Top?

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Hi Em and Lo,

I need help. I’ve never had sex where I am on top. I guess because I do not feel completely comfortable with my body. But also, I get scared that I will not move the right way. Can you help me with this? I have always been a bit boring in bed — missionary style, mostly — but I met someone who I would love to have sex with, and he seems very experienced. Help!

— Aiming Higher

What should A.H. do?

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^^^^^ I could get my ex off like that so much faster than any other position. Loved it.

The most sensitive part of the penis is the part of the glans on the top say he were standing and facing you. I never do reverse cowgirl. I think it’s a pain. This is what I do, and 3 different occasions I’ve gotten the comment “best sex I’ve ever had”.. Since the top of the glans is what I call their “crazy spot”, just rubbing your finger across it can make them squirm and immediately start ripping your clothes off lol anyway. I ride a little “low”. Guys like when you “stretch” their penis downward toward their feet, it… Read more »

Thanx a lot.

If your thigh muscles get tired while you’re on top, there are 2 things I like to do . . . first, you don’t have to bounce up and down, you can just kind of slowly grind. It may not give him enough stimulation for him to come, but he’ll like it and it can offer you better clitoral and G-spot stimulation. Second, you can switch to sort of squatting (the so-called “Asian cowgirl” position, which requires less effort and allows you to bounce more vigorously. Another thing men tend to like is when you swivel from regular to reverse… Read more »

…ooo…by the way … you may find that he likes laying back and being spoiled. You could start with massage. Anyway, I’d suggest lots of exploratory kissing and caressing before taking him inside you. You can sit or lay on him to do this. Remember to put on the condom before your private parts meet.


I agree with Figleaf – men seem to appreciate enthusiasm and a willingness to learn and innovate, so feel free to ask him for tips. 🙂 I’d suggest reading up as much as you can as well – good knowledge is never wasted and also shows your enthusiasm and willingness to innovate….:-)


Try both directions, looking at his face and looking at his feet (reverse cowgirl). I find the reverse cowgirl position much easier on the legs. Plus, you can get your clit and his balls some hand attention while riding.