Balls, Balls Everywhere…

The Revenant, while beautiful to behold, is not much more than macho, over-the-top torture porn. (For emotional investment, the far better bet is Room.) As Greg Vellante writes in his review for Sound & Picture:

There are five words spoken by a living female during the entirety of The Revenant—“I’ll cut off your balls.” Arguments of representation could be made left and right about the specific scene in question, but I’d like to talk more about those five words and how they apply to co-writer/director Alejandro González Iñárritu. An artist defeated by his own ego, Iñárritu is especially gifted when it comes to actors and production but bafflingly shallow when it comes to everything else.

Spoiler alert: The trailer above will give you the entire plot while saving you the 2 and 1/2–hour time investment.

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