I Can Orgasm Easily, What’s Wrong with Me?!
high volt orgasms (image shows voltage meter going off the scale)

Dear Em & Lo,

I’ve never been a girl who has difficulty reaching an orgasm.  I started masturbating in college and learned pretty quickly what I like and what I do.  Now when I’m with a guy, I find that I get off — really quickly and really hard.  With my most recent hook-up, we were fully clothed and I came screaming hard.  I’ve read so much about girls not being able to get off and I’m worried that something might be wrong with me.  And I’m also really worried that guys will think that I’m faking.  What should I do?

— Getting Worried About Getting Off


Now, we try to take every question we get seriously. But come on, this is a joke, right? You can’t possibly be serious!

Okay, okay, we’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and trust for the moment that you’re really concerned about this. Our advice: don’t be! You have a gift — enjoy it!

Yes, plenty of women with vaginas have trouble reaching orgasm, especially with a partner — whether because they’re young, they don’t masturbate, their partner isn’t providing the right stimulation, they’re not communicating to their partner what the right kind of stimulation is, they have body image issues, they’re stressed or depressed, they’ve experienced sexual trauma in the past, or their plumbing is a little different. For some heterosexual women — in fact, the majority of hetero women — it can be extra difficult during intercourse since the old in-out often doesn’t provide the kind of clitoral attention they need to reach their happy place. But there are many lucky, lucky women who can reach orgasm fairly effortlessly. This is a good thing.

Now, if you were having spontaneous orgasms every hour — in the middle of an office meeting, during sad movies, while talking to your parents on the phone — then that could be a real problem: a rare but real condition called persistent genital arousal disorder. But you’re simply orgasming easily when you want to — during masturbation and hookups with guys you like. Again, what’s the problem here?

We think most guys will love your enthusiastic reaction to being with them. If you really fear they’ll start thinking you’re too good to be true, simply reassure them that you’re not faking: you just happen to know what you want and your body always cooperates wholeheartedly while your mind doesn’t let any hangups get in the way. To be nice, you could also add that you’re just so turned on by the guy in question, he makes it easy! We’re guessing 99.999% of the time they’ll take your word for it.

Now stop your fretting and go with the flow before you give yourself a hangup!

Em & Lo

I CAN’T Orgasm Easily
What Can I Do?


  1. Jane,
    Don’t b frustrated. If u came, go along with it and come again. You will see that you can have more than one orgasm. I also get off in seconds,then enjoy it and come again. Multiorgasms, work on it and let it go. Yes, its a gift, you just have to use it to your advantage.

  2. I’ve been having sex since for about two years now, and I’ve masturbated since I was in middleschool. It’s always been really easy for me, and when I tried to figure out what an orgasm really was all I could find were things like “only acheiveable through oral sex” or “extremely rare”. Everytime I have sex or get off, I orgasm. I thought I was weird but I guess I’m just lucky. I usually come two or three times before my boyfriend does. I’ve heard that only old ladies can do that…but I’m 18, so I guess that doesn’t apply to me either. A word of advice for women: when you’re on top, don’t ride. Instead, do a sort of upside down missionary where your clit is rubbed constantly while you move and your legs are extended behind you. Works every time.

  3. I also have the same issue. One thing that really irks me is when people say “its a gift,” like I am some rare treasure because I can orgasm and I am female simultaneously.

    Yes, I can orgasm within a few seconds of penetration, and no, its not that amazing because then the pleasure is over for me and my partner, unless he wants to masturbate. It’s frustrating; I become an inanimate object, and want to take a break for 20 minutes or so. This is not what I want though, I want to keep going, I want to pleasure my bf, who is just getting started! It does feel out of my control, I feel like it happens to me, and I am not able to have the sex the way I want to because of it. It is a point of stress for me and my partner. He loves the novelty in it, but it doesn’t make sex easy for us, so he understands my issue with it.

    It’s gotten more so as I’ve gotten older. Weird! I’ve found if we focus on other parts of my body besides my clitoris, I can postpone it. But I would really prefer to find a happy medium where I can feel clitoral pleasure but not come immediately.

    Its good to read that other women have this issue. It’s not something that is talked about enough really. There is still this perception that no women have orgasms easily, and premature ejaculation is just the realm of men, and if it happens to a women, she should be thankful. Give me a break.

  4. I started having sex when I was 33 years old. I promised myself I’m going to lose my virginity this time with my ex bf. We were together for a month but I never orgasm while with him. He got frustrated at me even if he used toys I still can’t do it. We broke up but a few weeks I met this guy who is my husband now. At first I really found it hard to cum and just like my ex he was getting frustrated. But my husband was so considerate and eventually I learned to cum. Now our problem is I literally have multiple orgasm. My husband used to take a while and sometimes find it hard to cum but then I think we helped each other discover ourselves when it comes to sex. Now we have learned to orgasm and I must say we truly are sexually compatible.

  5. I have this too, I’m my boyfriend thinks I fake it. But I’m always the one in control & therefore move in the way that suits best/feels best for me.

  6. Yeah I know exactly what that girl is talking about hahah at first I thought I had a problem cause anytime i would have sex or masterbate I would orgasim really quickly especially with oral ! But it’s not a bad sooo I’ve heard it’s a gift !!

  7. I agree with what some of the others say about the mental control thing. I find that slightly taking your mind out of that state of arousal can slow things down

  8. I’m a lesbian and I orgasm quite quickly too. At first I thought that maybe I was missing something and that there might be a feeling BEYOND what I was getting from both masturbation and sex with my partner (then sense and reasoning made me realise that I actually couldn’t even TAKE any more!).

    I agree with what some of the others say about the mental control thing. I find that slightly taking your mind out of that state of arousal can slow things down. But I don’t find that possible when I’m with my partner and, therefore, I orgasm a lot quicker than I hoped! Sometimes I wish I could orgasm later so that I get prolonged build-up of intensity, but my partner can adjust well to the fact I can be a little ‘quick’ and will sometimes carry me onto a second or third orgasm in one session (which can feel a little too intense, but most of the time is GREAT!)

    I think the main thing is (like always) to communicate with whoever you’re sharing the moment. If any problems arise one night, have a discussion afterwards or the next day and try to figure out what you’ll both do about it BEFORE you get into the heat of the moment again.

  9. I get some people will wonder why complain about this but I see why you might wonder if you are ‘normal’ – first cause we get told so often how difficult women find it to come and also I think there is still a bit of stigma re ‘loose’ women – that there is still a bit of suspicion around women who enjoy sex and cum as much as a bloke does. For me, I orgasm quickly and lots partly because I have a rather sexy husband who knows what I like but also partly because I just seem to be able to reach that spot easy. Even when I just started out masturbating as a teen I came quickly and several times – and much to my husbands annoyance get lots of wet dreeams too. Most of the time this is great but sometimes I wish I could slow it down a bit and draw it out – I almost feel like a bloke must if he is a bit hair trigger! And when talking with pals their reactions are not ‘good for you!’ but ‘oh my god – really? Are you sure’? Yes, I am sure, particularly when I have soaked hubby in ejaculate. So lots of lovely and easy to get orgasms is amazing – but it can make you wonder if you are a ‘normal’ woman!

  10. I have no problem orgasming either, if I let my mind wander I can usually just squeeze my theighs together on a bumpy road – but that’s the key, you need to have the right frame of mind – If I was pissed off on that same bumpy road I would not have one… learn to be your own sexual boss and controll it – no guy has ever doubted if I came for real, lol, I also get wet and juicy… people over think sex – just enjoy it…

  11. I totally understand. Most women I know tell me how difficult it is to get off, which makes me sometimes feel my hormones must be ridiculously high compared to the average gal. Seriously, though, I don’t need to masturbate to have an orgasm. All I need to do is *think* about sex and voila, I’m there. O_O I rarely masturbate but when I do my orgasms are so intense that i have to stop.

    On several occasions I’ve woken up to an orgasm. I kinda feel embarrassed because I lubricate very easy too, which ain’t real cool when I’m sitting in class, trying to focus on a lecture. One time someone commented loudly that “it smelled like sex,” not knowing where the smell was coming from. >_> But yeah, it can be… embarrassing.

  12. Based on personal experience I think there are a couple of crucial questions to ask here.

    First: does she enjoy it? An acquaintance has, like, zero problem having orgasms (think “driving over bumpy pavement.”) But thanks to sexual abuse as a child and young adult (where “easy” but also involuntarily induced orgasms deepened her sense of of humiliation and powerlessness) she doesn’t look forward to them. The point being they’re really nice when you want them, and even nicer if you *wish* you had them. But not so great when you want to feel more in control of your body.

    Second: can she easily have more? Most men, even teenagers, have some kind of refractory period (the “roll over and fall asleep” phase of arousal.) But “two words, ‘multiple orgasms'” not withstanding, a lot of women lose their edge… and often their interest… for minutes, hours, or even (yikes!) days after coming. And so, again from personal experience, such “premature” orgasms can be as awkward, and evening-shortening, not to mention partner-frustrating as premature ejaculation can be for men.

    That said, unless one of those two situations applies your advice to GWAGO is spot on. Just because some people have a hard time coming doesn’t mean anybody *should.* (Similarly, just because some men come very easily it doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong for men who don’t come easily.) And, again based on personal experience there are a couple of clothes-on make-out techniques that are reliably more orgasmic than during clothes-off sex. (“Dry humping” against a partner’s thigh or erection while making out can be easily orgasmic for women who masturbate by rubbing against objects. In situation #2, above, it can be dangerously easy!)


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