December 21st, 2016

We've got a bunch of great last-minute gift ideas for your significant other, along with a list of gifts that will surely get you dumped. There's still time to get any of our suggestions, which are all available online, either instantly or with two-day shipping. Don't blow it! (Like "Love Actually" does every year.)

10 Great Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Your Significant Other!
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Hate Actually Is All Around: An Obligatory Critique of That Infernal Holiday Movie
13 Tips for Surviving the Holidays Single
How to Make Massage the Perfect Holiday Gift
The 12 Days of Kinkmas
Special Issue: How to Fill Your Holidays with Love (& Perhaps Lust)

"I went to this guy's place after a few dates and we [were] going to have sex until I saw his penis. It was 5 inches. I got up and left [saying] I just don’t sleep with little boys."

— reader Kristen (who we engage in a death match over penis size)

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"I really can't stay / Baby I'm fine with that"

— from the new viral consent-friendly version of "Baby It's Cold Outside"

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