June 15th, 2017

Read Movie Critic DEBBIE Edelstein’s Review of This Summer’s New 'Spider-Man':
While this Spider-Man is still into bondage (Peter’s web-shooters catch bad guys and the hearts of movie goers), some fans who cannot appreciate the elfin magic of young, lithe dancers might be disappointed that Peter Parker is still in his awkward phase. With a male director, Jon Watts, at the helm, Spider-Man isn’t even photographed to elicit slobbers. Slobbering, red-blooded, American patriots will be even more put out, given that Spider-Man’s crotch-area is never given the loving cinematographic attention it deserves. I didn’t miss Nicholas Hammond’s adult yet soft and ill-defined body from the 1970’s TV show, though. Holland is still a hottie, albeit with a small “h”...

Movie Critic Debbie Edelstein’s Review of This Summer’s New “Spider-Man”
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"Women lie about sex...because they face the sort of judgement and criticism you’re ready to heap upon them....They smell it on you and they lie so you don’t scorn and shame them."

— Johnny, on men who recommend women not have sex on a first date

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"The message that we’re sending especially to young girls is, above all else, be sexy."

— Mayim Bialik, bemoaning the prevalence of successful women finding empowerment by getting naked (watch her rant HERE!)

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