June 7th, 2017

My (Lo's) family recently adopted two kittens. We had our pick of the litter, so we figured we’d get a girl and a boy, just like our two kids. They decided to name the girl Rey and the boy Po. (Star Wars fans relax: for whatever reason — let’s call it artistic license — they insisted on dropping the “e.”)

Rey, we quickly learned, is cautious, while Po is more carefree. He’s the first to attack the crinkle toy while Rey hangs back, waiting to make her move. She’ll cuddle, but only on her own terms — try to pick her up and she’ll wriggle away. Meanwhile Po loves to be pet — you can scoop him up, rub his belly, scratch his chin. And he’s hyper! Always instigating the play-fighting with his sister. There have been a few times when I’ve wondered if the poundings he’s given Rey with his hind legs have been a little too rough. You know, not a fair fight.

But then last week we took them to get their booster shots and guess what?

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"You thought it would be so funny to lock me up. 'Lock her up, lock her up.' Well guess what? Now you're my prisoner."

— Profesh dominatrix Mistress Couple, dressed as Hillary Clinton, punishing repentant Trump voters

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