March 2nd, 2017

"'Moonlight' is a much more important love story than 'La La Land' — rather than a romantic tragedy born of simple logistics (he goes on tour with the band, she goes to Paris for a role, oh poor babies!), 'Moonlight' is nothing short of the triumph of love, understanding and acceptance over adversity, prejudice and fear..."

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"The problem with younger women is they’ve seen modern porn [and] have probably developed a very warped view of what men should be packing in order to satisfy a woman."

— reader Dave commenting on our #1 most popular post ever (rhymes with schmenis schmize)

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"It wasn’t molestation, it was perfectly consensual."

— Milo Yiannopoulos, back in 2015, describing his sexual relationship with an adult priest when he was 13 or 14

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