September 2nd, 2016

Writing about sex and relationships is hard work: all the "Eyes Wide Shut" balls we're required to attend, all the whips and chains we need to inspect, all the pillow fights in our lingerie we have to have. It's exhausting! So we're taking the long weekend off...and hope you are too! We'll be back on Tuesday refreshed and ready to take on all your pressing romantic inquiries. Until then, peruse our latest below or visit our archives for some of the best evergreen sex advice on the Internet!

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"Leave. Cut all ties. Don’t return. Then, maybe, he’ll appreciate you."

— reader Ralphie

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"All this talk about sex is making me horny."

— Bill Nye the Science Guy, while explaining the science of sex on "StarTalk" (he's getting his own new show on Netflix!)

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