June 17th, 2016

Whether he's the father of your kids or you just like to call him "Daddy" in bed, give him some loving touch this weekend with a well-deserved, quality back rub from you to him — HERE'S HOW.

10 Practical Ways Parents Can Fight Rape Culture
LELO Reveals NEW CONDOM Design! Here’s Why It’s a Big Deal.
The Highlights from Hillary’s Powerful Planned Parenthood Speech
The Visual Response to the Tragic LGTBQ Nightclub Shooting
Who Knew? Couples Who DO THIS Together Apparently Stay Together!

"It’s not just the one criminal who committed a rape. There actually is a system that protects him, that apologizes for him, colludes with him, supports him."

— our MVP commenter Johnny

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"What may feel like 5 seconds of an inconvenience . . . can absolutely prevent a lifetime of potential grief and suffering."

HIV+ Charlie Sheen, like you've never seen him, soberly promoting LELO's newly engineered condom.

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