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How To 2 weeks ago
Get your gratitude journal on!  Everyone from Oprah to Real Simple to the guy at Harvard who teaches classes on happiness has talked about gratitude journals -- you know, every night you write…

News 3 weeks ago
In the United States, it took 131 years for women to get the right to vote, 133 years to get our first female Senator, 192 years to get a woman on the Supreme…

Special Issues 3 weeks ago
You deserve a break today! Here's how to get one.

Research 4 weeks ago
Okay, so we know we're fond of saying that our sex advice requires neither a yoga mat nor a devotion to '90s Sting. It's not that we have anything against yogis, we…

Dear Em & Lo 4 weeks ago
Dear Em & Lo, I'm a woman and have been dating my boyfriend for five months and we have a great relationship...well, almost great. When we have sex, I have a hard time…

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Write a little love note --  just because -- on the blank insides of these little recycled natural white folding heart cards which fit into cute recycled…

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Consistently rated one of the most pleasurable and reliable condoms available.

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Ted-talker Esther Perel's great book on the complexities of maintaining desire in long term relationships.

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