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A few years ago, a series of big events occurred, one right after the other, that profoundly shifted my career goals:

  • The election of an alleged serial sexual predator to the highest office in the land
  • The #MeToo Movement
  • My daughter’s first experience with public school sex education (here’s the video they watched!)

That perfect storm made it painfully clear that we as a country and a culture are not where we need to be in the sex-education department. Sure, adults need sex ed too, but maybe if we empowered young people with decent health and wellbeing information early and often, then they wouldn’t need so much help once they grew up!

So I turned my attention to educating kids and their caregivers, to do more face-to-face teaching. And I knew the best way to approach such work with this population was with the proper credentials. In 2018, I began the process of advanced education through the nationally-accredited, graduate-level program for educators at The Institute of Sexuality Education and Enlightenment — and today, not only am I an official Certified Holistic Sex Educator through ISEE, I’m one of only a handful of AASECT Certified Sex Educators in New York State!

In 2019, I launched The Butterfly Academy, an extracurricular relational education organization for kids and their parents/guardians/caregivers/teachers/mentors to learn about healthy relationships, anatomy, puberty, gender and identity, orientation and attraction, what sex is, how babies get made, consent, communication, responsibility, cyber and tech smarts, and body positivity. Initially, I was offering in-person classes in the Hudson Valley where I live. But then covid hit. So I moved all classes online, which actually, serendipitously meant I could teach kids in other states! So far, the reviews from both students and parents have been overwhelmingly positive! Watch the video below to see some of these reviews; click here to read some more.

The Butterfly Academy is still in it’s cocoon stage as a company: small but growing! Below is a list of current and future offerings. If you have kids, or niblings (nieces & nephews), or friends with kids, I hope you’ll check out TheButterflyAcademy.com and consider spreading the word! The more young people have access to better sex ed, the less miscommunication, entrenched prejudices, and casual abuse there will be in their world — the happier and healthier their relationships will be.


Middle School Survival Club: An Enlightening Workshop Series to Help Teens Better Navigate Growing Up

Puberty can be tough: big bodily changes, roller-coaster hormonal fluctuations, crushes, peer & social media pressure . . . the list goes on. Kids don’t often get all the support & information they need to navigate this new world safely, confidently & happily. This series gives kids a safer space to receive good info, discuss sensitive topics, ask questions & get honest, accurate, inclusive answers.

Unfortunately, many states don’t mandate sex education. For example, in New York state, only HIV education is mandated, which means any sex education given in schools is not required to be comprehensive, medically accurate, unbiased or secular. Even if you already have an open dialogue with your kids about sex — which is fantastic and essential, bravo! — there are still topics and perspectives you may be missing, your child may not feel comfortable discussing everything with you, and there is enormous benefit in community learning, especially regarding topics that don’t often get discussed openly and honestly in public. Learn more…

Period Party! An Empowering 2-Hour Education on All Things Menstruation

People with periods can spend up to 10 years menstruating over their lifetime — yes, a full decade! The topic certainly deserves some deliberate, dedicated attention that’s both positive and community-based. Our aim with this workshop is to 1) increase kids’ knowledge of how to deal with periods confidently and effectively, 2) debunk myths while challenging negative attitudes surrounding menstruation, and 3) reduce any shame or fear kids may have about this amazing bodily superpower! Learn more…


My First Health Class: An Introductory Workshop for 1st & 2nd Graders

The Growing Up Club: Four 1-hour Workshops for 3rd-5th Graders on 1) how families are made, 2) puberty, 3) gender, and 4) consent.

High School Survival Club: An Enlightening Workshop Series to Help Teens Better Navigate Growing Up

How to Have the Talks: A Parents’ Workshop on How to Create & Maintain an Open Dialogue with Their Kids

Parent Date Night: A Fun Evening for Couples with Kids to Reconnect & Reimagine Their Relationships

Your Love Life During & After Pregnancy: What to Expect Sex-, Relationship- & Body-Wise When You’re Expecting

Peri Party! A Workshop for Menopausal Moms (from Peri to Post) on Being “The Change” They Want to See

Need more convincing?
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