My New Boyfriend Has a Small Penis…At Least, It’s Small to Me

Dear Em & Lo,

About six months ago I broke up with my boyfriend of 18 months and have recently met someone new. The other day the new boy and I were engaging in some hands-on action which led me to discover that he nowhere near measured up to my ex. The new boy was around 4-6″. My problem is that I’m really worried about having sex with him because my ex was over 8″. I feel really disappointed and I know that 8″ is a high bar that’s been set. Am I bad person or should I go looking for something more? Why can’t good-looking men come with the measurements of their penis tattooed onto their wrist or something? The problems and surprises that would solve.


Dear Sizeist,

We almost didn’t print your letter because of the emotional damage it might inflict on insecure men everywhere. It’s the secret fear that everyone — male and female — experiences at some point in their hook-up life: Am I being compared to their ex(es)? And if so, am I failing to measure up?

But on behalf of all the average-sized men out there, i.e. the vast majority of men, we think you should give Mr. 4-6″ a chance. It’s not like you’ve dated a string of 8″ men and have discovered that only a super-sized schlong can satisfy you. (In fact, you need to understand that, statistically speaking, 8 inches is freakishly long). No, you just had one great experience with one 8″ penis. And this is by no means a guarantee that sex with a 4-6″ penis will feel only 50-75% as great.

For a start, men with big swinging dicks can get lazy in the sack, assuming that size is the only thing that matters. They may also assume that intercourse is the only thing that matters — and we all know how few women climax from intercourse alone; remember, orgasm achieved through non-penile means still counts as sex! Not to mention, you may suddenly discover new penetration positions that you really enjoy — positions that perhaps were not so comfortable with a larger specimen. Oh, and don’t forget that, when it comes to size, most women agree that girth is a lot more important than length, since the majority of sensation is felt in the outer third of the vagina, thanks to the extensions of the clitoris, the g-spot, and the pelvic floor muscles around the lower part of the vaginal canal (and also since a lot of women don’t enjoy having their cervix rammed).

On a final note: Maybe he was nervous and not fully inflated, as it were. Basically, you have no idea what sex is going to be like with this man. So if you dig him (and we surely hope the handwork you exchanged means that you do), why not find out whether the motion of his ocean can get the job done?

Of course, we can’t discount the fact that you may simply be less attracted to him (or not attracted to him at all) now that you’ve scoped out his unit — you like what you like.  This doesn’t make you a bad person, though you are severely limiting your dating options — at least until your tattoo idea catches on. We suppose you could post a personal ad specifying that only 8″-penis-owners need reply, but something tells us that’s not exactly the way to find the next Boyfriend of the Year. Here’s a better idea: Why not just spend some quality time with an average-sized penis and see if the experience converts you?

Here for the little people,

Em & Lo

Do you worry about the size of your package?
“15 Ways to Make the Most of Your Small Penis in Bed”


    1. Bob, I totally understand your disgust towards this woman’s cruel attitude. Any woman who judges a man by the size of his penis is the scum of the earth.

      1. I don’t think attacking this woman is the proper thing to do. Everyone has preferences or desires…what’s wrong with wanting what you want? And since they have only started dating and not even had sex…we don’t know if she enjoyed sex with this smaller man. Perhaps she found it it was great! I truly wish there was a followup to this (seemingly) timeless post.

        Again I will say…women are lousy and guessing penis size. She thinks her new BF is 4-6″…well that’s a big range. At 4″ he’s half the size of her previous BF…and that is a considerable difference in size. But was the old BF actually 8″??? Or is that just what she is guessing, or what he told her? The guy might only have been 6 or 7 inches, who knows for sure?
        Regardless we shouldn’t attack someone for asking a question or expressing a concern.

  1. Time for another insight. My live in girlfriend dated a man with a micropenis. They dated for about 3 months. She told me she was surprised when she saw the size of his dick, it was the size of her thumb. Her first thought was that he must be an amazing lover and be an expert with his fingers and tongue. She quickly found out how wrong she was!

    The man was a lazy lover. Had no interest in using his tongue or fingers. He would use a vibrator to bring her to orgasm. My girlfriend only experiences clitoral orgasms so if he used his tongue he could easily have pleasured her.

    I asked if she could truly be in a long term relationship with a man who’s got a micropenis? She said: “there is small and then there’s small”, and she actually couldn’t answer the question because since he was a poor lover there was more to their bedroom problems than just his size.

    Now understand, both of them were in their mid 50’s at the time. He had been married and had children and they met on a dating site. So obviously he had been and still was sexually active. What puzzles me is why this man would not invest the time to learn how to pleasure a woman?? When you’ve got a cock that small you’ve got to bring something else to the dance or you’re going to quickly be kicked off the dance floor.
    It reminds me of the old joke…the woman says to the man, who do you think you’re going to please with that little thing? The man answers: ME!
    It would seem this guy took that joke to heart…content in getting his rocks off for as long as he was allowed and then moving onto another woman once he was dumped.

  2. Time for another comment….I came across a post written by a woman (on another forum). I found her perspective interesting. Again the discussion focused on penis size. Her comment was….”it’s only natural that I woman would desire the largest penis she could comfortable handle”.

    I thought that made a lost of sense. She wrote further and wasn’t saying a smaller than ideal penis a deal breaker. So she’s wasn’t small penis shaming men, etc. This brings up a point about “desire” and “reality”. Very seldom in life do you get everything that you desire. A woman might meet and amazing man, great chemistry, funny, etc. And the guy might have a 5″ cock, but the woman’s desire is for a 7″ cock. It’s really not going to be a deal breaker, in fact the woman is likely to not even think about it at all. He’s a great guy and she loves him and he comes attached with a 5″ cock.

    This is no different than a man meeting the woman of his dreams except she’s a B cup and he loves DD’s. He’s not going to toss her aside because some big titted bimbo winks at him.
    In a perfect world his dream girl would come with DD’s, and for the woman…in her perfect world the man would come with the perfect sized cock for her. For some women that perfect sized cock could be 5″.

  3. i have the opposite problem, my new girlfriends ex was 5.5 inches when erect, im 11.5,, ive only fucked her three times, she much prefers her exes little cock , , ive never had anal because of my size and would glady swap my cock for a seven inche cock, i have been 11.5 inches since i was 13

    1. My penis is small but I know how to use it. It’s only 4 inches and skinny but for some reason I think it got smaller. Now it looks like 3 inches and skinnier. Any suggestions ? Do penis pills actually work ? Because i’d like to get up to 8 inches or at least 7, and thicker too.

  4. Turn it into a good thing. Lock him up in a nice steel cock cage and keep his keys. Make him your cuckold you will love it once you tried it. Many couples these days are doing it that way. They say its also a nice game to play for a lady that likes it big.

  5. I had to share this video link. Carefully listen to this man. He’s very inspiring and you can see that life is very much about making a choice. Choosing what to believe, what to think, what to be. Now applying what he’s talking about to “this” topic…just think how dwelling on having a small penis is holding you back from a rich and fulfilling life! What a total waste of time.

  6. Well…I contacted an expert on penis size….the legendary porn actress Seka! Yes I’m telling the truth, I emailed her and asked her about penis size and what did she think.
    Here is her response:
    “I have found that “average” is quite nice. I was never a size queen. If you know what you are doing as a lover it shouldn’t matter.”

    So there you have it. From a woman who’s had the biggest cocks in porn, including the legendary John Holmes. Now to be clear….In my email to Seka I defined average as 5 1/2″ to 6 1/2″.

    1. Hmmm….voted down….well I know who that was! LOL Pretty sure he said he was never going to read any more of my comments. 😉

    2. I always loved Seka’s hairy armpits. She was one of the very few porn stars that didn’t shave back when I was in my early teens and thanks to her and a few other natural gals back then, my love of female armpit hair started and has never ended.

  7. Em and Lo…..Did you ever follow up with “Sizest” to find out if she ever sex with her new boyfriend? I think the follow up would be interesting to read and to know how things worked out.

  8. One man’s courageous journey to come to terms with his small penis:

    A very well done documentary. It’s very enlightening and entertaining. You can see how much men obsess over their cocks, and you can also see that many, many women don’t really put much thought into them.

    1. This comment that I came across on the internet (a comment that came directly from watching the documentary I posted), it a perfect example of how an insecure man views women. The reply to this man’s comment is a great example of what MOST women want in a man and the true reason why insecure men are dateless (it’s not due to their small dick, it’s due their insecurities and female issues that cause the women to ignore them.

      Here’s the guy’s comment:
      Basically the women participating in this documentary are telling it like it is. And men probably shouldn’t watch this documentary. Size DOES matter, and most women, if not all, prefer a big cock. If you have a 7 inch cock or bigger most women will find it to be big enough. If it’s smaller than that she will be disappointed.

      Women have become more shallow and critical than men. They reject/mock/ridicule men because of their penis size and they sit and talk about it with their friends. Even if you’re their boyfriend or husband she will tell all her friends about your penis. Women just don’t respect men anymore. Sad, but true.
      I’ve stopped dating because women are so shallow and critical – even those women who are ugly and have thousands of flaws themselves.

      Most women have tried a big one so they’re only going to be disappointed if a guy whips out an average-sized one or slightly below average-sized one.
      Most women believe that bigger feels better, and they’re used to at least an average-sized one, so how do you think the sex is going to be for her if he’s slightly below average or small? It’s going to be pretty bad.
      It’s only the well-endowed guys who get all the compliments in bed about their dick. Women are just “meh” when they see an average one. That’s hardly the best way to initiate sex.

      And women compare the sizes of the guys that they’ve been with and they also tell it to all their friends. So there’s no reason to have sex unless you have at least 6-7 inches in length.

      I’ll never have relationship or a sexual encounter, because I’m too short and ugly. And no woman is going to accept a guy who is shorter and uglier than average and who hasn’t even got a big dick to compensate for the other flaws.
      Women will never understand what it feels like, because men are simply not as shallow, critical and ruthless as women are. Any women can get a man despite her looks or personality. Guys don’t have that “luxury”/”insurance”.
      Not to mention that all women’s “flaws”/”problems” can be solved. They can lose weight, make your boobs bigger (or smaller), get liposuction, cosmetic surgery, wear make-up and so on.

      Men can’t do anything about their height and penis size, and we all know that the vast majority of women only go after tall guys and that they believe that big dicks are best. Height and penis size are two of the most important things in a man, if you ask women.

      Here is the woman’s reply (she’s offering some great wisdom and advice):
      Okay, the reason women aren’t dating you is because you’re a massive misogynistic moron. Women do not expect a 7 inch penis. Nor are we shallow, you’re just incredibly bitter about a few women not wanting to date you. (because you’re so critical of them, even though you are making up completely bull****). Women don’t want to date men who are self pitying. Women don’t want to date men who don’t understand that women have been oppressed for a very long time and still are and you have the utter ignorance to believe that men have it worse. Women don’t want to date you because you think that our flaws are easily solvable.

      Women don’t want to date a man who believes he’s entitled to any woman regardless of her feelings, just because YOU want her to date you.

      If a woman enjoys a larger penis, what does that have to do with you? It doesn’t mean that she discounts men with smaller ones or that she bases her relationships on them.

      A woman can enjoy absolutely anything she wants – including things that you don’t have the criteria for. Stop being so butthurt and focusing on those women.

      Change your attitude and find a woman who actually likes you.

      Oh, and a penis over 7 inches wouldn’t be nice – it would be painful. The average vagina is 4 inches deep. Perhaps it’s not your penis size, but the fact that you’re rude and judgmental that women aren’t dating you. Or maybe you just don’t know how to use what you’ve got.

  9. It seems some guy’s are just so freaked out by their small cocks that they have become almost non functional. I wonder if embracing your small size might be the answer….perhaps turn it into a fetish.
    SPH stands for “small penis humiliation” and many men experience great sexual pleasure from it. And there seems to be women who enjoy this type of lifestyle/fetish. Instead of being paralyzed by your small penis, learn to seek pleasure in being shamed. You might not find it ideal….but face facts, no woman is going to worship your tiny dick.

  10. This is an entertaining website.
    You can enter your cock size and compare it visually to other cocks. I compared my 6.5″ cock to a 3.5″ cock and I look like a porn star in comparison! Of course when I compare it to a 9″ cock it’s pretty humbling! When you see the size of a 9″ cock you can see how many women would find something that big painful.

    There is a wide range of dicks you can compare to….some based on real life porn stars, and those based upon statistical averages. I think for the majority of us you’ll feel a bit less insecure and realize how the majority of men are equipped the same way.

  11. Well I HAVE to post this link I came across. It hits on many points I have brought up. You’ll see most women hated being with larger peens. You’ll see that most women have NO IDEA at what an “inch” is!!!! It’s hilarious really…most of these women are saying they’ve had 9″, 10″ and 11″ cocks!!! Are all these men now in porn!?
    And you’ll see how much having a connection with their partner means to them and having a partner who’s interested in using various ways to give them sexual pleasure.

  12. Perhaps women need to have their real breast size tatooed somewhere, so we’d know what’s really hiding under that WonderBra. I was on a business trip once before I got married and hooked up with a married woman looking for an experience away from home.

    She seemed well built in clothes, but when her wonder bra came off, it revealed a very sad, saggy pair of tiny boobs. False advertisement.

    1. Yeah but you could still experiemce pleasure from sex. If the penis is too small, so is the pleasure.

      1. Nah, I couldn’t get excited. I had something in mind, and what I got was a really saggy small surprise. I had to keep looking away.

  13. You know….my girlfriend told me that one guy she dated had an erect penis the size of her thumb. I just looked at her, and said “really”? And she said yes. I asked her what she thought and she said: “I thought this guy must really be good in other ways to make up for his lack of size”. She was actually looking forward to what he was going to bring to the table , or bring to the dance. But she was extremely disappointed. She said he was an awful lover and it was just not because of his size. Still she gave him a fair chance and dated him for 6 months before ending it with him.

  14. I often wonder if many women see “big” differently than men do? I think most of us guys would say anything over 8″ is getting into big territory. But I think many women might see it differently. Case in point…I was on a first date with a woman (I’m 58 and she was 55). Had a great connection during the evening…lot’s of laughs, lot’s of connection, just felt completely comfortable.
    Somehow the talk turned to penis size. She said something about liking a big cock. I replied…well sorry, I’m just averaged sized. She replied….well that’s disappointing.
    I said….really? Well there are lot’s of different ways to enjoy sex, etc.
    We then went on to talking about different things.

    Long story short….we had sex a few dates later. I obviously remembered her big cock comment and wondered how she would react. She was down sucking my cock (while I was laying on my back) and she held it straight up and said….your cock is huge! Look at it!
    I thought to myself….well I’m glad you think my 6″ is huge but it isn’t really. It was at that moment I realized men and women probably see the world of cock a bit differently. Now obviously there are size queens who know what’s huge and what isn’t but I think the average woman isn’t that good at knowing.

    Note also I said this woman was 55. She’d had a fair number of partners in her life so she’s seen lot’s of cock. But I think the problem with younger women is…..they’ve seen modern porn where all men have huge cocks! They’ve probably developed a very warped view of what men should be packing in order to satisfy a woman.

    I’ve been watching porn since I was a teen. Well not truly watching it because back in the 70’s there was no video tapes, etc. But you look at Playboy, Penthouse, etc. and I saw my first 8mm dirty movie when I was 17 or so. Truly that old porn was pretty tamed compared to what is out there today. Google info about internet porn and you will see the stuff is virtually like crack cocaine to young minds. Young men are developing ED from all their porn watching, women too are becoming sexually dysfunctional. I never thought I would hear myself saying this BUT….people really need to stop watching porn or at the very least limit yourself to once a month.

  15. I think there is just too much focus on penis size. Clearly over the last 20 years that focus has grown into an obsession. And very seldom are obsessions healthy.

    To all the women and men who are size queens….do you think your size obsession will help you find a loving, caring and committed partner? I think your partner would want to be valued for others reasons and not just for having a horse cock. And have you ever stopped to think about that your size requirements might actually sabotage your relationship? How could it sabotage your relationship? Well I’m sure the man you’re with knows you like big cocks, and let’s suppose the guy has 8″. It won’t be long until he will start to wonder….I’ll bet she’d love to meet a guy with 10″! I bet a 10″ cock would be able to excite far more than my 8″ cock. And if you are a size queen…damn right you want 10″ stuffed into you! In fact you’ll always want more than what you’ve currently got.

    There is a VERY big difference between enjoying the size your partner has (and complimenting him on it) OR making his size a requirement. When size becomes the major factor in choosing a partner I have a very strong feeling that while the sex might have you feeling full…the relationship is likely to leave you feeling very empty.

  16. You know what I find pretty amusing? It’s how “cold” some of the women on here are. Men always get accused of being cold, or unemotional, etc. Yet in the comments you see the opposite. You see MANY men expressing sympathy and empathy for a small dicked man. They’re not making jokes, or attacking them for being less of a man. Yet many women on here are doing just that. Are some women using this as a form of revenge, a way to hit back at men they feel have wronged them in the past?
    Anyway…I just found it interesting to observe this.

  17. I’ve never been with a guy with such a small dick… but for me it would be something of a treat actually. I like the idea of my partner to have a good time, and maybe ( like all or most of us) I want to hear it was the best ever… but I can tie a cherry stem in a double knot with my tongue.

    Rather than choking to deep throat a massive salami, even if big ones are fun too, a small dick could be tons of fun… way better than a cherry stem for what one might be able to do with them with one’s tongue.

    A straight friend once told me in appreciating smaller breasts: “anything more than a mouthful is wasted.”

    If you want him to plow you silly, add some toys if you want to be ripped open… but if you like the idea of making him happy orally, you might just enjoy it… some cherry stems as foreplay?

  18. Let me begin by stating that I have been following this conversation on and off for years; please forgive me if I am repeating something that has already been said.

    Almost two thousand years ago, the author of the “Kamasutra” wrote that the genitals of men and women are large, average or small. “There are three equal unions between persons of corresponding dimensions and six unequal unions when the dimensions do not correspond, or nine kinds of unions in all. […] There are, then, nine kinds of union according to dimensions. Equal unions are the best.”

    No drama, no insults, no whining, just common sense from a classic Sanskrit text.

  19. Screw you. Why don’t women just tattoo their breast size on their wrists? While we’re at it – their measurements too! I’m not a goddamn sex toy. I am not a dildo. As important as sex between significant others is, you clearly value it far too much. My advice? Go to your sex shop and by yourself a big, 8 inch, silicon boyfriend, and make yourself unavailable.

  20. Back in 2001, when Em&Lo wrote for nerve, they admitted, “We hate to break it to you: size matters. There we said it.” I’m not sure what the reason is for the flip-flopping now.

    1. You left out the rest of what we wrote!: “But in the immortal words of Einstein (and no doubt he was talking about skin flutes), it’s all relative. Sure, some people have fond memories of penises past, and some have particularly fond memories of nice smooth penises, or nice big penises, or penises that fit just so. But what’s a perfectly shaped cuke to one person is a disappointing pig-in-a-blanket to another and an overwhelming meat loaf to yet another. Being nice and big doesn’t guarantee that you’ll become a fond penis memory, and being nice and big doesn’t guarantee that it’ll fit just so either. Sometimes smaller can be better: Just as penises come in different sizes, so do vaginas (or anal cavities, for that matter). Maybe every penis has a soulmate out there, the perfect fit. Regardless, most of the vagina’s nerve endings are at the entrance, and women are more likely to have an orgasm from external clitoral stimulation than vaginal pounding anyway. And canals, both front and back, are pretty flexible and accommodating no matter what the size — with the right tender loving care, of course. So, even though a good fit helps, what’s more important is how you play with the pieces you’ve got.”

      1. Indeed. I left that out there “waiting, hoping…” (in the immortal words of Buddy Holly) that it would elicit a response. Thank you for taking me to task. That said, as a man on the smaller side, who’s still had his fair share of partners, the issue has never been fit, once you get it to fit. It’s in the fact that a shorter penis doesn’t reach in many positions…and if your partner is used to sex a certain way, and you can’t provide that, there is nothing more humiliating. I’ve been there.

        1. We hear you, and that’s a bummer you’ve felt humiliated. But we will continue plugging (no pun intended) for a world in which more focus is put on the end goal (mutual sexual satisfaction) and less on how you get there (i.e. conceptualizing intercourse as an automatically superior sexual technique over all other acts, which thereby alienates not only guys on the smaller side, but also lesbians and gay men). There’s certainly more than one way to get to an orgasm — and they’re all pretty great. In the meantime, maybe you can find some, er, comfort in this letter, which we just received today: “I had sex with a guy who is very huge. Since then I’ve been having serious cramps, internal injury pains after urinating and slight bleeding. Please, what does this mean?”

  21. My first boyfriend was kinda small but I didn’t realize it until my 2nd boyfriend. He was huge and it did hurt at first but soon it was awesome. As someone else here said there is a strong correlation between small penises and women not having orgasms. We need big ones to get the job done and it would be nice if men could shut up and accept this. I avoid small ones like the plague at this point. A few years ago I went to this guys place after a few dates and we’re going to have sex until I saw his penis. It was 5 inches. I know this because my first bf was 5 and this guy was about the same size. I got up and left. He was pretty upset, and called me a bitch for being shallow. I said no I just don’t sleep with little boys. In hindsight it was a little mean to be that direct but I was pissed, he was tall and really cute and I was expecting a lot more than what he had and I knew it would be lousy sex after I saw it.

    I just can’t see a guy as a man if he has a small penis. It’s such a turn off, especially in the heat of the moment and you’re fired up. My current boyfriend of 3 years actually has the biggest one I’ve ever been with. He’s a little over 8 inches and about the girth of my forearm and the sex has been amazing since day one. I have pictures of it on my phone that I look at often because it really is beautiful. I can orgasm almost instantly with him, it feels too good to settle for a small one ever again. If this reality makes men feel bad I don’t care, it’s not my problem. Maybe if men would stop wasting time complaining and playing video games and man up, their penises would man up as well and grow to a respectable size that’s useful to us. Women shouldn’t deny themselves great sex just to keep men from being butt hurt. An added bonus is that any future sons I may have will be just like their daddy and make some girl very happy one day. I would feel bad bringing a boy into the world whose father was lacking in that area. Not only will he be stuck living with it but any girls he is intimate with will be robbed of what they need and I know how much that sucks from a woman’s perspective. I mean that’s why women have their sons circumcised. It just looks better without the nasty foreskin. I don’t think i’ts unreasonable to ensure that he is also of adequate size one day. Men with small penises seem pretty miserable from what I can see and they wouldn’t be if their father had been well endowed.

        1. There’s nothing wrong at all with having preferences, but the way you describe getting up and walking out on someone because of those preferences is completely lacking in empathy and kindness.

          I’m sure there’s something about you physically that’s just shy of perfect. Maybe it’s something you don’t like about your body, something that’s not apparent until you’re naked. Now, imagine if, upon seeing that particular feature of yours, a potential lover just got up and left. How would you feel? Pretty terrible, right? How is it that you’re unaware that you’ve made another person feel that way? It’s nothing to do with your preferences, it’s your behavior.

          Instead of worrying about how your kid might grow up with “lacking” genitalia, maybe you should worry instead how the poor kid will grow up seeing his mom act with utter disregard for other human beings.

          1. So I was supposed to have boring sex with his tiny penis as a show of empathy and kindness? Sorry but fuck that. I admit my reaction was blunt but he pissed me off and I did him a favor by not allowing him to waste his time developing feelings for a woman he could never satisfy. It’s okay people, he lived.

            Sure there are things about my body that could use improvement. I’d like to loose 5 pounds or so but I get hit on a lot so I’m pretty sure no guy would get up and leave a sexual encounter. I would feel terrible if it happened to me but women are much more affected by rejection. Men don’t really feel emotion that much and are used to rejection anyway so I didn’t think it was a big deal that I left that night. What ever happened to take it like a man? If I made him feel terrible, I just don’t really care. My sexual satisfaction is more important to me than some guys ego. Men just don’t understand how much a small penis kills the mood when you are used to having big ones. I do feel bad for men with this curse but I feel worse for the women that are with them.

            And my future kids will grow up seeing their mom treat other human beings as they deserve to be treated, good or bad. What you call utter disregard, I call being realistic. My son will learn to respect and cherish women and my daughter will learn that having high standards for men is the best way to have a fulfilling relationship. Too many girls end up with losers that don’t work or handle responsibilities.

          2. Well as a guy with a small penis I’d admire your honesty. If you’re 100% sure that a big penis is what you need then this guy won’t be able to satisfy you. Best he knows that upfront.

          3. Let us address a few particular points in your two comments. While we admit our tone here may sound slightly antagonistic (due to the fact that we’re frankly quite baffled by your seeming lack of compassion and understanding), we offer this feedback in the genuine hopes that you’ll take a moment to do some serious soul searching here and question whether your approach is the best way to make the world a kinder, more just place:

            “As someone else here said there is a strong correlation between small penises and women not having orgasms. We need big ones to get the job done and it would be nice if men could shut up and accept this.” — There’s actually a strong correlation between INTERCOURSE and women NOT having orgasms. The kind of stimulation that many women need to climax cannot be obtained with intercourse alone, no matter what the size — that may not be the case for you, but it is for plenty of women. Perhaps due to the necessity of intercourse for most reproduction or to the patriarchal idolatry of the penis, we as a society have put intercourse on the highest pedestal of sexual expression, even though it’s not always the best sex act to get the job done for women. Again, you know what YOU like, but please don’t presume to speak for all women when many of them will take agile fingers or a deft tongue over a jackhammering dick any day to reach their happy place. (Also, it’s not polite to tell people to “shut up.”)

            “Maybe if men would stop wasting time complaining and playing video games and man up, their penises would man up as well and grow to a respectable size that’s useful to us.” — You can’t be serious. If you are, your statement is an indictment of the mediocre science and sex education American kids receive in schools these days. Video game-playing has no effect on penis size development — it’s mostly genetically determined, with a few environmental factors like fetal hormone exposure or nutrition possibly playing a factor.

            “Any future sons I may have will be just like their daddy and make some girl very happy one day.” — You can’t determine what genes your future son will get from his father and what genes he’ll get from you. Who knows, maybe your own father had a penis you wouldn’t approve of and you’ll pass THAT onto your kid!

            “That’s why women have their sons circumcised. It just looks better without the nasty foreskin.” — After steadily declining for decades, the rate of circumcision reached an all time low of 55% in the U.S. in 2007. So only about half of the population has the procedure done nowadays — and they often do so either to honor religious traditions, or out of a long-standing, antiquated habit created in the first half of the last century by a misguided combination of fear of masturbation (and sexuality in general), attempts to staunch the spread of STDs, and the medicalization of childbirth. There’s nothing inherently nasty about foreskin — you’ve just been culturally brainwashed to see it that way.

            “Men with small penises seem pretty miserable from what I can see.” — To use a fun cinematic cliche: Because of people like you, Kristen; because of people like you.

            “My reaction was blunt” — As was stated before, you’re entitled to “like big penises”; the problem here is HOW you assert that preference. There is a way to be true to yourself AND kind. You wielded your preference like a weapon, undoubtedly causing emotional blunt force trauma (hence him calling you a bitch, which admittedly wasn’t very nice either).

            “He pissed me off” — Did he tell you he had a huge dick and you felt lied to? Or was it simply the fact that he dared to find you attractive and expressed interest in you with equipment that just happened to not meet your personal standards? We’re guessing it was the latter. In which case, how can you be mad at and offended by something HE HAS ABSOLUTELY NO CONTROL OVER? Are men with smaller penises automatically undeserving of love? Are women who are flat chested not real women? Should children who are born with birth defects automatically be put up for adoption? Anger over physical attributes determined by DNA is completely misplaced.

            “I would feel terrible if it happened to me” — You are right on the cusp of empathy here, but refuse to take the last step. If you can appreciate how terrible YOU would feel, why can you not appreciate how terrible you surely made THIS FELLOW HUMAN BEING feel?

            “Men don’t really feel emotion” — This is a popular lie peddled to us by old-fashioned traditionalists who insist on segregating the population into two distinct and separate boxes, who’ve fallen for the idea that Men Are from Mars and Women Are from Venus. But as human beings, men and women have many more similarities than they do differences. Denying men ownership of their intrinsic emotionality does them a disservice that has vast negative consequences for society, mostly in the forms of violence and sexism. Please watch “The Mask You Live In” on Netflix for more on this topic.

            “Take it like a man” — The three most destructive words to use when raising boys: “Be a man.” See again “The Mask You Live In.”

            “If I made him feel terrible, I just don’t really care.” — Here’s where you reveal your total lack of empathy and compassion. No one would suggest you should sleep with someone you didn’t want to, or sleep with someone out of pity. Most decent people would, however, agree that you can and should care about other people’s feelings — it’s what makes a society civilized. Surely you’ve heard of Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. And what about the idea of letting someone down gently?

            “[I] treat other human beings as they deserve to be treated, good or bad.” — Again, why is a physical attribute one had/has no control over WORTHY of such derision, scorn, and — judging from your tone — hatred? Did the cosmos willfully conspire against you in this man’s mother’s womb during embryonic organ development just to create a penis that would someday offend Kristen’s particular aesthetic sensibilities? If he insulted you verbally, treated you poorly, or was offensive in some way (like being racist or sexist), then by all means, he deserved to be walked out on in your preferred manner. But how you treated him for the “crime” of being born that way was cruel and unusual punishment.

            “Too many girls end up with losers that don’t work or handle responsibilities.” — What does one’s work ethic have to do with an in-born physical trait? It’s almost as if you think this man, by some character flaw, WILLED himself to have a penis smaller than you would like.

            It’s worth repeating: You can have sexual preferences without callously hurting people’s feelings. You can have sexual preferences without projecting them onto your entire gender. You can have sexual preferences without denying science.

          4. Wow, you two are trying really hard to act like you are morally superior here. You have intentionally misinterpreted my words and made some ridiculous logical leaps. Where do I start? This correlation between intercourse and no orgasms you mentioned is due to most men having small penises. It’s that simple. You can deny that if you must and sure there are some women that may genuinely be not able to take a large one but they are a minority. You can quote studies that support your assertion and I can quote studies that support mine so you also cannot speak for all women here any more than I can. Studies that support the notion that small penises are adequate are probably done by men that want to make us deny what we like. They cannot speak for us. You are dead wrong that most women cannot orgasm from intercourse. Most just don’t because they can’t feel their partner enough or can’t relax enough to enjoy sex anyway. The deepest parts of the vagina can create amazing sensations if the guy can reach and this is also backed by science. There is a big difference between clitoral orgasms and vaginal. Additionally the longer shaft can take longer strokes in each direction and this creates much more stimulation that a smaller one would.

            The reason we put intercourse on a pedestal is because it’s the best sexual interaction there is. Oral and fingers are good but nothing compares to the feeling of your partner’s entire body against yours while he is inside you. We’ve all encountered men with small ones and told friends and had a laugh mocking those guys. Good luck finding a woman that has not made fun of a small penis and good luck finding a woman that has ever made fun of a large one, even she didn’t come. And who said anything about getting jackhammered? I never said that. That sounds violent. On the other hand, getting filled all the way up and stretched a little with gentle or somewhat hard thrusts is heavenly.

            Of course I didn’t mean video games cause small penises. My point was that if boys would be active and stop sitting on their asses all day, their hormones would be where they are supposed to and they would develop properly instead of having rolls of fat, man boobs and undergrown penises when they reach adulthood.

            “You can’t determine what genes your future son will get from his father and what genes he’ll get from you.” Maybe not every gene but definitely most of them. So if daddy is white, chances are jr will be too. If daddy is tall, chances are jr will be too. If daddy is hung, chances are jr will be too. pretty simple. Also, this has nothing to do with my father and you had no right even mentioning him here, so yeah you are being quite antagonistic and unprofessional.

            “There’s nothing inherently nasty about foreskin — you’ve just been culturally brainwashed to see it that way.”

            So now you’re telling me that the bad experiences that I had with uncut dicks is being brainwashed? What’s next, women that have been raped are just brainwashed that it’s bad? Don’t tell me that a wet smelly, floppy foreskin gross looking dick is something I have no right to say is nasty. Maybe you have been brainwashed to think they are attractive. Any sons of mine are getting cut. I’m not going anywhere near foreskin ever again.

            “the problem here is HOW you assert that preference. There is a way to be true to yourself AND kind.”

            Being kind is overrated. Sometimes the cold hard truth needs to be heard.

            “In which case, how can you be mad at and offended by something HE HAS ABSOLUTELY NO CONTROL OVER? Are men with smaller penises automatically undeserving of love? Are women who are flat chested not real women? Should children who are born with birth defects automatically be put up for adoption?”

            It’s not about whether he had control over it, it’s about me not liking what he has. Yes I was mad that he did not have what I was expecting because that ruined my night. I may have been harsh but I left. I didn’t attack him or tell him to kill himself. You’re acting like I committed a murder here. All I did was say it’s too small and leave. Not saying men with small penises are undeserving of love but life isn’t fair. It’s not about what anyone deserves, it’s about accepting the cards you have been dealt. If a man has a small one, he has to accept that his love isn’t enough and women need good sex with it. How he deals with that dilemma is his problem. Women having small breasts is irrelevant. Breasts aren’t needed to enjoy intercourse. A decent dick is needed though. Children born with defects are treated if possible, right? So we should treat men with small penises, I’m all for it. Amazing that we can put a heart in another person’s body but still can’t make penises grow.

            “why can you not appreciate how terrible you surely made THIS FELLOW HUMAN BEING feel?”

            Like I said, I was pissed and tipsy. If I made him feel terrible, I don’t give a shit. I don’t believe women should be concerned about men’s fragile emotions. They should grow some balls and handle their shit.

            “Denying men ownership of their intrinsic emotionality does them a disservice that has vast negative consequences for society, mostly in the forms of violence and sexism”

            Oh ladies, it also allows society to exist. If men were emotional, they wouldn’t build shit that we need or fight to keep us safe. They are supposed to be tough, not emotional. Not to mention that seeing a man cry is a huge turnoff, ugh. And violence and sexism has nothing to do with men denying emotions. They are violent and sexist because they are MEN. By the way, good job showing how much you care about their personal well being by only considering how their buried emotions affect society and women and not, oh I don’t know, the men themselves? Their mental health, interpersonal relationships, confidence? See, even you don’t care about them as much as you claim to and you criticize me for not caring, lol.

            “But how you treated him for the “crime” of being born that way was cruel and unusual punishment.”

            WOW!! Cruel and unusual punishment?! Are you kidding me? A dismissive comment is not cruelty, it’s just a comment. I didn’t waterboard the guy, relax please.

            “Too many girls end up with losers that don’t work or handle responsibilities.” — What does one’s work ethic have to do with an in-born physical trait? It’s almost as if you think this man, by some character flaw, WILLED himself to have a penis smaller than you would like.”

            Lol I NEVER even said that a small penis is related to work ethic at all. I was telling whoever asked how I would raise my girls to have high standards in general and not settle for losers and you know this if you read everything. Nice try at twisting my words, again!

            “You can have sexual preferences without projecting them onto your entire gender. You can have sexual preferences without denying science.”

            I could say the same thing to you. You are projecting your admiration of small penises onto our gender and are also denying science. As I said, you can focus on the science that supports your position all you want. There is an equal amount of science that supports mine. And as a side note, fuck science anyway. It doesn’t have all the answers, especially when it comes to female sexuality. They still can’t even agree whether or not a g spot exists.

            Anyway, bigger equals more friction which equals more stimulation which equals much greater chance of orgasms and you can find information confirming this. It’s not that hard to understand. There is a reason why tips for accommodating small penises revolve around ways of making it feel BIGGER. There wouldn’t be a need for such tips if it didn’t matter. Women wouldn’t ridicule them if it didn’t matter. Don’t act like you haven’t, or at least have friends that haven’t laughed at small penises. We all do. No woman brags about her man having a small one. Most brag at some point if he is hung. You can keep denying all of these facts if it fits your worldview but you know just as I do that women in general associate a large penis with greater attractiveness sexual pleasure. The reason that articles like this get the most attention is because most men and some women apparently, are desperate to hear from anyone that small penises are just as good as big ones. The conversation never dies because there will always be hordes of men with this issue hoping that they measure up at least to some women.

            I’LL SAY IT AGAIN, LADIES:

          5. Kristen: I’m a bi male, 7 inches, very sexual. I have a vast knowledge of female sexual anatomy and I must admit I love your raw candor. I’m a size queen myself. My lover is adorned with an amazing 9″ black rod capable of bringing ME to multiple “female” orgasms. Anything under 7.5″ and I Feel the same way as you. My man calls the shots, but I will say this….if he ever allowed a threesome with you I would delightfully work my mouth on your clitoris and other womanly parts while you’re are being properly bred. Honest, confident, strong, women like you are a minority. I find it incredibly sexy how confidently you dictate “what you prefer.” Being stretched and filled, (while being treated rough) is what does it for me too. Oh, and I will add as a bi male myself who loves pussy. 5 inches? 4’7″ need hung guys that won’t cause internal damage to also. You would make a welcome addition to a threeway with me and my guy….assuming you are hot, shaved/waxed and not overweight. I love honesty.

          6. Hun, What makes you assume you even fit my standards or that I want anything to do with you? Lol, you talk as if I should be thrilled that you are offering me sex. While I appreciate the compliment for my honesty, I’ll pass on the threeway. I don’t share sexual partners and I have never in the past nor will I ever have sex with a black guy.

            I do not wax my pubes. I keep it neatly trimmed but I still have my bush. I’m not enduring the pain of waxing for anyone. Did it once, never again. Any man that is repulsed by a little pubic hair, even if it’s neat, needs to grow up. Dumbest trend I’v ever seen.

          7. Girl, you need to chill. It is obvious you are either a troll, or a girl who was made to feel not-so-pretty by a guy…maybe dumped,…So now you are attacking him by attacking all guys on here, in a sad little attempt to feel better about yourself. It’s so incredibly sad and pathetic to watch this thread here. Grow up, little immature Kristen. Seriously, act like an adult.

          8. Funny how people have to call you a troll for being honest. I’m not attacking guys at all, I’m stating my preference and defending against this leftist nonsense criticism for having preferences. I’m not angry at being dumped, I’ve never been dumped actually so it’s certainly not causing some need to feel better about myself, I don’t have those issues. And as far as I’m concerned I am acting like an adult, I haven’t attacked anyone here, on the contrary I’ve been attacked for not pandering to some guys ego and having an unpopular opinion. I’ve stated my position as clearly as just about anyone can. I have no shame in how I feel. I can see that my input isn’t wanted here so whatever I’m out of here.

          9. Kristen, do us and all the people in your life a favor, especially guys you date.

            Look up Narcissistic Personality Disorder and BorderLine Personality Disorder.

            Both very serious mental illnesses, and I suspect you suffer from both.

            One of the signs is lack of empathy… I don’t think you have an ounce of empathy in your being. Another sign is “it’s all about you”.

            You need serious mental health help.

          10. This lady has demonstrated her vast retardation to a staggering degree. Lol genetics might determine your kids trading their brain power for dick size.

          11. As a girl myself I find this Kristen lady to amusing her opening statement ” Where do I start? This correlation between intercourse and no orgasms you mentioned is due to most men having small penises. It’s that simple.” Does this make any sense on an evolutionary perspective…no most men have an average sized penis, because the average dictates the majority how is anyone this stupid?

          12. size? when you say small, it is normal… big is big, but small is smaller than normal, got help a actual small guy for thinking he may be able to have sex you. we guys would call you a 2X4 girl anyway, know what that means? well unlike you i’m not mean enough to say…

          13. Kristen: “Maybe if men would stop wasting time complaining and playing video games and man up, their penises would man up as well and grow to a respectable size that’s useful to us. Women shouldn’t deny themselves great sex just to keep men from being butt hurt. An added bonus is that any future sons I may have will be just like their daddy and make some girl very happy one day.”

            Except there’s a conflict called sexual dimorphism in terms of what gets inherited by future generations. Example: a sexually desirable trait in a female is a narrow jaw, a sexually desirable trait in a male is a broad jaw. So how to reconcile this? Will the jaws of females eventually become massive, or will the jaws of males eventually become more narrow?

            Yes, sexual selection will eventually increase penis size, and has done that, since humans have the largest penis of any primate. But why is it you’re exempt from this scheme of genetic cleansing? Unless you have a giant clit, maybe you should question what genes you’re passing on to your future sons.

            An irony is that despite being their mother, if your sons do have small penises you’ll see them as fundamentally worthless.

          14. Kristen again: “Of course I didn’t mean video games cause small penises. My point was that if boys would be active and stop sitting on their asses all day, their hormones would be where they are supposed to and they would develop properly instead of having rolls of fat, man boobs and undergrown penises when they reach adulthood. ”

            The adult penis size is usually reached in early puberty, so the hormone levels of boys during puberty is unlikely to have much impact on the growth of their penises by the time they “read adulthood.”

            On the other hand, a very significant impact on penis size, and also penis deformation, is the mother’s habits during pregnancy. Xenoestrogens like BPA, and BPA alternatives, which are often worse, aren’t detoxified by the body. So even though their impact is less than true estrogen, the mother’s body doesn’t get rid of them, and this impacts on penile development in the foetus. It is proven to be linked in penis defects.

            So, in terms of proper penis formation, the onus falls on the mother, not on boys playing video games. Be very, very careful to limit use of plastic packaging and processed foods during pregnancy, or you’ll have to put your sons up for adoption.

            And: ““You can’t determine what genes your future son will get from his father and what genes he’ll get from you.” Maybe not every gene but definitely most of them. So if daddy is white, chances are jr will be too. If daddy is tall, chances are jr will be too. If daddy is hung, chances are jr will be too. pretty simple.”

            Not even sure how to address this. Really? Two white parents would produce a white offspring?

          15. Em&Lo, that was remarkably well put! Kristen, I’m sorry but you are a complete tool. You could even pretend to be as big of an idiot that you actually are. I have dated a nutjob like you in my college fraternity years, but now I stay the hell away from women with borderline personality disorder as you undoubtedly have.

    1. From the sounds of it a lot of men should turn you away at the gate on account of how loose you sound. My penis is 6.5 inches not particularly big or small, but your puss gives the impression of an overpass for a semi. If more men had the same attitude a lot of women who didn’t do kegels would be turned away on account of tightness. What an idiotic thought process for picking someone you love you are not a bitch or a size queen more of a moron actually.

    2. She thinks video games determine penis size lmao! Whoa is it a crazy notion that kids I knew in school played video games and worked out all in the same day? She probably is a trump supporter lol

    3. I have had sex with guys with monster 9″ cocks and, sex with guys around 5 inches more often then not the smaller guy is self conscious about it, and makes up for it with working harder better foreplay oral, and more dynamic sex with their body. Some big guys are like I’m big what else do you want so not to mention the g-spot is like 2 inches in. If your boyfriend is like 6-7 you in the golden ratio, but seriously if you dump a guy who is near these parameters when he is great at everything else that makes you happy then you are pretty dumb Kristen.

    4. I have e a very big penis. But I must say you handled that very poorly. Evey guy is self conscious about their penis at some time or another. How would you feel if a guy walked out on you complaining about the stench and sour taste of your vagina? People have feelings.

    5. Your inability to empathize with another human being is remarkable and disheartening. Keep in mind, I am *not* suggesting that you’re in any way obligated to have sex with a partner to whom you’re not attracted, and yes, it’s okay that that attraction is hampered by a distinct lack of penis size. I don’t think anyone here is suggesting so much. However, your comment implies that you experience anger towards a man for not living up to a physical standard that is completely out of his control, and that this anger justifies your assault on his feelings and sense of self. This is, of course, tantamount to me, upon realizing your breasts or vaginal tightness is not up to my standards, making fun of you for it and calling your right to love and compassionate treatment into question. Note, there’s nothing wrong with rejecting someone for a physical attribute you feels makes them sexually incompatible with yourself, it’s how you treat them. You’re apparent inability to acknowledge this very basic point convinces me of one of two things: you’re a troll, or a individual lacking anything vaguely resembling the basic decency and kindness that upholds society. Perhaps most obvious is you cliché justification that you’re simply being “brutally honest.” Someone who is honest would, indeed, admit to the facts: that a small penis doesn’t satisfy them. But to subsequently deride the owners of small penises as lesser individuals who are somehow at fault is no longer honesty, you’re simply being mean. Thus, I feel that you are a sad, deplorable human being.

    6. What are you, like 18 years old? You come off sounding like a spoiled brat. Bet you wear padded bras, and wear make up. And I’ll bet when that all comes off, most guys are dissapointed with what they see. If not, they certainly will be when you open your mouth to speak.

      And… you were more than a little mean.

      Would you be happy with a post from a man who said he would only have sex with women with certain sized breasts? And if he thought you have 34C’s until you took the padded bra off and saw your 32AA’s, would you be offended if he said, sorry, I hate tiny boobs, got up and left.

      How would that make you feel? Hey guys have preferences too, we’re just not obnoxious immature assholes about it.

    7. Actually my father and brothers are all built like stallions, even my son nephews, and I have a small one.

  22. I am a truck driver. I have a very small small penis( 3 inches hard) . A secretary at work and I became friends. She would tell us about how big her bf was. Even showed me a picture. He has a ten incher.
    I joked about my size. She became fascinated with how small my penis is. One night after work we went out and had drinks. Things led to another and we ended up at a hotel. When we got naked she asked me to stand up and wanted to take a really good look at me. She giggled and said I have a very cute penis. We ended up making love for 45 minutes to an hour. I paid a lot of attention to her. She loved it and when we left the hotel she looked at me and told me she had a great time and really enjoyed herself then I changed her mind on being a size queen. We ended up having an affair for about 10 months.

  23. I second this
    As a guy with a small penis it’s good to hear that kind of honesty. I can totally understand that some women would need a decent size and wouldn’t want to, as you say, settle for less.
    Best way for the man and the woman is for the woman to say that, it seems some women think it’s a bad thing and they have to settle and/or not offend the guy.
    Honesty works much better

  24. Like almost every article about this, it includes an insulting picture that makes a joke of the subject and then tries to say that size doesn’t matter, while actually saying that size doesn’t matter, as long as at least average.

  25. Dear Em & Lo,
    I do not agree with you. I am a mature woman whom has dated many men in my lifetime. If a man has a small penis, he should find a virgin. Once a woman has experienced a full grown penis, the small version will never due. Why settle for less, find what you want. It is not fair to the man, and the woman can not hide the disappointment, it eventually comes out.

    I am sorry about the male ego, but the truth is the truth.

    1. As a guy with a small penis it’s good to hear that kind of honesty. I can totally understand that some women would need a decent size and wouldn’t want to, as you say, settle for less.
      Best way for the man and the woman is for the woman to say that, it seems some women think it’s a bad thing and they have to settle and/or not offend the guy.
      Honesty works much better

      1. It’s not honesty..more like self absorbed narcissism.
        As I said before,any and all of these size queens arguments can be turned against them.
        They complain small cocks don’t fill them up?
        Well Vagina’s that have done many sets of kegals will firmly grip a cock of almost any reasonable size.
        So maybe the problem is their loose,size queen pussys,not the guys manhood.
        Also men could make the same arguments about womens boobs being too small for their taste.
        But of course then it would no longer just be ‘honesty’,and the insecure feminists would get triggered.
        In closing don’t be a Cuck Jon.

      1. I think she does speak for most women who have experienced a larger penis, and I second her thoughts. The fact of the matter is, because as you mentioned very large penis’ are rare, most women, even those with a few partners, have never actually experienced one. So while a large number of woman may believe size doesn’t matter when they say it, their opinions on the matter are about as valid as someone who has never eaten a certain food trying to tell you what it tastes like.

        Let’s stop spinning facts in such a way that they protect the fragel male ego and speak in terms of biology and science. It is an absolute falsehood that most women can not orgasam from penetration. What is a fact is that most women have not. Just because you have never ridden a bike does not automatically mean you are incapable of doing so. The reason most women do not experience this is because it requires a larger than average penis, and as we both agree, they are in short supply. So most women never experience one, and the result is most women never experience a penis to vagina orgasam. But they are very capable of doing so.

        Continuing with the reality of science amd biology, I will explain why. The clitoris is not strictly an external organ. Beyond what we see on the outside, internally the clitoris wraps around the top and sides of the vaginal wall. This part of the clitoris can be stimulated just the same as the external portion, so any woman capable of achieving clitoral orgasm, can achieve orgasam in this way.

        The problem is, it requires the proper amount of stretching and friction. The thicker a penis is, the more the vaginal wall is stretched, which allows greater stimulation of the clitoris internally. A longer penis is going take longer strokes which will create greater friction, which results in greater stimulation of the clitoris internally. Thickness is of greater importance here. If the vaginal walls are not sufficiently stretched to stimulate the clitoris internally, no amount of length will matter. A penis could be 10″, but if it were as thin as a drinking straw, it would do few, if any, women much good. But length is still very important because like i said, it increases the friction once you establish that stimulation. That greater friction will make her more likely to achieve orgasam, and more likely to achieve it faster, which is important because she is in a race against the stamina of her partner, which her partner is not.

        By the way, this is what people are actually referring to when then discuss the “mysterious” G spot. The G spot is not some strange unexplainable phenomenon, it is just the stimulation of the clitoris externally. Like I said, it wraps around the top of the vaginal wall, so when you insert finger(s) and hook them upward to stimulate the G spot, you are actually stimulating the clitoris. Though fingers are obviously shorter and thinner than most penis’, they have knuckles which allow them to bend in such a way that they stretch the top of the vaginal wall, as well as near unlimited stamina. They do however provide less friction so it is still a lesser experience. It does however prove that most woman are actually perfectly capable of internal orgasms, provided the object making the attempt meets the physical parameters to do so.

        But we have to protect the fragel male ego. So rather than acknowledge the scientific and biological fact that most penis’ are simply not capable of providing a woman with an orgasm, we will lie to woman and tell them that they are the ones incapable of achieving it. Because it is so much more fair to pretend it is the woman’s fault. It is also fair to convince her that she is not capable of experiencing something more, so that she never seeks it out, there by denying her what could be a wonderful experience. But yes, let’s just lie so that men feel better about their dicks because that is so much more important. I am sorry but that is just wrong.

        Why should women be told they should settle for less when we would never tell a man that? “Oh it doesn’t matter of you can’t give her an orgasam with penis to vagina sex, you can use your fingers and mouth. As long as you give her any orgasm she should just be happy.” Let’s turn that around. “Oh it doesn’t matter that you have an extremely wide vagina and men can’t feel anything when they stick it in and can’t give a man an orgasam with penis to vagina sex, you can just use your fingers and give him a hand job. As long as you give him any orgasam at all he should just be happy.”

        Sorry but no man would be just expected to settle for that. Most men will tell you that the vaginal orgasam is of significantly better quality, and it is ok for them to prefer and desire it in a relationship. Well the same is true for women, it is simply a better quality orgasam, and to tell them they can’t do it, and don’t need it, is just wrong.

        1. Sarah: i love your candor and agree 100%. Its stunning how many women do not understand their anatomy. My wife left me, but still requires i come by to give her a proper fucking complete with multiple orgasms. (Im thick, 7.5″) At the same time I am a size queen myself, with a best friend packing s thick 9″er….and I’m happy to be his “girl” anytime I’m told to.

        2. Sarah,

          OK, putting egos aside, it sounds like you’re making the case that most men’s penises aren’t as big as most women need, or at least prefer, since “larger” and “very large” by definition exclude most men. Let’s say 33% of women don’t care about penis size, at least not in the way you describe, and most men are big enough for them. That means 67% of women are like you, and at least would prefer a man who is considerably above average sized. Lets say that 15% of men are the size you and 67% of women would prefer. That means that out of every 100 straight women and men, 67 women find 15 men most desirable. The number may be even more skewed, since some of those 15 men will randomly end up with some of the 33 women who could take or leave their penis. But make it 67 women interested in 15 men. That looks like a problem.

          As a woman, how would you suggest women deal with this, particularly women who would like to eventually have a monogamous relationship with a man they love and enjoy having sex with?

          As for men, what do you expect those other 85 out of every 100 men to do with the information you’re providing? Or are you simply telling men that they’re not really good enough for you, or in most cases for the women they’re currently in a relationship with, and also helpless to do anything about it? That seems kind of harsh, so I’m hoping that you’re not simply identifying a problem without offering any sort of solution.

          1. Mandlo,

            Nothing in your response disputes anything I said. After saying “putting ego aside” you simply repeated the idea that because men can do nothing about it, it does no good to tell them the truth, which is the same old ego saving argument.

            This is not a problem, it is a biological reality. I am not required to offer a solution, and we don’t need to ignore the truth if it can’t be solved. That is not how reality works. It is also a biological reality that everyone currently living will die someday. I can’t “solve” that “problem” either, but that doesn’t mean I am required to keep my mouth shut, or lie to people that they will live forever.

          2. Sarah,

            I know you feel strongly about this, but you know you made an analogy to death when discussing sexual satisfaction. Just had to point that out, whether it was conscious or not. So….

            Seriously though, I am sympathetic to your contention, which I find accurate, that women have historically been given less consideration than men regarding their sexual needs. That seems to be changing, and I see that as a good thing. Anticipating your response, I’ll agree that while things are getting better regarding women’s sexuality, they could improve still quite a bit.

            but moving on, in one of your posts you said that most men’s penises are too small for women to have orgasms from penetration. I don’t think stating that is any more “true” than stating that most women don’t have orgasms from penetration. It’s no less “true” than saying that most women are too loose to have orgasms from most men’s penises. I’m not saying that and I don’t think that’s really true, but neither do I think your statement is true. If there’s a mismatch and it affects either parties satisfaction, no one is solely to “blame” for aspects of their body they have little or no control over.

            Regarding science and facts, I’m not sure your experience matches all or most women’s. It may, but it also may not. In one study from a few years ago that did lend some support to your contention, the women who had vaginal orgasms with some regularity did show a preference for longer (not more girthy) penises. But of those women who had vaginal orgasms, only about 35% had that preference. The author of that study, a man, has concluded elsewhere that vaginal orgasms are 400 times better than clitoral orgasms. Not 400%, which is 4 time better, but 400 times better, which is 40,000% if I carried my decimal points correctly. Really? So maybe he has an ax to grind. And in addition, the women in that study said that the had vaginal orgasms more often when they engaged in lots of foreplay prior to penis in vagina stuff. So there’s that.

            In another recent study, with a woman the primary author, the finding was that the distance from clitoris to the vaginal opening of a woman was a very good predictor of whether she had vaginal orgasms, with a smaller distance predicting more vaginal orgasms.

            Then in another study, when women received sex ed that portrayed vaginal orgasms as fairly normal, those women had, wa-la, more vaginal orgasms. Expectations can do a lot to shape our experience.

            Another thing that jumps out from your comments is what looks like a real prioritizing of penis in vagina sex, which always tends to favor the penis regardless of size. Lesbian women seem to have pretty good sex lives with no actual penis involved in their fun. Sure, many lesbian couples use penis shaped objects and other kinds of toys, and the results seem to be pretty great. There’s nothing to prevent men and women from approaching sex that way, with an open mind and a desire to please the person they’re with. If a man’s ego gets in the way of a woman’s enjoyment in that context, like “I don’t want to be replaced by a dildo” or “I can’t compete with a vibrator”, then screw him, and not in the good way. But the same for women who define sex narrowly, at their own expense, and then complain about it. Not saying you do that.

            As to preferences, don’t you think we all make some concessions to reality? If I choose to think that way, there’s a woman in my life who set the sexual standard for everyone before and after her. Her body and her ability set her apart, and yes, her body alone made the experience better and the sex more satisfying. I had more orgasms, the intensity was better, especially round 2 or 3 when sometimes things drop off for me (and honestly round 3 ain’t happening anymore). And that’s compared to other women at that same stage in my life when my young body was it’s most alert and responsive. In the strictest sense, sex was better with “her”. Best.

            And now nearly 4 decades later I have a really great time with a woman my age, so about 4 decades older than “her”. I never feel deprived. I don’t fantasize about the 20 year old. I don’t miss her or sex with her. I don’t compare “her” with my current partner. I’m present with my partner and too busy enjoying her.

            Like I wrote above, I hear your concern for women getting their sexual needs met. As a practical matter, isn’t sex in general going to be better for women if men and women approach it feeling good about themselves, about their right to enjoy it, about their responsibility to communicate their needs, gently at times, and with an attitude that they’ll make an effort to see that their partner has a good time, including orgasm(s)?

          3. I am not sure if you are missing the point on purpose or by accident. Again, my point, which is that size actually does matter, is not disputed by anything you said. In fact, what you say tends to suggest that it does matter. I never said that all women have a preference for a larger penis. I actually said that as most women have never experienced one, due to their rarity, and so most women actually don’t know. But I said that lying to them that it doesn’t matter, and therefore encouraging them to explore a potentially pleasurable experience for the purpose of protecting a mans ego, is unfair. I also never said that anyone was to blame by what you call a biological miss match, I just said it is what it is.

            You mention using toys to make up for a small or thinner penis. Unnecessary if size doesn’t matter. This article ends with a link to tips on things you can do to make up for a smaller penis. Unnecessary if size doesn’t matter.

            Why can’t we just say the honest thing? For many women a larger penis may be more pleasurable. Why must we lie to keep everyone blissfully ignorant?

          4. Sarah….you come across as very shallow and lacking in many desirable human qualities (likewise so does Kristin).
            Hey….I think it’s GREAT you like big cocks! I think it’s great you like to be stretched and filled up! What I don’t think is great is your attitude towards men who don’t measure up.

            My first wife and I enjoyed an amazing sex life. My cock is 6″ (high average). She never had a problem with it. After having given birth to our 2 kids she was “bigger” down there and I actually loved it!
            Now I will apologize if I’m being too graphic with what I’m about to say, but I’m being honest and showing that there are a great many ways to sexually please someone.
            We got into using big toys and I mean BIG…far bigger than any cock you’re every going to find in real life. I also started fisting my wife and trust me…my fist and wrist are thicker than any cock you’re going to find in real life. The use of my fist and fingers would have her squirting like a fountain!
            Did she enjoy it? Hell yes she did! But she also still enjoyed my 6″ cock.
            The true enjoyment came from our connection during sex and exploring what excited both of us.

            There are so many dimensions to human sexuality and it’s far more than just a large cock being thrust inside of you. I think most women would gladly want a “smaller” man who is a great guy, funny, treats her well AND is will to do whatever it takes to get her off and loves her!

            One day you’ll learn. At age 58 I’m still learning how the complexity of human relationships and trust me…it’s a great deal more than tab A inserted in slot B.

        3. Girl, you need to chill. It is obvious you are either a troll, or a girl who was made to feel not-so-pretty by a guy…maybe dumped,…So now you are attacking him by attacking all guys on here, in a sad little attempt to feel better about yourself. It’s so incredibly sad and pathetic to watch this thread here. Grow up, little immature Sarah. Seriously, act like an adult.

          1. I agree, Sarah is a disgrace and failure as both a woman and human being. She is shallow, superficial and totally screwed-up priorities, morals, and values. Love is what matters, not penis size. It is far better to live as a man with a small penis than live as a woman like Sarah with no heart.

      2. In generations past, women didn’t have these penis size preferences and deal breakers like they do today. Back then, most women had far more heart and character compared to today.

    2. Girl, you need to chill. It is obvious you are either a troll, or a girl who was made to feel not-so-pretty by a guy…maybe dumped,…So now you are attacking him by attacking all guys on here, in a sad little attempt to feel better about yourself. It’s so incredibly sad and pathetic to watch this thread here. Grow up, little immature Kyamie. Seriously, act like an adult.

  26. She complains about her bf’s small penis but he’ll soon be complaining about her loose worn out pussy . This woman is not worth to be taken as a wife or else she’ll look elsewhere for bigger dicks behind her husband’s back . Lust for hung men has overpowered her conscience .

    1. what??? She will soon encounter the penis God built perfectly for her womanly parts; capable of bringing her to multiple mind-bending squirting orgasms on a nightly basis, which mentally cement her role as the “woman” in the relationship. It will be a special moment, too. She will be surprisingly stretched, and deeply penetrated, and it will stimulate areas inside her she never imagined possible or even knew she had! It will hurt “so good.” It will be undeniable her little juice box was built as a play toy for her hung man and that will be IT. Cry about it. Or go find the girl god built for you. Oh. You can’t, because you’re too busy being butthurt over the fact a woman dared state a penis of your size is unacceptable. Well guess what–that’s life.

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  28. That’s what happens with promiscuity. The more the women can compare the more unsatisfied they are. I’m average, between 5.5 and 6 I guess (I haven’t measured it since 20 years ago) and I’m asuming the truth, no hard feelings, no self-deception. It is what it is. There is not 8 inches penises for every girl out there, not even 6 inches. And the ones who settle for less will resent you. That’s the problem.

    We were a culture of people ignorant about sex, but overall happier. Now we are bitter and lonely, and unafraid to hurt others so we punish them to not give what we feel we are entitled to.

    1. Let’s not blame women for “promiscuity”, whatever that is. And let’s not romanticize the past, when there was no such thing as marital rape, no decent birth control, a lack of understanding and concern for women’s orgasms, when masturbation was poo-poo’ed and abortion was illegal. Those were not the good ol’ days. Which is not to say today is perfect — each generation has their own crosses to bear. While the Internet has done great good, it’s done great harm as well. Better sex ed, which emphasizes kindness and respect, is always the way to go — infinitely better than ignorance.

      1. Actually we can ‘blame’ women for promiscuity, because aside from rape, increased sexual activity cannot happen without their consent

      2. I totally disagree. If there wasn’t so much promiscuity among women, then they wouldn’t have sampled all these penis sizes so they can ridicule and reject the men whose sizes they don’t like. They wouldn’t have these horrendous attitudes towards small penises if they hadn’t had sex with large ones. And the past was far better in the good old days when women were more about love than sex. Back generations ago, most women stayed virgins until they were married. They didn’t have these shallow requirements wanting a man with a large penis and condemning anyone who didn’t measure up. That didn’t happen in the good old days. Also, women were far more about love and romance. Their priorities were not so shallow and superficial. Back then, women just wanted to find a good man whom they loved and who loved them. There were no superficial conditional strings attached like penis size and wallet size that a man had to have. Women were far more about love and were pure of heart. Those type of women either don’t exist anymore and if they do, they are very much the minority and very difficult to find. Also, back in the good old days, sex and sexual satisfaction and having orgasms weren’t the be-all-end-all importance to a woman. Unfortunately, it is now. I am 52-year old virgin that has never had a girlfriend. Had I been born in a different time period and was living in the good old days, I would’ve tried to have a relationship with a woman because penis size wasn’t on the radar to what was important to a woman, love was. The combination of feminism, porn, and the sexual revolution have changed women over generations for the worse. They have thrown away good values, good priorities, and good morals for penis size, wallet size, selfish sexual satisfaction, etc. and don’t care as much about love as they did back in the good old days. The dating scene for men today is toxic and if he doesn’t have a large penis or a large bank account he has every reason to be afraid to get involved with a woman. He didn’t have to be afraid of women like that in the good old days when women were really about love and romance and not about sex and penis size.

        1. My theme slogan is love is what matters,, not penis size. The majority of the women in the good old days would agree with me. Unfortunately, today the majority of women would disagree with my theme slogan as they are about materialistic, shallow, superficial things instead of things like love, compassion, sensitivity, caring , respect, sensitivity all other positive traits that are far more important in life.

          1. I’ll give you yet another example of the mindset and attitudes of women of today compared to the good old days. When a woman today is anticipating having sex with a man, she is thinking “I hope he is well-endowed and has a big penis. Otherwise, the night will be ruined.” On the contrary, when a woman in the good old days was anticipating having sex with a man, she was thinking, “this is going to be so wonderful, I am going to bed with a man that I love and really care about.” That is an important example how the majority of women have really changed for the worse.

          2. This shit is only in your mind! You have no idea what the other person is thinking about. And honestly….most people are focused on their own fears….the women will be worrying if her tits are too small, if she looks fat, does he think my pussy looks funny, etc. For a guy who’s NEVER had sex you act like you know all about what goes on inside the bedroom. The truth is all of this exists only in your mind!

            You will ignore my advice, I’m certain, because you enjoy playing the victim…it’s a role you’ve adopted over the years. But you need to seek professional help….not just because you have a small wang, but because you have an unhealthy view of women and of life.

          3. I have read women’s comments all over the internet and on youtube videos. I can give documented proof but I’m nor wasting my time with someone like you. Your advice is worthless and all of the men who on those support forums would totally agree with me. I’m not reading your crap any more so go find someone else to harass. I know you will.

        2. Jesus Christ! Give up your sad sack, poor me, tears in my beer, whining! You’re 53 and a virgin. Hit the rewind button to the days when you were a teenager or in your early 20’s and there were plenty of women who weren’t having wild crazy sex and who were ignorant about penis size….so why didn’t you date then? Because there is something wrong with you that is why!
          You’re a fucked up human who never sought out any help. Instead you flood internet message boards crying your eyes out and wishing women were ignorant about the joys of sex so that one might take pity upon you.
          You could have 10″ of schlong swinging between your legs and still no woman would want you? Why? Who could stand to listen to your insufferable moaning and belly aching!??
          No woman would have any respect for you.
          But hey…it’s your life and you’re free to waste it however you want.

          1. Hey, internet troll piece of shit, Dave. You are a vile,, disgusting, disgrace as a human being. Anyone who would post your kind of hate there is something wrong with you. If hatemongers like you were to drop off the face of this earth, the world would be a much kinder place.

          2. For a sensitive topic, this thread has been a failure. What it has done is open the floodgates for the internet trolls to spew their obnoxious, vile, hatred directed at others. The most recent and best example is low-life, piece-of-shit, internet troll Dave.

          3. Stephen….why don’t you go crying to Em and Lo again! Mean, vile piece of shit Dave is hurting my feelings.
            Do you realize just how many people YOU’VE been insulting with your constant spamming of posts? Nearly every post you make has you lashing out at some women who’s posted about what she prefers in cock size.

            Look…here’s the honest truth….you are never going meet a woman, date a woman or have sex with a woman due to your lifelong (and untreated) insecurities…so why don’t you stay away from topics like this? Why continue to torture yourself? You’re not looking to change anything about yourself…and make no mistake it is YOU that has a massive problem.
            So why not direct your energies towards your career, or develop a hobby (golf, fly fishing, stamp collecting, join a book club). Take your focus off of your penis, a penis that you’ve never had occasion to use, and put your focus towards something that could make you happy.
            But you won’t because you like feeling like this. In some masochistic way you enjoy the pain and misery.

          4. There are millions of men who have penis size insecurities. I go on sites that are support groups for penis size insecurities. There are several people who are also virgins in their 50s who post there. They express many of the views I do and agree with me. Since those sites are heavily moderated, your posts would’ve been deleted and you would’ve been banned from the site. That’s guaranteed. They wouldn’t allow people like you to post and attack others who are hurting.. Also, to show what a nasty person you are, further up, you suggested something as disgusting as “small penis humiliation” and ending with “because women don’t want little dicks” . The many people on those site and the millions of men who have suffered their entire lives with issue, would’ve been so insulted, offended, and outraged by your nasty suggestion. You think it’s okay to kick someone when they’re down. That is ruthless and inhumane and shows there is much more wrong with you then men like me and millions of others who have our problems.

          5. People like Dave see someone in pain and have no problem making insensitive , unjustified comments to inflict more pain. That is the truth. Otherwise, he never would’ve responded to my posts in the first place. That type of person has no respect for other people’s feelings, empathy, compassion, or sense of decency.

          6. Stephen, first off….this is NOT a support group. It is an open forum. Further more I would suggest whatever support groups you belong to might be more of a “crying forum” for all you men will small dicks to whine about your lot in life and attack those awful women who like a larger sized cock. Reading your various replies I can see that those support groups have only fueled you anger against women.

            Your attitudes about women are frightening! Your comments about women are based upon your FEAR of women. It’s fears like yours that have led certain countries to adopt female circumcision, also know as female genital mutilation. This is done in a effort to control women’s sexuality. The simple truth is that women are sexual superwomen, they possess an ability for sexual pleasure that men both fear and envy. The ability for women to have multiple orgasms is amazing…and thankfully men can’t orgasm this way…because due to the nature of men we would never leave the house! We’d constantly be trying to break our own orgasm record! I had 30 yesterday, today I’m trying for 35!! LOL
            But I’m getting off topic. Re-read your posts about women and blaming their desire for a larger cock on being promiscuous, of having had too many men and discovering what they like and don’t like.

            You might consider my comments hateful…but they are aimed specifically at you. I’m not making broad, sweeping statements and condemning an entire sex, like you are with your comments about women.
            So why have I taken aim at you? Because you have the power to change your attitude but you do nothing to change it. Instead you wallow in self pity every moment of the day and seek to blame others for the hell you’ve created for yourself.
            That’s a type of weakness that I detest. You are a victim by choice. YOU chose to never date, YOU chose to never have sex, and YOU are choosing to blame women for those choices. Rather than seek real professional help in order to overcome your problem you choose instead to join small dick support groups on the internet. Well how has that worked out for you? Feeling better about yourself? Ready to ask a woman out on a date? No, of course you’re not. Much better to spend day after day posting anonymously on the internet and lash out at who you believe is the source of your pain: women.

            I have great empathy for men with small dicks. It’s a (pardon the pun) a shortcoming that I wouldn’t want to have. But I’m bald and that’s a shortcoming, and one I can’t really do anything about but learn to live with it. Many women don’t like bald men….do I call them awful? Do I call them shallow? No, I get it. It’s not something they find attractive. My girlfriend had never dated a bald man and prefers men with hair. But she took a chance on me because what I had written in my online dating profile intrigued her so much she took a chance on me. You know what? I’m the love of her life! No one had made her this happy, made her laugh this much, made her feel so loved.

            I don’t moan and cry about my baldness and it’s something you can’t really hide and people make fun of bald people all the time and do so right to your face! Now certainly if I had a choice I would love a full, beautiful head of hair….but I don’t, and I don’t dwell on my baldness. In fact I look for ways that it’s an advantage to not have hair. Why constantly focus on the negative?

            So yes I have empathy for men with small dicks….but if you want to be a whimpering sad sack then you’re going to lose that empathy fast! My god there are so many ways to bring a woman to a thundering orgasm besides shoving a big cock inside of them. You want to see a woman have a body wrenching orgasm? Fist fuck them! It’s an amazing sight to see and an amazing feeling for the woman. So if some woman truly needs to be filled and stretched…use your fist and she will love you for it!

            Now do yourself a real favor and go seek real professional help and get off these fucking forums!

          7. I didn’t even bother to read your worthless, dishonest, obnoxious, hateful driveling rants. I am far better off living my life with a small penis than to live your life with no heart whatsoever. Now do yourself a favor and never talk to be again or these are the responses you will deservedly get.

          8. Of course you didn’t bother to read my post….reading it would force you to hold a mirror up and examine your role in your problem. But you don’t want to hold yourself accountable….you want someone to blame. Your main target is women, not specific women but ALL women. in truth you HATE and FEAR women. Your problem is not your minuscule phallus, you’re just using it as a way to gain some sympathy. Since you are a virgin, since you’ve never dated…the truth is you’ve never been rejected by a woman. I’ve been rejected by women yet you don’t see me whining and crying and bashing those women. Between you and I…I am the only one who “could” claim to have been wronged by a woman/women. Yet here you are playing the victim…and you are a victim of your own self loathing, your own self perception.

    2. Internet porn. It’s ruined men and women alike. Men know they’ll never compare to the 9″ stud shooting copious amounts of sperm all over the place…and women know they aren’t all perfectly airbrushed like the models. It’s led to viagra addiction and vaginaplasties. It’s so pathetically sad to see all these young 20’s KNOCKOUT girls insist on “lights off” sex because they are insecure about their bodies, and then go lay some quack to mutilate their lábia because it doesn’t match the porn.

  29. I’d say just become a bit more playful. The sex can still be awesome i think, but if you need to be really filled at times either use a toy or better yet explore an open relationship. It takes a secure man to go that route, but the quality of a relationship is not defined by our monogamy. And you wouldn’t want men to advertise their penises sizes. A) it ruins the surprise, b) it will make it so cheap. If you need a guy who is really hung, just ask your friends.

  30. Going to share something to make a point. My wife has a condition call endometriosis. Basically her “red army” is bigger than most and more painful. As such, she cannot bear children. Trying to adopt through the foster system which is not as easy as you’d think.
    I share that to bring up the point that it is her body and she cannot control that. I have no intention on leaving her. For one, we love each other. Also, it would be wrong to leave someone over something that person cannot control.
    The only reason to be with or not be with someone is character. Does he treat you with respect? Is he a hard worker? Does he have a good job or otherwise can hold a job? Is he honest? Faithful? Would he be a good provider? Would he be a good husband and father? Those are the questions and every man has the right to prove he can be all those things.
    The size of his Penis is something he has no control over. To be blunt, it is wrong to either be with or not be with a man based on the size of his Penis. No ifs ands or buts, you know you are wrong if you consider leaving a guy for that. You should have empathy for him if it’s really that small.
    You should not dump the guy, laugh at him and tell all your girlfriends about him. How would you feel if there was something about you that you had no control over? You’d want your man to love you regardless.

    1. “How would you feel if there was something about you that you had no control over?”

      Everyone’s got those.

    2. John, these are such great comments. I 100% agree. It puts into perspective what truly matters and is important in life and that is character, and most importantly, love. A lesson that so many people today so desperately need to learn.

    3. Em&Lo highlighted John’s comments and featured them in a printed comment of the week. From so much horrible, insensitive, cruelty throughout this blog by nasty female bloggers like Siziest, Kristin, and nasty male bloggers like internet troll Dave, John’s comments were so badly needed in the discussion and deserved high praise. What he wrote was a rare bright light in a blog that was sadly filled with darkness.

      1. LOL! Guess what Stephen? Em and Lo highlighted MY comments just a few weeks ago! The comments I made on this very topic. Go read them!
        You know what they also did? They had to, for the first time ever, change the advice article they had written in response to your concerns over being a virgin. Why? Because of your whining and complaining to them. They even wrote me a personal email to apologize for their actions.
        I’ve offered many helpful and insightful comments….you on the other hand are in full attack mode against women. You truly should be banned for your hate mongering.

        1. Wrong. They did the right thing by deleting your comments. Your comments were nothing but judgemental, dishonest, and as nasty as it gets. If you posted that garbage to anybody on those support group sites, those moderators would’ve immediately deleted them and you would have been banned. And every person hurting on this issue would’ve thanked the moderators for getting rid of you to make it a safe environment for those who are suffering. You are destructive towards people like me and millions of others.

          1. Ok…they didn’t just delete my comments, they deleted everyone’s comments as well as deleting the advice THEY had written. They changed the entire column and omitted any reference to you and your problem.
            If you would like I can copy and paste the apology email that they sent to me.
            All of their actions were based upon YOUR overreaction and they feared you might do something foolish.
            I however do not share their concern…you are an attention seeker.

            As for your “support” groups…they are support groups in name only. What they truly are are sites to allow men to bitch and moan about their tiny peckers. Sites where you are free to bash the awful women who have shamed you. Now please bear in mind…NO WOMAN has actually shamed YOU. It’s all in your imagination…since you’ve never dated a woman, since no woman has ever seen you naked. Sadly you cannot see the part your own mind/imagination has played in your illness.
            And of course they would ban me, not that I would have any need to go on sites like that, but of course they would ban me because I would not allow them to wallow in their self pity. Wallow all you want Stephen…it’s your life that you have wasted away…and you are free to do so.

          2. There you go misjudging and coming to the wrong conclusions of people you have never interacted with. These people who are regular members of those sites happen to be nice and really god guys who have had the worst nightmarish experiences with women all because those women judged and dumped them for their penis size. Others who are virgins like me are to afraid to approach women for fear of those exact results. They are very much hurting inside. Many of them sadly talk suicide because it hurts so much. I can so much relate and sympathize with how they feel. You can’t. It is a community that has formed so we understand they we are not alone in our struggles. The moderators keep close eyes on the forums to make others don’t come on the site to judge them and tear them down. If posters like that are discovered, their comments would be deleted and that person would be banned from the site. Unfortunately, those are the actions you would take if you ventured there. Those rules are in place to protect that community and not have it disrupted because this is such a sensitive issue for them and me and people are really hurting. Sure, there are those that offer advice. However, that advice is non-judgmental, compassionate, and not with a harshness that they feel they are being attacked. One of the moderators of the site, preaches gentleness and kindness. I haven’t even scratched the surface telling my entire painful stories of loss, heartaches, heartbreaks, harassment and being bullied. I know now I can’t tell my truthfully painful story here because people like you would be ready to make destructive comments to make me feel even worse. One of my many themes is you never kick someone when they’re down. I know I can feel comfortable telling my entire story on those sites with no repercussions. That is what I intend to do. So, I will not open up and tell my personal story here again. However, You are not getting rid of me. I will continue to post comments on this site. I suggest you not follow me around and continue to harass me as you have. If that does happen, I will get angry and retaliate hostile as I have been doing. So, for my future comments on this site, the one name that is extremely unwanted and unwelcome in a reply is yours.

          3. I just visited one of the sites you are talking about. In a word it is “depressing”. You are not going to get better from being on one of those sites….in fact you’re going to feel even worse about yourself! It was making me feel awful about my cock and I’m pretty sure I’m just about the perfect size that women want, based upon different studies.

            You need to seek PROFESSIONAL help, get PROFESSIONAL therapy. If you’re serious about getting better that is what you will do. Visiting that site (the one Irma Jean is on) is not going to help you one little bit. The stories men tell will only reinforce you’re feelings of inadequacy. Granted I only looked at a handful of posts but I didn’t read of anyone making progress. All i read was men wallowing in their own pain….and some of them have been posting/sharing their pain for years.
            Seriously I think many of them enjoy it. They derive some sort of satisfaction from their pain. I think you do too.
            Please post your stories of heartache, heartbreaks and loss. I’d be interested to read how a man who’s never dated, never had sex, etc. can experience any of those things. And I’ll give you a newsflash….WE’VE all got our own stories of heartbreak and loss…it’s called LIFE! But some of us choose to handle those things a bit differently than you’ve chosen to handle them.
            Please look into getting PROFESSIONAL help and stop relying on internet forums.

          4. There are 3 such support group forum sites. I am registered for all 3 with different chosen usernames. The one that IrmaJean is on is my favorite because of IrmaJean. She has got to be the nicest, kindest, sweetest, woman I’ve ever read anywhere. I absolutely love reading her comments. She has my utmost respect and admiration. She legitimately cares about these guys. Neither she nor any of the people on those sites would’ve made the types of comments that you made to me. Comments that judge others and that are totally insensitive (which is what you gave me and is why I insisted should be deleted) are not allowed. Making comments to make someone who is hurting feel worse is inappropriate there(again what you did to me). I can talk about massive being bullied during my life, being sexually harassed by both girls in school and women in the workplace, and being rejected by girls/women. Again, I certainly won’t go into detail discussing it with you. I will be making my posting debut there and on the other two sites and introduce myself very soon. I will be pouring out my heart with all of my thoughts and feelings there knowing that the people there will really understand and I will be among friends. On those sites, I will be able to break my silence and tell my much needed story knowing there is no chance that anyone on those sites will respond so inappropriately and hurtfully with judgments and insensitivity the way you did. I have read every page of comments on those sites. I think those guys are terrific people who have been cruelly hurt by women all because of the size of a body part they can’t control. Like I said, I will still post here. However, I will not bring my personal story into the conversation here ever again knowing that you will ready to pounce and make me feel worse. They won’t.

            Oh, and one more thing. I never wrote to Em&Lo and asked for advice. I made comments in response to Kristin sharing that the reason why I was so afraid to date was people with her attitudes. That’s when I shared some of my story. I had no idea Em&Lo were going to make a separate advice blog spotlighting me. I found out a week later when Em&Lo e-mailed me. I was shocked and saddened by their decision. However, I decided to post on that blog and share more of myself and hoped I would receive some really good, compassionate, kind responses with some decent advice. The ones I read from Em&Lo and another poster were actually good. Then, I saw your name and read your response. When your first sentence was “this is going to be blunt”, I should’ve stopped reading your comments right then and there and not go any further. I knew you wrote something that was going to make me feel worse before I read your entire entry. But, I read it anyway and was just so disgusted. That thread blog had to be taken down and changed for several reasons. First of all, I never wrote to them and asked for advice so Em&Lo were totally wrong for printing my original comments as asking for advice. Second, your comments totally ruined what could’ve been a decent blog anyway. Third, not only was I offended and hurt by your comments, but anyone else who came to read and could relate to what I wrote would’ve also been very hurt and offended by those comments (that includes everyone on those 3 support group forum sites) Those three reasons justified that blog being changed and deletions done with your comments. When a blog is created irresponsibly that can hurt innocent people, it morally must be removed. That is what justifiably happened.

          5. I’ve read some of the comments made my small dicked me on one of the forums you visit. What I read is comments made by men who hate women and blame them for all that is wrong in a man’s life. I’m not surprised you are unable to see that anger and hate that is directed at women. These men are not mentally healthy!

            One guy talked about all the skimpy outfits girls wore at college. He said they all dressed liked “whores”. He went on to say about all the pussy other guy’s at school were getting, how they got to fuck these women while he was getting none of it. BINGO! Right there you can see his anger! These women are WHORES because HE’S not getting any of the action. He hates these women were shutting him out of their pussy. And bare in mind…they would not know about the size of his cock…the real truth is they just aren’t attracted to him. But he makes it about his cock size.

            I’ve also notice that many of these men have admitted porn addiction. Oh that’s gong to be great for your self confidence…watching huge cocked men fucking beautiful women and watching these women drool and over those monster cocks. Just the thing a small dicked guy needs to watch. No wonder these men develop a self loathing.

            Stephen…do you watch porn? Do you have a porn addiction? If so, you need to stop. You can’t watch it because it ultimately will only torture you.

            I also call bullshit on women harassing you at school and in the workplace. Harassing you over what? How are they going to know your “size”???
            You’re just looking for sympathy. Well tell an internet forum full of strangers? You know all they are going to do is say…don’t listen to those horrible nasty whores! You’re a wonderful man who deserves loves and respect….blah, blah, blah. Go tell your story to a mental health professional….can some REAL help.
            Now you’ve commented on most comments I’ve made…..but you never address my comment about seeking professional help. Why is that? Why do you avoid that ONE THING that will ACTUALLY help you?
            Because you don’t want any help. You just want to play victim. You just want to spout off about how cruel and horrible women are.

          6. I have said everything that I’m ever going to say to you. There are other sites that have a very special advanced feature called putting someone on their “ignore list”. All you have to do is type in the person’s name you want nothing to do with and his name and posts will be totally invisible to you. You won’t ever have to deal with that person again. I wish this site had that advanced feature so I can put you on an “ignore list.” Unfortunately, since this site doesn’t and you’re so determined in targeting me and following me around this site even though I clearly stated that your replies to me are unwelcome and unwanted, every time you do such internet troll behavior, I’m just going to write as reply stating I’m ignoring you.

          7. These site is NOT a member’s forum. You’re insistence that it should be run in such a way is another indication of the “control” that you seek in your life. You seek to control everyone and everything….like wanting women to be virgins, loathing them for having sampled many sizes of cock, looking for people to be banned, etc.

          8. Here’s another example of the hate for women on these small penis forums. None of this is healthy, yet you enjoy these types of forums and seek comfort there.
            “I hate women, at this point in my life i really don’t see any reason not to. they hate men like me, all of them hate men like me. so i don’t have any choice but to hate them back. i now embrace them avoiding me. i want them to keep avoiding me. i’m against the female gender. i hate the female gender. i can’t stand the female gender. women are not kind people. women are straight up bitches. another thing i don’t like about women is they have periods, which is very disgusting and nasty. they have bloody stanky hole pussies. it’s ridiculous how they have periods certain times of the month and have nasty attitudes. they’re just fucked up people and i don’t understand them. i don’t care to understand them because they don’t understand men. i don’t like the chase of a woman or pursuing them. i don’t like them at all because females aren’t attracted to me. so why should i give a fuck about people who don’t care about me? i don’t trust them and they’re all the fucking same. no, i do not want to hurt them physically, nor am i turning gay.. i just want them to continue to stay the fuck away from me. i deleted all the porn on my computer because it involves women. women are sick ass fucks. to call women sick ass fucks is an insult to sick ass fucks. “

          9. Stephen…more interesting comments from a small dick forum. It would seem that if people make posts trying to get people to break free of their unhealthy obsession over having a small dick they get bashed.
            I thought you said everyone was kind and understanding on those forums? I guess not kind to those who won’t blame the victim game with them.

            “Not much else goes on on this forum besides the SPS stuff. I have tried countless times and just crickets. No one here except Beth gives a fuck about mental health or spirituality or being positive or trying to make changes and when I try I get nothing or even mocked so fuck it if it’s small dicks they want it’s small dicks they are gonna get! ”

            “Exactly. Every guy here is pissed off ostensibly because his dick is small and if you so much as suggest reframing that or otherwise coping you get attacked so if you can’t beat ’em join ’em. “

  31. Well I am a female with a very tight vagina and I prefer 4 inches but I do like at least two fingers thick so I prefer a small penis it makes me orgasm fast and good now I have had huge penises as well but my preference is what I like small.

    1. Great to hear. I have a very small penis .3 inches. I have been laughed at many times. It’s great to hear some ladies out there don’t judge a man by the size of a guys penis

  32. I am on of those 4-6 guys. but it is very thick. get compliments all the time about how thick it is. so i am not one bit worry about my size. i do get complaints that after a while the females vagina is a lot wider than before.

  33. I lost my virginity to a girl who would tell me I didn’t measure up to her precvious baby arm boy friend and later spent 3 years in a committed relationship with a young 19 year old who let me know just how inadequate my 5.5 inches were.

  34. In today’s market where about 95% of male enhancement products are either bogus or plain ineffective, Biomanix is the only supplement that invested in the technology and science to bring you the most compelling evidence that its unique formula works – not only on lab rats, but on actual human beings who tested the product, and found the product to be effective.

  35. Why so many Vote Downs for SvenD?? I have a 4 inch penis and am also in a cuckold marriage. It’s been great for both of us! I love women that prefer larger men

    1. Because most men don’t get off on being second best. Especially not the worst. I can understand your cuck fetish because I have entertained that fetishes myself. But fantasy should stay fantasy for most people. Besides 5.5 inches is in the middle average range. Hardly a cock meant for cucking. He needs to dump this chick and move on. She hasn’t even fucked him yet and she is comparing dick size. Besides a dom wouldn’t ask a bunch of random people what she should do.

  36. I don’t understand why everyone is bashing her for her concern. Men may not want to hear it but size does matter. If you’re too small (6′ and less in my opinion) it simply is not as enjoyable for some women (myself included). We do not have large vaginas we simply enjoy the “full” feeling a challenge of a bigger penis. Sex is subjective and different for everyone but I think it’s crazy that’s theirs such a double standard. Men can lust after women with big breast or big butts but women can’t list after the opposing male genitals???

    1. This is a dumb comparison.. a woman with bigger breasts isn’t going to feel any different sexually because of it. Even if it isn’t true I wonder why you can’t at least console these lesser men by allowing the possibility you probably have a bigger than average vagina to fit your preference.

      1. What about vagina size?
        That makes a huge difference to both parties and they are each as different in width and depth as dicks.

    2. Well I have a small penis and can totally understand that some women would enjoy the full feeling that I can’t give.
      Maybe most women just feel a bit shy to express their preference?

    3. Here’s a key difference: Small breasts can be surgically enhanced if desired. Butts can be made more athletic through exercise. But no such option exists for the penis. We can’t surgically enhance it. We can’t make it’s erect size larger through exercise, or drugs. There is no option to do something to improve size that would satisfy a person who cares only about size. But by all means please go on equating issues with breast size as the same as issues with penis size.

      1. A silly comparison, true: tits are ornamental whereas the penis is a man’s primary tool.

        … however, Chocolate wasn’t comparing tits to dicks. She was comparing lust for tits with lust for dicks. The double standard, she’s saying, is that men consider their lust for a certain type of female body normal, but get butt-hurt when it turns out that women too have preferences regarding the male body.

        Point stands.

        1. No we criticize women who think having that perfect orgasm is more important then being with the person they claim to love. I’ve had girlfriends with some nasty loose vags that did almost nothing for me and ones that had pretty pink tight pussies that curl my toes and have my hole body go stiff. I have never broken up with any of them based on how good or bad thier pussies feel. This idea that women can expect every man they meet and fall in love with to have a penis that clearly falls within the top 3 percent of all penises in the world and that will work is just plain stupid. All it does is leave a trail of broken hearted men behind these women. If you need a dick that’s 3 out of a hundred then maybe you SHOULD start every conversation with a boyfriend prospect with if your dick isn’t so and so big then fuck off. Maybe that way the women won’t let the man fall in love for a year or 2 before she finally decides to cheat or leave him. If his penis doesn’t please her it’s not his fualt. However much you size queens think us average guys are too small most times we think the oposites of you. Your just too big!!!!! Get over it. It’s a proven fact that just like penises vaginas very in legth and width. Small vag fits small dick big vag fits big dick. Don’t ruin some poor guys confidence because you where to dishonest to tell him early on what you wanted. Besides you girls will have to realize those big dick guys are mostly cheating assholes. How many women I’ve seen start a relationship for sex and end up regretting it. Some people go thier whole lives without having anyone to love and have sex with and all I hear on these sites is my boyfriends not perfect how can I fix him? Where are all the “my girlfriends pussy doesn’t feel anyone red good as my ex’s should I dump her?” Threads? Oh right there are not many of those………. Somtimes women can be so callous and selfish. It’s almost engraved in thier minds to expect a big dick sir gallant to sweep them off thier feet and love them eternally.

          1. That was a great post, Ben. Men don’t break up with women because of their vaginas which happen to vary in size just like penises. Women are clearly more shallow than men and have become the very cruel, heartless gender.

  37. The size is not what matter, The smaller organ has a much greater erectile capacity than the larger one. The size of the flaccid or erect penis has absolutely nothing to do with its pleasure-giving qualities. The vagina has a great deal of elasticity and it can adapt to any size of the male organ, be it large or small. And finally, if you think a man is a man cause he guzzles beer or was born with a larger-than-thine appendage, think again. Can’t you see, Sir, the sands of time are dribbling through the hourglass?!

  38. My wife is cuckolding me. I really do not mind, since I love her and want her to be sexually fulfilled. This is just one area where I cannot help her (mine is just short of 4″). Why risk that she might start cheating. She has a fbuddy that she sees once a week and everyone is happy

    1. Why risk that she might start cheating? Isn’t she already? Also do you get to have a fuck buddy? Don’t you think it might be nice to find some small pussied girl who you can fuck till she passes out from pleasure? Because while you may have a penis that doesn’t match your wife’s big vag. Your small dick fits somone else vag perfectly. Go have some fun. If she’s allowed to do it you should too. Maybe if she finds out she will realize how painful it is to know the person you love prefers the embrace of another. No matter how much you say your fine with it we both know you are lying to yourself. Go find a woman who respects you AND herself more.

  39. I feel like I should share my two cents on this topic. My boyfriend is about 4.5″ but the way I know this is because I just sort of did a measurement of what I know the size to be. The thing is, it never crosses my mind that he may be too small or too big or whatever. I just love making love to him and sometimes, believe it or not, some positions can actually hurt a little depending on whether my cervix is sitting low on those days. And I want to share with you this important thing I learned from him: non-erect penises can be very little and grow to a very acceptable size or seem pretty big and not grow much further than that when erect.

    On a different note, I think we make too much of a fuss about sex nowadays. People can be stimulating on so many different levels and once you fall in love with them sex will become better because it will be an awesome experience that is beyond just the mechanics of the act.

  40. She said high bar meaning the bar she set smh yo just have kids move on key note her woman are never satisfy even when they set the standard’s really shut.2 they’re bicthes sometimes take the hit and fire back she say your small ask by what standard’s ,she say your dick small who are you comparing me to if she hit with thum or,any that Bullshit 9 out of 10 a chick has a smell , 10 out of 10 and only at certain time pussy actually look pretty it’s the truth and I love that shit but it’s time to be a man and stand 10 toes down .she catch attitude for no reason fire back don’t set and get quite all she got you is that besides most chicks now of dayz with a z lol are dude’s hopeful she wasn’t on the inside (emotion) wise ,only in books ladies exist not to be rude to woman out there but yo man up step up and if that we all know what I mean comes around say he bigger than bag more chicks than you look him the eye and laugh, laugh hard and say cool to your self make sure out swag,out think him which you already do ,better man all around shine on him and watch how the table turn don’t tell nobody what you think ever even your chick cause they’ll try to take,steal , copy bring you down trust.you first bro I do what esle to say just do you remember j aka Jesus befriend,disciple turn on him Eva cheated and that was the first woman that book you know have many to question like these you wouldn’t think of really.

  41. Have you ever considered the possibility that you might just have an abnormally large vagina? The average male penis worldwide is a tad over 5″ and for caucasians its more around 6″. If you can’t find enjoyment without a very large penis the problem is you, not your boyfriend.
    What women don’t understand is that when they keep ordering larger and larger vibrators they ARE stretching themselves out. Flesh stretches over time, ever seen an ear gauge?
    So after you’ve spent every night since age 17 slowly stretching out your penis don’t blame men for still being normal, we can’t compete with your plastic/latex addiction.

  42. I’m gay and this is a huge problem in the gay world, guy’s who are small usually end up enjoying bottoming and being done by a bigger dude. Gay guys can be “size queens” which I find just strange, as guys who usually are “size queens” have small knobs and I just think well what are you bringing to the table? Would you not just rather shut up about dick size? There is a definite difference but honestly if I like the guy his member is part of the package big or small.

    1. What am I bringing to the table? A little boipussy that drives my hung lovers wild with lust and squeezes them right while taking them balls deep. Oral skills and companionship skills not mentioned l. What u got?

  43. Yep, if its a new relationship and the connection hasnt click find somebody that will make you happy. I went out with a chick 2nd date had sex…. I’m a above average guy and with this girl it was like throwing a sausage down a hallway…… Ok not that bad but it wasnt tight at all…. She had no tits and it wasnt tight…. I didnt enjoy myself and i stopped…. Sex is a big part of a relationship, test the waters and if you are not deeply in love with them its better to find someOne that matches you.

  44. I can’t believe what I am reading from some of you insecure “men” in the comments section. A woman has every right to have a preference and to like what she likes. I honestly believe everyone is compatible with someone else but sometimes people just aren’t. Nothing wrong with that.

    Sex is a huge part of a relationship and if one of the participants is unhappy there is no reason to stick it out. This is perfectly fine as both people will go on to find happiness with someone else.

    It’s absolutely disgusting to “Slut Shame” someone for liking something that they like. Its the same as being a homophobe, you are attracted to what you like, no changing that. In my experience women will always sleep with a guy with no sexual hang ups and is fun and wild in bed vs a guy that is totally neurotic.

    My girl and I are completely statisfied together, she knows what she likes and if she wants to go to the sex store and buy a large toy I say “go as big as you like” I got no hangups with my size. She likes what she likes and I respect that.

    1. There were over 700 comments in this entry when you posted yours. That you or anyone else would be surprised by “some” of those comments shocks me, regardless of what they said. In fact, after 700 comments on something in an anonymous online forum, I’d be surprised if some of them weren’t about extraterrestrial abduction and national elections. The fact is that many of the comments are very much like yours, ‘to each her own,’ as was mine posted in this thread long ago.

  45. Ladies have you ever though about this… It’s beat up … Sorry but we are not ment to use dildos and sleep around. I see that underlying problem is devotion it’s just a plain and simple fact if you had less lovers it would be tighter. I was once in love with the girl absolutely a 10.but she had been with so many dudes even at 7 inches with plenty of girth she was just to lose. Because of how much she masturbated with a dildo and how many she’s been with.

    1. KMBman, you might want to consider a mail-order bride website. Or maybe just a very realistic-looking Real Doll. That way you can be sure to customize a pristine, never-been-used vagina to suit your needs.

      1. No one gave him the heads up that babies also come out of our elastic vaginas! They spring right back! I agree a tiny Asian bride for his tiny penis!

        1. And how many women have I heard complain that sex after shill birth was different….. some say even …. looser. Who knew! And yes 2 identical vaginas, ones fucked 2 times a week by a 8 inch penis and one fucked 2 times a week by a 4 inch penis for 10 years. Can you guess wich one is more or less LOOSE AFTER THAT? Besides if men and women waited till marriage to have sex they wouldn’t even know the fucking difference.

          Half the females in the world can’t expect the average guy to measure up to the top 3 percent. It’s simply impossible. If you want to find a good guy don’t choose him based on his ability to fuck you. If you do that’s all that man will end up doing ….. Fucking you…. right over. He’s a big bad buck with a big bad dick. He’s the 3 percent. YOUR just a regular woman. He can fuck you till he’s bored and leave. His dick will find him more women. And YOU will be left with nothing but unwanted children or a dried up old uterus that noone wants anymore because you spent your early years worried about sex….. like a stupid child.

    2. Idk if you realize this but there really isn’t such a thing as a “tight vagina” it’s a proven fact that when a woman is “loose” she is turned on.

      1. “Tight” and “loose” are relative terms. Some women do indeed have tighter vaginas than others.

        The myth is that the amount of sex a woman has determines her tightness or looseness.

        1. It does matter how many times she’s been done and how big. A virgin is usually tight… as one has more and more sex it loosens up.

          1. Sorry, Louie – we’ve got to call bullshit. That’s not how vaginas work. Aside from just how someone is built (it varies), tightness is mostly determined by the strength of the pelvic floor muscles – and like any muscle, the more you use them, the stronger they’ll be. So the more sexually active, the tighter-feeling she might become because of all the muscular contractions and healthy blood flow to the area. The vagina expands with arousal. It’s made for babies to pass through. And compared to babies, penises — no matter what their size — are nothin’.

            Over time, no matter how much sex she’s had, pelvic muscles might start to weaken for a variety of reasons — pressure from 9 months of gestation, vaginal delivery, age, weight gain, and yes, LACK of sexual stimulation. And there are plenty of explanations for why you might have found virgins to be tighter: partially in-tact hymens, lack of lubrication because of nerves, a clenching of muscles because of fear of pain, etc. That same virgin might seem “looser” the next time she has sex, but that could be because she’s more relaxed, thus more in the moment, thus more turned on and better lubricated with her vagina better ballooning from true arousal, plus there’s no hymen left.

            But having sex with her boyfriend every day for the next year — as opposed to say, once a month — will not make the ex-virgin “loose” in the way you suggest. And let’s say they broke up and you two got together: we’d bet money you wouldn’t be able to tell the frequency with which she’d knocked boots the previous year. All you’d know is that she’s had only one partner before you, which would automatically put her in your firm category (even if they’d done it 3x a day!).

      2. I would have to disagree with that… been out with many girls and these is a big difference between tightness(vagina size)…. like massive. Yea it does loosen when excited but some pussys are just fucking black holes… i mean throwing a sausage in a hallway….. and im far above average…. i really fucking feel for the smaller guys…. Girls do some vagina exercises. Because blackholes are dangerous.

    3. First of all, that’s a bunch of crap about being tighter with less lovers. What about women who have had one lover for 20 years or longer and have sex 3-4 times a week??? Why would she stay tighter just because it’s been only one lover?? Stupid, stupid comment.

  46. This is what truly mystifies me when it comes to relationships and men and women. Ladies you should know after the first few times of sleeping with a guy whether or not his dick will satisfy you. So then my question is why do you continue to be in a relationship with a man who doesn’t meet your needs or requirements? Why do you allow the relationship to move forward? And men why do you allow a woman to define your self worth? Why do you continue to beat your head against a brick wall when nothing you have or do will be good enough? Why don’t you move on and find a woman who does appreciate your body and other qualities?

  47. i won’t throw EVERY female under the bus, but I honestly don’t (YET) know ONE in my personal life who’s ever thought they’ve been “lost” in bed. It is all too common that you hear of Men being “eh” or just all together Bad in the sheets. I gotta tell ya ladies, the idea some women get about “how to work a penis” is just…. Incorrect to put it nicely. The idea that “you just tug and pull and that’s all there is to it” is so dead wrong. Why can it take a woman up to half hour to successfully blow you when I could use my HAND and get the job done in 5? I’ve actually faked pleasure before with a woman while she was on top. She THOUGHT she was doing it right, But my shrinking erection said otherwise. I had to improvise to keep it up. I loved her very much so I didn’t exactly want to pop the question, “what are you doing?” and hurt her. But girls, we Men can “protect” YOU as well. Your body may be sexy, and your face beautiful, but this will not make you a thrill in bed by default. Just as having a 4 ft. Penis will not automatically prevent a guy from being boring to sleep with. No Man anywhere would commit adultery if his wife slayed in the sack by default, simply because she has nice breasts.

  48. My last resort before I convince myself that sex doesn’t matter. It’s only the love.
    Dear Em & Lo
    I have been dating my boyfriend for over 4 years. And I’m just going to get right to it, I am not satisfied sexually. Before I am claimed to be shallow I want to point out that we have tried a lot. He is not aware of this deepest secret of mine. I have hidden this from him because the last thing I want to do is hurt him. I care for him deeply. And The truth is he has a small penis. I have been with only 2 other men. And I KNOW what I like in bed. For one making love is at the top of my need list. I need to feel that connection with someone. I have only felt the connection with 1 other person and he is my ex. I was in love with him undoubtedly. We shared this connection I can’t even begin to explain. This man had a larger penis. Funny thing was, is that during sex it hurt because he was bigger. I don’t want it to hurt but what I’m trying to point out is the connection between us is what I crave. My boyfriend of 4 years is an amazing guy, he would do anything for me. We talk about marriage and kids and all those wonderful things. But I can’t seem to shake the want and need feeling of a deep connection and a sexual connection. I have researched and tried different things to try, sex positions, the tighten exercise, dildos, (which i like but it’s not the same), back door and other thing for 3 years now and still with all these different things, it hasn’t help any. I need advice. Very badly. Please help me.

    1. I think you’d have to let him know how you feel. He must know in his own mind he’s small – does he assume you’re totally happy with his size? Or has he ever let you know he’s a bit insecure about it?

      1. He has mentioned that he has is smaller before. All I said was it’s not small and it’s not big. I don’t want to hurt him. Recently he’s been making jokes about having a big penis. I think he wants to see my reaction but after 4 years I can hide my true feelings really well and I don’t want it to be like this. It’s not healthy.

        1. Well the fact he’s making jokes suggests he wants you to talk to him about it – he probably won’t be as hurt as you might think. How about next time he makes a joke try going along with it and making a joke back?
          As a “small” guy myself I can tell you it’s much beter to hear what the woman really thinks, and then find a way forward. Also much better for the relationship to have that open-ness. As you say – can’t go on like this. I think you’d be pleasantly surprised if you did talk to him about it.

          1. You are right. We are open about everything but this issue. We’ve had conversation before about how important it is for us to both share the connection. It’s hard to receive that when I’m not satisfied sexually though. Sometimes I feel like it’s his first time and he didn’t know what to do and he definitely isn’t confident. That is clear. And I talk to him about things that would help. But it doesn’t seem to work. I will not say his smaller then what I’ve been with either, ever.

          2. Well i can understand that your frustration must be kind of spoiling things. Why not tell him previos guys were bigger? He’s probaby guessed anyway and he’s always going to wonder – obviously tread carefully at first but if you can start the talk with him on a joking level thats going to be way easier.
            Every chance his “performance” will improve a lot once youve told him you feel. The fact that youve started to be open with him can only boost his confidence, not knowing what you think is probably hampering his confidence now.

          3. Thank you so much for the advice, it’s nice hearing it from a guys prospective. The last year or so we’ve opened up a lot when it comes to sex. Being completely honest is going to be the hard part though. I guess knowing how to foreplay and coming on to my partner comes naturally and I guess I think it should for him too.

          4. I think guys are a lot easier to please to be honest, so harder for a guy to “just know.” He’s probaby got a few insecurities going on about his size which are occupying his thoughts so he hasn’t yet made an effort. Its easy for a guy’s mindset to be I’m small therefore I can never satisfy a girl so I wont bother trying. Obviously he needs to break out of that mindset and get to thinking how he can satisfy you despite size. Confidence is key here.
            Im sure the total honesty will be difficult but small steps at first, maybe start with something like well yea you are on the small side – in a light hearted way? And then work up to a stage of saying previous guys were bigger. You cant change his size but you can change his attitude/confidence. Hope things work out for you 🙂

          5. a woman broke up with me because I was too small… 5.5′. I was devastated and I still am. my new girl, who I have no feeling for, tells me she is nuts and my size is fine. the girl that broke up with me told me she loves me, several times after breaking up too, and loves everything about me… except my dick. I may never get over it!

    2. I faced the exact situation recently. I have been with my ex for 4 years and after first couple of years, I realized that she was not at all physically satisfied. We talked about it and she told there is a connection missing between us. Finally we decided to live separately for last one year but stayed as friends going holidays together etc.
      few weeks ago her ex came back from abroad and I was cut off as friend also. She had told me before also how it was sexually better with her ex. And now she told that she is going back to her ex after 6years and they are together again.
      This feels bad as I loved her but I now realize that physical connection is also very important in a relationship. I know I am now blaming her for all the bad times I had since due to lack of physical chemistry, she was upset quite often when we were together. But being a 40 years old I am slowly getting the hang of the situation.
      To be honest, I am hurt as for me this was trivial thing and keeping her smiling and laughing and making her happy every other way was my only other option to get over the physical dissatisfaction. Unfortunately this was not the case for her. I am now not so excited to be with anyone else and look for new love as I realize my shortcomings. I told her all movie dialogue also that she will regret etc but I guess she will never as she seems very happy now and says she is in love again.
      I am an Indian guy and the girl was European so there is definitely a difference in physical features.
      So in your case, I can just comment that it hurts but it all depends on what you give more importance in life.

    3. Maybe the connection you crave is not entirely physical? It may be that this feeling you are hidding is getting in the way of feeling truly intimate with him. Of course yu dont want to hurt him, but leaving him over this will hurt him too. I don’t know why women assume all men to be so fragile on this. So why not try and be honest. Gently and carefully tell him that you crave a bigger penis (not necessarily you ex’s !) talk about it – as a fantasy, a fettish, a desire. You don’t say how small he is, but he will know – believe me! If he is in any normal range (4 plus inches) then it is something you can work with? You may find that – once you have shared your inner feelings, you will feel horrny as hell. And he will respond with confidence because he has a more intimate knowledge and connection with you. And once your brain and mind is in gear with his, it could make fireworks! So long as you are prepared to love his penis, of course you can share with him your desires. He might be relieved? You may discover that this secret you are keeping is what is coming between you and feeling ‘connected’ and not his equipment! Trying all alternatives you mentioned without the intimacy was never going to work. Its’ like tricking someone into sharing a kink you have, without them being in on it – it would never feel that good. Once they know too….boom! So try them with intimacy!

    4. Go out and get a Brazilian wax, and buy some super slutty lengerie you know your ex likes. Find out a way to “accidentally” run in to him making it a point for him to know just how hot and bothered you are for him. Tease him a little. Make him aggressively take you. It’s what you need. Make it a one time thing if your ex is some loser whose only redeeming quality is his sexual skills….or a once every now and then thing. We ALL have a “secret lover” or three in our lives. Just keep it quiet if u need to.

  49. Ok, I’d been with my husband for 25 years before he passed away in his 30s…I considered him to be of normal size by measurement measures. I could not always get my rocks off and sex was mediocre at best. The man I’m currently dating is small. I figured that the first time I tried to put a condom on him and it fell off (granted, it was a magnum – oops) he lost his confidence and his erection that night and I worried it was all over – in the sack. I was so freaking wrong. Once we got the condom thing figured out, holy hell. Not only did he rock my world, but I lost count after 6-7 times the next time we got together. He definitely knows how to work what he’s got. He’s maybe 5.5″ and not girthy and I’ve yet to not have an orgasm. Multiple ones at that…so there ya go.

    1. Sounds like you and your guy are both pretty lucky! We’re so impressed that your guy hung in there after the condom fell off… most guys would want to hide under a table after something like that. But whatever you did clearly boosted his sexual confidence enough to bring him back. (What DID you do or say?)

      1. he blamed it on being tired and said he would make up for it. BOY DID HE. I know I said 5.5″ but that was being generous. It definitely is smaller, but I enjoy every freaking moment with him. And he can last a long time, which definitely helps. And not being girthy means I can last longer without being in agony. Lol

  50. It’s done, women are not satisfied with a small penis but a huge dick is too big. There is no middle ground just unhappy partners until the next man, the cycle repeats.

  51. Dear Em & Lo,
    Suicide is a sin in my religion; one that prevents entry to heaven, but I question the veracity of this interpretation. Do you think that if I commit suicide, God might allow me to go to heaven anyway, owing to the fact that my penis is small? It may sound silly or weird and it’s very real to me that maybe God put men with small penises on earth to test them. I think God might be testing me to see if I realize that my relative smallness makes me evil. If that’s the case, my hope is that by committing suicide I might earn a less painful eternity in hell or, depending on how many underendowed men commit suicide instead of remaining evil, perhaps pergatory. To be honest, I think it works as follows: Let’s assume all guys with small penises are evil. I think this is safe to assume because it is generally accepted (for instance people say nazis, Sadaam Hussein etc had small penises… or like when a man drives dangerously or just generally treats people with disrespect it’s because his penis is small). Given this, maybe a guy with a small penis can better his soul (i.e. make himself less evil) by committing suicide, if and only if he also realized and realizes that if his spiritual worth is equal to the size of his penis as measured in cubic inches. I’m not going to kill myself this month so no need to rush your answer, I’m just curious to know your perspective and your readers’ perspectives on how I should kill myself, or if, perhaps, I’m better off creating deceit on earth (by pretending men with small penises aren’t evildoers, doomed to hell) so as to enjoy life as much as possible before my inevitable eternal damnation. Thoughts?
    Hellishly warm regards,

    1. I too am contemplating suicide. 4 circumference and almost 5 length. It’s funny how much discussion there is about size but no one talks about the actual size. I also wonder if this small dicked over life is just a test from God.

      1. To both EvilDick and Small I honestly don’t know why you both think a larger penis will make you happy or a good person. I have a 5 inch penis, and while it would be nice to have a huge one it doesn’t make me evil or really unhappy. Every guy who has a smaller penis needs to accept it and move on. There is nothing you can do to really affect the size so why waste all that emotion and energy over something you have absolutely no control over? My penis has never failed to give me lots of pleasure and 2 wonderful children. Have I been with women who I didn’t satisfy? Sure but the way I look at is if my 5 inch penis, my mouth and my hands can’t satisfy you then that’s your problem. Maybe you should take a look at men who are born with a micro penis and be thankful for what you do have.

      2. A big dick would be nice, but its no going to make you happy. I felt the same way for a couple of months until I found a new girl that likes my dick…. and you can tell!

        1. That’s like a poor man saying “money doesn’t buy you happiness.” Having a big thick penis, while having a lover with an even bigger penis, with hot girls ready to fuck, AND at the same time owning a successful business and having large amounts of money is like being God.

  52. Jeff I hope you read this. From reading your post you seem like a very kind hearted man. But just as you you said your wife deserves satifaction you deserve satifaction. Now I am good at reading people emotions but from reading your comment you dont sound satified with your wife fucking other men and not wanting to fuck you. I know I am just some random guy on the internet amd my opinion is could mean less to you but i would highly advise getting a divorce do your own sake.

  53. I have to say reading the comments I found what I was looking for the harsh truth of women nature. In regards to the women talking about evolutionary biology I agree with you every person deserves satisfaction. But you are telling me my role is to support a child that may or may not be mine, support a spouse that constantly cheats on me with another man, and do all this with dignity. I am sorry that is a role I can not and will not accept to do so would be accepting to live a life of torture as you are saying you have lived if not worse. If the you were a male would accept that life? I would like to think not. It makes it hard to believe in god becuase who would create us to be hard wired this way. I honestly dont even want to have kids anymore out of fear that my son might have a small penis and go through this hell.

    1. I know this is 9 months old, but I really hope you’ve subscribed to email updates. I have previously posted on the “10 reasons your ugly vagina…” blog article and absolutely never mentioned religion or anything similar, under the name “Just bein Real” about 4 months ago, but…I really want to reach out to you and anyone who is feeling like you were when you posted

      regarding the Bible/God
      1a. God had a perfect plan for Man (mankind), but
      1b. also gave Man/Woman freewill (if you were the master programmer of the universe, wouldn’t you want to create beings in your form who can choose to love or not to love, etc?)
      2. Mankind fucked all of this up
      3. Nothing evil or torturous is God’s idea or wish or part of his plan, that’s a misconception, he works through evil, but anyone who thinks someone is born, say, severely crippled like I was or…with some other deformity that can never be fixed or become catatonic and live the rest of there days like that has not actually read the Bible for themselves nor are they someone to have a serious talk about God about if you’re in a state of disbelief. That stuff, is of the devil (Satan, whatever you want to call him)
      4. The only hope is accepting the fact that God has three facets of His being and sent a part of Himself (God the Son) to live in the body and mind of Jesus and walked the Earth for the ultimate goal being to fulfill Old Testament prophecies, prove that hHe was God and the Messiah, and finally, that to be “saved” or “spared from damnation” was to believe, not offer sacrifices or follow Mosaic law to a T or any of that crap. Just, in a nutshell, our hope other than that is mercy from God while on this hellish earth and making the best of every moment we’re alive.

      I’m a woman, I’ve felt like you (and sometimes still do)–not just about God but definitely about accepting roles that I shouldn’t have to both sexually, gender-wise…just hope you read this to know someone cares enough to type a long-ass post at the expense of revealing personal, even embarassing, personal info in the hopes that you read it and take it to heart, with the hope a seed of faith, or at least hope, is taken from my post by you (or maybe even someone else…doesn’t matter, man, woman, straight, lgbt whatever, all across the board there are people with these very same issues and it seems so many times sex, along with money or lake thereof, is the root of all evil.

      God is real, please at least think about believing. Just think about it, in the grand scheme of things just where did nothing-ness come from? We still understand so little, and the more technology and science advances and the more we learn, it all begs more questions instead of satisfying us. We just keep looking for the ultimate answer to all, when the truth is, we’re looking for God, and whether thinking logically or not, only an all-knowing, all-powerful, omnipresentr/always-present God could be the answer. Most people have heart that a million times, and it comes off as so cliche, but for people who think Christianity is about becoming “sheeple”…that comes from these heavily-indoctrinated sects of Chrstianity that take their own perspective and brainwash.

      Anyway, and lastly I promise, I’ve understood and enjoyed all aspects of computers since age 7, and want to do something with that since so many ppl hate repetitive, evasive computer problems and I’m good and patient with those things, so please think about something you love doing that could in turn lead to a better life. I’m serious. That’s what I’m aiming for because having been married to a disabled man for 10 years to whom I almost became a widow to just 2 weeks before this last Christmas, having autistic twins and issues with my own self…and regardless of the many very real tangible obstacles in my way of going back to school that will take time to square away, I’ve gotta do something while I’m still a part of this rat-race called life–>I was thinking of Dennis Miller on Joe Dirt when he was beginning the interview with Joe Dirt/Dirte. God bless you, @a man who has lost faith in the world and anyone who happens to read this and resonate with it to any degree.

      1. *apologize for the numerous typos in prev. post; my Linux OS is stuck on UK autocorrect globally, not just on my browser, and didn’t take the time to go thru everything*

        Plus, felt the need to come back just to say, I know that archaeological evidence and such doesn’t seem to be reconcilable with Genesis especially, but I just want to say for credibility’s sake the Bible as we know it (not considering apocrypha or non-Canonical texts, etc) was written at the time, for the times and generations beyond…while maintaining genealogy and other very important parts of history deemed most important, within their own abilities, and obviously then and since future generations reject it and rejected for instance Jesus Himself even as He was doing supernatural things that could not have been accomplished at the time with technology or the means we have today..people have and always will reject God.

        Surely it’s logical to assume we as humans just can’t fathom what science seems to show co-existing with God’s absolute truths, such as, just when were humans endowed with souls? what about neanderthals, or other homo-sapien like beings that were so much like us…etc. But the Bible supports us just not knowing everything and being confused is supported through many specific verses (of course, needing being read in context) such as Deut. 29:29, Daniel 2:22…or in NT 1 Corinthians 2:10 and help me, at least, come to terms with there being major things humans aren’t even meant to understand nor able to.

        And to attempt explaining the very beginnings in scientific language would have definitely lacked credibility in ancient, Old Testament times and the historians, scribes, etc. were most interested in relaying and recording the main messages and events witnessed by Christs’ disciples and friends, revelations of the prophets and major Biblical events anyway.

    2. Just, lol, my replies are laughably off topic about “my new bf has a small penis”. But idc, your old post grabbed my attention after I read this girls’ question and while reading the comments. You can glean a lot about how people think from comments, so yes, I’m a comment reader, always.

  54. if you are distatisfied with your penis size, buy an extender, jelq, stretch, bathmate etc

    you can whine about it, but you can do about it.

    Just like you are fat, you hit the gym.

    im slowly going towards 7′ where i started with 5,5

    I had sex with both dicks, both sizes made my bedpartners cum

    Takes a shitload of time tho

  55. Thank god that not all women think that way, because my situation is EXACTLY the same. My girlfriend’s ex is 8″ & mine is 5″. She never mentioned it at first but I was on the same soccer team as him – he was renowned for his shlong. Eventually, I brought it up repeatedly – tortured by anxiety – & she admitted that his size made him amazing in bed but that she loved me so there was no choice. It still haunts me though – I don’t know what’s worse: women lying about size not mattering (except when they’re sniggering with their friends about a guy’s small cock) or putting everything in the open so everybody knows where everybody stands. Maybe getting well endowed to have BIG PRICK emblazoned on their foreheads would save everybody a lot of heartache.

  56. There is some interesting feedback here I must say. I am part of the small percentile fortunate enough to have a large member (a hair under 6″ flaccid and a hair under 9″ fully erect). I am 6 ft 4 and thin (although I have read height doesn’t matter with respect to penis sizes). I have been with the same girl for about 3 years now and needless to say, we have mind blowing sex, and she absolutely loves my member, as have most of the girls I’ve been with. Recently she told me she once blew off a guy roughly 1.5-2 inches larger than me and this has been bothersome, I feel like it has affected my pride, but to be honest, I really just take it out on her in the bedroom (guys, little advise, big or small, always put in 100% effort). I am not sure what the purpose of my post is but I just thought I would share, I have a feeling my girlfriend is a “big cock” lover and to be honest, those kind of girls do not make the best wife’s. I am concerned on a few levels but whatever, I have a very big dick and I guess I shouldn’t complain..

    Oh and guys, size isn’t everything, my best friend has a small member and he has banged probably 70-80 woman in his life, confidence and hard work go a long way..

  57. I’m about 5 1/4. Not big by any means and yes at times it has bothered me. My current girlfriend shows me so much affection it doesn’t matter. We talked about it openly once after she commented on a fantasy to feel a large penis. After getting over myself I decided to make it to a point of humor. If while walking together if we passed a man I’d say “did you just look at his crotch?”. Of course shed reply in shock. We’d tease each other and end up having mind blowing sex. I bought a large thick lifelike strap on and was able to use it on her once for about 10 seconds. It’s never been used again. She actually prefers what I have. She’s accustomed to it and orgasm regularly. So my advice is don’t ignore the elephant in the room. If it’s a deal breaker move on. Every one is different.

  58. I have to say, reading these comments makes me so happy I’ve never married. The crap these guys put up with is insane. They have to work like dogs, never show any weakness, keep her juices flowing year in and year out..and in the end she leaves him or cheats for a dick that is two inches bigger? Really? My dick is 6.75 inches..its never been called small..but I know it’s not a monster. If some woman ever left me over the size of my penis..I would laugh. Seriously, I would find that shit funny. I mean, would you really want her as the mother of your kids if she is willing to do that? I just turned 40 and I treat women like disposable sex objects. That’s all they are to me at this point. A vessel for my pleasure to be cast aside when I am done using them. And to the woman above that mentions evolutionary biology..yeah we get it. Women are hypergamous..they want the alpha male for the thrill, but settle down with the beta to raise her kids ater she hits the wall in her thirties. Well..guess what sweetie? Men are waking up to the true nature of woman..and we dont want you. Alpha, beta, zeta..we simply dont want used up cock carousel riders for girlfriends or wives. Your partner should leave you, kids or not and count his blessings that he didnt get in any deeper with you. That poor bastard.

  59. I hate when obviously “small” guys sit there like “some guy” and call women into question for being feminists, callus, demonic and irresponsible because we don’t want your smaller penis. I’m sorry what do any of those labels have to do with us as women and our personal preference? Men are all different sizes and so are women by trade.

    I also have broken down my partner with my anger and sexual frustration for his smaller penis and premature problems. I feel like it’s a bad date and he has no idea how to be a dominant male, even before my outspoken feelings. I told him I won’t cheat and I mean that but I wish I could every day. I’m so horny and he is so not feeling my needs (yes, pun intended). Love is bullshit; it keeps you there while you keep yourself unhappy and unsatisfied. Why couldn’t he be dominant?! Why can’t his penis be larger?!

    Our son is one and here we are in the shitty mess. We worked a lot before him and the shitty sex life was manageable but with the same problems as before in a smaller way. My doctor and other men before me told me I had a very tight bag one which is why we were ok before said kid but even after doing kegels I am still not really feeling him the way I want to. I DON’T care about length as much as girth because of what the article mentions for women. My vagina is not blown out or overly-gapped and even when I tell him that it could be me, he says “No……honestly, your vagina is still really tight; not as tight as before but still tighter than the girls before.” It isn’t a farce, I couldn’t even get a tampon up there before the laboring of my son…which is why we worked in the first place.

    I can see why women cheat. I never knew the possible reasons for their unhappiness. Poor things. The guys want to think we are evil, but we are not, we are just deeply unsatisfied. When you know what satisfaction really is, it’s like be punished your whole life!

    In evolutionary biology, we learned something some odd years ago that stuck with me. In lamest terms, women want high testosterone driven men with extreme sexual dimorphism to have sex with and bear the children while we prefer low testosterone, submissive males to care for the children and marry. So yeah, I guess we are bitches; we want the caring, “I’ll do anything for you guy (who is clearly compensating)” and the huge hulk of a man who can make you feel protected and satisfied with his demeanor and well ya know….hmmm.

    It’s nature for women to want that and the reason both still exist and one group hasn’t been evolutionized (obviously not a real word) is because we want to feel love in both ways. We want it all in one man and I’ve been very close to one but he was still a dick, yes both literally and figuratively.

    1. No real man wants to hear your “feminist” tripe. While you’re ranting about “gender equality” I’m being a naughty little submissive girl who begs your husband to put his 9″ up my ass and treat me rough at the same time. Oh and I’m a bi male, 7.5″ too. Learn your place, get to your safe space. “Feminists” have a magic ability to turn 8″ into 4.” Admit “gender equality is a myth” and watch it grow honey

  60. I hate when obviously “small” guys sit there like “some guy” and call women into question for being feminists, callus, demonic and irresponsible because we don’t want your smaller penis. I’m sorry what do any of those labels have to do with us as women and our personal preference? Men are all different sizes and so are women by trade.

    I also have broken down my partner with my anger and sexual frustration for his smaller penis and premature problems. I feel like it’s a bad date and he has no idea how to be a dominant male, even before my outspoken feelings. I told him I won’t cheat and I mean that but I wish I could every day. I’m so horny and he is so not working for me anymore. Love is bullshit; it keeps you while keeping yourself unhappy and unsatisfied. Why couldn’t he be dominant?! Why can’t his penis be larger?! Our son is one and before it was ok but it was never great….we franks little too much when we graduated college and voila. Our lives aren’t were we want them to be.

    I can see why women cheat. I never knew the possible reasons for their unhappiness. Poor things. The guys want to think we are evil, but we are not, we are just deeply unsatisfied. When you know what satisfaction really is,it’s like be punished your whole life!

    In evolutionary biology, we learned something some odd years ago that stuck with me. In lamest terms, women want high testosterone driven men with extreme sexual dimorphism to have sex with and bear the children while we prefer low testosterone, submissive males to care for the children and marry. So yeah, I guess we are bitches; we want the caring, “I’ll do anything for you guy (who is clearly compensating)” and the huge hulk of a man who can make you feel protected and satisfied with his demeanor and well ya know….hmmm.

    It’s nature for women to want that and the reason both still exist and one group hasn’t been evolutionized (obviously not a real word) is because we want to feel love in both ways. We want it all in one man and I’ve been very close to one but he was still a dick, yes both literally and figuratively.

  61. I’m the proud owner operator of a handsome 5 inch Caucasian penis. 5 years ago I met the woman of my dreams. I perused her with every ounce of my being. I asked, she said yes, we married. I was happy. Sex was sweet, not perfect, but I did not care. Having her in my life made me happy. Not so for her. She strayed. We went to counseling. Size issue was put on the table. She wanted more. Counselor advised. We tried everything. Reconciled. She strayed again. Divorced after 5 years. Hearts at half-mast. Her lover moved into my old house after 30 days. I tail spun down, lost my way, my self confidence gone. I prayed, prayed again, and when I was done, I prayed some more. Two years later, the Calvary finally arrived in the form of a pretty brown eyed woman. She found me and dug me out of the deep pit and never looked back. Trust grew. I rocked her in my arms every night for 6 months. No intercourse. I was scared. She wasn’t. She was right. Ultimately had the best intercourse of my life! She thinks I just say that to make her happy, but it’s true, it’s amazing. Her vagina seems smaller and shallower than my other lovers. I feel like I fill her completely, even to the point where she sometimes asks me to not “thrust so deeply”. Me Tarzan you Jane, I love it. Life is sweet, my Girl is sweet, she made all the difference to me! Once again the world spins in well grease grooves.
    My ex is single again, Her lover moved on after a year. Still a pretty woman. Any of you well hung men out there should look her up. She has a real nice house.

  62. My wife hates my little penis.4.5.length 4.25 girth.i alow her hve sex with well hung men.she needs to feel like a woman.thats hard to do with a guy that looks like a little boy down there.my little penis is such a turn off to her she has no desire to allow me to enter her

    1. That is funny. I am around 4″ and my wife is also having sex with better hung guys. I actually encouraged her and I am not mad. I just want her to be sexually fulfilled and this is one of the things I just cannot do for her. In the end it is just sex. She has sex with another guy once or twice a week but the rest of the time we are as happy as we can be together.

  63. Women are proving how calus,morally bankrupt and demonic they really are in this thread.Funny how the feminists empower themselves by eviscerating men on this topic endlessly online.Keep continuing to an already out-of-control male suicide rate in america you irresponsible losers you effing make me sick !

  64. I agree with uknown about female circumcision, which is contributes immensely both to a woman’s hygiene and is also the mark of a healthy society that cultivates refinement and civility. We shouldn’t hate women who reject a chode (very short penis) anymore than we should scorn shrewd and well reasoning men who recognize when a girl wishes to give her body over to pleasure and so takes his turn. Just don’t marry! Ha ha!

    Have fun!

  65. I have to say as a man having a small penis is about as frustrated as it gets, 5 1/2 on a good day, what makes it worse is my brother and dad both are bigger than me soft than i am fully erect.(i feel as though I am cursed) I have very low self esteem, I don’t enjoy sex cause I’m to anxious. Cant figure out why any girl would want to be with a guy with low self esteem and a small penis anyway, so I gave up long ago.. Very very frustrated, what makes it worse is I’m 6’2 195lbs blue eyes, and considered a good looking guy,, I have turned down many very attractive girls over the years, cause I’m to ashamed and just feel I will be a disappointment,,, It just sucks, I would really like to know what if feels like to be proud of your penis Instead of feeling like I want to just remove it so I can take that option out of my life and have no reason to even think about it. Its worthless anyway

  66. Might I add that I have been with a guy with a small penis but there was great chemistry and great kissing and foreplay and another guy who had a long and of reasonable girth penis and there was great chemistry and kissing, not much foreplay but he could manage a lot of different positions because of his extra length. Sex with my husband is mind blowing because of his girth, great oral skills and always making sure I orgasm first. My point is, you can have great sex with any size penis as long as their are other enjoyable factors. Sex isn’t the same with everyone but it can be great in different ways and if you’ve got a great connection the sex is always going to be great :0)

  67. My husband is 6″ long and 6″ circumference. I think it’s all about the girth. I also think it’s about chemistry and great oral skills help too. I believe we are a very judgemental society and put way too much emphasis on what we want in others instead of concentrating on being a decent human being and finding someone that you can be happy with. Just be yourself and drop the preconceptions :0)

  68. I’m reading through the comments and all I’m hearing is about how shallow women are about the size–
    I’m working so hard at this relationship, and it’s great!
    However, 9 months of him being satisfied/me not getting off= waring thin.
    I came here looking for genuine advice not to read about why this makes me a terrible woman.

  69. This is bull!


    My bf is like 4″ tops- and NO GIRTH.

    I have NEVER EVER had such a terrible time in the bedroom.
    I need SERIOUS help!! I really like him– it’s been about 9 months and I’ve tried so many different things, and I don’t want to hurt his feelings.


  70. I understand this dilemma for a woman. I’m a guy with a small penis only 5 inches. If a woman needs a well endowed man to satisfy her she shouldn’t have to apologize for it. Ladies guys like us we know we’re small & sometimes inadequate. It’s hard but life ain’t fair, so I tell a woman to be brutally honest so she doesn’t resent me, I’ll use a pump (they do work, albeit temporarily) or an extension, but if that don’t work, maybe we’re not compatible, I’ve even let some of my ex gf be with a well endowed men, just so she is pleased, but that never works, my point is if you have a small penis deal with it, I’ve learned to, I’m confident but there are some women I can’t please with my 5 inch penis, that’s life, if she can deal with it she’ll stay, if she can’t she’ll leave, that’s life. Ladies don’t apologize if you need a big penis…

  71. Terry I wish there was a way to contact you. I see your frustration..I felt the same way about men…lol. Honestly i would want your size so please don’t close the door just yet. The problem is we always fall for the wrong lovers. Remember though God is powerful…God also represent the church darling.

  72. Proof that if your a guy and you want to get married marry a girl who is christian and a virgin. I think guys with big ones go around having sex with all the loose women. They are the ones women talk about when they say they want a confident guy. A guy with a big one has confidence and that’s where he gets it so they are the guys who ask girls out. Average guys are shy and so if your average then go to church find a virgin and Marry her. I’m not saying anything bad about non virgins I’m just say don’t marry one unless your hung and if your hung your not going to marry because you get it for free every day.

  73. @ uknown: You’re right women are very very cruel.They are the main reason I’ve been severely depressed almost all my life.

  74. I’ m boarderline 7′ in length,5.2 circumferance and I still feel inadequate,guys this is what women do to us!!!We should not tolerate their pigish ways any longer.And for the people who say:”size doesn’t matter”,k it does.Cause whats happens if a well-endowed man is also good at love making?He’ll beat out the smaller man every time…just a fact.And for the under average guys who will say:”Dude you’re above average,why are you complaining?”Fisrtly above average does not in fact necessarily mean “big” I’m sure most women hold average or a little above to be small.I just can’t see myself wanting to be someone,knowing that if she did get a taste of “big cock” I would be of very little (pun intended) desire for her.Now I just want to be alone,maybe have a one night stand here and there,leave and never look back.Love is a dead dream anyways…idk.I actually don’t have a desire to go out and meet women anymore,and as a result I don’t care to have sex anymore…I just masturbate alot now.Assisted suicide should be legalized,for people like me who don’t have the guts to pull the trigger I just want that perfect peace,no emotions,no worries or fears,no standards or expectation to live up to.Just nothing,hehe it seems so nice when I think about it,and I do…alot.No one would care anyway,just one less undesirable in world I guess.In fact I wouldn’t care…not at all.

  75. It’s quiet distressing to read how some women can really be quiet, might I say “perdantic” about the size of a penis.. I have an extremely average 5.1/2 – 6 inch penis and from a majority of what I’ve read average is not good enough these days. Just a word to the ladies look for your average guy because let me tell you he’s willing to go further to please you. I really enjoy reading this though I feel for men who are rejected for size too me it just seems shallow.. I think things like this should be kept to to ones self because it seems like another one of those bigger is better generalisations. This aggravates me I’m sure women could address some more important issues in a relationship foremost. Rather then what his sporting under his draws.. Perhaps im ranting..

    It just looks grim when people are so shallow.. Urgh, go eat some makeup so you can be beautiful on the inside.. No. I don’t mean that’… That’s just mean, maybe some women should just be patient and give there smaller bloke a chance that’s all I’m saying…


  76. fellas with 3 inch dicks can be blissful at sex
    they can be awful
    8 inch can be mindblowing
    they can be hideously painful
    any can be growers or showers or respond to different things, different positions
    i read recently vaginas are only about 4′
    we can accomodate
    it’s not about dick size!
    it’s about chemistry, relationship, being in the mood! compromise with toys or finishing with different activities if you like him. both do pelvic floor exercises and shake it up. different guys root differently and diff positions might feel just as great, you just have gotten used to sex being a specific way

    you might be unable to root your soulmate when you’re 90 anyways so why not go for someone you just enjoy hanging out with hey

    love from a young chick who does not speak for all women just as any dude doesn’t speak for all dudes

  77. If you know the penis size after the first date, maybe penis size isn’t the reason you’re still dating. Just sayin’.

  78. well each to their own ,but to all these woman who say size isn’t important bla blah well I hope u have had lots of different sizes to back up your statement.If u have only had a few dicks in your life u have no right to comment,,

    Ive had many and do prefer something over 6 for sure,,giving head to a 4 is so not a turn on the 8 inch yum yum lol each to there own if your happy with a 4 inch good for u ,,if you want a big boy go for it I can understand,,men like skinny women men like fat women,,some girls like boig dick some don’t care,,there is no right or wrong answer here its personal choice..

    and yes I have not had a second date because of a small penis,,

    1. love is what matters, not penis size. It is far better for a man to live his life with a small penis than for a woman to live her life with no heart.

  79. my penis is 3 1/2″. i’ve never had any complaints to my face. shallow question. if a man wrote a letter about dating large breasted women it would be blasted by feminists.

  80. I belong to a s. California nudist resort and at 5-8, 150 lbs. with a good tanned build. I enjoy some nice looks from women, single and married. I’m blessed with a curved 7 incher when hard and I’ve been told that my nickname should be “Mr. Well-Hungo”–sometimes I have to be careful about not growing a nice hard on when in conversation with a hot woman.

  81. Women are by far and wide the more shallow sex. I have never seen a man dump a woman or run away from them for having a weird looking vagina or nipples, looser vagina, smaller breasts, no ass, etc…despite those things making sex less pleasurable for the man.

    Anyhow, if you need an 8″ inch penis to feel pleasure chances are excellent that you have much larger/looser vagina than average. The fault is not with your average-sized man here.

  82. Topics like this make men of any endowment feel insecure. I won’t go into details but I’m one of those lucky ” ” guys with an above average endowment more so in length than in girth. The message that women send out when they make posts like this easily send feelings of insecurity. As a person, you’ll never be good enough. The reasoning behind this is no matter who you date there is always someone bigger or better out there or both. What does it take to satisfy you? There are tons of ways to “get off” and being realistic having an open relationship or an open sex life is key. I personally do not see the size of a penis as an issue, We have other tools to satisfy our partners. There are toys, stimulating lubricants,aphrodisiacs… I mean there are a plethora of things at our disposal. Reading things like this really make me feel like some women are super shallow and I live in a world where princess penistoosmall thinks no one is good enough. Because somewhere out there Mr 15″ is waiting to pick you up and drill away. Well all I got to say is, good luck.

  83. @Paddy I’m really happy for you that you found a wife that has been so great a partner to you for so many years. A woman is fully capable of making the best out of a situation. When she loves a man enough, she wouldn’t stray nor would she ever share that she’s ever disappointed in her sex life with a mate of below average size. She accepts her man for who he is and if that means never being completely satisfied, she’ll do that out of love. But that doesn’t mean she might not have a dildo somewhere.

  84. I often hear men and women say that penis size matters it’s got to big blah blah blah WELL LET ME TELL YOU I have been happily married to my lovely wife for 28 years we have a fully enjoyable sex life we have never strayed either of us and my penis is only 41/2 “long we have two children and both me and my wife have a very good and enjoyable sex life no regrets no problems so for those of out there who think just because your penis is not massive don’t worry

  85. ^ A thesis on gender relations, from a guy who thinks that men prefer female circumcision? Which doctoral program are you in, exactly?

  86. You know I’ve had the opportunity to read this whole thread and was highly disappointed. I’m actually putting together a thesis on how women and men relate sexually to each other.

    I thought men could be mean toward woman but I’ve found women to be a lot worse in the category of cruelty.I wonder if American women in particular understand the pressure they put on men? They want a wide girth, above average length, circumcised, penis from a guy who gives good oral sex, not lazy in the bed and can go all night long. This is a perfect man to most American women and they should shoot for this if they so desire – but I ask what if the man require the same of a woman?

    A man wants a circumcised woman (women get stigma as well and vagina stinks horribly bad just like an uncut penis when not clean properly) – because of that women should get circumcised (don’t say its not the same because it is actually – but women have more skin depending on the size of the Labia or the clit and hood). A man wants good oral sex, not lazy in the bed (most women are – horribly selfish but men don’t say it unless you ask them in secret), natural DD’s, small vagina with a normal size clitoris. Not all of the excess meat hanging off the vagina. Women don’t like the extra skin from an uncut penis – why should a man like all of the extra skin on a woman?

    I find it extremely interesting that the very things a woman don’t like in a man – she has the same issues. When I see threads dealing with women complaining about a man size – you must ask does he complain about the size of your vagina? Women want these 8’s and women want small vaginas. I wish I could go into the details of my book – but I’m more upset with the women post because we don’t understand our selfishness. We don’t understand that men have the same rights to have the same request of us.

    The things we hate about men – we must make sure that we don’t carry that problem or we are hypocrites and that includes circumcision as well. If it seems to painful, absurd and foolish to suggest a woman have circumcision – if you think its foolish for a woman to cut off some of her most sensitive part of her vagina just like a man is required by women to cut of 20 thousand sensitive nerves then you should reconsider what you ask of a man and ask yourself – am I willing to do the same for him?

    We have become a selfish gender and we demand what we are not willing to give of ourselves. Think and if your not a sexist you will see that we have been programmed with a gender based idea that sadly needs to be fixed. Why are women forced and could go to jail if they don’t wear a shirt but the very thing that attracts women to men when is a nice chest and able – men have exposed. Or better yet would you be comfortable if a woman with great breast walk around your husband exposed? How does that make men feel when a man with great abs and chest walk around his wife or girlfriend exposed; daily?

  87. @Rebekah: Thanks for the laugh, that was pretty funny! You know, for a moment there, I was thinking, “Wow, I feel so inexperienced … I have no idea what a ‘cornfed’ penis is, let alone why it’s not any fun!” hahaha

  88. I’ve had a small penis so small that I ran…and never talked to the guy again. Boy did I feel awful but what can you do? I’ve had average penises that were too narrow and could barely feel anything. I’ve had great penises that were perfect and fantastic, would love to have made a dildo out of a couple. I’ve also had a really large penis that wasn’t pleasant. I’ve had one that cornfed, not fun. Had one that was smaller at the top than the base…eh. For all that, what im really looking for is a kind man, a gentle man, a thoughtful man, one who loves animals, could live without having kids, and who is God thinking. And for that, I’m negotiable. But the great ones I’ll never forget and there are some that no matter how great the man is I can’t handle. Will I ever find the right match? Maybe, maybe not. I don’t mind either way. Just am ok with what life brings or doesn’t.

  89. All i can say is that you dont have to have a large penis i am chubby and my pennis is 6or7 but all the girls ive been whith have told me that they enjoyed the sex the trick is. On the shape of your pennis. Mine is curved girls love curved pennis i and you need to know how to ejaculate a girl she will love it truth

  90. What strange responses to her question! Four to six- inch penises are NORMAL size, while the over seven-incher was above average. Not only should “size queen” know that, but everyone else should too. Sex articles and stories with pictures almost always have guys with large cocks as models, mostly because the average-sized guys don’t volunteer to be shown in them. Consider this: Millions of women have had sex with men having penises UNDER six inches long and most probably had orgasms–or didn’t make it a topic of discussion. furthermore, oral sex only became widely practiced in the last 40 years or so, which meant many women must have gone unsatisfied in history while depending only on penis size to gain pleasure.

  91. Hold on Joe. Just because the woman who wrote this letter wants men to tattoo their penis size on their wrist, don’t generalize and include the rest of us in that category. I’ll tell you what women want. Women want a man who is HONEST, who doesn’t play games, who can love them for WHO THEY ARE, and who happens to be passionate in bed. A man doesn’t have to have a massive donkey dick to be passionate, just how a woman doesn’t have to be stick thin or “fit” to know exactly what she’s doing in bed. I would much, much rather have men come with “LIAR” or “PLAYER” tattooed on their foreheads instead, so that women would know to stay away.

  92. So women want all men to tattoo there penis size on their body huh! Okay, I think all women should get a tattoo that lists the projected number of pounds they plan to gain once married. Fair is fair. This way if a guy sees a three digit number he can run away.

  93. She has a hugh vagina, that’s the problem, as soon as your new boyfriend finds out he will dump you for sure….lol

  94. Emmett it is not occurring as I browse this blog.
    And as far as women being flawed in charachter just becausd they prefer a thick meatier lengthier than most sized dick….I think that is simply personal preference and to attack a woman simply due to her preference seems a tad malicious. Yes she needs to give the little man proper respect and yes she needs to find out why her genitals do not respond to small dicks attempted stimulation but that doesn’t make her flawed…just unaware and/or narrowminded..cheers

  95. I do not know whether it’s just me or if perhaps everyone else experiencing issues with your blog. It appears like some of the written text within your posts are running off the screen. Can somebody else please provide feedback and let me know if this is happening to them too? This might be a issue with my web browser because I’ve had this
    happen before. Thank you

  96. Keep.pursuing that man, ull never get him that way…u are a generic woman with low self confidence and an inflated ego with vanity..u need to develop the qualities you want in ur partner in YOU first.u need to become the woman that perfect man would want If you don’t have that relationship with the perfect man then you don’t have the necessary qualities yet to have that type of relationship..its quite simple…stop looking OUTSIDE OF U ,ITS time U TAKE RESPONSABILITY FOR URSELF LIKE THE
    have ur dream relationship it means u
    settled in ur past 2 relationships.stop
    contradicting urself. like I said before
    success not something you can pursue
    its only something you can attract to you
    based on the person that you become

    So ask yourself why would the perfect man be interested in you I mean after all based on the results to getting it clearly shows that your woman with low self confidence with vanity with no options or else you wouldn’t have to successful
    breakup yet you believe that the perfect
    man should be interested in a woman
    like you and yet you don’t have the
    necessary qualities to have the perfect
    relationships because you haven’t
    developed the necessary qualities that u want in.ur partner in URSELF YET,so thats why u were in 2 flawed relationshil and it.led to 2 successful breakups, again very uncharacteristic of a confident woman, but again u still young u can change, if u dont develop these qualities,u might be lucky to find the perfect man,but
    the perfect man will soon realize that he wont settle for U since u lack the qualities that he wants ….so then he will sat “lets be friends”and u can add another breakup to ur failed relationshil while u look around and see all these confident women in their dream relationships wondering why u dont have it…..Start developing urself….coz the perfect man has developed himself
    So should u or else say goodbye to the manof UR DREAMS…..CHEERS

  97. Be serious size princess, u cant fool me and give me advice n confidence- a woman like u with such.mediocre results in her love life shouldnt give advice on confidence, the same way i wouldnt take nutrition advice from a fat person at macdonalds


  98. To size princess, hope u take my advice, u want basically the pefect man, a perfect man the way u described would never be single, a man who is single is someone who lacks those qualities and those are the men available to u…u claim to be a confident womem who doesnt settle, then why settle to.date a guy who is immature, where are ur options? U want a well-endowed man, what if he was a great lover but average in the sack, why is it a necessity to have a guy with a big dick, also shows that u must be loose dowm there,whyuwould a well-ENDOWED man want that?

  99. to Mustlovedogs-u said u haven’t had the relationshio you wanted for a long time-well that’s because you lacked confidence for a long time just like sizeprincess,u don’t have the necessary qualities to have the relationship of your dream, if u want a partner that’s hones, open, adventurous, humurous, and who is good in bed, then you need to develop these QUALITIES IN YOURSELF , YOU HAVE TO BECOME THE RELATIONSHIP THAT YOU DREAM OF, not blame the partner that you dated that didn’t measure to your standards of deservingness, u prolly want the perfect man yet you are so imperfect yourself, if you yourself possesss all the qualities that you would want in your partner, you would be in that TYPE OF RELATIONSHIP, if you are not in the type of relationship that you DREAM OF, then you don’t have THE QUALITIES AT LEAST YET TO BE IN THAT TYPE OF RELATIONSHIP, It’s that simple….stop looking outside of yourself and changing the result, the result is outside of you, look inside of you, you are holding YOURSELF BACK….ITS TIME YOU TAKE RESPONSABILITY FOR YOUR POOR CHOICES

  100. hi size princess, i gotta to say, you toned it down quite a bit, looks like i humbled u down…thank you for humbling down, u said “u broke up with your boyfriend over immaturity” remember that you cannot see flaws in other people THAT YOU DON’T HAVE FOR YOURSELF”, read about a PARADIGM, PARADIGM CONTROLS YOUR LOGIC, THE AMOUNT OF MONEY YOU MAKE, YOUR PERCEPTION OF SITUATIONS AND EVEN YOUR RELATIONSHIPS, so if U SEE IMMATURITY IN THAT GUY THAT U DATED, THEN IT MEANS THAR YOUR PARADIGM CONTAINS IMMATURITY, ITS THE SAD TRUTH,paradigm is a subconcious conditionning or programming that happens to us mainly in the first 6 yrs of our life, so everything i said had some truths, that’s why u humbled down, but the problem is its subconcious, so u are unaware of it, so if u have 2 successful break-ups, not successful relationships, your paradigm decided that, not u sweetheart, you are only concious only 5% of the time, you are unconcious 95% OF THE TIme, u still think all i said was bullshit,YOUR PARADIGM DICTATES THE TYPE OF RELATIONSHIP YOU HAVE, and your paradigm is a subconcious condionning that you got from other people/family,media, friends, so you are not having the relationship you desire, you are in the relationship that you have been programmed by your peers to be in…so much for being confident when u have no free will in the relationships you’ve been in….and if u dont change your paradigm, then you will continue to have break-ups, STOP LOOKING OUTSIDE OF YOURSELF FOR THE RESULTS THAT YOU ARE HAVING IN YOUR RELATIONSHIPS/STOP BLAMING THAT GUY FOR WHY U BROKE UP WITH HIM.u didn’t break up with him, you paradigm dictated that.so when i mentioned all this things in my previous comment, well its true,your paradigm have your beliefs whether limiting or empowering, if u have 2 breaks ups in your relationships, then YOU have limiting beliefs, has nothing to do with your ex bf. conciously you might say your confident, but sub-conciously the other limiting beliefs about who you are and how you perceive yourself will control u.so i have 2 break-ups in your relationship, u MUST CHANGE YOUR PARADIGM, I Hope u understand what im taking about ….confident women have breaks ups….especially not 2 and other small relationships in between.hope this is not too much of a shock to u right now, u prolly thought that u used your free-will and confidence to make the decisions that you made but sorry , the paradigm controls the beliefs which controls the feelings which dictates the actions which then creates the results you are getting in your life but U DONT NOTICE IT because its’s subconcious, meaning below-conciousness, develop yourself, u lack confidence due to your limiting beliefs lurking in your paradigm, u cant be confident and have limiting beliefs, ask yourself are u living your dream life, have your dream car, dream, house ,dream relationship, dream body, dream, social life, if not , limiting beliefs in your paradigm exists causing a lack of self confidence….. sorry to break it to you….here’s some advice for you take on your journey…

    have a good life
    lots of love

    cheers look forr

  101. To size princess- read your first comment- THATS A RANT – but tp bring out facts 2-3 yr raltionship is not sucessful relationships- u said u broke up over immaturity- U ATTRACT WHO U ARE, WHY WOULD a confident woman date an immature person?see sweetheart u can be confident and give your consent to date a guy who is immature, if hes immature all the.signs were there u didnt see it, why?very uncharacteristic of a confident woman, dont u think?but i do agree that people are attacking u, but what u say doesnt make sense,want proof, do u know what a paradigm is? Read about it, you will see what i mean

  102. I agree that size princess may be a little insensitive but I don’t think she’s completely out of line here. I too am somebody who knows what I want, and after years of not getting it, I will now only settle for a man that I have decided to be the most compatible with me. There are a lot of mysogynists in this thread. Men who boast about how they are the perfect gentlemen, handsome, so great to their partner yet due to their average penis, and being rejected as a result, are jaded, not so nice Mr Nice Guys. Yet these same men will slut-shame women for being confident and sexual even accusing them of being disposable toys in essence. Threatened by confident, albeit maybe arrogant women that they believe to be deserving of being worn down to nothing. We’re all on different paths in life here. Instead of cutting down somebody who doesn’t share your views or even personality, maybe we should spend our energy finding somebody who does whether that be a girl with DD breasts, bubble butt; a man with a 10 inch penis; etc. Or the humble girl next door. This thread is so full of hate it is disturbing.

  103. For folks that didn’t catch on at some point in young adulthood: claiming that >7″ is virtually all she’s ever seen means, to be blunt, that she’s either horrible at ‘eyeballing’ measurements, has had very few partners, or has had few (if any) partners and is making BS claims based on porn (or what friends into porn have told her) in order to seem experienced.

    It’s similar to the way a lot of teenagers get the impression that “everyone” is having sex, and thus make statements suggesting that they’re sexually active in order to not seem like a “loser.” I’ve known a few people that still tried to make themselves sound more active than in reality as adults, but they’re always the ones whose self-esteem comes from attracting others sexually…

    Keep that kind of thing in mind if some gal claims that under 6.5″ is tiny… Or envision the story my mother periodically likes to recount from her hippie days: a guy-friend that spent the night post-party at the house she & friends rented climbed naked into one of the girl’s beds in hope of some nookie, and she was willing until she noticed how big he was (I think it was like 10″) — at which point the entire house heard her screaming in horror “get that giant THING away from me!!” So you might only be average in size, but at least chances are that no woman will scream in horror upon sight. 🙂

  104. Isn’t all about attraction? Can’t women be attracted to a snall penis? I mean its bigger than their clit and lesbian kovers don’t even have a penis involved in their. lovemaking..right?

  105. Ugh! Hate having this problem, honestly the only guy I’ve been with who’s penis is smaller than my hand (wrist to tip which is 6 1/2 inches.. We dont nees a ruler TJ^^^) but hes perfect! Head is amazing tho… :/

  106. Lilly:
    “In truth I knew only 3 guys who were under the 7′ mark. Two were 16, one was 17. ”

    LOL, I’m always hearing this kind of shit. And yet, I have never once had a girl take a ruler to my dick.

  107. ^ Well, she married you, so you should consider yourself lucky that you found a woman with the perfect vagina for your penis.

  108. My wife continually tells me that my penis is perfect. But I just don’t buy it. I’m about 4.5-5 inches long and about 4.5 inches girth. She was with 3 other men before me and says 2 were bigger and one was smaller. She also says that the biggest was only 6 long and just a little thicker than me. Is it possible that she only thinks I’m ok because she hasn’t had a huge one? Or is she just saying I’m perfect to make me feel better? I have confidence issues, but her vagina feels tight to me and I can’t get but 2 fingers in. She says 3 hurts really bad. Should I just consider myself lucky that I found a small vagina for my small penis, or should I worry that deep down she really wants more?

  109. Gotta weigh in here folks……………..We all have our preferences. This relationship is starting out and if penis size is very important, then it’s not going to work for her. If you fall in love and love everything else about him, then there are toys. The old expression ‘it’s not the size of your ship it’s how you sail it’, in my opinion is true. Look on the positive side, he may be perfect for anal sex – I wouldn’t want 8″ up there! Don’t let that be a drawback. 4″ to 6″ is a normal size. If you like the guy, then go for it. There’s more to sex than penis size!

  110. According to most statistics, I have an exactly average penis size. It’s too bad that there aren’t statistics about average vagina size and musculature. And I do know about the doctrinaire view that a vagina can stretch or shrink to fit any size penis, and I call bullshit on that. There are limits in both directions, and I think much depends on the woman’s genetic makeup and physical conditioning. Some women simply have great pelvic muscles, just like some guys are born to have washboard abs. Other women have weak pelvic muscles, and Kegels can help there. Vaginal delivery of children can have a large impact, and that also depends a lot on genetics and conditioning. One thing that no amount of Kegels can help is the effect of vaginal delivery on the rugae, the folds in the vaginal lining that often get “ironed out” by childbirth. Ask any good OB-GYN.

    I have been with women who have had children and were very tight, and yes, there was plenty of foreplay and lubrication, so it wasn’t that. Sometimes they were simply too tight and it was uncomfortable for both of us. I have no idea how they had vaginal deliveries and were still that tight. That’s why I think genetics is involved.

    I have also been with women – some in my youth, so it wasn’t age – who never had children and yet whose vagina was so wide relative to my girth that I almost didn’t touch sides. And that didn’t feel good. Sure, one can compensate, but it’s not the same as a good fit.

    I was with one woman who lubricated so copiously that it took away sensation, even though she was a snug fit.

    And like Goldilocks, I have at times been lucky enough to find a fit that was “just right”. Those times were heavenly.

    I can sympathize with the size queens. If there is a serious girth mismatch, it can be frustrating for both partners. But I wonder why it’s always a case of the penis being too small and never the vagina too big? I think there’s lots of “dickism” going on in the world, and us guys end up with all the responsibility for having the right sized equipment. It just ain’t so – it works both ways. It’s worth bearing in mind that the bell curve works against people who deviate too far from the norm, so average sized guys have more chance of finding a good fit than those at either extreme.

    As a closing comment, I will say that there are some women – alas, all too few – who have (for me) an intoxicating combination of snugness, lubrication, velvety vaginal texture, responsiveness, and passionate and loving natures. Would I reject a woman who did not have all this? No. Does fit play an important part? Absolutely. If there is a serious size mismatch, as many women here will tell you, it can ruin the sex and the relationship. But that’s true of any serious mismatch, including how passionate you both are.

  111. I would like to say there is nothing wrong with a preference but you should be a bit more sensitive to people’s feelings. I personally don’t need anything that big. Making love is supposed to be pleasurable not painful. I dated a well endowed fellow and I could never have an orgasm bc it hurt so bad, all I could think abt was when it would be over and I would ask him to stop but all he cared abt was getting him “getting off” didn’t care that I was hurting.

  112. We all have requirements that equal a standard of what’s acceptable. Hopefully women will stop and take time to learn how it must feel to be with someone who’s standards you cannot meet. Its pretty shallow. to play sneaky secret “please me…its all about me” games with men whom cannot meet your standards or expectations . Perhaps women should start becoming well versed in ways to enjoy EVERY SINGLE TINY OR GIGANTIC dick they come across. No? And as far as the “Omg I can’t even feel it” excuse….that’s just ridiculous. I mean I don’t have a pussy but common sense tells me that if women just get their own clit to become aroused to the point of massive hardness then pretty much any tpuch to it whether by a largely endowed or smally endowed man will send you over the edge. If its a mental thing…condition your responses to be less egotistical. then maybe the mere fact that you are engaging in any sexual contact will heighten your clitoral response.

  113. What i find interesting is the question “does size matter”. A man has to have a good job, make good money, be in good shape, provide etc etc, and then what? A big penis? and if he doesn’t he has to me a magician in the bedroom? lol! The presupposition here is that men were created as slaves to women and its all about us matching up. Hell a woman can sleep and still a man could orgasm with her. We have to perform(get hard) where does it end. I’ve yet to hear, SHE needs to know what she’s doing” why is it a mans responsibility to be incredible at everything? Don’t be so damn lazy women! What is it that you’re offering? Its not all about men pleasing women, it works both ways. Do something. At the very least take responsibility for your own orgasm, don’t put the burden on our shoulders, we carry the burden of society as well as fight the wars. So men stop kissing ass! And if ANY woman ever says to you, “Who are going to satisfy with that?” Look her in the eye and say, “ME”… Any woman who loves you will not give a damn. And if you really love a woman she can be flat chested and it won’t matter. If that sounds alien to you, you ain’t never been in love! Cheers! 🙂

  114. Honestly, as a woman, I am sure that the penis size will always matter in the case it is too small,I won’t feel anything, I won’t even know when it is inside or outside!! If it is too big, It will be painful for sure, so a regular size, around 6” (not less, maybe a little more) is essential for any liberated-mind modern woman. Unless you find a surrealistic angel who is not driven by passion, which is what lots of men like the most. So I think you should find maybe a girl with a small body size if you have a small penis. If she’s regularly sized and not a virgin, you won’t satisfy her. I had sex yesterday with a guy and his dick was the smallest thing ever and I seriously got depressed because when you have sex is because you are looking for satisfaction and giving yourself for that, and when this happens is awful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just want a regular size 😛

  115. Also, I’m really done with guys saying that anything over 5 inches is above “above average” or freakishly huge. In truth I knew only 3 guys who were under the 7′ mark. Two were 16, one was 17. Really I mean not saying they weren’t amazing lovers (young guys have SO much stamina lol) but just stop, just because you feel inferior doesn’t mean saying negative things about bigger guys is any better than the girls who talk shit on smaller guys.

  116. I really do feel bad for guys who get bad rap for having a small OR big penis. Honestly I have rejected a guy for having a small penis because he advertised like it was gigantic or something! It wasn’t, it was 3inches if that. Honestly I’ve been with all shapes sizes and colors and I have to say whether it’s 5inches or 9inches as long as it feels good I’m not complaining. I would never reject a guy because he wasn’t like that one guy with a cock the size of a coke bottle! Also big guys don’t really have to do much, no matter which way they lean his dick will be rubbing her g-spot and everything that feels good, smaller guys unfortunately do have to put in that extra effort. Seriously guys, (of all sizes) look up how to stimulate her g-spot during sex, if you can rub up against it, it won’t matter if you’re 2inches she’ll think you’re a God. As for girls who won’t even give you a chance? Forget them they missed out and you don’t want that type of selfish shallow girl anyway.

  117. Why are people giving sizeprincess a hard time (if you will forgive the pun :-)) She is telling it like she sees it. What is so wrong with that? Ok many guys on here, including myself, are scared of her because she would probably laugh if she saw our tiny peckers but she is entitled to her needs and desires.
    And she has a strong point because even the women on here taking about emotion, technique etc are still doing it in the context of size and clearly know what is big and what is not. Therefore they are aware of size and understand it and most of them do compare the guys they have known.
    Guys lets face it – we all know that women want big if they can have that. They may compensate that in different ways – technique, oral, toys etc – but assuming the guy knows what to do then they will take big over small anytime. Its a painful thought and it hurts to know that but it is true. I guess we have to live with the thought of being inferior

  118. SizePrincess, the reason many on here are being aggressive towards you in some respect is because some of things you go on to say (such as in regards to confidence), may easily come off as arrogant. I’m not saying that you mean to emanate such an image, because only you would know that.

  119. I think everyone is forgetting about the nature of the vagina. We ladies have the ability to STRETCH to accommodate ANY SIZE, whether on the larger end or the smaller end. If a woman is highly aroused when a man enters her, chances are it’s going to feel good no matter what size (as long as the guy isn’t too big for her or enters too fast, which can be painful!). Length is a different thing to width and is far less of a factor in a woman’s pleasure (though many women including myself enjoy deep penetration, many girls don’t and it rarely in itself leads to orgasm, since the G-spot is only a couple of cm into the vagina).

    Technique and the way a man uses his hips is far more important than size. One advantage that comes to mind for men with penises of average to short length is that if a man has a very long penis it often won’t fit in all the way, and the girl misses out on that delicious grinding on the clit, which is a huge factor for many women in reaching climax. Sure, women who have been having daily sex for months with a guy who is very thick might take a while to get used to a slimmer penis, but women can definitely ADAPT to their lovers.

    Any guys reading this with small penises – stop whinging, think about what I’ve said and get out there and please a lady! Guys who are larger and smug about it – for goodness sake don’t assume just because you’re big you only need to ram it in for the girl to plunge into ecstasy. Ladies – if you agree with me please speak up, for the benefit of the men reading this and their lovers. And guys, please please please remember that for ladies great sex is so much more about how we’re touched, whether we’re in the mood, how long it takes to get in the mood, the atmosphere of the situation, being relaxed, individual needs as to how we orgasm and of course how much we LIKE the person… Penis size is but one small aspect in a myriad of factors. Be sensible!

  120. We all want the best thing in the world , if we cant, we settle for something less, happens all the time. Ppl in this thread shows us lot of things including insecurity ,avg mind judgement ,jealousy ,hatred etc.why?bcz this is a sensitive topic and most ppl are being honest in my opinion cuz they could easily say they are 7-8 inches but they are not . Now i know for a fact that if size princess tattoos “8 inch requirement ” on her body , she will be treated as bitch , whore , degraded human being and knowing that she wants guys to wear tattoo which reveal their penis size.Probably she didn’t think deep enough while writing that line.I wouldn’t care otherwise . There are different kind of ppl in this world which is why its exciting and I know for a fact that ppl who call themselves amazing are not great human being .Especially when they are constantly reminding ppl how amazing they are .Great ppl are humble and simpler then most ppl. (again I apologize for my bad English, I am still learning ).

  121. You guys keep arguing with SizePrincess like you can negate her perspective. Assuming she’s not just a troll who’s misrepresenting herself on the internet to cheese people off… you’re all just going to have to accept her reality. Some people have a narrow range of what constitutes an attractive person (8-incher, PhD, etc). And when that person is hot enough to consistently achieve their sexual goals, we all get a little jealous. And when that person is obnoxious about it, like SizePrincess, it REALLY brings out the hater in us all.

    But the fact is, the SizePrincess of the world are here to stay no matter how you rail against her.

    Luckily for most of us, hers is only one of three perspectives consistently voiced throughout this thread. The other two are:

    1. I prefer smaller penises because of the way my body is built.


    2. I like a range of penis sizes, but there’s more to an attractive and sexually competent man than just the size of his dick.

    So forget about SizePrincess. If you’re a smaller guy, she’s just not your target demographic, that’s all. Find a woman who is.

  122. haha! its really turning out to be a good topic for discussion.Sizeprincess asked “Why can’t good-looking men come with the measurements of their penis tattooed onto their wrist or something? The problems and surprises that would solve..”I could ask the same , why can`t good looking girls come with requirements tattooed onto their wrist or something ?tattoo this >>”8 inch penis required to satisfy me ” what will this do for you is that you only get to date with bigger penis men , problem solved ,no more disappointments SizePrincess.

    “Is it so wrong for me to want to date a man with a nice body, who is experienced in bed, into fitness, is pursuing higher education, is handsome, funny, and well endowed?” The answer is no , its not wrong .

    “1 do this because I can. I know for a fact that within 3 days another super nice guy will come along yet he will have a perfect penis, a perfect smile, a PhD, a great family and anything else I desire.” << That is a lie . now you are not amazing any more except in bed of course :P.And we wouldn't want advice from a girl who would lie to make herself amazing . ~peace

  123. I have what I consider an average size penis (6inches hard). The girth is also average in my mind ( about 3 1/2 inches around). I have been told buy more than one woman, that my cock was like concrete lol. The size is not important. It’s all in how it is used and how long it stays hard. If you can give a woman multiple orgasms with that “small stay hard” member, you have done your job as a lover.

  124. Size Princess,
    Be careful in your eternal quest for the giant schlong because you might wake up one day and realize that you let your true soul mate pass you by. Life isn’t always about the super size.

    But hey, don’t worry, a sex goddess such as your self gets offered the “perfect penis” every three days. Is that how you became such a sexpert at the ripe age of 24?

    A true sex goddess knows how to get off with all shapes and sizes. Just ask Jenna Haze: “I do love the big cocks, but I have had guys with small dicks, that have made me orgasm like crazy, much more then the big ones do. I know this sounds cheezy, but it’s true – it really is all about how you guys do it, then what you have to work with. It’s the connection, the way they fuck – small dicks have definitely made me a puddle.”

  125. My husband has a small penis. Its not thick either. But he is so amazing in bed that I really forget to notice what size his penis is. yes I fantasize about big penises occasionally, but in the end it doesnt matter. My ex husband had an 8 inch penis and he was such an asshole that I dont even miss him one bit. If you love the person and they are sexy and skilled in bed it wont even enter your mind as he enters you.

  126. Everyone has an opinion…so which one matters most? The one that encompasses all that is fair and honest. I see honesty in all of what is said here so where is the fairness? Lacking completely….I get aggravated at the thought I could waste my passion and even one ounce of energy on a woman who lays there secretly judging my every move and endowment. I MEAN..what the heck is wrong with this type woman. A man cannot help how he was built. Just be open and friendly at least. And women please stop being afraid to openly share your sizest mentality with a man. It can’t possibly spare his feelings knowing you kept a secret from him. Especially if you plan on dumping him in the first place. Can’t you at least be a friend to the guy and wish him luck..maybe support him in his quest for happiness. Sign him up for the blow job list….build him up. Not cringe and treat him like an abhorent plaguee to be avoided at all costs. I used to be extremely well endowed…its not a good feeling to be cast aside so awkwardly by a woman just because you had hopes she would accept you. Geesh

  127. @Yannick. I’m sorry that I have made you so angry. All of your nonsensical ramblings that you posit to be facts are BS. Why are you talking about all of my failed relationships? I’m 24 years old! I have had two VERY successful (2-3 years each) relationships with very amazing (and endowed) men that ended for reasons such as immaturity, differing future plans, etc. Each amicable, and to this day my exes are in my life in a great way. Between relationships I HAVE had many dating experiences that have usually ended because the attraction was not there and the man is too into me right off the bat.

    In Re: to your quote “confident people don’t rant and make others feel inferior”… Okay Yannick. I’ll leave you to think about why I am highlighting that one on your own.

    I have said it before that I am not trying to put people down on here. I also never said I was perfect. What I have said is that I am picking partners for whom on paper I think am ideal. I am picking partners with whom I believe to be compatible.

    Is it so wrong for me to want to date a man with a nice body, who is experienced in bed, into fitness, is pursuing higher education, is handsome, funny, and well endowed?

    I am a fitness junkie, am great in bed (adventurous and skilled), am pursuing higher education, am confident in my beauty, am fun to be around, and have curves in the right places.

    I’m not saying that I’m entitled to anything by virtue of my looks. I am saying that I am entitled to whoever I desire because we are freely choosing human beings. I am finding a lot of people on here taking the position of “SizePrincess” must be so ugly on the other side of that computer, so unconfident [sic] and used and abused that she comes on here and lies about everything to bring people down and make herself feel good”. These same people on here are attempting to bring me down by asking me to think about my (fit) ass and breasts. This is the same tactic that you are shaming no? Unfortunately it actually just doesn’t work on me.

    Really, the fact of the matter is that there are people in the world who are as self confident as I am. None of us needs to apologize for it.

    There are men who are exactly as I described earlier. Whether you as a man fit the bill or not does not define your worth as a man. All it says is that SizePrincess is not interested in dating you, that doesn’t mean that x million other women would not find you to be their type.

    What I also know is that, as great as I believe myself to be, it’s clear that many men would say that I am not their type. They may say they don’t date brunettes, only like girls > 5’5″. And this is fine and great! I love a man who knows exactly what he wants and will settle for nothing less. I would never feel inferior because somebody out there has a type that i just do not match, whether or not I can change that quality. I wouldn’t take these a attacks on my worth, just means one less man to weed through.

    I truly believe that self confidence is the key to happiness. I wish you all the best in life and love, and I leave you with a few words of advice:

    1) Be happy with what you are and have, SOMEBODY will love you
    2) If there’s something that you don’t love about yourself (e.g. spare tire?), then change it!
    3) Stay healthy, love freely and never settle
    4) Strive to be the best you can be, educate yourself, travel the world, and experience everything you can while you’re young

    Cheers People! 🙂

  128. If you expect me to have an 8 inch dick like a pornstar I expect you to have a perky pair of D’s and a thick ass like a porn star. It’s pretty simple, noones perfect. And what we ‘lack’ in size we usually make up for with our tongue and fingers 😉

  129. to princess-its clear that you think that you are superior that everyone, again shows me how insecure you are, you find the men you like but yet ur relationships dont last, why is that?that’s quite strange for a woman who has options?are u breaking up with them because u want to? if so is shows YOU DONT KNOW WHAT YOU WANT AND UR NEVER STATISFIED WITH WHAT YOU GOT” which shows INDECISIVENESS(due to lack of confidence) and disatisfaction is a created state, which u created in ur mind, again ur only advertising ur “insecurities”. IF U THINK U DESERVE MR PERFECT, THEN WHY ALL THE BREAK-UPS?, ITS BECAUSE U HAVE INFERIORITY COMPLEXES URSELF AND U BELIEVE U DONT DESERVE IT, CONFIDENT PEOPLE FEEL DESERVING , CONFIDENT WOMEN “DONT RANT’ LIKE U DO, SO FAR, ALL U HAVE SHOW IS LACK OF CONFIDENCE, VANITY, INFERIORITY COMPLEXES AGAINST MAN(because obviously u were used and manipulated by them)insecurities about ur worthiness and of course that’s why ur relationship don’t last, ever wonder why u get the same results over and over again, look in the mirror sweetheart, u aint no shining star, thats why u have breakups, bottom line, IF U DONT AGREE WITH ME, THEN TOO BAD, IM NOT GIVING U MY OPINION, im giving u the facts, pick up any knowledgeable psychology material, u can FOOL ME SIZEPRINCESS, SO TELL ME , u have a 24 inch waist with a bubble butt and nice boobs, chances are very slim, MEN have OBVIOUSLY critized ur body and called some of UR BODYPARTS SMALL OR UNATTRACTIVE,again i can tell a lot about u ….REMEMBER ITS NOT MY OPINION, U CANT ARGUE WITH FACTS AND WELL-RENOWED PSYCHOLOGISTS, U ARE A FOOL IF U THINK U CAN AND IF U THINK U CAN FOOL US AND PROVE US WRONF….ENJOY UR FAILED RELATIONSHIPS AHEAD, U KNOW THE DRILL, he dates u, then fucks u when HE moves on, because u obviously don’t have what he wants, u know the drill, LETS BE FRIENDS”(LIKE U SAID) or u leave ur well-endowed boyfriend because ur indecided and wants something new(because u don’t know what u want, again due to low self confidence,and of course dissatisfaction because ur a “VICTIM that why u blame other people for how u feel, UR NOT A MASTER, masters don’t go through life going through break-up after break up, VICTIMS DO, because VICTIMS(such as urself) don’t get what they want, PERIOD…now that i think about it, u must have dated a guy who was that well-endowed but yet u cared about him but yet he left u, that’s prolly where ur inferiority complexes came from as well, and why u need to bash other men and women, and u have inferiority complexes with women as well because, OBVIOUSLY MEN HAVE LEFT U for better looking and busty women.so i understand why u feel INFERIOR, but u dont need to bring everyone down with u , REMEMBER CONFIDENT PEOPLE DONT RANT AND DONT MAKE OTHERS FEEL INFERIOR!!

  130. SIZE PRINCESS-THOSE WHO HAVE FAILED in relationships in the past such as urself(u said u keep finding well-endowed men from good family) yet break ups still happen?what a joke, u keep finding MR RIGHT AND U FUCK UP THAT MANY TIMES, ITS CLEAR U LACK CONFIDENCE, and people with low self-confidence needs approval, that’s why its so important to mention ““a partner who didn’t actually outright tell me that I am the most attractive and best lover they’ve ever experienced” men always say that…I bet you are average in all departments”,lol, u have no clue how much of your insecurities your spilling out just by saying this, its great, PLZ RESPOND AND LET US KNOW HOW INSECURE YOUR ARE, u can fool a lot of people who know nothing about psychology we “WE” know why ‘YOU SAY THE THINGS YOU SAY’too bad, u probably thoght u had a point, POOR THING U ARE!!

  131. SIZEPRINCESS-its clear u are way over your head, u would cry like a little girl if a guys says ur boobs are small and u have a flatt ass or a fat nasty flabby ass, AND IF U SAY NO YOU WONT, THEN WE ALL KNOW U ARE LYING, ITS OBVIOUS THAT you have INFERIORTY COMPLEXES and your advertising it by the things you, so, u dont need to give that much info, WE DON’T KNOW U

  132. Lol so let me get this straight…

    SizePrincess’s Mr. Perfect needs a Ph.D and a big penis? Conversations with you must be so interesting…

    I can’t wait until the looks that you believe entitle you to the world run out.

  133. SizePrincess is right in most cases. Everybody is attracted to big penis and experiencing it in real makes the difference . A girl who didn’t like 8 inch penis would go for smaller dick cuz it doesn’t make her feel good, in that case she might settle for 6 inch penis.Life is about balance.If a guy can not satisfy a women with 5 inch penis , then he can always find another women who does ,it would hurt his pride but there is no other choice ? you can try 100 girls and among them 10 would like your dick . A guy with bigger dick hurt 10 girls out of 100 and rest of em like him. Girls like tall guys , taller then her . Now funny thing is , the Size Princess gets 10 inch dick boyfriend she cant fit in ,even thu his partner is phd and from a good family , would she reject that big penis ? If it makes her feel bad , she would and she wouldn’t say bigger penis is revolutionary anymore . There is no perfect companion in life but there are compatible partners .Now think about porn stars who are highly educated n has phd degrees , why would they choose this life style , there are countless reasons , pleasure takes the number one spot for most of them. Guys and girls in this thread who are debating failed to please some guy or girl in their life , you can always improve ,if not you can alway find other options or compromise somewhere and balance it .And guys or girls who feel they are amazing , they have their own problems , cuz they have set their standards bar high , in most cases they wouldn’t find a guy or girls of their standard , that might give them satisfaction in a way that no body can be measure up to them but in truth , it makes them desperate as well .And think about it, if amazing girl SizePrincess meets a guy who is better then her in all aspect rejects her, how miserable she will be ? now you see that being amazing has its own demerits n challenges. i am not here to breed hatred but i did hit some ppl nerve i guess ,just remember if someone says say yr an idiot, and it hurts you , then you really are an idiot . Now it doesn’t mean you will remain idiot for the rest of your life . you can always change the ways of life . In my experience ppl who name themselves Princess aren’t good looking 😛 . ppl say i fell in love with a guy or girl . Love = set of preferences such as good looking , educated , bigger penis, bigger boobs , taller guys or girls , funny humor , status , money etc add as many as you want . if these good points disappear would you still be able to love him or her. The point is there is love is not all that great as ppl say it . You can always choose not to love someone right ? so find a guy or girl who is most compatible with you , you can not satisfy all women or men in the world and it would hurt you bad if you try so . Sorry for my bad english .

  134. Sizeist you need to do what makes you happy. That does not make you a bad person.

    sizeprincess…lol “a partner who didn’t actually outright tell me that I am the most attractive and best lover they’ve ever experienced” men always say that…I bet you are average in all departments.

    bemused…she is being mean. Girls spew crap out of their mouths like its going out of style. Never let your ego be based on what a woman says!!! Sleep with her until you are bored, then find a woman.

  135. Just checking in to say something. I’m actually very very sorry for men and women are aren’t confident in their ability in bed. Unfortunately some people actually just aren’t amazing in bed but I for one cannot be categorized as one of these people. I have never** had a partner who didn’t actually outright tell me that I am the most attractive and best lover they’ve ever experienced.

    Beginning to think that many people in this thread are simply just of the degree of lover that neither is skilled nor believes they deserve to be with a sex god or goddess. The vibe I’m getting from many people here is “cmon give him a chance he’s really sweet and you never know when you’re going to get another guy who is this sweet right? Oh and better not tell him he’s not perfect or else you may lose him and we can’t have that! I can learn to live his mini d instead of going and finding mr perfect ( cause well I don’t believe I deserve it)..”

    Desperate men and desperate women have dominated this thread. When you are exceptional in many ways you have full choicr in your life. It’s really a shame that most people will attack those of us who do have options even though we are NOT dehumanizing those men who don’t measure up. I have had to break up with men for small reasons (…) And never have I done it in a way that would alert them to this. Does “we’re better as friends” ring a bell?

    I do this because I can. I know for a fact that within 3 days another super nice guy will come along yet he will have a perfect penis, a perfect smile, a PhD, a great family and anything else I desire. This happens all the time. I’m starting to realize that average lovers with just adequate sexual confidence- joes who can’t please and janes who don’t give bjs are most likely the ones finding my argument most offensive.

    Please don’t be offended. The sex gods and goddesses of the world are picky because we can be. Don’t worry though, if you ever meet one of us you won’t even know. We’re busy pleasing each other and before you ever get past a few weeks of dating and a mere hand job we’ll be gone citing that “it’s not you it’s me”.. “You’re amazing but we’re better as friends”.. “You’re sooo nice. We better stay friends!”

    Bottom line: Those who can, choose. Those who can’t settle (and then belittle anybody with practices outside of their own to justify their mediocre outcomes).. Hate to break it.

  136. A post like this makes me sick. Sadly though many females like you are senseless cold hearted materialitic no good people. If you really care about the size of your lovers penis then you need to seek mental help. Im a big guy have been all my life. I have a 4.5 inch penis, but its very wide. If i lost some weight i might gain some inches, but im happy with my self. Their are other ways to please a lover, so if the penis isnt enough a good man can do the job. But it shouldnt be an issue, because if you know how to use it the woman should never complain. Women like you need to be locked away, because you have ruined many mens confidence and broken many mens hearts.

    1. I totally agree. People like her have no redeeming characteristics whatsoever. Hurting men over the size of their penises is just nasty and inhumane. Nobody deserves to to be treated and made to feel that way.

  137. Well this whole issue of size is over rated and some women just make it worse for men.
    The average size penis in length is somewhere around 5.5 inches with a 95% confidence interval ranging from 5 inches to 7 inches. Most men are between 5.5 to 6.5 inches according to official statistics. Most men who volunteer to be measured obviously have some good degree of confidence due to their comfortable size so I may assume that the ideal average may be less of that.

    About this post, personally I am in a relationship with a lady who fell in love with me mostly due to my size citing reasons as mine gave her the most pleasure in her entire sex life (6 inches to be precise!). After we got too personal she confessed to me that one of the reasons she chose to break up with her ex is that he was just too big for her (She never seemed to have cared about the length but the girth which she says every time they had sex, it would hurt her until she does not wish to have sex with him anymore!) and added that she tried to make him understand that she does not seem to enjoy sex with him and he should try to be gentle. She however broke up with him and she is now with me. Well after the revelations my ego was naturally wounded but we talked with her over it. Besides she says it is great with me since she is the rarest kind of women I have ever met with somehow above average sex drive/libido and admits it would be of no use if having sex only once hurts her until she does not desire to have it anymore! With me she can have as much as 8 rounds in a row (Literally the whole night!).
    That said, I consider with my average 6 inches and high sex drive, I would be pretty useless to many ladies who would not withstand huge dicks.
    Guys trust me, anyone ranging between 5 inches to 7 inches is the perfect for most ladies in this entire planet as long as you have the skills to drive a lady to orgasm. But if she wants an above average guy, who are we to dictate? It is her preference, let her go ahead and get what she enjoys..and all the best since men above 8 inches are also very rare too!

  138. And guys the act of fucking, as compared to being a good lover is like saying hitting balls at a driving range constitutes playing a round of golf. You should be able to get her wet with mere words or a glance before you even touch her. The biggest erogenous zone is the mind by a landslide. There are multiple variables that go into satisfying a woman. Actual penis size ranks fairly low in the order of importance. Most females, unless they are ovulating, take a bit of warming up to reach peak arousal. This includes, conversation, eye contact, touching, kissing fondling etc etc. Real life sex is not porn (well 😉 it can be) porn is fictional and usually depicts what happens after you have revved her engine. Most women know weather or not they would fuck you within five minutes of meeting you. Its up to you to lead her to the place in her mind where that is comfortable for her. They want to fuck just as much, if not more than we do. They have just succumbed to the false ideologies that “society” likes to imprint us. It’s up to you to smash all of that shit down for her. Once you do she will see you as Tarzan and not some needy little bitch trying to get his pee pee wet. Dont be pussy whipped, whip dat pussy!

  139. I dated this girl a few years back who had told me, as an afterthought, that she was worried I wouldn’t satisfy her. I’m a comfortable 6” and my erections are hard as a rock. She had told me that her ex was like 8 -9” but not nearly as rigid as me. Needless to say I fucked her lights out hundreds of times and she never had a complaint. Come to think of it there has only been one woman I haven’t been able to make cum but I had a bad case of whiskey dick that evening. Happens to the best of us.
    Oh and to all of you pretentious bitches who are really hung up on dick size. We men have news for you. Not all of you are built the same either. Some of you are tight as a drum and fit like a glove. Yet some of you are loose enough for bigfoot. I have cut ties with women after less than appealing experiences

  140. @dallas. Thanks for words of support Dallas. I no longer quite know what to think. I did a lot of googling (like many others I guess) regarding size and found many different figures so all a bit confusing.
    My lady friend likes 10″ ideally – she didnt say all her previous had been that large, simply they were larger than me.Problem is that I like her a lot – she does excite me – so real hard to ditch her. Yet I know she is just treading water with me till someone better comes along. Ive tried everything to overcome the size limitation – toys, games, different environments, even become pretty good at oral – but she has done it all, seen it all, got the T shirt. She likes her cervix being pounded!
    If there are tons like myou out there dallas, I wish I could meet some and feel like a man again.

  141. One simple bit of information people often overlook is the fact that women are required to enjoy their sex partners. That is dfntly the point of sex…..both partners are equally responsible for what takes place. In no way should men ever put themselves down or be made to feel in any situation heterosexually intimate that they are not adequate. For some reason ppl get into their heads that women should just flop and lay there and put it all on the man to accomodate their “holy grail” pursuit of sexual pleasure and “their” orgasms. Women who men truly adore are ones whom are forever grateful that the man even chose to lay down and attempt sexual encounters with them “TOGETHER”. With that being said lets all assume their is grounds for the sizest perspective. If the woman can’t feel it or is not able to communicate this emotion then she should immediately move on..barring common sense most women remain confused and secretly uninvolved. This is where most normal men instinctly pick up on a vibe of disatisfaction. Yet women still ponder the man’s adequacy and worth to them. I used to be a very thick (go easy..slow please..wow omg don’t stick that thing in me) type erection. 8.5 x 6 were my dimensions. I had a accident involving high voltage electricution almost four years ago and it clearly coulve been death but thankfully it only screwed with my hormones. This caused me to lose a great portion of length and major girth. Now I am half the man I used to be. They say (doctors) I will someday be able to regain my original lifelong immensely pleasurable to women size but as of yet I only measure 6 x 4.6 so as for all pain and issues associated with erect penis dimensions I can certainly identify with it. My wife thank god adapted so well and she actually swears its so much better for her. I asked even about the skinniness issue and she said resoundingly YES because now we have the added element of pleasure which includes anal play and penetration with my smallness…which she swears again by the amazing orgasms it gives her. I still reach deeply into her sweet spot in doggy and legs to chest positions so she still has those deep orgasms just only squirts or gushes slightly now. Sometimes during spikes of hormones in me I get a little thicker than average and .end up being 7.5 long which is dfntly something that gives me hope. She loves me and my smallness but also she has never layed down in all the years of our marriage and put it all upon me to bring her off to mindblowing orgasms. Women learn about your body and please for gods sake learn to get into a tiny penis. That man can’t help it. Be kind and learn how to enjoy sex with any..and ALL MEN you choose to lay with in perspective passion. ok?

  142. One simple bit of information people often overlook is the fact that women are required to enjoy their sex partners. That is dfntly the point of sex…..both partners are equally responsible for what takes place. In no way should men ever put themselves down or be made to feel in any situation heterosexually intimate that they are not adequate. For some reason ppl get into their heads that women should just flop and lay there and put it all on the man to accomodate their “holy grail” pursuit of sexual

  143. @bemused, actually, you are the ideal size for most women, including myself. Big enough to feel good, and not freakishly large enough to pound someone’s cervix all night and cause pain. I’m not sure where your lady friend is finding all these “10 inch” penises but the only place I’ve seen an assortment of cocks so large has been in the dildo aisle at the toy store. And no, I have no desire to buy them.

    I think it was pretty rude of your lady friend to actually tell you that you were the “smallest she’s been with” when most women wouldnt consider you small at all. Whether or not that was the case for her, she should have kept this comment to herself. What, exactly, did she hope to gain from telling you? Make you jealous? What a total lack of respect.

    I’m all for 6 to 7.5 inch penises, but if a man fell short, I wouldn’t dream of telling him that to his face. This is the equivalent of telling a woman how much skinnier or more beautiful your ex-girlfriend(s) were. Bemused, ditch the asshole and find a woman who you are just right for. Trust me, there are tons of us out there.

  144. This is a tough subject. For years I thought I was reasonably – not brilliantly – endowed (6.8 inches length, 5.8 inches circum)and, in general women I knew seemed either happy or occasionally, impressed. Recently I was told by a woman I like a great deal that I was the smallest she ever had and that she likes 10 inches or more. Though she explained I was still exciting and made her horny etc that comment ripped my heart out.Now I dont know what to do and my confidence has nosed dived. Ladies and gentleman there are ways to be honest – try not to deliver it in a cruel way.

  145. Large penis does serve an evolutionary advantage. The larger penis is able suction out the previous male sperm when women were not monogamous…. This same thing other animals do. Small penis is here now due to the institution of marriage monogamy and religion. Just say’ I am Ph.D international

  146. Going into TMI range: My well hung ex had by far the highest sex drive of any of my partners. In retrospect it was a little depressing to have spent so much time PIV with neither one of us more than “feels good, but…” OTOH with my wife less is more. Since having kids, and Kegels, some times when she’s trying too hard it can almost be painful.

    It helps to be lucky

  147. I’m of average length and girth. One of my former girlfriends has a vagina that was always “loose” (she was the female equivalent of well hung), my wife and I fit perfectly. Size does matter, but only as a starting point.
    For me the worst case would be having a penis large enough to be painful to the woman I loved. The second would be like the well hung ex of mine…

  148. SizePrincess: Yes, I would very much consider a man bad if he only considered women with blonde hair, and in fact might be more analogous to women with large breasts (and even then, still falls short to the comparison).

    I wouldn’t blame a man for a PREFERENCE to blonde hair or a large bust just as everyone can respect a preference to larger penises. But if blonde hair, bust size, or penis size is make-or-break in a relationship despite all else, what would you call it? Insightful? Individualistic? Idiotic?

    Your arguments are nonsensical as much as they are ignorant and insensitive. Your analogies are completely off-mark when dealing with ignorance instead of preference. Furthermore, large penises really don’t provide an evolutionary advantage and it’s obvious you don’t know much about evolution beyond a semester’s worth of what you learned in a public middle school.

    Nobody’s saying women can’t like larger penises more than smaller. Got that through your thick head?

  149. You most certainly have the right to demand a large penis in your prospective suitors. However, I believe they also have the right to demand quintisential male aesthetic standards- your bust size should be atleast above 38dd to 40dd cup size. You should also have a bubble butt. Can you satisfy such impossible aesthetic standards. If yes, sure you can. Otherwise , kindly trim your standards. Whats sauce for the goose should be sauce for the gander.

  150. ^ You have a right to hate anyone you want, but your hatred won’t have any impact on her and will only drive you nuts. Hatred is unhealthy. So is thinking of casual sex partners as “cum dumpsters”.

  151. What if my dick isn’t big enough to ram her cervix, but our personallities are 110% compatible, and she leaves me because of my size? I feel I have a right to hate that woman, because yes, sex is very important, but its not everything. If I wanted was sex I wouldn’t cause about any time of relationship, just would want a cum dumpster.

  152. This is the most SEX NEGATIVE thread ive ever seen,especially since this site prides itself on being SEX POSITIVE…no wonder males are responsible for over 75% of all suicides in America.This is disgusting and honestly cannot believe what im reading.There is absolutely NO justification for these comments or this tread.

    1. I agree. Em&Lo made the irresponsible decision of publishing that letter and this thread has been polluted with the most cruel, obnoxious, comments from women. These women are examples of why men avoid relationships with women today.

  153. Why on earth is somebody comparing clitoris size? As if that would be hurtful to be told that my clit wasn’t big enough. 😛 Nice try though. Guys, please stop being so butt hurt. A woman is not a BAD woman for wanting a man with a large(er) cock. A man is not a bad man if hr only dates blondes. As a matter of fact I have only heard men of average or smaller size using the whole “a woman is shallow if she would disregard a man for what he can’t change”. This is a defense mechanism. So is claiming that big men are lazy in bed. The best men with the most amazing oral skills I’ve has have been big (these men are often more experienced). Bottom line- you guys with the little ds are perfectly adequate for somebody, just potentially not for women who are experienced, great in bed themselves and know that they can get exactly what they want.

    If you truly believe that only shallow women like average plus penises, I dare you to consider what your girlfriend would think if asked the question: “If you had two clones standing in front of you and they were both me bur one has a smaller penis that i do and one a larger, would you choose the me with a 4.5 inch d or a 7?…. Chances are your caring gf will show you that size just DOES matter. Deal with it. Nobody is perfect bit nobody is blaming you for that. Please stop being defensive. Large penises serve an evolutionary advantage and it is just natural as a woman not to want to deal with a baby dick for the rest of your life.

    1. You are a disgrace and a failure both as a woman and human being. Love is what matters, not penis size. It is far better to live your life as a man with a small penis than as a woman with no heart. Sizeprincess, living your life with no heart, compassion, nor intelligence, is a fate worse than death. You should pitied for your pathetic existence.

  154. One thing that is overlooked here is that this is a one sided argument. I have always loved to have girlfriends with larger clitorises, but have also had girlfriends whose clitorises were not so prominent. For those girls who have that fascination or obsession with large penises, hwo do you measure up? What are you bringing to the table, so to speak? Why should a girl with a tiny moesquito bite of a clitoris deman d that her partner have a giant penis? What is good for the goose,is good for the gander.

  155. I’m 4.5′ and all I know is the comments I’ve had heard about me have killed my confidence for the rest of my life and I’m already in my late twenties. I have feel like the women I’m with can always get it better elsewhere. Over something I can’t change makes me feel worthless in bed. Nothing has ever felt as hurtful as being told your penis is small. Women really dont get it. The most insecure creatures of all time. Imagine how you would feel if you couldn’t put on makeup ever again, wear fake eyelashes, throw on heels, get breast implants, color your hair, if your fat u can lose weight, plastic surgery. You have all of these ways to make yourself feel better and more confident in yourself. Yet some women feel the need to mock and ridicule the most sensitive part of a man and destroy his
    Mental state for the rest of his life.

    1. Sad but true. Women make men feel awful about a body part they were born with that they cannot change. There is nothing more cruel that a woman can ever do to a man is to judge him on the size of his penis. Those degrading and derogatory comments can leave such hurtful mental and emotional scars that can last a lifetime. No man deserves to be hurt like that but women do it and feel no remorse. Those women are absolute monsters.

  156. Oh, and for the women, stop giving men complexes about their cocks. Like I said above, we’re all different. Just because its not right for you doesn’t mean its not perfect for someone else. If if the intercourse is not cutting it, but you really like the guy, try introducing a different position. Tell him that you love it when he does x. And *don’t* judge by what you see, give the guy a chance. A guy may look small, but it can be a whole different ballgame once tab a is inserted into slot b 😉

  157. ok folks, here’s the deal. Size *does* matter. It matters for both parties. Women who are tight and shallow will always prefer smaller men. Women who are deeper and wider want bigger. There’s a whole are of eastern medicine that helps determine if both parties’ genitalia are suited for each other. Just like ears, noses, breasts, arses, feet and everything else, our genitalia varies from one person to the next.
    I happen to be a rather deep woman with a very elastic vagina. I can take large cocks with ease and orgasm well, even when the guy is hitting deep. But, I also have the *best* orgasms from my very average hubby. We’re talking mind blowing multiples. His size is average, but he has taken the time to learn my body and what I like. He’s been with other women who were just way too shallow for him to do even moderately hard thrusting. Its all very personal, is what I’m saying. What blows one woman’s mind may be a total turn off for another.
    So my advice to smaller than average guys everywhere is this, learn your woman’s body and you can play her like a harp. If she’s deep, grind it. If she’s shallow, try lighter upward thrusts. Most importantly, talk to each other!

  158. “We almost didn’t print your letter because of the emotional damage it might inflict on insecure men everywhere” Haha Em and Lo get us guys!
    PS Size Princess, you sound about as mature as your name.

  159. I will say this, I’ve had the big one, and I’ve had the little one. The big one was a surprise and quite painful, not to mention he was straight lazy in the sack…not much foreplay etc. The little one was my favorite. He could go for a few hours, foreplay, lots of it, before we ever even got down to penetration, and when we finally did, WOOOOW!

    I do realize that not all largely endowed men are lazy, but to date, I have yet to meet another one and could care less if I do. I prefer someone who is creative in bed, and can ask for what he wants, which makes that easier for me as well.

    Sex, intimacy, both of these require good communication, even if it’s just with a FWB. So don’t get it twisted, Giantess has her facts straight and knows that it’s not ALL about size:)

  160. First of all, I prefer larger. I have been with many men, ranging from the size of a baby carrot (literally) (thin and small), I’ve also been with a man whose size I would equate to a standard pill bottle (think 24 cap ibuprofen- short and thicker). String beans, baseball bats (ouch) and everything in between.

    I have also been in two long term relationships (2-3 years each.. I am 25 by the way). Both with men who were 8 inches large, and fairly girthy. I have had many short relationships that just end due to “no spark”, all of which have been with men of average or less than average size. I HAVE given these men a try, and try very hard they indeed do. It’s JUST not the same. 6.5 is good. 7 is better. 8 is ideal. 9 is probably too big but I’ll give mr 9 inch the same chance i give mr. 5 inch.

    I’m not denying that a lot of what makes a big man better is mental: My best girlfriend the other day in her new relationship finally saw her man’s penis, it was apparently so big that she herself had an orgasm while performing oral sex..??! This guy was so big it turned her on so much to c*m without being touched? If that’s not magic then i don’t know what is…

    And guys drop the whole “big vagina” thing. Size of vagina doesn’t matter. All that matters to a man’s pleasure is how STRONG the vagina. Do your kegel exercises ladies (I started at age 12 after reading a horror story in my big sister’s cosmo mag).

    I have been with many men and I have NEVER ever had a single experience where the man wasn’t screaming out loud, praying to the sky, trying not to bust before I’m pleasured. EVEN The little guys who gave me terrible sex have told me that I was the tightest thing they had ever experienced.

    All things considered, I have had bad sex with men with big penises as well. But it has never been as horrible as the sex with little skinnys.

    Bad sex with a man with a big dick > Bad sex with a man with an average dick..

    Bottom line: BIGGER IS BETTER and if you don’t want to know, then don’t ask! Seriously.

    1. Loving someone for the person they are is the best. To describe a Scum-of-the-earth woman is all she cares about is sex and size of body parts which is you. You are morally bankrupt and so twisted in your pathetic values. I hope a painful ovarian cancer is in your future. You deserve it from all of the innocent men you hurt just because they didn’t meet your obnoxious standards.

    2. Love is what matters, not penis size. It is far better for a man to live his life with a small penis than a woman to live her life with no heart.

  161. Oh wow that’s average? I thought 8 was average….and I detest being called freakish thank you very much! I’m about 8+ so I assumed it was average -_-

  162. I just hooked up with an amazing man and when we were playing around I pulled down his pants to give a little head and once I did the first things out if his mouth were “I know it’s small, isn’t it?” In such a shameful way. It blew my mind to see someone who is so outgoing, charming, and a true gentleman to become so insecure in a matter of seconds. I said not at all and to never think that and continued on, wondering how this will work.

    Well all I can say is it is the best sex of my LIFE! I never have any painful blows are pounded raw. We can go for hours, days, and I think his size is perfect for me! No more fake organisms, just to get it over with because of the rawness. He’s a hit everytime!
    Now that is my two cents!

  163. Frank said it. 8 inches and you didn’t have a problem? Sheesh, search about the size of the average women’s vagina.

    But, about the whole size issue. Should I have left my ex because her vagina was too short for me? Sex is more than penetration.

    I am on the “average” range 4″-7″. If I used it all, she would be hurting. After a few weeks of pain, I asked what was wrong. she told me I was hitting her too hard(I felt soft pushing, nothing much) I said okay. After that I started using HALF(!!!) and she still orgasmed as strong and as often as always. Funny, I actually started using half at first and then after a few weeks used the rest(I even asked permission, SHE DIDN’T EVEN KNOW!) Does size matter? Tested with the same woman/vagina, it had the same effect.

    What screws women sexually(and nobody ever tells you) is their freaking psychology. If women actually knew more about sexuality, the physiology(function), the anatomy(size, what and where) and the psychology(desire/lust,the most important part) they would all have great sex lives. What makes a man great in bed? Fix a woman’s “problem”. Always works.

  164. The 2 best i have ever had have been Mr Big (9″ and very thick) and Mr Average (Maybe 5.5″ and not so girthy)
    Mr Big could go for hours, changing positions, stopping to 69, he was not a lazy big man he was passionate and fun.
    Mr Average was amazing! made me squirt like a fountain.

  165. I had a man once who was over 8″ and thick and it did please me or at least I felt it much more than an ‘average’ one. But it was difficult to be on top which I like.
    My current boyfriend has probably 5.5″ which is very adequate. I didn’t measure him but I figured it out by measuring my palm width 😉 I figure if I can get my hand comfortably around it lengthwise and still move it up and down then we’re doing just fine in the size department and as someone else pointed out it doesn’t gag me like the 8″ would if I got too cocky while giving oral (no pun intended).
    I also really love the shape of it, there are definitely cocks that are ‘prettier’ than others (sorry guys if that gives you one more thing to worry about). Also I LOVE the fact he’s not circumcised-so much fun to play with. He also makes me laugh and we can talk about our sex like I’ve never been able to with any other man.
    So in other words there’s a lot more to a penis than just length, and so much depends on how you feel about the man. So to answer the original question, it really depends on how you feel about the sex overall. How do you feel both physically and emotionally? Does it feel wonderful or just meh? Are you satisfied with the WHOLE experience or not? If not then My suggestion would be to move on since sex is such a huge part of the intimacy of a relationship and you’ll only be continuously disappointed.

  166. Sizeist, You need an education. Research shows that most women prefer girth, not length. Jamming up against the uterus does nothing to excite a woman. It’s not how deep you fish; it’s how he wiggles the worm. The porn industry has deceived us and we swallowed the lies about size. Most men are between 4 and 6 inches…that’s research, baby. Most women are aroused by foreplay more than penetration. Satisfaction comes from techniques, positions,foreplay, pheremones, artificial scents and women love pillow talk. The more than 9 erogenous zones in a woman’s body don’t need size, honey. But if 8 is your preference you will have a long search.

    1. very true. 4-6 range is where the majority of men measure. She wants 8+ which is an extreme minority of men. Her vagina has to be huge. Otherwise a woman would never have this extremist, abnormal, need.

      1. So who cares if her vagina is huge? If 8+ inches is what she needs then that is what she needs….who are you to judge her? While she might not have many to select from….those men are out there and in greater numbers then smaller men want to admit. And also difficult to admit is that many, many women have been with big men. Doesn’t mean they enjoyed them, or want them…just that they have been with them.

  167. Ha ha ha ha. Bunch of “SIZE-QUEENS” Don’t you girls know that the vagina CAN in fact be stretched out after having sex with “large” men for a number of years. You might find the perfect man, that you love with all of your heart, and he might only be “average” in size (5 to 6 inches), … and you won’t get pleasure, … and believe me, … either will HE. If you are that cavernous down there, a normal sized man wont even get the friction that is needed to orgasm with you. Think before you act! I think todays society is soooo into porn, and everyone believes that a 10 inch penis is normal. Well ladies, a 10 incher belongs in a freak show (or a porno) ha ha ha ha

    1. Very true. Women watch porn and are brainwashed to falsely believe that those huge penises they see are the majority of the male population. They also have such large vaginas that a man with a normal sized penis has been falsely labeled having a small penis when he doesn’t. Women are 100% at fault here.

      1. Well one day, if you ever get up the courage, you might find yourself inside a vagina. Until then you don’t have the right to speak on this topic…a 53 year old virgin isn’t able to speak with degree of knowledge.

  168. I NO way hate men or want to make anyone feel insecure about any aspect of themselves as a person.

    I personally am very thin and not very curvy. Since early in my life, I have experienced the cruelty of people judging someone based on physique. Mine being more obvious and public than the size of a guys penis. Growing up I had boys picking on me in front of everyone at school – and being an adult hasnt changed things much. I do have the choice to get plastic surgery but I decided to feel good about myself without mutilating my body. There are always going to be people that just simply are only or more so attracted to certain physical attributes. You have to find the person that is right for you. And there ARE some girls that DO prefer a smaller dick!!! It just isn’t as common to hear just like it isn’t as common to hear a guy say they prefer smaller breasts.

    1. Actually, you’re wrong on the last point. There are many, many men who have spoken publicly about preferring women with small breasts. However, you never hear women speaking out publicly saying they prefer small penises.

      1. Well then I guess women don’t prefer smaller penises….sometimes the truth hurts. Blame nature for playing a cruel trick on you….don’t blame others for not wanting what you’ve got, or more accurately what you don’t got!

  169. You don’t see those discussions Christy because most guys aren’t that calus to sexually degrade a woman on her sex parts like women are to men.You may see the occasional idiot guy blow about large boobs,,,but he is in a very small minority of men who actually care about your cup size.All you see all over the internet are women bashing guys on their size…you also see an out of control suicide rate among males.I don’t give a flying f–k what women have suposedly gone through-there is no eqivalent of judgeing/bashing etc a guy on his size…something he CANNOT control anyway and you stillf–king do it anyway! I agree w/the misandry comment above that is staright away what it is period end of story

    1. I agree. There is no comparison to which gender is hurting the other more. It is women bashing and degrading men far more frequently. The documented proof, as Ted said, is all over the internet.

      1. You’re crazy. Women have been objectified and judged on their looks for centuries. Women undergo risky cosmetic surgery trying to live up to the ideals that men and the media have been perpetuating for decades. For decades Hollywood discarded female actors when they became too old and started to get wrinkles….always more fresh meat coming to Hollywood every day.

  170. The 1st guy to ever give me an orgasm was like 3″ long & 2.5-3 girth. We were together for a while till he cheated. Be wasn’t my 1st but the 1st to make me have a orgasm & yes he have me vaginal orgasms. I have also had a guy that was like over 10″ long & 5″ girth he didn’t hurt me but he also didn’t give me an orgasm. So no to me size isn’t a deciding factor at all. I don’t think guys should be judged on the size of his penis just as I don’t want to be judged on the size of my breast.

  171. I was with a guy for a long time that was 5″ long and 4″ around. I am 5’8 tall so im not petite in size and yet I found him to be somewhat uncomfortable. The next guy I was with had a thinner one and a bit shorter if not the same in length. The sex was much better with the smaller size. It was more comfortable and it got me off easier. It’s sensitive down there and I preferred the less pressure. But more than anything – I was able to perform oral sex on him and that’s a huge turn on for me!

    I have heard a lot of guys mention guys in porn – but they look so painfully large – I’ve never desired anything like that. Bigger is not at all better in my opinion.

    But there is way more important things that matter (sex related), than just size. Being able to talk about sex, being comfortable with someone on every level, exploring each others bodies, trying new things, and etc. For me, I am not a girl who takes a long time to get off – and I was with a guy who believed all girls wanted to go for a really long time. So there are a lot of misconceptions out there and a lot of important compatibility factors.

    I am curious – I always hear the size issue from girls, but what about guys? All girls can not be the same size so why is it so uncommon to see those discussions?

    1. Since the rise of feminism, the sexual revolution, and porn, women’s minds have been poisoned against men so I believe your statement is accurate.

  172. I am about 6-7, depending on the day and level of excitation. My shaft is thickish, but my glans is not that wide. My experience is that it depends on my partner. Some women have said I am too big, but I think the issue there was about relaxation and comfort level. When my partner and I are comfortable with one another and trusting, it all goes well. If I am into a woman I am not going to tell her I wish her breasts were larger or her hair was longer! All in all, I have never heard of a woman dumping a guy she was really into because of his penis. Sex is about more than that. You have hands, fingers, lips, mouth, etc. I liked the woman who commented that her lover’s small penis was more fun to suck on, which makes a lot of sense!

    1. you never hear about men judging women’s vaginas but you always hear about women judging men’s penises. You are completely ignorant to these facts.

      1. YOU are delusional. You’ve been frequently posting about women’s oversized vagina’s. You are a truly disturbed individual who needs to seek professional psychological treatment.

  173. Oh us women are shallow because we like big penises? Coming from men who judge us on our looks,our weight and our breast size. Are you kidding me…..what a joke.

    1. You’re the cruel joke. In today’s society, men judging women’s bodies is unacceptable. However, it continues to be acceptable for women to judge men’s bodies and they are consistently getting away with it. This has to stop.

  174. ^ It is neither freakishly long nor average. It is well above average, but not enough to get you a job as a side show. If your dick were a T-shirt, it would be L-XL.

  175. 8 inches is freakishly long? I’m 8 inches I’ve never had anyone tell me it’s freakish.
    Until this article I thought it was pretty average.

  176. I’m 4.5 approx hard, and I’ve had women propose to me, more than a few have wanted to marry me, I’ve had many girlfriends. Granted, I’ve always been told my looks and personality go a long way, but the sexual relations part is undeniable, I’ve had great sex with more than a handful of women. Of course, I’ve had sex with women who seemed to have really large vaginas, and I don’t think that was so great for her or for me. But there are plenty of women out there with smaller, tighter, and shallower vaginas that match up just fine. I’m also only 5’5″ tall, yet I’ve had great sex with women who are 5’8″, 5’9″. So, yeah I guess I’ve got “2 strikes” in the length and height areas against me but, nothing is insurmountable. I have a gorgeous wife right now (my 2nd, my 1st was also gorgeous), we’ve been together 10 years now. I can’t complain, not in the big scheme of things. So there you go, just my 2 cents. Don’t beat yourself up guys, you’ve only got 1 life to live (unless you believe in reincarnation), so don’t let the opinions of other people dictate whether you should love yourself or not.

  177. I have 4.5-5 long, 4-4.5 girth and my wife says she is completely happy with it. My ex said the same thing. Its me that has a problem with it. I feel inadequate and feel they are saying its ok just to make me feel better. Don’t help me though. Anyways, I am just glad she loves me and treats me good! 😀

  178. Having a small thing really really sucks. I mean you watch porn and only imagine that having a huge thing is the only to satisfy a women. It’s very easy for me to fall in love with women I really like especially when they say they like me too. Lets be honest, the question that runs through my head a billion times is “why is she into me; I’m ugly, short and have a small ‘downstairs'”. I’m on the verge of quitting my love life all because the size of my manhood.

    1. That is so sad. My heart goes out to you. If you have a small penis it would never matter to a kind, compassionate, loving women. The problem is finding those women. Today, they are very rare.

  179. Wow, 572 comments over 3 1/2 years, and still people finding this advice posting! Em and Lo, you got people going with this. OK, I’m a guy and very small downstairs, and I think the original advice is sound, and the comments open, honest, and informative. For women who want: (1) an exclusive/monagamous sexual relationship; (2) satisfying sex as an important part of that relationship; and (3) a feeling of being stretched and filled by a large natural penis (not a dildo, vibrator, or extender sleeve) is essential to satisfying sex, I can understand that. Just tell the guy. If he’s very small, as I am, he should find a playful way to tell a woman who has become a romantic interest before they ever get to the point of stripping each other for sex in full-passion mode. It can be a bit awkward, but there are lots of ways to do it – hints, asking about likes and dislikes in bed. The only time a guy who’s very small shouldn’t disclose is when he thinks she has no interest in having sex with him. Guys with tiny peckers generally don’t chase women just to get them into bed, based soley on lust and physical attraction. The humiliation and negative consequences can be pretty severe.

    Sure, I’m never going to wow a woman with vaginal penetrative intercourse. However, if a small one isn’t a dealbreaker for her, I am going to make sure she’s well-pleased in other ways, and then it may be my reward for satisfying her. I learned early-on not to try to make it the main event, or I would leave her frustrated and disappointed.

    If it is a dealbreaker in a relationship, or if sex with me just doesn’t do it for her, I begrudge no woman following her dreams and preferences.

  180. Wel i wil luv to advice we girls dat d size of d penis do nt really matta amd dat wat mattas is luv. If u really luv him even while havin sex d size wld nt b noticed rather breeze of luv shal entangle u two 2 an extent dat d pleasure wil b somtin else.so if i may advice dnt luk 4 size luk 4 LUV

  181. I am currently dating this guy, he is so romantic, and so on.. The problem is like specified on the post is that his penis are very small and wouldn’t get up at all. He can finger and eat me well. This is our first time being intimate and I really like him and wants us to work out; I told him how much i enjoyed being with him and that I had fun being with him, however, he was apologizing for the disappoint. So I wanted to get some advice on how to deal with him or help him. Suggesting him a an enlargement pill which am not sure will work, will that be a good idea?

  182. You have been sodomized by over a thousand guys, willingly, and you claim your attraction to men is non-existent? You get fucked in the ass, by men. Over a thousand of them. And no attraction? Over a thousand penises have been in your anus and you’re not gay? You have gay sex, with gay men, but you, yourself, are not gay?

    I get paid to paint people’s houses on weekdays, 9-5. But I’m not a painter. It’s complicated.

  183. My penis can be ranked as really thick/huge to a tiny thin limp biscuit. I’ve had women tell me that I am a great lover and swallow my stuff in passion and I’ve had women turn down a second opportunity saying why bother. It might be hard for some woman to understand how a man identifies so much with his penis. I once had an affair with a married woman. She told me she loved me before we had sex. She told me her husband was older and way too antisocial and that she wanted a divorce. We made out passionately and got a motel one afternoon. We got naked, but I felt weird about eating her out. Afterwards she told me it was not good and that her husbands cock was twice as big as mine. I never talked to her again despite her apologizes. 🙂 to me she said that because she did not feel passion during sex.

    I have an interesting spin on dick size. I love women and have had many I’ve enjoyed. But my personality goes dark and wanders sometimes. I get bored and anxious easily. I have no attraction to men.. but I have had sex with probably over 1000 men in my life..All safe and always as a bottom. I’ve been disappointed and I’ve also been ripped to the point I needed to take two weeks off from gay sex. I can honestly say my dick is bigger than average. I can also tell you many men have no idea how to fuck. I’ve told a man he has no business fucking and seen him crumble. Something about putting all that pressure on a man’s performance does turn me on somehow. Also having a bigger erect penis touch my soft small penis is a huge turn on too… and I’m not gay. I’ve never kissed or held hands with a guy in my life – and never will. It’s very complicated.

  184. The hypocricy of the original post and the comments is obvious. Giantless says guys under 6 are shy? Ya think they are dumb? Clearly today women JUDGE men based on the mass media fixation on penis size. Do you think men would not feel it? The message hits a guy like a brick, starting in middle school. Very sad that liberation of women now allow it to be openly discussed and put on TV! Our culture emascluates men in multiple levels and then wokmen add on penis size Just so you are aware, I do not fall in that category but have the same shy reaction to any women seeing me nude. Flacid penis size should never be revealed to a women without deep spiritual committment to the relationship. Women have been taught by their peers and the culture to use it agaist any guy and have been give full freedom that it is even a right so they OWN their SEXUALITY. After 30yrs of marriage the damage throughout the culture to relatships and families is beyond calculation. Do women really hold dick size as one of their checklist items? Any comment or critical implication should be a an absolute deal breaker for a man today. It reveals more than the words about the women, will not get better and will be used again as the women encounters relationship or personal stress. It is about the women, not the penis!

  185. Interesting reading all the comments from women who like men with small penises, its not the size that counts, its what you do with it of course. When my girlfriend first saw my erect penis she thought it was a bit too large, she measured it with a tape measure as 9″ long by just over 5.5″ circumference. I said that’s not the way you measure a penis, you counted the balls too, so take off 2″ making it 7″, anyway when we got married I had to take it gently, aware that I had a slightly above average penis, sex was great, as long as I had plenty of foreplay, she came everytime we made love. I think men with small penises are very gentle when it comes to making love with their wives, hate guys with large penises that go about boasting.

  186. I have an average size penis about 5 or so, and have never really had a gal complain much. I am in really good shape from the work I do, and can put woman in great positions easily! Also after I have a few drinks of Tequila I stay erect for a long time, sometimes hours! You would think it would do the opposite, but not for me. So I think having an average size penis, and good staying power seems to be the ticket for almost all of the women I have been with. Just my oppinion though! Also I love a few shots of Tequila to get the mood right, so it all works out!

  187. Anjall – Sounds encouraging! Mine is about 4.5″ also but I can’t go very long at all. I do however give oral as part of foreplay! 🙂

  188. My ex husband had a big one and hurt me a lot. He bragged how lucky i was. After 18 miserable years of marriage, i met an old flame. Have been having most fantastic sex of my life. He is only 4.5 inches, but can go on for an hour. Gals, its the feelings which count. I come umpteen times and its just heaven. I am 47 and he 50. My ex can wave his flag no end, he is no match

  189. @dallas I’m sure you’d be disappointed with mine since its just 4 inches.

    I do like your honesty though! :). That lady friend I talked to also said her perfect size was 6 1/2 inches.

  190. The massive dick, for me, is overrated. Anything above 8 inches is much too painful and its true, some positions you just can’t do without getting your lunch scrambled and squealing in pain. Maybe some chicks dig it but I am not one of them.

    That said, length is definitely important, but so is girth. Some of the best sex I have ever had have been with men who were about 6 1/2 inches long and pretty thick. It was satisfying because he filled me up without being freakishly large. For me, a penis like that is the absolute ideal.

    It also comes down to how its used. I (unfortunately) dated someone once who loved to talk about how he had pleased his exes, and how large they told him he was. His penis ended up being about 5 inches and thin, and to top it all off, the sex was simply awful because he had no idea how to use it. His misuse was the worst part of it all. His thrusts were very fast and shallow; it felt like he was only using half of his penis. Terrible, just terrible.

    I guess it all comes down to preference, but then also to how you use your equipment. Let us have it boys!

  191. My erection is 4-4.5 inches long. Like some ladies have said I do put a girls needs above mine and will always eat a girl out as part of foreplay.

    That said I understand how there are women that do prefer a lerger penis. Nothing wrong with that either. 🙂

    A friend told me she doesn’t think my penis size is that bad but does prefer larger. I think that’s pretty honest of her to admit.

  192. why women here always saying that men with big dicks always lazy and not want to explore other things beside penetration??? you said size dont matters but what you said are contradictive…you all here generally judge men with big cocks are arrogant, cocky, jerks ..i have big size but i’m not lazy and i want to please women not just by my dick but with my tongue , hands, any body part i have….i hate to said this but women who said all guys with big dicks are jerks are same cruel as women who dont like men with small dicks……thats why i hate my big dicks, cause i think women HATE men with big dicks and always judge us BY OUR SIZE!!!!! ALL THESE POSTS MADE BY WOMEN IN THIS SITE PROVE ITS TRUE!!! F*CK IT

  193. Some guys with a smaller penis can eat girls out the best ways possible and they are also some of the funnest guys to be around and make the best companions because of their selflessness. My bf always looks for ways to satisify me and it is just amazing. Plus, it’s a big bonus when I’m going down on him b/c I can please him so much easier and longer w/o getting my jaw tired. Small penis guys rock 🙂

  194. EmandLo,

    Your site is a mixed bag, sort of offering useful knowledge, and more often than not, reinforcing painful insecurities and complexes. I think you guys should identify an endeavor more useful to society than your current one, such as founding some sort of women’s center that helps the disadvantaged, or working in private practice.

    The issue is that your site is a sounding board for some of the dumbest and most cruel people in cyber land. You both are responsible for broadcasting these opinions, and the various psychological harms they cause to others. Consider your contribution to society a mixed one at best. I hope you, or some hapless intern of yours, checks these comments periodically. It’s easy to waive responsibility for how the general public comments on here. But you are responsible. Go forth, self-deluded blogger/wannabe experts.



    1. I agree. There are some very hateful people that post negative messages. This site should be used for good and to help others. Instead, Em&Lo post letters about very painful topics that hurt innocent people and internet trolls come on here and take advantage of piling on the hate. Run a site responsibility and make moral decisions or else it doesn’t help society at all.

  195. Those r deep words Giantess. I use to be ashame of my penis I am about 5 and a.half. so for years I went without sex and it affected my emotions until I met a women like you. I know that I don’t have a large penis but she make me feel like I have a 8 inch penis. She do not criticize infact she always tell me how good I feel and she always want me inside of her. We just got married and had our first child together. I thank you Giantess because there is a lot of Men out here that is emotional stress because of there size and there is a very few woman’s like you and my wife.

  196. @Harper, I suggest you tlel him the truth, but put it in a good way. BUT ofcourse, do try to work things out first, give it a shot if you really LOVE him. Find ways to improve your sex life up to a point you can think of livign with him for the rest of your life. ALSO, a guy gotta accept and deal with whatever penis size he has, he could try penis enlargement exercises, but it’s not 100percent safe and doesn’t guarantee results, )or at least permanent results). Either ways, you can perform some PC muscle exercises for your vagina, to make it tighter. it’s all over the net. one i knwo of is somethign to do with the muscle that can stop the flow of your urine.

    cheers and all the best. and really, talk it out with him, tell him you love him too much that you’re willing to work thigns out. Coming from a guy, I’d rather know the truth and get hurt, than hearing lies and never know what I did wrong .

  197. Giantess, so now less than 3inch ? I’m about 4-4.5inch erected. To hear that coming from you, I hope there will be enough girls like you out there. But well When I do eventually have sex, I’ll make sure my partner knows how much i care for her pleasure and learn up skills, that can compensate for my small penis size. Positions, fingering, etc. Well giantess, would you get together with a guy like me , and actually think of spending your entire life with a 4inch hardworking dick?:)


  198. haha Giantess, can I have your contact info? I like when a girl embarrasses me in the bedroom. For the record, I’m like 5 or so.

  199. I agree with some of the girls here who say that size matters. If it’s too short, you have to work with the position much much more. If it’s too skinny then you need to hit it with a mallet and hope it swells up. I think it’s easier to just explain things by length.

    How long does a man have to be?

    If it’s less than 4 inches I’m going to tell him that it’s small. Don’t lie to any man you’re getting intimate with, work with what he has if you’re doing the nasty because you have to be honest with him along with yourself.

    There are plenty of positions in the Kama Sutra that are intended for all sizes and shapes, but he has to be able to perform. If he’s some couch potato with a donkey dick there’s a good chance he can’t even get it up!

    Our bodies are all different so I do agree with the women who admit that they need that extra size to get them off. From my personal history I don’t like the larger guys, if it’s over 6 inches and beefy then I’m gonna be prepared to tell him to stop as soon as it hurts. But that doesn’t mean that those women are the standard because we’re not born with deep holes, they may have just happened to have more sex with men who are more endowed than others.

    One thing that I’ve noticed about men who are under the 6 inch mark is how shy they are when it comes to disrobe. It’s a very fragile thing to talk with them about, if you give them a bit of confidence they are crazy in the sack and tend to do all the work for you and it’s all pleasure instead of pain.

    How small is too small?

    I dated a man who was a bit under 3 inches and sex was frustrating, if I literally moved an inch the wrong way it slipped out. To make matters worse he began to cry after I asked him to stop. I’m sorry but less than 3 inches is my limit with vaginal sex, but I will do other things if it’s a guy I really like.

    It sounds funny but the guys who usually have small penises usually have their priorities in check, are mentally stable and are fun to go out in public with. I personally have a fetish with embarrassing men in the bedroom so unless the guy is scarred for life I get the best of both worlds. It’s not hard to train a man how to eat you out, stimulate other areas and maybe even rim you on special occasions.

    If he has a tiny penis and doesn’t mind what you do to him in the bedroom, jerk him off with your index and thumb. Oral sex is so much easier when you don’t have to have something slide down your throat and choke you. I also like to wake them up with my mouth over their entire genitals, it makes me feel more powerful in the bedroom and they get off as well!

    What about skinny dicks?

    They do nothing for me if they’re similar to the size of my fingers. It’s those idiots who wanted a longer penis and didn’t bother to do any research on their own body. I don’t know if it was some exercise, a penis pump, or they may have gone under the knife and they can’t seem to get it up hard enough.

    It’s not something natural, it’s very creepy because they look and feel wrong. I don’t have fingers 6 inches long but I’d trust my finger over anything so skinny. I’m afraid it would break if I made the wrong move and I don’t want to even touch it.

    Guys, don’t worry about your size. If you can’t make her moan with your penis then try and find other ways to get the job done. Remember that we have sex to share an intimate moment, and yes we should try to please each other but this isn’t prostitution and if any woman holds that against you then you need to find ways to please her or get the hell out of that relationship while you can because some women are friggin’ psycho.

  200. Size means a lot to women and I have been made fun of all my life because of the size of my penis. The woman I was engaged with over 4 years was sticking huge vibrators in her and complaining that I’m not big enough. So I had enough of her and I was the one who paid all the bills so I’m the one who has a home while she had to live with her parents and get a job.

    I was often insulted and would come home from work still physically able to perform but get turned down for sex. I think we all need some form of sexual release and I have done all the foreplay and other oral activities to please any woman I’ve ever been with and to be fair each partner must please each other in some way or they will find somebody else who will. The pills and exercises are total BS! I have to deal with what I’m born with.

    If a woman gives birth to my child and I’m unable to properly please her for however long I would feel bad but still do other things to not only get her off but I want to make her happy in life and know that she has a loyal man who gets the bills paid and can man up to take care of her financially, emotionally and as physically as I am able to.

    I’m about 3 1/4 inches when erect but I can accept what I have and it doesn’t discourage me to continue dating women. I live a healthy life and go to the gym often and am successful with my occupation. The only thing I have been insecure about is my penis size and it’s because most women expect every penis to be large or they won’t give sex a chance.

    1. So she stuck large vibrators in her pussy….why didn’t you? Why didn’t you enjoy what was making her excited?
      It’s fine if you didn’t, but don’t blame her. Clearly you were ill suited for each other. It happens in life…..truly MOST relationships end in failure. And they fail for many different reasons, and sex could be part of those reasons.
      As evolved as we think we are, we still are very hung up about sexual matters. We have a very difficult time talking about it, expressing what we want and need, and we become very frustrated when our desires are not being met. We very often behave in very childish ways when our feelings get hurt.

  201. I am SOOOO tired of people saying size does NOT matter… It’s usually MEN or women who are tight… I have NEVER had a small man in my life 10 partners(NOT proud), NONE of which were lazy. Girth is ALWAYS important for most women I know…maybe it is a cultural thing, idk… If you’re shorter it’s not a big deal but if you short AND skinny…man, you may need a small made woman…

    I’m in love with a tiny guy…NOT SMALL…TINY! If I cup his penis at the base it is SLIM, and barely sticks out of the top of my hand…:( What is worse is the head is larger than the base and it’s angled UP! SEX EFFING SUCKS! His orals are the best I have ever had, and I know why he got that great, but Oral sex and masturbation ONLY make me crave sex…I crave girth…So, he’s always pleased when we’re done and I have a gaping hollow pit in my chest and I just want to cry b/c I NEVER get my itch scratched, and he can’t even hit it from the back (my FAVE)… if he makes a normal pump motion it falls-no comes out…So, he has to make these ultra fast/ultra tiny motions what the HELL MAN! Just typing this makes me wanna puke…So I usually close my eyes and turn my head the other way and just let him pump till he busts, and I try to engage by making noises to please him and not hurt his feelings. I even refuse the orals b/c I need to be ravished after that, and he can’t ravish me…(smack my butt, thrusts, pull my hair, flip me over, yank me closer)…I don’t want plastic…I want a grown ass man! real talk! UGH!

    I’m sure if you’re reading this you’re wondering, “why the hell are you with him then?” Well, he started off as my best friend, he fell in love, pursued me, and then I fell in love…NOW, he wants me to marry him, and all I can think about is living the rest of my life pleasing someone who can’t please me back… I don’t blv in cheating…What the heck should I do!?

    Oh, and before any of you angry men attack, it’s NOT man bashing, it’s stating FACTs! I mean what would you do if the girl you fell in love with had the MOST horrific Vaginal ODOR or was EXTREMELY DRY or sensitive?? Im quite sure you’d question if you could commit to it for life!?

    1. Wrong. If a woman had vaginal dryness or odor I would still love her. I’d love her for the person she is on the inside because that’s what love is about. Your values are so twisted and screwed-up it’s pathetic. Love is hat matters, not penis size. And it’s far better for a man to live his life with a small penis than a woman to live her life with no heart.

  202. Due to my job I have traveled the country far and wide and have been with well over 100 men in my life, ( I life variety) but I have never had any man that hung over a good 7 inches. So personally for all you guys who are bragging about 8 inch and up, you might just want to re-measure that little fellow, and this time measure from the top side and not the bottom since measuring the extra 4 inches of pelvic bone that extends to your butt hole does not count for weenie size, only the part that you can put inside your woman while you are making love to her.

    As for Ms. Sizest, I can think of a few other reasons why he may have appeared small to you. Have you ever considered it just might be you and that he was not totally erect because you did not turn him on? Or maybe he found out he was competing with your ex? I can see that as being a real turn off for any man, big or small. As for penis size in general, unless you are a very large woman I find that anything over 5 inches is more than enough to satisfy me and keep me exploding in continuous squirting orgasms all night long. Yes I learned how to squirt when I was with a man who barely topped 5 inches on the boner scale.

    Honestly, it is not the size of the dick that does the trick, but the way it is used and the throb of the knob that does the job! So I say give your new boyfriend a chance and forget about the guy who said he had a big shlong, Besides, did you measure this unique piece of equipment, or are you going by what your ex is telling you since I can not think of a man out there who would not add a few inches on to their fish story. I mean it is no different than the stereotype myth that black men have larger shlongs. Um I have been with few black men myself and comparatively, most of them were smaller than average and the biggest black man I was with was a mere 5 inches if that.

  203. Every woman is different, I’m a medium built woman and I have pretty tight and short vagina. My husband is about “6” with 2inch girth, I can’t take all of it. We are very in tune with each other, you have to know thy self…

  204. I am just a tad shy of 8 inches and am happily married. My wife loves my cock and finds sex very satisfying. She is not a big person either, under 5’5″ and less than 120 lbs. I know that I am the biggest she has ever had and think that if you are lucky enough to have better than average equipment that it helps a relationship work.

  205. i have a small penis ever in this world 3.5 when erect. i sometime avoid gals’ sex offer coz of smallest dick. it real disappoint me and i feel losing my manhood whenever i think having sex with large pussed women. however one day i decided to have a sex with a university lady with a very large puss. i managed to spend more than 45 minutes before ejaculating. she real appreciated and invited me the other day. so guys the size doesn’t matter it is yo technique and the way you position yourself.

  206. Just enjoy if…I love my tiny dick. I always have and always will. Married many years and now divorced. I do wonder if she enjoyed it or not. However as I said I have no hang ups over it size…just love it. I would love to get an email from a friend or workmate anonymous with a link that they found to my naked pictures showing how small I am…wouldn’t that me fun…


  207. Once a girl told me that crap. She had the nerve to tell me I have a small penis. I looked at her. She was a brunette with black eyes and dark curly hair. She was short and petite.
    I found her attractive although my dream girl is red head, green eyes with freckles and tall/slender. The complete opposite.

    I thought,man, do I have to tell her how far she is from being the woman I desire? or should I treat her with respect, like I did so far?

    I told her, I feel I am fine, and this is how I came to theworld. She insisted, you are the smallest guy I have been with. It occured to me this woman was on a trip to humilliate me, a weird power game in which she self appoints herself as the superior being,k while I was the poor soul. Undeserving of her majesty.

    I told her how dissappointed I was of her, and after the experience, I told her it was not my cock that was small ( 5.75 in ) but her pussy was large, always ajar, and dark ( I prefer pink pussies ). In life you have to be accepting and look at the bright side of things. This woman was in my view a monster, a hatemonger, a disgrace as a human being.

    1. Great comments, James. Any woman who can treat a man like that because of penis size is indeed a monster, hatemonger and a disgrace as a human being. That defines all women who claim penis size matters.

      1. Yes any women who says size matters is a monster! How dare they want something YOU don’t have!
        How dare they not be grateful and kneel and worship your cock! Well size DOES matter! It can be too small and it can be too big, so size can be important. James, who’s post you are commenting on is a pretty good example of a guy who will take any woman just so he can get laid. His comments about her show just how ill matched they were for each other, yet he was desperate to have a woman, any woman.
        The woman in question did not match his level of desperation and chose to end things. Now did she need to say what she said? No….but we are really only hearing his side of the story. We don’t truly know how the entire relationship ending story went.

  208. I restumbled on this article and seen that D called me a idiot. LoL I guess he knows my body better than I do. Yes D I have cervical orgasms!. I can also have clitoral and g spot orgasms. I know my body and for u to call me a idiot makes u look ignorant. Please dont write a book not all women are the same! Having my cervix stimulated during sex is extreamly pleasurable for me. yes u are right The first 2/3 of the vagina has the MOST pleasure receptors, the further back into the vagina you go, the less amount of nerves there are, and considering the clit has more nerve endings than in an entire man’s penis, that should be your MAIN focus! yes that is very true but the cervix can give great pleasure too and I can have a orgasm with it alone being stimulated. And I do not find penetration to be worth it if my cervix cant be stimulated along with my g spot and clit. Please dont tell me I dont know what I feel during sex! some women find it very painful for their cervix to be hit during sex we are all different.

  209. Hi,my husband is a bit on the small side but we’ve always had great sex. Married for 8 yrs, i sometimes miss my more well-endowed exes, but i love my husband and can’t imagine life without him. My problem is that aftr giving birth, i feel i might not be as tight. How can i make sure i still please him? 🙁 are there positions,exercises,etc that i can do?

  210. It all depends on the chick,and that’s the bottom line. I’m like 6″ pencil di*k and it’s been okay with some chicks and a total disaster with others.

  211. I have about 6.5-7.0 when I’ve measured and depending on how hard I am. I’ve hit rock bottom to the point of causing my wife pain. So to those guys claiming 8 inch + dicks, literally go fuck yourselves. No woman likes to be penetrated by a fucking baseball bat. It only goes so far. And as for your ego, a big dick doesn’t mean shit. Its not about being more masculine or about pleasing a woman. It’s a joke. I have a friend who has a 9 inch cock and he complains that it is too high to the point of his partners complaining.

  212. I have a smaller one, 4 3/4″ X 5″ thick, most of my women have always been larger, they have all liked it, even my now ex liked it for a long time, tell she started cheating on me with a few guys that were well hung, then she got streched out, and couldn’t feel it any more. My new girl friend is a lot thinner, and smaller, and she feels great, she is so tight, and it feels great, can feel it all the way in. We have great sex, some of the best we have ever had, and we are close to fourty. So does size matter, I guess if you have a big ass, and it has been getting pounded by hung males, I know like the smaller women, much easier!

  213. I was with a guy who was about 7; and he was great. Then I started dating a guy who was a little bigger than he was and he was ok, didn’t orgasm with either. sex was enjoyable and fun, but I just couldn’t- than I started sleeping with a guy who the first time he pulled his pants down I though oh great- this is a bad ideas. Well let me tell you it has been the best sex ever; I actually learned what it felt to orgasm, we tried diff positions that with the other guys would hurt me and with this guy were amazing, and he wasn’t lazy- bigger guys have this idea that they don’t have to work at it; by far the best sex I’ve had has been with this smaller dude- after taking a break I started dating someone else and this guy is huge, sex hurts its not always pleasant. I miss my smaller guy! 🙁 so give the little guy a break he might just be amazing! society tells us dicks have to be big, that’s not always true, try it!

  214. I might be 6 feet tall, had 2 kids vaginally, and been with 10 guys, but I’m so tight I can’t take anything bigger than about 5-6 inches or it just plain hurts.

  215. @ “G” you don’t speak for most women anymore then i or anyone else can speak for most guys.You can prefer what YOU wish but your post comes off as arrogant and condescending…i feel sorry for judgemental twats like you who judge someone on something they cannot change: their size and height.What goes around comes around,karma is unforgiving b-tch.

  216. ^ So the lady with a cervix is an idiot, and I should listen to you? Makes sense. I mean, you’ve brought over 90 women to the best climaxes of their lives. Cough… bullshit… cough cough…

  217. And what the girl at the top said about achieving orgasm from her cervix being stimulated is an idiot, the cervix doesn’t have pleasure nerves therefore it cannot feel pleasure, it can feel pressure. The first 2/3 of the vagina has the MOST pleasure receptors, the further back into the vagina you go, the less amount of nerves there are, and considering the clit has more nerve endings than in an entire man’s penis, that should be your MAIN focus! A shorter penis allows not only entire penetration for the man but also you can use your pelvis to stimulate her clit at the SAME time while doing other things with your hands so you can actually give her a clitoral AND g-spot orgasm at the SAME time which is even more intense than either on their own :p Damn, I need to write a book haha

  218. Oh and I’ve NEVER had a one-night stand with a woman ever in my life…so in other words, they’ve ALWAYS come back for more, most women I’ve slept with at once was 2, most in a single day was 3 (Not really proud, I was pretty depressed over my divorce and had severely low self-esteem issues haha).

  219. Okay, first off, 85% of women FAKE orgasms, meaning that MOST men, big and small really have no clue what they’re doing when it comes to bringing a woman to orgasm, let alone multiple orgasms or even squirting. If you’re ok with 1-2 orgasms MAX if any at all (as this is what MOST women tell me their average amount of orgasms during a session are and MOST women have to play with their clits during sex to even get a single orgasm) then go ahead and stick with satisfactory. If you want to give your girl mind-blowing orgasms then regardless of your size, you need to know what you’re doing. I’m 5″ with a…2.5″ girth? not big by any standard but I’ve been with approximately 90 women with almost every single one of them telling me that I am the best they’ve ever had or one of the best always giving them an average of 5-10 orgasms per session (and that does not include foreplay or oral sex). Most women tell me I am the “perfect” size, or that they were “surprised” because when they first saw my penis they were worried that sex was going to be awful and that it ended up being a very pleasant and shocking surprise to them and that I changed their opinions about penis size 😀 Another trick, women can use Ben-Wa Kegel balls…like lifting weights with your vagina, it will make you tighter, girls I know who use them can’t take anything larger than 4-5″ without causing them pain. So it is equally as important for you women to learn your anatomies and what you can do to improve your own sex-life without leaving it ALL up to the man to do everything (sex is give and take after-all). So I promise, you guys are worrying entirely too much about this, do some research, learn the human anatomies, learn your partner…everyone is different and certain things turn people on differently, so take them time, explore each other’s bodies and I PROMISE you if you do this you will be the BEST sex partners either you have ever had, period…hope this helps 🙂

  220. Size matters. I feel bad for men under 5’10” with a small penis. I’m quite petite, but my preference is always for taller men with a larger penis. I think this is true for most women.

  221. My current boyfriend is about 5 inches. And yes he probably does have the smallest penis of all the men I’ve ever slept with, but I still have the most fabulous orgasms with him. He makes sure I’m taken care of before, during and after. He’s amazing. Of course maybe it’s just that we love one another.

  222. I have been with my share men *7*…don’t judge, but I have come to the conclusion that size does not necessarily matter. I am tired of the hype about the bigger the better. I have been with men who are large but can not work it or make it painful or uncomfortable for me. My current boyfriend is around 4″ and he is honestly the best (in the sex department) I have had, not only in the size department but those men who do feel that they are “small” excel in other areas (Cunnilingus)….so yes you should feel bad because god knows its not the size of the penis that makes the man!

  223. Dude is not the lengh well ate least some is more the girth, im not blaming the world byt it self, just seems unfair, we could all be 8 inches long by 6 girth

    like that threads like this wont appear in the internet and none of us would suffer like some of us do

    thats why i hate this world

  224. ^
    So you’re 7 inches long and you feel shit that you’re not 8 inches cos you think your GF would have no probs orgasming, with an extra inch?
    Oh and this is the world’s fault?

  225. well i have an 7 inches long for 5.4 girth and my current GF cant reach an orgams with it so yah i feel like shit with this crap, i have to do oral, and i feel fucking small, i hate this world cause of this
    fuck this all

    why aint we all 8 inches long with 6 inches girth this shit fucking sucks -.-

  226. I am 44yrs old and have not been with many women becuase I was married for 20yrs. She died in car accident while I was in Iraq. I am 8.25in long and almost 6in around but have always thought of myself as small due to comments my mother made while molesting me as a child. She luaghed and told me that being so small I have to eat pussy real well or be alone all my life. I don’t think women understand how comments regarding size can damage. Size does not matter when you love someone. Love has a way of blinding you and you just want to be with your love always.

  227. One of the best lovers I ever experienced was small. He knew exactly what to do and how to do it. Intercourse is not the only sex act in the world. There are lots of other things couples can do to have fun and have explosive orgasms. Size is not everything.

  228. When will men and women realize it’s not size that matters? And I mean all kinds of sizes, not just penis.

    I’d like to weight in my two cents though. My husband has a 9 inch penis, very thick. Is he fantastic in bed? Yes, after a lot of trial and error. Has it made me looser down there? No, it still hurts when he penetrates me.

    My previous boyfriends has had around 5-6-7 inches. Were they fantastic in bed? Yes.

    Both have their advantages and disadvantages. So relax men, enjoy your penises no matter the size, most girls do!! Now I just wish someone would put us small chested women to rest ;P

    1. good comments. Liz. Millions of men have openly admitted that they find small chested women very attractive. You have nothing to worry about.

  229. ^ Assuming you’re a dude, you doubt you have preferences regarding the female form. Do those make you a misogynist and a propagandist?

  230. What a bunch of misandry and propaganda…way to stir up some good ol fashion male bashing,judgements and sex negativity ladies!!

  231. ok.. dont worry about it.
    am a 30yr old guy an ive been with my girlfriend for about 4yrs now.
    when we first had sex i was really wored as my manhood when hard is about 4 and half inches and i dint think she would be ok with it…
    as the yrs have gone by i now no when we have sex sometimes she gets of on it and sometimes she dont.
    even though my dick maybe on the small side she will always love me and sex is not always a big deal

  232. I’m 5.5 inches and I’ve been with 4 girls in my life. Three of which I’ve given multiple orgasms to. Hell, I even had one who was a Caucasian screaming in spanish(I’m Spanish). Bottom line is, it depends on two things. 1 the motion of the ocean and 2 the emotional bond between both parties.
    As an experiment I bought my wife a big dildo to see if I’m inadequate because of my insecurity of my penis some days. Turns out she doesn’t like the dildo because it hurts. My motto is “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” If you love the guy who cares what size his member is?

  233. Although I am pretty well endowed (8″) I think these women have it mixed up. First of all, I would say 70% of women find my penis hard to take and then the anxiety of taking it can make it even worse and the sex can sometimes suffer, although if they relax I always ‘whips that pussy’ and get them off. We’d all like bigger for ego sake but most women can’t take them.
    Anyway, for the OP, have you girls ever considered it’s not the average mans fault for being average but your fault for being a dime store hooker who’s had a truck load of cock and a vagina like a wizards sleeve?Let me tell you, confident and experienced guys mock girls with huge pussys so just think about that….

    1. Well said. Someone who constantly takes huge penises obviously has a huge vagina so it’s her anatomy that’s the problem.

  234. I must say, I feel much better after reading this thread. I was kidded in high school because I matured late, and when soft my dick just doesn’t look impressive. But when hard, it’s 5.75. So even today, I have issues with it, even though I have literally had over 100 women in my life. I have had many tell me I was the best ever (I LOVE to eat pussy), I even had an Asian hooker in a foreign country come back a 3rd night, FOR FREE. And I have the cutest and thinnest 50 year old wife of anyone I know. Moral of the story: get it over it (myself included), and learn some new techniques. If you are an attentive lover with an average size, you’ll be just fine.

  235. Look the whole 4-5 in guys cant hit the cervics is bs the average length of the vagina is 4-6 inches and the openening of the cervics moves month to month its all abt angling to hit it. I hate that some girls bash the average guy cuz he dont have a penis like a porn start like they think theyre better then the average guy. When women bash the average size guyband say i want huge dick the 1st thing ppl think of u is that ur a whore. Learn how to have sex its not just stick it in and thats it no ots skill that gets the job done.

  236. I’ve lived through a similar situation but with girth (apparently it’s more important in pleasure for us girls).
    My current boyfriend and my ex are exact in length but my current is half the size in girth. One is the biggest I’ve ever been with and the other is the smallest (coincidence, one right after the other..)

    But I’ve now been longer with my current than I ever was with my ex. Even I’m surprised. =)

    What I can tell you is that it’s HARD to get used to, and I think you only go through with it if you really love that person. For now I am content, even though I can’t help missing that feeling of fullness every once in a while..but then we play in bed and i get over it.;)

    I don’t think it makes you a bad person at all, I think your reaction and questioning is absolutely normal(I went through the same ones!) I would say to try him out if you like him, you never know.

    Good luck!

  237. This is crazy… A woman’s vagina is the size of a softball. I’ve never seen a penis with this kind of girth. why are we not questioning this issue. It’s all psychological. I’m 8″ and about 5″.25 girth and guess what? I want to be bigger. It’s all male ego, period. If your girlfriend tells you that you have a small penis, get rid of her. If you want to work it out, tell her to do keagles and in a short time she’ll be tighter.

  238. This letter just screams inexperience to me. Sex isn’t about how big someones penis is, not even close. Not only is the vagina actually only 4 or 5 inches deep, most women only orgasm through clitoral stimulation. Size matters to an extent, but bigger doesn’t always equal better. Thanks for setting her straight Em and Lo.

  239. If we concetrate on the size we won’t enjoy sex, as a man I do meet females wth huge hole but I try my best to make sure they also enjoy, same as their sizes of boobs n arse coz it does matter to some of us but we do try to settle for less. So nan u women out there stop descriminating the shorter guys out there, instead find a way to make use wat they have

  240. *own bodies. I wish there was a way to fix this for all those “average” or below sized guys. And as for my experiences, bigger guys almost always are lazy in bed! The ones i’ve been with also don’t last as long… talking literally 15 seconds to 2 minutes. It’s also a preference thing though, just like some guys like loose women or flat chests. But it is annoying that females have preferences when then haven’t tried all the flavors, they just think they prefer a certain size.

  241. Well, i’m old enough to be quite experienced on this topic. Though certainly not proud of it, i’ve had 9 partners. Their sizes have been scattered. I would say about 1-3″, 1-4″, 2-5″, 1-6″, 2-7″ and 2-8/9″. I’ve also always been very tight, 1 finger is all I need to feel something. 3/4 of the big guys were very painful due to girth. I would say only 2 of the 9 knew what they were doing. None of them have ever gotten me off. Except my current boyfriend actually gets me so close that i’m just as exhausted as if I had climaxed. He is also about 5″.

    I would have to say size does matter, but not in the typical way everyone thinks it does. If women could be less judgmental and more accepting, they would be able to experience what I have in that there’s always a perfect fit, you just have to be willing to try it on. It’s ridiculous that some females have a preference when they don’t even know much about, their

  242. Im 4-5 inches and wish I had an extra inch or two. Ive been with about 25 girls and about 5 said I was the best they ever had and about there were about 5 that I couldn’t do anything for. I noticed a patter than girls with small wrists seem to like smaller dicks. The best 3 girls all told me they were scared of big dicks and didnt like them cuz they hurt. They were all petite 110 lb girls with small wrists and loved me. My girl I’m with now is always horney for me. We have more sex than with anyone shes been with before because I am always hard and always want it and she is flattered. She has told me that I am the smallest she has been with and the only one that makes or orgasm every time. She wants to marry me and we have sex everyday if not twice or three times a day. That said I still wish I had an extra inch or two just for ego sake and to expand the amount of women I could please, but I figure if you have a smaller dick just find a smaller girl with a small frame. I even had one small asian girl that said I hurt her and she couldnt take all my 5 inches…lol

  243. I’m a young woman 26 years old. I have only had three boyfriends. My boyfriend right now is alittle short. I am a woman that enjoys getting my cervix stimulated during sex and a 4-5inch penis honestly doesn’t cut it. His thickness is fine but some women like their cervix stimulated and I get amazing orgasums from it. The way I feel is if u not hitting it I can’t have a cervical orgasm during sex so what’s the point of having a penis in me. Clitoral orgasms are the easy ones and can be achieved easy. For people that say most of a women feeling is three inches in is wrong not all women are the same .

  244. I am having the same problem, only a little different! My new boyfriend may be 5 inches, not a problem, my ex yes he was a solid 9 and amazing in bed! Im very adventurous in bed and the new guy.. not so much! He’s said 100 times he’s more worried about me and gets the greatest pleasure when I have a smile on my face in bed.. I am absolutely crazy over this guy and told him lastnight, no more of my crazy sex fetishes until he becomes more comfortable with me. I’ve asked him 100 times what he likes when it comes to sex and he just gives me very vague answers.. he keeps saying he’s scared that he can’t satisfy me.. but he does because I have such an amazing emotional attachment to him.. so im more of a freak and he’s Sooooo far from it.. its getting old.. I really can’t deal with a boring sex life.. no matter the size!

  245. Ive just started dating someone that is awesome in foreplay, drove me wild, then pulled out a 2inch stump… dont know what to say to it so just cuddled up and changed subject.

  246. If you’re a chick just looking for dick, then u should have THAT posted on your forehead, and if you’re a guy just looking for a lay, give us the heads up too…same thng (If that’s what you’re REALLY looking for, it’s ok… just be real)
    A real MAN is not defined by the size of his penis… believe you me. Some guys with big penises get SO lazy in the sack because they think that’s all it takes to please and they are SO wrong. I’ve had a big one before, yeah…but it was the worse sex ever; there IS a reason why the term “COCKY” is a negative term in many aspects. A four-inched man gave me my first man-induced orgasm; I had to fake it out of the bigger ones because they lacked in so many ways. I’m tired of chicks bringing down good men out there; men have psyches, egos, virtues, and insecurities like women do…guys with penises and girls with boobs. “I need to have more boobs TO GET A MAN :(” I guess if you’re talking about Hugh Heffner, because apparently you have absolutely nothing else internally to offer…and DON’T get upset when you wear cleavage-baring tops and guys just stare…you ask? they’ll answer. Just be real ladies. I’m all up for the self-esteem boost; as long as you’re not hurting yourself or anyone else…do it!
    For the men out there; ALL men…I’m tired of the stupid penis-size game. I understand you, but I’m personally tired of it. There’s more to a man than his penis. And no, not all big and not all small are bad… just like boobs; there’s one for everyone. We are NOT all caught up with penis size, and we don’t ALL want big ones, just to let you know.
    And no, I’m not unattractive…by all means I am very sought out for. I’m a very natural, and very happily self-accepted pretty girl with a kim kardashian-meets-jessica biel body, and yeah I got a pretty mug, too. I am HAPPILY pleased in ALL levels with my husband…a 4-5″er!! The best sex and most importantly the best RELATIONSHIP I’ve ever had, EVER. 10 years and counting… I’ve never been treated as good as I have by my man. If you’re looking for cock (not guaranteeing good sex), you look in his pants…if you’re looking for TRUE love & respect you have to look far beyond skin-deep.
    I’m TIRED of my husband telling me that he doesn’t deserve me, because of his penis size that HE isn’t comfortable with, and supposedly that such a “gorgeous” girl like me deserves a big cock. I don’t wanna dick, I want a MAN… and I got MINE now.

    1. Wonderful comments, Linda. You have the right attitudes, priorities and values. I wish there were more women out there like you.

  247. “We almost didn’t print your letter because of the emotional damage it might inflict on insecure men everywhere”…..complete and total BULL! You threw up this topic because you KNEW it would draw a firestorm of misandry and judgements in the comments.This is NOT a sex positive site period Everyone has right to their preferences but you don’t have a right to dig,rip or judge people based on something you damn well know they cannot change.

    1. I agree. There is nothing sex positive of printing a letter that hurts insecure men and brings out the most horrible female bloggers so they can make their extremely denigrating misandry comments

  248. My ex broke up with me because my 5.5″ couldn’t satisfy her. I know this because she cheated on me twice with a dude who was NO BETTER than me in any way but in the sack, he had a 10″ dong. I’ve had women since then, but none of them compare to what I felt with her.. why’d she have to betray me like that. Just for a dick. His 10″ in no way compensates for my 5 11″ awesomeness.

  249. Might i just add, that women aren’t “shallow” for choosing a man with a bigger dick over a smaller one, men are on the same level for choosing a woman with bigger boobs over one who has smaller boobs! And as far as mocking someone over their penis size goes, pretty sure most girls who have smaller breasts get mocked by guys too! i know i have!

    1. You are wrong. Women are 100% shallow for judging a man and choosing him on penis size. It is the cruelest way to pick a partner.

  250. By the way, I’ve make my girlfriend orgasm with my 4 1/2 inch penis almost every time we have sex (not just oral or touching)… =]

    She even gets one before I do. I hate to brag, but if this helps bring out confidence in other guys, then I shall brag.

  251. I have one that is 4 1/2 inches. I’ve had 4 sexual partners before. Two of the have had way bigger guys before me. Both claim to have never achieved orgasm most of the time with any of them until I came along. Out of the 4 there was only one girl that couldn’t orgasm, but she could rarely get one with other people anyway.

    My current girlfriend (hopefully last =D) has had a well-endowed ex, but prefers my size because there is less pain and more pleasure. I can make her orgasm before I do every time we have sex! We have the best sex when we’re on vacation or alone. Perhaps our chemistry is about perfect….

    Knowing that I can make a girl (or at least my girl) climax 90% of the time is HUGE ego boost for me and my little dude.

    So, I’m convinced that even a small to average guy can is able to pleasure any girl…Just be be confident, truly love your woman, and find your groove.

  252. Sorry wow but I’ve only just seen this post and feel the urge to reply.

    As someone who has been through something similar, I understand what Sizeist is saying.

    I had a f buddy who was huge and could pleasure me in other ways as well like nobody else had. I was afraid I was never going to get that level of pleasure again with a bar that had been set too high.

    However, although this arrangement suited us both fine, somewhere deep down I wasn’t happy to have things stay on a plateau. Although not with him, I wanted to find a relationship where it would go somewhere and we could grow as people and have other parts of me entertained, including just feeling loved and not like a blow up doll.

    Then I met the love of my life. Although he is smaller, it was actually his inexperience that was a bit of an issue at first but I didn’t care because I knew he cared for me and lovingly, I taught him how to pleasure me and guided him to watch a few things. Also, I knew we are in it for the long term. There’s no rush.

    After we got over that, let me tell you that no feeling is better than lovemaking because it’s about being lost in the moment, not worrying about size.

    Best of all, he respects me and adores me. We have great sex but that’s just one part of our relationship.

    The question you need to ask yourself is what you want and proceed from there. Are you looking for a relationship or flings? Don’t be too quick to judge but I think it’s a bit late now.

    I really do understand how you feel but your thoughts are enough damage and just let the guy go.

    If you’re going to judge a book by it’s cover, then don’t try to make a relationship out of it because it will never work.

    Guys already have enough hang ups about their member size but it’s our job to not laugh, maim and judge them about it just like if you were flat chested or too busty or your vagina was a different shape, you wouldn’t like men to mock you for it.

    With a little love and patience, my man learnt to pleasure me just how I like it, with that his confidence grew and he has the unique (well unique because I’ve never come across it before) that after he orgasms, he’s soon up & ready for another round. It actually hypes him up rather than send him to sleep.

    So go ahead, judge him by his size and good luck in finding another one just as big. Spare him from your thoughts and he can find someone more worthy.

    I dislike the impression you and some other female posters are giving out. Not all women base their partner choice on penis size.

  253. Well I am only a 4 incher but have been sleeping with a woman whose ex-husband is large but not satisfying. She cannot get enough of me and we have had sex at least twice a day for over 4 years now. I have never had a complaint from a sex partner about size, in fact I get only compliments. Its what you do with it baby, and if the woman thinks its important that you have a large one then piss her off cause she is not worth it.

  254. Hey

    Just to say something. Size doesn’t matter, period. Every human is different in their own unique and beautiful way. Maybe one man has a big one, so that’s the thing about him. The other man may be touching you in all the right places. Third one may be the best kisser. I’ve had different ‘size’ experiences, and even today its not size that turns me on.
    Sex is different with every person, so its about the entire package, not just one body part.
    For guys who feel bad about their size, don’t be. There is a woman who will love and respect you the way you are. And she may be smart, intelligent and sexy. You better believe it.

  255. This girl has issues. I am a good looking, professional 42y old single mother of a 19y old boy and 16y daughter. I’ve had many lovers and today I tell you this – I’d rather have a sensitive 4 than a 8who doesnt give a shit or is totaly obsessed with his hugeness. Size is a mindset. Writer of this degrading post – you are emotionaly immature. May God help the man who marries you and may He help you ’cause unless you are perfect (there aint such thing as perfect btw) you should rather keep out of relationships. May my son never encounter a cold hearted bitch such as you and may my daughter grow up to be a soft lady who judge men not on the size of their penis, but for who they are.

  256. I really have no wide range of experience to pull from because I’ve only been with one man. But I can tell you, my husband is probably about 5.5″ and that is about a half inch too long. He has to be careful in some positions because its a bit too long and it really hurts to be poked like that. I can’t imagine ending up with someone who had 6″ and turning sex into a round of “that bloody hurts, stop moving”. It would make things rather tense and unenjoyable.

    Not all women have the same dimensions obviously.

  257. Size does make a difference to a man. I used to be 4inches in length and 3 inches in girth. This were the bad times, I couldnt even look a beautiful women in the eye cause i knew i couldnt satisfy her, cause my stamina was ridiculous…call me the 5 minutes guy.

    I decided i had enough, it was time to grow my package. did some research on the internet on how to grow a penis….I am now 5.5.inches in length and 5.3 inches in grith. am trying to get my package to 6 inches in length. I dont really know if it matters cause I am a virgin anyway.

    But having a bigger dick has made a big difference. am more confident in everything I do…It feels good going out to a club and looking a beautiful women in the eye cause i know i can hit that ass so F$£king good. I know this cause jerking off takes an hour now.

    anyway this is just a tip to anyone how feels let down by their manhood, something can be done to make it bigger so its not the end of the world i guess

  258. I don’t take issue with women that prefer big dicks. But then they can’t complain when a guy dumps their ass for a chick who’s younger, hotter, skinnier, or has bigger tits.

    You can’t have it both ways and demand a big dick but also get pissed off when you’re passed over for being fat, flat, or ugly.

  259. Man I have to say after reading thread I feel way better about my self I have about 6.5 and almost three fingers wide when hard I thought it was small. The biggest thing is if your girl can’t be happy with what you got she is either lazy and doesn’t care enough about herself to tighten it up or she is just shallow and follows the media crowd that says you need a monster to feel good. I say be happy with what you got cause it ain’t gonna change

  260. do u know what, do not waste ur time dat u are in arelationship where ur are not going to be satisfied in bed ti beter u quite and get some one whom u will not cheat on coz u will need to satisfy ur dires

  261. If you know what to do you can be 9 inch- 4 it doesn’t matter that much but smaller guys better know what they r doing to be great big bois just fire away and she will NEVER leave you

  262. The worldwide average is like 5.0-6.9…so perhaps she is the one with the anatomy problem.If yoy want more than that buy a dildo thats why they make them fool.

  263. your going to have to have to make a decision.. either settle with the fact that your man isnt as big as others are or move on. i am only 4.5 which isnt that big.. but it shouldnt be alot about penis size, infact that should be such a small part of it.. see how sex is with this guy, and if its not great i suggest you try giving some tips on how it could be better. by the way the dude may just be a bit put off or possibily intimidated by the size of your previous mate.. if you let him know you dont care about it at all the chances are he will grow to his full peak erection.. u gotta make him feel comfortable to really get him to give u all hes got

  264. The age old question that won’t die.

    Why do women continue to lie about this I will never know. Then again, I don’t know why certain women do a lot of things. Facts are facts. Size matters. Otherwise the question would not be continually asked.

    That doesn’t mean you need a fire hose. It doesn’t mean there aren’t other things you should do but if you are small you are already behind. The other “skills” can be learned over time with a willing partner. Size can’t. You will always be behind the other guy. You will never be “that” guy. You will never be the fantasy just the guy she’s stuck with for the time being. Nice, kind and communicative only go so far. For most men that will be the best you will ever achieve. Learn to live with it because it will be a long life.

    It’s partly the reason why I don’t bother with women. Why look for someone who doesn’t exist? It’s a waste of time and energy and you will only feel worse about yourself afterwords anyway.

    To the OP, leave the relationship now. Spare yourself the disappointment. He already knows. Trust me. He knows.

  265. I’m a little above average about 6 and half kinda thick..I’m told…but it not average to my woman I can make her orgasm by touch by tounges..but I’m disappointed I have not made her orgasm by penis..I know where to put it too..but to no avail ..shes tends to not even want chubs unless its the 3or4days before her period…leaving feeling dejected and shame..I guess I am just like the previous poster said …being a male lesbian..I actually thought of buying a fulfil and strap for her LOL…I’m totally fucked

  266. As a relationship expert, I agree totally with the reply – you are limiting yourself if you think big is all that matters… I know a lot of women have said that how a man uses it is what really matters… Good points above and remember that it’s the whole experience you should be basing your decision on not just his dong size! The girl above has not even bedded the guy yet? Do that first a few times and then decide!

  267. Well some people went to the extreme with this topic. Me on the other hand would say I am an attractive girl that says size doesnt matter. Im currently with a man with a small penis and iv never been that impressed! That man can do things that hello wares me out haha before him I was with someone who was way bigger but a selfish lover…. Not exciting at all plus it hurt. My current man can hit spots and rub me all over in areas I didnt even know would excite me. Yeah I questioned it before but now I know id much rather prefer smaller. So in the end size does matter! Six and up can be very painful! Five and smaller is all kinds of fun

  268. ive struggled with such insecurity in the past but i developed a way to overcome it…i got a decent job… support yourself… fill your life with good habit and hygiene and hobby. Be smart and have self worth and confidence…WOMEN WILL WANT TO BE WITH YOU!!!
    then just be a freak, i mean be a f@#$ing crazy animal in bed who cares what ya got just use it like its the last time you’ll ever be able to. give her something to consider…there are many different ways to be stimulated and many different people with many fetishes. just please dont kill yourself…invent a cure for cancer…sheesh.

  269. I want to die!!! My small 4″x1″ penis has affected my entire life. I have to look at it every day. Girls turn away after checking out my package. I have no self confidence. Why even try to find love just to be laughed at. It cuts deep… Why go on living? I’ll never ever satisfy a woman.

    1. My heart goes out you. The emotional pain that women inflict on men in regards to penis size is inhumane and despicable. They are not loving human beings but just monsters for causing such misery to men. Love is what matters, not penis size. And it is far better to live your life as a man with a small penis than as a woman with no heart.

  270. Alright….what a joke this is! Let me tell you the truth….any woman who thinks that size is the important part hasn’t spent any time experiencing the best part of sex….foreplay, probably because she’s lazy! I am in my late 40’s, have literally been with hundreds of women. I have had many women tell me I was the best lover EVER, and my cock is definately no more than 5 inches hard. likes…it’s all about finding out what she likes, exploring her senses and realizing it’s not just about filling filling her up…how shallow.

  271. Alot of my friends have relationship problems because they have small penises as in small I mean like 1.2 inch I laugh at them because I have never had that problem as my penis 3 girth an my length is 8inchies

    1. You may have a larger penis then them but they are clearly better human beings than you and are more of a man inside than you are which matters much more.

  272. I definitely prefer women with bigger breasts, so about schlong size, girls probably prefer bigger too. Ladies, get implants if you feel insecure about it. Guys, not sure what you can do. Bummer. Bring on the silicon!

  273. This is an issue of huge insecurity for small guys like myself since we have to live a life of constant compensation. The pain of fearing every sexual encounter is awful. At the end of the day, anatomy means that size does matter. Of course it’s not all that matters, but it truly does matter.

    I try everyday to accept myself the way I am and it’s an ongoing battle. My options are accept myself and face the inevitable rejections until a girl will settle for it, or live alone as monk or some one who avoids sex. It’s so shitty to be given a desire to please women, and to also be made pretty inadequate for it. God damn you universe!!!!! I hope reincarnation is real and that I can chose my next life and body.

    1. It is horrible the insecurities women have caused men because of their shallow, obnoxious sexual attitudes. Love is what matters, not penis size. And it is far better for a man to live his life with a small penis than for a woman to live her life with no heart.

  274. Man! This topic will last forever and ever! In this society everything MUST be big! Everyone is influenced by what they see in porn, what they “hear” from girlfriends other from other dudes, but God forbid a little bit to read about human anatomy, about vaginas and about penises! Guys with big dicks think they are good in bed, but these guys usually have no idea what sex is really about, men with smaller dicks, have so low self-esteem that don’t even try to be good in bed, and as a result, most them are not good because they are inhibited.

    So what I am saying is this, when a girl is so stupid that she laughs at you just because you don’t have Anacoda as a penis, she is too stupid to fuck, practically she has no idea where her G-point is. When they prefer bigger penises, they are also with low self-esteem, and need a big one to show off to their “girlfriends”.
    Guys, the biggest sex organ is the brain, use it when you want to pleasure a woman.

  275. nobody is talking about how you can be a guy with a non gerthy 4 1/2 inches (like me) and have a girlfriend that loves you and will “accept” you and love you for the way you are…

    but you still wanna blow your f*&#ing brains out because she was honest and told you she prefers bigger guys. what do you do? break up with someone that loves you? because you know you can only satisfy her with your mouth, and basically that makes you a male lesbian.

    1. The fact is a 4.5 inch penis is fully capable of satisfying a woman. For those women that claim it can’t are women who have severe attitude and psychological problems or has physical vaginal problems. Otherwise, they have no legitimate excuse why they can’t be satisfied. Besides, women should love a man for who he is inside. Period. Women who don’t are despicable individuals that make obnoxious superficial demands.

    1. A man has never been able to choose the size of his penis. It’s what he was born with and cannot be changed. If women were all about love, penis size would never matter. But unfortunately, they aren’t. That’s the problem.

  276. Based on what I’ve seen and heard, including here, dick preference seems to go by thirds: about 1/3 of women prefer big guys; about 1/3 subscribe to, “it’s not the size that counts, it’s how you use what yo’ve got”. And about 1/3 are built for smaller guys.

    I’ve actually noticed the same thing about mens’ preferences regarding womens’ weight. About 1/3 only like thin women. About 1/3 aren’t hung up about it either way; and about 1/3 prefer a woman with more to love.

    I don’t see why people get so pissed about it. I see it as a real “something for everyone” situation, and i find that reassuring.

  277. There are a lot of mis leading statements above.
    Fact: the average penis size (mean) is 5.5 inches in length, 4.75 inches circumference
    The average vagina 5.75 inch length.
    So basically average is perfect match. Some women prefer larger penis sizes but the ones who prefer or only mention length are mis understanding their own bodies. About 95% of the nerves stimulated during intercourse are within the first 3 inches.
    So basically for the vast majority of women and men 3 in length is good as long as they both are willing to work the positions.

    I am average at about 6 and 4.6circ, I take a woman saying that that is small as a challenge. I make it my goal to find her climax limits and pass them. I may not have a large penis but I make up in stamina and generosity.

    All in all if both partners are accepting of the other and generous with the entire experience (ie fore play, oral, and everything in between) then size doesn’t matter. If you care for the other person then put that passion in to love making and you will find what works, if you’re just in it for sex then
    It doesn’t matter any way, go all out with no inhibitions, it’s not like you are planning on sticking around any way.

    Do what makes you happy, but to judge a person based solely on the size of their parts is ignorant.

    1. Very true. For these women to judge a man by the size of his penis is not only incredible cruel and mean but also incredibly ignorant and stupid.

  278. This one has some of the most misandrist comment threads ive ever seen online.This is really low and pathetic especially for a site who claims to be ‘sex positive’.Time to archive this one and lock it down already.SMH

    1. That’s true. There are so many disgusting and degrading misandrist comments throughout this thread. I have made it a point to respond and tell off these horrible women and truthfully tell them how low and despicable they are every chance I get.

  279. Well this confirms most if my suspicions about women in general. Only unattractive, fat, lonely women say “size doesn’t matter” or “they can make up for it”. Those seem poor rationalizations at best. Additionally, all the self proclaimed women here say they have had smaller ones give them great sex, but none of those downgrades have been a significant jump. No one has gone from an 8in man to a someone like me, 4in long and two fingers in diameter. That big a jump will assuredly suck every paticle of sexual arousal from all parties. Seems my chances are nil.

    Attractive women, desirable women, have made up their minds. Size matters. In fact, size is fundamentally paramount to the future of any relationship with a decently attractive female. So being 4in long and two fingers thick makes my chances of a relationship with any woman deemed marginally attractive mathematically insignificant. And since there exists no method of enlargement that produces consistent, guaranteed results it would seem my future in romance has been well decided.

    And people have the audacity to believe in a “God”. Fuck my life when will it just end?

    1. 4 inches is not small and is fully capable of sexually satisfying a woman. You are not the problem. These cruel, heartless, insensitive, size queen women are. They are not about love. They are just selfish women that judge men by a body part. If these horrible women with such screwed-up priorities and values did bot exist, men would have nothing to be insecure about. Love is what matters, not penis size. And it is far better for a man to live his life with a small penis than a woman to live her life with no heart.

      1. How the fuck would you know!? You say you’re 53 and a virgin and never dated a woman…..so how can you speak for all women on what they need to be satisfied? And why is it that if she needs more then there is something wrong with her vagina?
        I find all your comments to be pathetic. Every post you make drips of insecurity and is filled with anger against women.
        You need to seek professional help and not waste your time making these silly posts on a subject you can’t actually know anything about (having never had any sort of relationship in your life).

  280. Having a micropenis is no joke its a birthdefect. But its laughed at like a joke. 6 out of 1000 males are born this way. Its very sad. Men born with not much of dick are basically enuchs. And having a normal sex life forget. Shunned laughed at ridiculed. Rather be a dwarf with a big dick. Oh Dwarfs are a joke also.

    1. Despite it being classified as a medical condition ,there are still many men with micropenises who are happily married, in relationships, and having happy, healthy sex lives.

  281. I only have four inches. This is a real small penis, but there are girls out there who will ‘accept’ it. It really is whast a man can do with his equiptment that matters most, but, God gave most men around 6 for a reason.

    1. 4 inches is not a really small penis. The only type of penis that can accurately be described as really small would be a micropenis which is 2.75 inches and under.

  282. They say 6″ is the average, but most guys are over 6″. Anything under 6″ is pretty small. Most guys know that and are usually accepting of it, most you can even tease about it. Just talk to him, if he doesnt have a sense of humor or of himself, look for something bigger.

    1. You don’t know what you’re talking about.4-6 inches is in the average range and is not small. You are showing your complete ignorance and stupidity by making comments about penis size that are 100% wrong.

  283. I measure almost 9 in I wish I was only 4 or 5 inchesches women do not like big cocks I don’t use it all anyways so if you’re taken it then you definitely need to get it tightened up there might be something wrong with you

  284. it dosent matter about the size its whats in the heart if the love is there then thats all that should matter im 46 and my wife is 45 we married at the age of 16 and 15 and beleve me are love life is no drage and id be safe to say that im around 4-5 so if you need more then that i think you need to tighten it up becouse its to loose or just plaine wore out

    1. I agree. The minimum length that a woman would really need to be satisfied would be 4-5. If she requires any more than her vagina is the problem.

      1. Your post makes no sense…you said the “minimum” length a woman would need to be satisfied is 4-5 inches. Well that means there is a maximum length that she might need as well. 4-5 might be the starting point…but because a woman might like more does mean she has a problem with her vagina.
        It’s up to a man to be able to please a woman and if you can’t then don’t blame the women and say there is something wrong with her. Just accept you’re a terrible lover….oh that’s right….you’re a virgin so you have no basis to form your opinions from.

  285. To be completely honest i don’t want a guy with a huge dick, im young and tight so i really would be put off by an 8 inch one ~ 4 – 6 is fine 😉 lol