My New Boyfriend Has a Small Penis…At Least, It’s Small to Me

Dear Em & Lo,

About six months ago I broke up with my boyfriend of 18 months and have recently met someone new. The other day the new boy and I were engaging in some hands-on action which led me to discover that he nowhere near measured up to my ex. The new boy was around 4-6″. My problem is that I’m really worried about having sex with him because my ex was over 8″. I feel really disappointed and I know that 8″ is a high bar that’s been set. Am I bad person for thinking he has a small penis or should I go looking for something more? Why can’t good-looking men come with the measurements of their penis tattooed onto their wrist or something? The problems and surprises that would solve.


Dear Sizeist,

We almost didn’t print your letter because of the emotional damage it might inflict on insecure men everywhere. It’s the secret fear that everyone — male and female — experiences at some point in their hook-up life: Am I being compared to my partner’s ex(es)? And if so, am I failing to measure up?

But on behalf of all the average-sized men out there, i.e. the vast majority of men, we highly recommend you give Mr. 4-6″ a chance. You’ve heard about society’s unfair expectation that women try to live up to impossible female beauty standards, right? Well, you’re doing the same thing, except with men and their dicks.

First, you need to understand that, statistically speaking, 8 inches is abberantly long; out of 100 men, only 5 will be longer than 6.3 inches! (Was it really 8 inches, or are you just bad at spatial reasoning?) It’s not like 8-inchers grow on trees and you’ve dated a string of giants and have come to discover (pun intended) that only super-sized schlongs can satisfy you. No, you just had one great experience with one rare 8-inch penis. And this is by no means a guarantee that sex with a 4-6″ penis will feel only 50-75% as great.

For a start, some men with big swinging dicks can get lazy in the sack, assuming that size is the only thing that matters. They may also assume that intercourse is the only thing that matters — and we all know how few women climax from intercourse alone; remember, orgasm achieved through non-penile means still counts as sex. Oral, manual, anal, toys — it’s all good, and in many cases, better! Not to mention, you may suddenly discover new penetration positions that you really enjoy — positions that perhaps were not so comfortable with a larger specimen. Oh, and don’t forget that, for the standard vagina, the majority of sensation is felt and enjoyed in its outer third, thanks to the extensions of the clitoris, the g-spot, and the pelvic floor muscles around the lower part of the vaginal canal (and also since a lot of women don’t enjoy having their cervix pummeled with a battering ram).

On a final note: Maybe he was nervous and not fully inflated, as it were. Basically, you have no idea what more extended and extensive sexual interludes are going to be like with this man. So if you dig him (and we surely hope the handwork you exchanged means that you do), why not find out whether the motion of his ocean can get the job done?

Of course, we can’t discount the fact that you may simply be less attracted to him (or not attracted to him at all) now that you’ve scoped out his unit — you like what you like.  This doesn’t necessarily make you a bad person, though you are severely limiting your dating options. We suppose you could post a dating profile specifying that only 8″-penis-owners need reply. But something tells us that’s not exactly the way to find the next Boyfriend of the Year. Here’s a better idea: Spend some quality time with an average-sized penis and see if the experience — or the person himself — converts you? He is a human being after all, not a piece of meat.

Size is just a number,

Em & Lo

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  1. To an extent its what you do with it, or other sexual things eh oral, or foreplay. However this has 2 flaws :
    1 – proportion – the same size penis will appear bigger on a 5ft5 lad with a slim build than a 6ft4 lad built like a New Zealand Rugby player
    2- if 2 guys match in sex skills and stamina 2″ in the boxers is more swaying the decision than a bunch of wilting forecourt willy’s…. Lillys

  2. This guy Dave seems to be nonsense brother……. do u even realise what all shit u talking… having a big dick is a women’s preference… but how can one even have a preference for things that cannot be changed…. u wrote in one of your comments that penis size can be altered with surgery…. just to clarify u,…. there is not even a single full proof method that 100 percent claims to help increase a guy’s penis and that too both in length and girth…. u are non sense my friend……. u say a woman must be allowed to have preference for penis size……. so does that mean a man must to allowed to have preference for forced sex with the girl he finds sexually attractive….. what crape u talking Dave…. there are men who have been rejected just coz of something that they have no control over u shameless cruel man….. also have u ever many vlogs on the topic does breast size matter…. the answer is nope…. and also their is no such fact that men are most interested in cocks… half of the world’s male population isn’t gay…. only those men take such issues seriously when they body shamed or have been rejected solely for their penis size….

    1. what a rambling pile of crap you’ve just written.
      A woman, or a man, can have any sexual preference that they want. Some men prefer blondes, some prefer tall women, etc. Some men like tits, others like asses. Likewise a woman can prefer a tall man…but I suppose all the short men will scream about how unfair that is. You cannot dictate what some finds sexually attractive. For you to then go on to suggest this means a man can (if it’s his preference) have forced sex with a woman is moronic….like everything else you’ve written. Rape is a crime, preferring a large cock is not. If you cannot distinguish between the two you have an extremely low IQ.

      And it is a fact that men are far more concerned about penis size than women. This does not make them Gay, this just means they obsess about it far more than women. Again I can see how your limited IQ would prevent you from understanding this.

      And please try to learn how to construct a sentence…your writing makes you come across as even lower on the IQ scale.

      1. A lot of what he says happens to be true. Penis size cannot be changed. Guys being rejected and body-shamed for the way they were born is just wrong. Period. Those women who do it are shallow, nasty women. Period. Actually, you have proven to be the low IQ individual that you accuse others being. Most importantly, you defend women rejecting and body-shaming men for their penis size which results in loneliness, low-self-esteem, severe emotional and mental pain that can, and does lead to suicide. That makes you no better than those women and a shameless, cruel man just like that guy states.

        1. If men feel that way….then they need to seek professional help. Not roam various internet forums and further deepen this mental disorders.

          1. Those women are the cause for these men feeling this way and they need to be called out for it and held accountable. That’s the activism I have done and will continue to do.

          2. Dave, I have done extensive research on the subject of sex. Just because I am a virgin DOES NOT mean I don’t know what I’m talking about. You not only shame men for having a small penis but you also do virgin shaming and age discrimination. That is pathetic. Anyone who disagrees with you, the hatred in your posts show that it is YOU that have a mental illness and need professional help, NOT Me. Many people agree with my views and Not yours. Many people who have posted here have called out your garbage and I applaud them for it. You continue to direct your hateful, derogatory, insulting comments to me I will respond accordingly. I know all about bullies like you and there is a zero percent chance that I will ever back down from such an obnoxious jerk as yourself. You are the most horrible person I’ve ever had the displeasure of meeting on the internet.

          3. I would never criticize anyone for the job that they do. As long as someone is doing an honest day work and is working hard at it, all jobs are valuable and should be respected. At my workplace, I have received constant compliments and respect from my managers and co-workers. I have also won awards for outstanding customer service. Now who do I listen to, the very nice people at my workplace who value hard work or a narcissistic personality disorder with a mentally disturbed superiority complex asshole like internet terrorist Dave? The answer to that question is quite easy.

          1. *****DING DING DING!!!!! ********* This comment marks the 2000th comment on this article, an EMandLO.com record! And it’s all thanks to the never-ending, exhausting, going-’round-in-circles debate between Dave and Stephen. (Seriously, your comments could fill a book…a book that one is forced to read in HELL.) Whadyasay: in honor of the 2000th comment, how about you two stop beating off this dead horse and find a new topic to debate, like the moral imperative of vaccinations or reproductive rights. Dave, you take the pro positions. Go!

          2. Notice all those comments are anonymous from guys we know nothing about. I am sure none of them have experienced the mental and emotional pain of being dumped and body-shamed such as the men that I read stories from daily. Otherwise, they would have an entirely different perspective. Also, these women have every right to cruelly reject men with smaller penises. At the same time, I have every right to respond by verbally giving those women a complete character assassination because, morally, in my book, they have no character.

          3. If I met you I would tell you those things right to your face. You’re just a failure as a human being with a sick, twisted superiority complex looking down on others. Now, that’s a mental disorder. You are retired and have nothing better to do will all of your free time than to insult and verbally abuse others. You are a destructive person, not constructive. Death would be the best thing that could ever happen to such a hateful person like you. You belong in hell for your disgusting behavior towards others. Narcissistic arrogant superiority complex that you have is both a personality disorder and a mental disorder. So, drop dead you evil monster!

        2. You say you’ve done extensive research on sex? So that makes you think you know about it? Wrong. It’s kinda like saying you’ve researched everything about golf, yet never played the game. How well do you think you’d do out on a golf course? If you want to be good at something you need to practice it, spend time doing it. You don’t acquire skill by reading about it.

          As for age discrimination….I’m 60 you twat! And I enjoy what you can’t enjoy…sex. I have an active sex life and have rock hard erections. I am now retired, after more than 37 years as a professional firefighter. I’m probably everything you only wished you were. But you’ve chosen this sad sack life of yours.

          1. It’s you who are wrong. Extensive reading and research on any subject makes you more informed and acquires knowledge. That gives a person the understanding to discuss the topic.

            You have discriminated against me because I am a 54-year-old-virgin. You wouldn’t viciously attack me like that if I was a 25-year-old-virgin so that’s where the age discrimination comes from. You low-life-piece-of-garbage-jerk! I could care less about your arrogant bragging about your sex life.nor am I impressed. You have proven that you’re a complete failure as a human being and the scum of the earth. You are the last person on this earth I would ever wish to be. You have no heart, no character, no ability to have empathy nor compassion for anyone. You have every negative personality and characteristic and are everything a person should not be. You are 100% ugly on the inside where it matters the most! Nobody would ever jealous of a creep like you!

          2. When you’re dealing with physical skills…you need to actually do them. You can learn or improve physical skills by reading or research. Read a book on tennis and you still will be physically useless…unless you practice.
            Why do you research sex? You don’t want to have sex, so why torture yourself? Makes no sense. Spend your time and energy on things you enjoy.

            As for bragging about my sex life…l just said l have an active sex life…but l guess to someone who never has sex, that is seen as bragging.

          3. Lol…you wished l died in a fire? That’s funny! I’ve saved people’s lives, I’ve saved their homes. I finished as a Chief and Commanded large fires. Unlike you, I’m not afraid of life or challenges…l face those things head on. Life is tough, but you have to push through it. You of course know none of that. You run from challenges, you run from discomfort. You are a coward.

            You hurl insults from the safety of the internet. If you met me in real life you’d never say fuck all to me…you’re too weak and spineless.
            You’re a weak man, man in gender only, you attack women constantly because they represent your failure as a man.
            Now make sure you get all those carts lined up. Lol

    2. Thank you for calling Dave out and telling him off. On this site, it is very much appreciated and needed. You’re certainly not the first person to come here and recognize Dave’s attitude and comments as garbage and I’m sure won’t be the last.

  3. I’m so sorry to say size matters! If only the world was full of large penis themore woman would know it just feels better when a thick penis is inside of you! When your on top and the clit is rubbed just right, Holy moly it just has a feeling no little penis can add up to. I know I sound like a bad girl but. To each his own. It took some time for it to feel good. As soon as I understood how to work it I couldn’t get enough. My man died or I would’ve riding him and not writing this. And just in case you care I have small boobs and great long legs. And at one point I felt like I needed a boob job. And true a lot of men shunned me, yet it was fun to whisper in their ear small breast but I have big nipples. So to end this size matters to whom it matters. That’s why there are so many sizes and looks out there. To each his own!!

    1. It wouldn’t feel better to a woman with a smaller vagina. The only women who feel that a larger penis is better is someone with a larger vagina like you obviously. And, no, size should never matter when you’re in a relationship. The emotional connection of love should. You not only sound like a bad girl but your opinion (and that is exactly what it is) shows you are one.

      1. Stephan you mad bro……pussy snaps back. I have had a BBD to lil dudes. I perfered the average size guys 5-6 just cause i like the pounding I receive. For the record the love of my life and the very best fuckin and orgasam goes to a female and she will not use a strap on. So Candy Cane is correct to each their own.

        1. I always felt this article was going to bring out the worst women that make size a priority. Unfortunately, I was right. That’s okay. I have no problem telling each of them off just like I do around the internet.

          1. So Stephen…you’ve made it your mission to scour the internet searching out women (and attacking them) who don’t conform to your standards. As I said…you are dangerous and should be reported. You are an internet terrorist.

    2. You certainly don’t speak for all women. There are many women who have proclaimed that they didn’t enjoy a large penis at all because it hurt them. The women who enjoy large penises have large vaginas like you do obviously. When it comes to a relationship and sex, the size of a body part should never matter. The mental and emotional chemistry with love and respect should. You obviously failed the lessons of what truly matters in life.

      1. Once again you attack a woman who is just stating her preference. There is something seriously wrong with you. You’ve never been with a woman, yet know what they want or what they should want. You’ve never had a relationship yet know what a relationship should be like. Quit attacking women because your feelings get hurt. You’re a grown man in your 50’s, quit acting like a butt hurt teenager!

        1. First, it is not a preference. For obnoxious women like her, it is a requirement. I suggest you learn the difference and stop dishonestly using the word preference. I know what’s important in life and what are good priorities and a large penis isn’t one of them. That is just petty, shallow, and superficial. But you wouldn’t know that because you are a low-life-failure-as-a-human-being with no morals, no character. And you don’t have to ever be in a relationship to understand that it should be about mental and emotional connection and love. Quit defending shallow women that cause men to suffer from severe depression and borderline suicidal. I talk to hundreds of men like that on support group websites every day. So stop acting like an obnoxious troll and start showing some empathy for these men!

        2. There is something seriously wrong with you when you can’t understand the difference between the word preference and requirement. Also, penis-shaming is far worse than slut-shaming. Of course, you’re too much a jerk to know that since you recommended vile, SPH (Small Penis Humiliation) further down on the page. That is disgusting and so are you!

          1. Fellas pull out your penis pump and start pumping. I think nature should have provided men with big penises if that is what women needed. I have met woman who are clitorial meaning that they careless about the size of the shlong. They cannot get an orgasm at all unless you massage their clit regardless of size. Others who want no part of their cervix hit. Still some just want jack hammers. To be safe fellas just carry your pump with you. Body shaming is a terrible thing. Don’t let any women body shame you.

    3. Pay no attention to Stephen, he lashes out and attacks women who state their preference for a larger cock. Despite never having had sex, nor ever having had a relationship…Stephen feels he is an expert in both those areas. And he launches into name calling attacks against any woman who he feels doesn’t live up to his expectations.
      It’s a pity he cannot gain the courage to venture out in the real world and find a woman who meets the requirements he sets forth. Instead he scours the internet looking for women who express a desire for a big penis and then proceeds to slut shame them.

      1. Pay no attention to Dave. He is an obnoxious troll that can’t understand or relate to anyone other then himself. He is arrogant. Has no heart, character, nor empathy. He has no morals and clueless in knowing the difference between right and wrong.

      2. Pay no attention to Dave. He fails to see how destructive these size queens are. I go to support groups for hundreds of men who suffer from depression and are borderline suicidal. The reason is because of obnoxious penis size requirements expressed by nasty women like Candy Cane. Dave has no empathy for those men and never will, cause he is heartless, has no empathy and can’t tell the difference between right and wrong. This is a devastating issue affecting men caused by the size queen, size matter women crowd. My activism will bring awareness to this problem from the mental and emotional pain that these women cause men and I will continue to do so.

        1. You need to seek professional help for your mental illness. Wallowing on the internet with other men with small penis’ is only deepening your mental issues. The proof of that is you’ve been behaving like this for several years and you’ve not gotten any better.

          1. You are the one who is mentally ill to be constantly stalking me on this site. I will continue my activism of exposing these women for what they are and if you don’t like it, tough!

        2. Stephen…Candy likes big cocks, get over it. She clearly states in her post that “size matters to who it matters” and “to each their own”. She is not a nasty women. That is more of your hateful rhetoric. You are a woman hater. You spend your time on internet “support” groups that engage in woman bashing. Essentially these are hate groups and an example of what is the #1 problem on the internet.

          Since you have never dated and never intend to date….it makes no sense to waste your time in such groups, etc. All it does is deepen your mental illness. You need to spend your time in a healthy pursuit that creates joy and satisfaction in your life. Join a book club, take up golf, hiking, gardening, strengthen your career skills, etc. Something that produces some sort of benefit in your life.

          1. She is a size queen that has no problem with hurting men for the way they were born. Women such as her are cold, heartless and deserve no respect from me. The sites I go on consists of guys who either are virgins with a small penis or guys who have been rejected and penis-shamed for their small penis. These guys are extremely depressed and suicidal. I offer them compassion, empathy, and support. Those are terms you are completely clueless about.

            Those guys and I have a great deal in common. In fact, there are some who have become my facebook friends. They are virgins. Some younger and some older and we talk about it and support each other so I’m doing fine.

    4. I am a 54 year old virgin that has never had a girlfriend. Horribly shallow and superficial size queens, such as yourself, is the main reason why. unfortunately, the majority of women have your rotten views and attitudes towards love, sex, penis size, and relationships it just reinforces and validates that I made the right decision to never get involved with women. Any woman that judges a man for the size of his penis is the scum of the earth. You definitely are total scum.

      1. You have created this hell that you live in. Don’t blame women for it. Since you are a virgin and have never had a girlfriend…it cannot be the fault of women. You are 54, so obviously the internet did not exist when you were a teen or young man, so there was no way for girls or women to know about big cocks (no online porn, etc.) I am 60, and I can tell you that teenage girls and young women (in my youth) really have no thought or concern about cock size, they were interested in dating a cute guy, etc.
        For you to say the “majority” of women is such a gross exaggeration, but it fits in with your woman hating beliefs. Your personal attacks are unhealthy. In fact you’ve gross over into hate speech! Perhaps Em and Lo have an obligation to report you to the authorities for your hate speech. Once investigated it might be shown that you also pose a physical danger to women.

        1. First, during my youth, my experience in school was entirely different. Guys bragging about their large penises and women kissing the ground they walked on. I knew what girls wanted from Day 1. That continued with my first job where I heard women getting together and praising large penises and condemning small penises. I’ve overheard this garbage from women for many years. I decided to become an activist and speak out against it whenever I can.

          Your foolish threats are totally ridiculous. I am only telling the truth about these women. I am not making any physical threats. If you can’t tell the difference then it is you that are totally delusional and are mentally ill..

          1. Stephen..most guy’s brag about having a big cock, doesn’t mean it’s true. And I doubt high school girls were kissing the ground they walked on. Both male and female teenagers are very ignorant about sex. Teen girls go after all the cute/handsome boys in school, and of course they are always older boys as well. It’s looks that attract them, not the thought of big cocks.

            I’m not threatening you…I’m pointing out you are engaged in hate speech, which is a crime. Some people who engage in such speech move on to committing violence…has hate and anger builds, often violence that happens. As we can see with INCEL’s.

            Since you want nothing to do with women, I cannot see how you are of any help to men who do want a relationship with a woman. Telling these men how shallow, hateful, big cock obsessed women are is not helpful.

          2. You are not helping other men on these support sites. It’s not helpful to name call women and slut shame them. All you’re doing is reinforcing their negative feelings. It is not healthy!

            As for stalking you…you are paranoid my friend (you can add that to your list of mental illnesses). I have every right to be on this site and respond to any post I wish to respond to. Why don’t you leave this site and you will no longer have to be concerned about me. As you are on numerous others sites, with open discussion forums, you can easily continue your mission of spewing hate against women.

  4. I have a micropenis boyfriend and he just moved in about a month ago. I have yet to have an orgasm with him, it just isn’t physically possible. Am I supposed to go the rest of my life without meaningful penetration? I’m already tired of faking. Next I will suggest sex toys I suppose but dildos do nothing for me. I am wondering if it is a self defense mechanism that he doesn’t realize how small it is. Is it really fair for someone to go an entire lifetime without having orgasms from their partner? It’s just frustrating because I am physically attracted by his looks but once the sex starts it is quite sad as I don’t feel anything. Any advice is appreciated. Can this relationship work long term? My friends are split on the subject as well, some tell me to get out now while it’s early and others say to weigh the pluses and minuses. It’s just unfortunate that I am facing a lifetime of not being sexually satisfied, ever. What to do what to do…..

    1. i think he should find a woman who can love him for him and realize that a man is far more than his penis. You obviously can’t.

      1. Listen man. Alot of us guys who have normal Dicks think they’re too small. I haven’t had sex much(only 3 women) and I’m 23. When I was in high school I looked at alot of porn and felt small compared to them. The truth is we care more about dick size then girls…. And if a girl likes a big dick…. Cool…. I don’t have a problem with that. There are plenty of men with dicks over 7 inches. Remember 5% out of 7.5 billion is still alot. And the 2% that do have a micro penis which is under 3 inches means that they can’t have a normal sex life. I have a friend with a micro penis. His girlfriend has regular sex with him even though she doesn’t orgasm but in order to keep her happy he uses toys and lets her have sex with other men if she really wants to. Simple as that.

    2. In the end only you can decide if it’s worth staying in this relationship. Do all his other qualities outweigh his micropenis? Can toys give you an orgasm, and would both of you enjoy using them?

      Sex is a strange thing…relatively speaking it takes up very little time in one’s life yet it has a huge impact upon one’s life. While people should be valued beyond just their sexual prowess, if your unable to have a satisfy sex life it is going to have a negative impact upon your relationship. This goes beyond the size of his dick. He could have a 10″ member and if he just used it like a battering ram and brought no other skills into the bedroom that satisfied you, you could be writing a similar post asking what to do.

  5. There’s also other options, I enjoy big pleasure and my boyfriends got a normal size penis, we just use a penis extender (sounds weirder than it is), it gives me amazing orgasms. I don’t use it all the time, it’s just something we use to spice things up. Jess <3

  6. Lock him in chastity and make him your cuckold. Become a hotwife with many black lovers.

    1. Keep your racist nonsense to yourself. Size is not a race thing, look up the studies, minor differences.

    1. Bob, I totally understand your disgust towards this woman’s cruel attitude. Any woman who judges a man by the size of his penis is the scum of the earth.

      1. I don’t think attacking this woman is the proper thing to do. Everyone has preferences or desires…what’s wrong with wanting what you want? And since they have only started dating and not even had sex…we don’t know if she enjoyed sex with this smaller man. Perhaps she found it it was great! I truly wish there was a followup to this (seemingly) timeless post.

        Again I will say…women are lousy and guessing penis size. She thinks her new BF is 4-6″…well that’s a big range. At 4″ he’s half the size of her previous BF…and that is a considerable difference in size. But was the old BF actually 8″??? Or is that just what she is guessing, or what he told her? The guy might only have been 6 or 7 inches, who knows for sure?
        Regardless we shouldn’t attack someone for asking a question or expressing a concern.

        1. I have to agree with you Dave in thinking that attacking the woman is not the way to go. Women should be allowed to prioritize their pleasure in sexual experiences. Though I agree that she should try and see what it’s like with this new man – she may enjoy it! – if she does not enjoy this size penis, she should be allowed to be done.

          1. Britintjecity, attacking this women is the way to go . And before anyone says anything Iam above average , she is a discrace , and they shouldn’t have even posted this letter

          2. Nick, I totally agree with you. This type of woman has extremely cruel and twisted priorities and values by her determining that a relationship comes down to the size of a body part. That is a disgrace and she deserves to be condemned and ridiculed for it. On her part, it is a pathetic and an obnoxious chosen attitude and behavior.

            You are also right that Em&Lo should never have published this letter. It was a reckless decision on their part. They decided that having a juicy story that would draw a lot of comments was more important than the innocent people who’d be hurt and negatively affected by it. In fact, if you go back and read the comments, there were men who posted they were suicidal after reading that letter. That is the depth of pain that this letter can and have caused many men.

        2. Dave as usual taking the women’s side she is the lowest of lows a complete nightmare I feel bad for that guy getting involved with such an asshole no ones comments annoy me more than Dave’s he should tell her when she has a couple of kids and her vagina is like the midtown tunnel he will leave her

          1. You sound like a child! The REALITY is everyone likes what they like. The fact this woman likes big cocks is her choice, not yours and not the choice of all the butthurt guys out there! Some men prefer blondes, or big tits, etc. You don’t shame people because of what they like, or desire or find attractive of exciting.

            For certain it sucks to not measure up to other people’s standards. But you cannot force or shame people to find your sexually attractive when they don’t!
            Nick…what the hell do you bring into a relationship? You sound like a petty jealous man and YOU would be a nightmare to be with.

          2. Nick, it doesn’t surprise me. Dave always takes the woman’s side and has no problem with women hurting men over the way they are born. This woman is a low-life that is every man’s worst nightmare. Any woman who determines that a relationship hinges on the size of a body part is a heartless scum who is lacking in having any “compassion”, “empathy” and is totally clueless on what the word “love” means. That type of a woman deserves to be alone and miserable. Men do not choose their penis size. It is the way they were born and do not deserve to be shamed for it. However, women who have these disgusting attitudes and behavior (towards men who don’t have a large penis) are chosen and they deserve to be shamed for it. This terrible behavior, attitudes and priorities of these types of women cannot and should not be defended. They cause men undeserved mental and emotional heartache and pain. That is 100% wrong.

        1. The cruelest thing that a woman can ever do to a man is judge, ridicule, shame, and dump a man for not having a large penis. This nasty woman displayed this obnoxious attitude when she posted in the comments section. awhile back That type of woman should be condemned, not encouraged.

      2. I don’t think she’s judging him, just wondering if his smaller dick will please her. She said nothing about his other attributes, so don’t get so bent out of shape.

  7. Time for another insight. My live in girlfriend dated a man with a micropenis. They dated for about 3 months. She told me she was surprised when she saw the size of his dick, it was the size of her thumb. Her first thought was that he must be an amazing lover and be an expert with his fingers and tongue. She quickly found out how wrong she was!

    The man was a lazy lover. Had no interest in using his tongue or fingers. He would use a vibrator to bring her to orgasm. My girlfriend only experiences clitoral orgasms so if he used his tongue he could easily have pleasured her.

    I asked if she could truly be in a long term relationship with a man who’s got a micropenis? She said: “there is small and then there’s small”, and she actually couldn’t answer the question because since he was a poor lover there was more to their bedroom problems than just his size.

    Now understand, both of them were in their mid 50’s at the time. He had been married and had children and they met on a dating site. So obviously he had been and still was sexually active. What puzzles me is why this man would not invest the time to learn how to pleasure a woman?? When you’ve got a cock that small you’ve got to bring something else to the dance or you’re going to quickly be kicked off the dance floor.
    It reminds me of the old joke…the woman says to the man, who do you think you’re going to please with that little thing? The man answers: ME!
    It would seem this guy took that joke to heart…content in getting his rocks off for as long as he was allowed and then moving onto another woman once he was dumped.

  8. Time for another comment….I came across a post written by a woman (on another forum). I found her perspective interesting. Again the discussion focused on penis size. Her comment was….”it’s only natural that I woman would desire the largest penis she could comfortable handle”.

    I thought that made a lost of sense. She wrote further and wasn’t saying a smaller than ideal penis a deal breaker. So she’s wasn’t small penis shaming men, etc. This brings up a point about “desire” and “reality”. Very seldom in life do you get everything that you desire. A woman might meet and amazing man, great chemistry, funny, etc. And the guy might have a 5″ cock, but the woman’s desire is for a 7″ cock. It’s really not going to be a deal breaker, in fact the woman is likely to not even think about it at all. He’s a great guy and she loves him and he comes attached with a 5″ cock.

    This is no different than a man meeting the woman of his dreams except she’s a B cup and he loves DD’s. He’s not going to toss her aside because some big titted bimbo winks at him.
    In a perfect world his dream girl would come with DD’s, and for the woman…in her perfect world the man would come with the perfect sized cock for her. For some women that perfect sized cock could be 5″.

    1. There is huge FLAWS in that logic, Dave! A woman can get a breast implant to get the DDs if her man requires them. A man CAN’T get any kind of surgery to add the 4-8 extra inches the average woman requires of him. Was a nice try but a total fail. People always seem to forget the reality of the situation…

      Nearly 99% ot things on a woman’s body can be altered IF she feels she needs to, to keep a shallow man. Boobs, Butt, Weight, Vagina modifications, etc. Height is about the only thing I can think of that a woman can’t modify. BUT on the flip side, Men CAN’T change their penis size. The ONLY thing I can think of that can almost equate to penis shaming or being a sizeist is a woman losing her breasts from cancer. BUT she can get a boob job to correct the loss of them. So even with a horrible thing like cancer taking her breasts. She can still get them back and better looking than before with surgery unlike a man who was born that way. Food for thought.

      1. Men can undergo penis enlargement surgery as well. They can add both length and girth. But I feel that is extreme. And getting breast implants to keep a man is also extreme and foolish. All surgery involves risk. Most breast implants last about 10 years and must be replaced. A woman could face 4-5 surgeries in her lifetime, and considerable financial cost and potential health cost.

        As for the average woman requiring a man to have 4-8 extra inches….LOL! You are delusional. That puts a guy with 4″ in the 8-12″ range. I don’t think the average woman is seeking or requiring that!
        Nearly every study on what size penis a woman prefers points to the average, which is about 6″.
        Now if you have less that 6″ then you better bring a lot of other skills to the bedroom. Quit being a lazy lover! THAT is the biggest complaint you’ll hear from women…..that many men are lazy lovers! And women will expressed that same concern from guy’s with big cocks as well. Many guy’s with big cocks think that is all they need, that the woman should consider herself lucky to be dating him.

        So some facts…only 25% of woman orgasm from intercourse. So for 75% intercourse doesn’t produce an orgasm. So you need skillful fingers and tongue, and sex toys if required. So it’s clear that penis size is not that big of a factor, and other factors are far more important.

        Now before you can get a woman into the bedroom you also need a few other skills. Women like confident men, they don’t want sad sack “Eeyore’s” ! They also want men who can make them laugh…a trait that “woe is me” are likely to not possess.
        So if you’ve got a boring, “born loser” personality you need to work on changing that around! Because more than likely you are being rejected because of this and not your because of your small penis.

        1. He happens to be right. You are the one who is delusional. Most women have been brainwashed to want the large penises they see in porn and if they don’t get it, they have a biased against him and he will be dumped.

          1. Stephen…you have ZERO experience with women. You’ve never had sex, no idea how to please a woman, etc. I know Em and Lo want our little battle to end. But you just keep spewing your hate and garbage and so long as you do I will continue to point out your VERY serious mental problems. Get professional help! 50+ year of being a virgin and a total failure with women as created deep mental illnesses.

      2. Thank you Mel, it’s always great to see someone make a successful rebuttal to Dave’s usual garbage. I agree with everything you said.

  9. i have the opposite problem, my new girlfriends ex was 5.5 inches when erect, im 11.5,, ive only fucked her three times, she much prefers her exes little cock , , ive never had anal because of my size and would glady swap my cock for a seven inche cock, i have been 11.5 inches since i was 13

    1. My penis is small but I know how to use it. It’s only 4 inches and skinny but for some reason I think it got smaller. Now it looks like 3 inches and skinnier. Any suggestions ? Do penis pills actually work ? Because i’d like to get up to 8 inches or at least 7, and thicker too.

  10. Turn it into a good thing. Lock him up in a nice steel cock cage and keep his keys. Make him your cuckold you will love it once you tried it. Many couples these days are doing it that way. They say its also a nice game to play for a lady that likes it big.

  11. I had to share this video link. Carefully listen to this man. He’s very inspiring and you can see that life is very much about making a choice. Choosing what to believe, what to think, what to be. Now applying what he’s talking about to “this” topic…just think how dwelling on having a small penis is holding you back from a rich and fulfilling life! What a total waste of time.

    1. A “down” vote? Must be a pathetic sad sack that likes to wallow in self pity. 😉

      1. Or possibly repeating your statement over and over over again that men with small penises are inferior, inadequate, and women are right to reject them in the most humiliating and debilitating way a man can be rejected just isn’t all that terribly helpful after the 50th time. Maybe.

        1. A woman has the right to reject a man for whatever reason she wants. Some women reject bald men, or fat men, or hairy men, etc. Women are free to make choices. Sadly many men just cannot tolerate this fact.
          I also don’t think I said that men with small dicks are inferior. Obviously they are inferior “size” wise, but a small rod might be superior to a larger johnson if the small one can get erect and the large one has ED. Perhaps the smaller one shoots a huge load while the larger one dibbles a tiny one…a woman who loves cum might easily think the smaller one is superior.

          The problem is really all the butt hurt men that come on this forum and others and attack women for stating a preference for a large cock. These men become so angry and bitter and it’s these types of men that often commit violence against women. And even if they don’t physically attack women, they often try to force their aggressive views regarding women upon society.

          1. Nope, the problem is these women who have these shallow requirements, not a preference. They dump, ridicule, degrade and body-shame men for the way they were born. Their priorities are so screwed-up that they put the importance of the size of a body part above every other quality of a man. They pathetically judge the value of a man by the size of his genitals. That is unacceptable behavior and these women should called out and condemned for these actions. They should be verbally assaulted (no physical violence) for their abominable attitudes and actions towards these men who don’t deserve to be treated as objects. That is what I do and they will get NO free pass from me on this issue.

          2. Stephen…MEN have dump, ridicule and body shame women as well. Busty women are prized more than flat chested women, etc. The fact that you are incapable to see this double standard is due to your inability to emphathize.

  12. Well…I contacted an expert on penis size….the legendary porn actress Seka! Yes I’m telling the truth, I emailed her and asked her about penis size and what did she think.
    Here is her response:
    “I have found that “average” is quite nice. I was never a size queen. If you know what you are doing as a lover it shouldn’t matter.”

    So there you have it. From a woman who’s had the biggest cocks in porn, including the legendary John Holmes. Now to be clear….In my email to Seka I defined average as 5 1/2″ to 6 1/2″.

    1. Hmmm….voted down….well I know who that was! LOL Pretty sure he said he was never going to read any more of my comments. 😉

    2. I always loved Seka’s hairy armpits. She was one of the very few porn stars that didn’t shave back when I was in my early teens and thanks to her and a few other natural gals back then, my love of female armpit hair started and has never ended.

      1. Hmmm…Well if you actually knew some facts you’d see that MEN are most interested in cocks, not women. I suppose it’s because we own one! lol
        Also, if you were observant, you would see the vast majority of people making comments on this thread are MEN. And then you also have to ask yourself….why are you reading this post and reading the comments? Obviously you too are very interested in cocks.
        Nice try at trolling, but to be a successful troll you must start with at least an above average IQ.

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