If He Asks About Size, Can I Tell Him the Truth?

Advice from three of our guy friends. This week they answer the following: If a guy asks me how I think his penis ranks size-wise, and I honestly think it’s a little on the small side or perhaps too skinny, what do you think the best approach is?

Straight Married Guy (Fred): I’ll start answering this question with another question:  If I honestly think a woman is on the big side or perhaps a little chubby and she asks me if she’s fat, what do you think the best approach is? Of course I tell her that she looks great. But there’s a difference between these two situations: she can eat a healthier diet and exercise but he can’t do anything about his size. She may even be looking for a little motivation with the question, but it’s still polite to fib in this instance. Which means it’s imperative to fib in the other instance. Tell him that you think his size is great. You can add that you’ve seen bigger and, more importantly, you’ve seen smaller, and that he’s just right.  Adding that too big can be uncomfortable is always a good tidbit as well.  Being honest in this case will only serve to make him forever self-conscious or even more self-conscious than he already is (men hear all the time that “It’s not the size of the boat but the motion of the ocean,” but men also see the widening eyes and devilish smiles when women talk about sizable, girthy man-sausage). A finessed answer can give him the confidence that most women find attractive and will more than make up for his tiny dick.

Straight Single Guy (Chris): This is an easy one: Lie. If you tell the truth (“It’s kind of too skinny…”) his penis may never again work for you, ever. Put yourself in his shoes, “Are my boobs big enough for you? You seem to always look at girls with big boobs when they walk by…” Would you really want him to say “Well, honey, your boobs are cute, but they are much smaller than I prefer. If I could use magic to change you, I would give you natural 34DD’s.” So lie. But before you do, you need to know is that if his penis is small-ish, he already knows. He is already sensitive about it, and he is just hoping you haven’t been with any well-endowed men. So if you overcompensate with an outright fabrication such as, “It’s huge. It’s the biggest one I’ve ever seen,” he will know you are lying to spare his feelings and he will feel even worse. So just say, “Honestly, it’s not the biggest one I’ve ever seen, but it works great for me and you are fantastic in bed. Let’s do it right now!” Trust me, this is the only answer that can work.

Gay Married Guy (Jon Ross): Oooh. Awkward. You might just want to end the relationship right then and there rather than suffer through such an uncomfortable conversation, especially if you can’t bluff. It is never advisable to tell a man his tool is anything but a first-rate, thick cut orgasm factory. If a man is asking you if you think he’s small, he’s probably having some self confidence issues, and confirming his suspicions will only exacerbate problems. So if you don’t mind living with his teeny-tiny skinny-minny member, lie through your teeth. Nothing good can come of you admitting you think he’s small. If the size of his prize has been an issue for you, or you’ve been looking for an excuse to break it off anyway, you might want to begin with “It’s not your small penis, it’s me. . .”

Our “guys” are a rotating group of contributors, some of whom wish to remain anonymous and some of whom like the attention. This week’s Straight Single Guy is Chris DiClerico, and our Gay Married Guy is Jon Ross. To ask the guys your own question, click here.


  1. When a guy asks this question, there’s a lot of reasons for asking.

    1. He might want to compete against other guys (“Am I better than other guys?”)
    This is him seeking a straight up ego-booster. Here, he is wanting to feel more manly. If your man is seeking this, you might need to pad the truth a little for him to receive this.

    2. He might need validation on his manliness (“Is my size attractive enough for you?”)
    This is him seeking comfort for his insecurity. He wants to know if he is desirable. He wants to feel sexy. Here the truth may hurt a little but if you speak the truth with love and address the deeper issue, he’ll feel a lot better. Sizing is not the only thing that can make him sexy. You may want the approach to give him the bad news, but telling him how he may be able to be sexy for you. This could be how he plays with your body in foreplay, or the way he looks into your eyes etc.

    3. He might want your judgement on it’s efficacy (“Can my tool satisfy you?”)
    This is him wanting to know how to please you. Size is an easy way to verbally summarise his performance to get you there. But we all know that there are so many variables to getting you to come. It could be the speed, the skin to skin contact, the sounds, your mood, how much you trust him, his attention to certain body parts etc. Here I would still be honest. But again, don’t leave it at a it’s too small/skinny/etc. Tell him why it’s important. It could be that you would like the depth of penetration or the stretch that it makes. This gives him more things to go on and helps him understand what you actually like.

  2. Even if you have an average to plus size penis, most women will have experienced a guy with an extra large cock, (7 to 9 inches). If she cares about you and is smart she will tell you that she loves your junk. Many women have told me that guys with extra large dicks don’t try hard enough to satisfy. They must think that all they have to do is show up for the party. If you treat her like the beautiful prize she is then she will treasure your junk whether it’s small or large. Just be a real man and be romantic!

  3. As a man with a small penis let me assure all of you ladies (and average and above average endowed men) we know we have a small penis. Nothing in the world we can do about it other than accept it. Now, I know my penis is totally functional, it’s just short which makes some positions difficult (you can forget spooning or doggy), but I don’t have a micropenis or anything like that.

    The best course of action if your partners penis is smaller than you would like is to be honest with them. Trust me, it won’t be a surprise. All men measure their equipment. I’ve known I was small since I was 14. I’m married and have been for 21 years. Yes, my wife told me years ago it was a little small for her, so we use toys, oral, fingers, etc. Sex doesn’t have to be all about the penis. Be creative.

  4. I always thought I had a average to large penis until I got with my current girlfriend. She always speaks her mind and that’s what I love about her. She always use to say I had a “cute willy” but I never thought anything of it. Then one day she asked if I’d shave my penis totally. I did and when she saw it she literally pointed, laughed and said “it looks like a little boys!” At the time I was a little hurt and shocked but since we have both enjoyed trying SPH CBT cuckold and our sex life couldn’t be better!

  5. Take heart in the fact that a smaller penis makes oral MORE comfortable for you! And realize that HE may be much more capable at returning the favor than the more well-endowed (who never had to learn!).

  6. Honesty works best.if he’s not a man,its better to tell him so he can quit breaking his back trying to get you an orgasm.it makes the sex life simple.i watch tv during sex,because my bf does nothing for me.but I still let him have it when he wants it

  7. I overheard a couple guys talking at work a while back, where one guy, a new young dad said, “I wish the doctor had thrown an extra stitch in the old lady’s hoochi-hole.” The other guy responded, “you just have a little dick, man.” The young dad said, “F#@K YOU!”

    Anyways, sometimes it is about the guy, and sometimes it is about the woman. Hopefully they love each other and work things out, After all, a woman can get herself off with a single finger and never penetrate herself. Figure out how SHE does that for herself, and then YOU do it for her.

  8. I would say if she thinks it’s small then it’s obviously not for her, and she should break up with the guy instead of lie to him. Don’t betray someone’s trust just to make them feel happy when it’s actually an important issue. Let him find someone who doesn’t have a problem with it and feels that it’s just right. If it’s too skinny then sex is obviously important to you and unless you think otherwise, where sex isn’t everything, most likely it will not work. Absolutely don’t build a relationship on lies, break it off. You could be honest but it will hurt his self esteem even if you tell him it’s just not what you’re used to. Though he needs to realize that there is someone out there who thinks it’s perfect.
    Speaking from experience, I’m around 4.5″ long and 4.5″ girth, still looking for that someone myself. :/

  9. Dear Em & Lo; the guys,
    I am writing in disagreement to your advice. You each wrote that the woman asker should lie. I have two main issues with this.
    1. It treats the man as if he were deserving of something, when in fact we know he is undeserving (you’ll recall the asker implied strongly that the man’s penis was small, not big).
    2. It creates a liar out of the superior which could lessen her God given chances of gaining entrance into the kingdom of heaven.
    Approximately 76% of all living humans (all living females plus 50.000000001% of males), are born with some chance of going to heaven. The asker might be female or above average sized male, in which case your “advice” really serves as insubbordination. Where you probably think that you have simply tacitly turned a blind eye toward the deadly sin of owning/possessing a smaller than average dick, you more likely have failed a sexual overlord’s challenge. If the latter proves true, your spiritual worth has decreased by at least .001 pounds of penis. Thus, depending on how much your penis weighs, you run the risk of becoming a sexual underling (as well as the acomponying eternity of damnatation). For an exorbitant fee, I can tinker with your scale so as to render the weight readout higher. This often fools Saint Peter into thinking that your dick meets the requisite weight minimum necessary for gaining entrance into the kingdom of God. Deal?
    With springs, coils, and levers,

  10. I’m a 40 y/o guy who has been around the block a few times. I love women, but some (most?) have no idea what an “inch” is. I have been called everything for “average” to “huge” (and probably have even been called “small” behind my back too). My penis is 7.5″ bpel (bone-pressed-erect-length) and a modest 5″ to maybe 5.25″ girth. It fits in the toilet paper roll, but just barely touches the sides- the head and some shaft sticks out of the roll. (Be aware that some TP companies have made the rolls larger to make it seem that you are getting more TP, but in actuality you are just getting a wider cardboard cylinder- so this test varies). My point is that you have to take what some women say about “inches” with a grain of salt- most have a distorted view of what an inch is. One of my exes thought I was 9″??? I also knew a girl who thought more than half of her unusually long index finger was an inch.
    I also have seen plenty of naked men in real life. I wish I could say the average man is 5.5″ like some studies say, but I don’t think that is the case. I think most men that I have seen are at least 6.5″ inches. Many are much bigger and also have more girth than the average 4.75″. Sadly, a good percentage have much more girth than my best measurement of 5.25″.
    Girls- don’t even mention size unless you are saying it is bigger than normal. Guys- don’t ask, and don’t forget- the best thing about having an average (or small) penis is the anal and great blow jobs. Girls can really swirl their tongues around an average sized penis if they know what they are doing.
    If nothing else, go get laid and then move to a different town where nobody knows it is too small.

    1. Ha ha… the ol’ “what common household objects will my dick fit in” test.

      Agreed: people have no idea what an inch looks like.

    2. Curse those toilet paper companies for manufacturing larger cardboard rolls that create unrealistic penile expectations for the average man. Don’t they know we stick our dicks in those? Don’t they realize how those bigger rolls make us feel?

    3. I was thinking the same thing, I hate larger scale penises cuz giving oral frequently is soothing to me and it just doesn’t work on a bigger one. And don’t even think about anal! Besides, penetration isn’t that important. It’s all the things leading up to that, naked massages, oral, fingering, teasing…Intercourse is just for finishing, the last few moments of pounding sexual aggression before we go back to doing something else nonsexual. If you’re not great at penetration, at least hone your other skills and you’ll be swell!

      1. Judy, will you please put all this on billboards across our great country?! Maybe you could sky-write it too. Then put it on a bunch of t-shirts and cannon-ball the shirts into the crowds at ball games? Men need to hear this — you could singlehandedly be responsible for improving the national level of sexual confidence amongst men who think their penis is too small.

        1. Hi ladies, i think you 2 make fantastic points but honestly as a guy with 6.5 inches. I can make my gf come and squirt with penis and fingers but knowing shes had a bigger guy do the same just makes you feel inadequate like thats what a woman wants when you add in all the shit stories of women wanting big dick lol its what you percive from society growing up.

  11. I have to say, I am a smaller guy, im only around 5″, and its only been the last few years that I have been a bit more paranoid about it, mainly due to one woman who told me I did nothing for her during sex.
    Since her , I have had several partners, my ex told me that I was the best she has ever had, despite having had a lot bigger.
    She put it down to the way I touch her, the way I made her feel and how attentive I am.
    My current partner is very much the same, ive been with her for around 5 months now, and I don’t think a day has gone by where I haven’t told her how beautiful she is.
    I think also what helps is that she knows I mean every word I say.
    She hasn’t got a model figure, she has had 4 kids and has the stretch marks and extra weight to prove it, which she is herself a bit paranoid about, but ive told her she should be proud of those marks as she has 4 great kids and she is the one that brought them into the world.
    But back to the main point, I think guys think about size too much, me included, me and my lady are so into each other , and we explore each other and are completely comfortable with each other, we are completely honest with each other and we talk about what we like most.
    I am not so worried about my size now, would I like it to be bigger, sure, but what can I do about it, nothing, but I do think one thing it has made me is a better lover.
    My girlfriend has never lied to me, she has said that im one of the smaller guys ive had, but there are things that I have made her do that no one else has.
    I think what you lack in one area, you make up for in others.
    Ive loved reading some of the comments on here, and its great to get a perspective from the opposite sex.
    But my final advice to anyone like me, treat a woman like a princess, learn your trade, watch videos on how to if need be, and learn about a womans G spot, you would be surprised how many guys just don’t know about it.
    and finally, love like you would like to be loved.

  12. As a guy, you should really not allow yourself to waste any of your life feeling unhappy about your penis. If it’s small so what! What if you had no hands! You would be a lot less fortunate and be sitting in pleasure street way less than you can with hands and any size penis. I am around normal size perhaps a bit thicker than is typical, my opinion based on all feedback, porn and showers (15 at a time) at boarding school. I don’t feel inadequate in anyway, and you should just be real, why be concerned, did you somehow fuck up and get delivered a small one, NO you had no control on what you got, so just use it to get as much pleasure as you desire and think what if it got cutoff or you had no hands?.

    I happen to only feel guilty (in a horny way) that the thought of a big cock that made my girl cum more than she ever has and also that she would be feeling a bit of guilt, that I can tell and hear that it’s awesome is pure fantasy. I’m into my GF experiencing pleasure not imagining shit that is you have the ability to replace with a sexlife of your choosing. Don’t be tricked that your cock is not for your pleasure and it’s all about someone else. Girls don’t go out with or date a cock. If your a cock, then you might have to advertise for sex with deaf and blind girls to increase the chances of getting sex. Hey if that’s all you got is a big cock and that was all you needed for happiness, then the allure and attraction of a lady would be a lot less powerful and be way less demand! What ever cock you got, let your girl know you don’t care about its size, you care about yours and her pleasure. Oh and don’t be a fake and be keen as for a threesome setup by the wife, and then tell her before she could ever say her fantasy that bullshit you could never share her, your not sharing her, you are giving her an experience that she trusts you to give her.

    If you are freaked by the thought of her fantasy, you are scared of something else that is fake. She can’t have a threesome without you allowing it. She would be having an experience that is about her pleasure not something being taken from you. Girls are just scared to tell you cause you aren’t trusted enough to be told.

    My Girl was super surprised that I made her feel completely ok to tell me any fantasy without any judging. That is true intimacy you’ll be creating if you create total fearless environment that your girl will tell anything you ask, cause you aren’t thinking of anything but equal total truth, she will feel more turned on than she thought was possible unless you believe her mind has no purpose in the stimulation department. If that was the case, by now girls would be so over the little human cocks and be banging whatever stage in the continuing trend bigger and bigger penis evolutionary path that is pa for the story in that imaginary bullshit world that comments about her being only looking for a big dick. It’s probably more disappointing to know the number of woman that don’t care about any attribute of your cock and expect that wife is an oath you have sworn too and you can get used to the idea she can’t be bothered and has never enjoyed it, that is the worst scenario that will happen more and more with decreasing health etc.

  13. My previous boyfriends have been small to average in size compared to my present guy which has a large penis., And after getting used to him I have to say I like them bigger.

  14. I would try as much as possible to stay with a response that is both kind and honest. As a man, if my partner is trying to stick to those two principles I can deal with any answer a lot more easily.

    I would also answer the question behind the question – am I a good and worthy lover/partner?

    A man can’t change his penis size. He can certainly change how he approaches sex, and your relationship, with good communication. I would focus on that.

  15. If she’s fat and ugly and asks me what I think of her, I tell her she’s fat and ugly and then if she still wants to fuck, I fuck her. And of course if she doesn’t want to fuck I just slap her on the arse and tell her to do as I told her – which is, down on all fours, arse in the air and piss flaps open.

    If “she” tells me that she thinks my prick is too small etc I tell her I couldn’t really give a shit what she thinks because she’s a woman and women don’t tend to think much at all; they’re not very good at it.

    I can’t really think of any situation why I would want to ask her what she thought in the first place and mainly due to the reason I gave above.

  16. A little clue for every woman on the planet: Since there is little or nothing a man can do to change his penis size (besides lose some weight, which you DO have a right to expect, if he’s heavy and you’re in for the long haul), to complain about it, or admit that it’s not your druthers, is inherently cruel. Many women LOVE to disparage a guy’s size, because they know it strikes directly at his self-image, and it’s a terrific WMD (weapon of mind destruction). Using that weapon, though, demonstrates that you, yourself, are a callous hole.

    Think about this, ladies: You’re inherently a deceptive lot, fully capable of lying to yourselves and convincing yourselves you’re right and justified if it suits your purposes. (Don’t bother denying what everyone reading knows to be true.) Use that to FIND A WAY to make your guy the best you ever had. Make it your own responsibility. Figure it the fuck out, rather than falling back on, “Hmm … he’s … hmm … not hung like a porn star, and Princess Me deserves a huge schlong.”

  17. 4 inches was what he had. He knew he was tiny compared to many and wished he was bigger. All I could say was the honest truth: “If you were any bigger, I’d miss out on the greatest orgasms I’ve ever had.”

  18. I know girls who say they like a big penis that really fills them up . I have also known girls who suffer such pain from the pounding on ovaries . Two ladyfriends of middling years have husbands with really large cocks , they complained that sex with their husbands hurt so much , that after a few years never had sex with them again . Many men with a large cock , think that is all they need to be god’s gift to women .
    They need to do a lot of foreplay to excite the woman so that she is very well lubricated , they need to be very careful not to ram it in and pound too deep .
    Men who are less well endowed need to learn how to really please a woman , to use their tool in the most effective way , whether fast , slow , jirating , pounding , what the individual woman likes .

  19. My opinion is this, if a guy askes you about his size it’s because he needs the reassurance from you and it’s not right for you to say something to him to spare his feelings then tell him it’s not big enough 30 min later

  20. Just dont lie to him and tell him he has the “perfect dick” or tell him its bigger than all of your ex’s cocks, if it’s a small size. He will repeat these statements later on as if they are fact, brandishing his 5 incher, with delusions of grandeur that he is one mustache short of a porno. It changes the mood from sexy to comedy hour. True story. Don’t kill him with the truth but for fuck’s sake spare him the outright lies.

  21. I want a woman who loves, appreciates, adores, admires and desires me. My penis is a part of me. It always has been. If I can’t trust a woman to desire my penis and sexual virility, why would I trust her with my heart.

    Ladies, if your man catches a whiff of your disappointment in his manhood, you had better believe that exaggerated mental picture will be running through his head. Good luck dealing with his erection problems.

    If you are unable to tell him that you love his size, you should show him by immediately pulling down his trow and smothering the little guy with sexy kisses and squeezes and other pleasant activities. This is your time to woman up.

  22. It is an interesting subject. I’ve experienced all sizes of men through college and now a few years after and think that most of the guys that ask that question are either insecure about themselves already or have a different fetish altogether.
    None of the women have mentioned any of the other now more open issues with men of color being bigger, too. In my own dating I found myself enjoying men of color more not only because of their larger size but, also because they didn’t need to talk about it. They already have the confidence to know they will satisfy us completely. I found myself not enjoying being with white men as much I think because they more often didn’t have the same confidence and by asking such questions only made me think about the fact that the sex wasn’t going to be as good. So, it would sort of sabotage the sex before it even started.
    So, I guess I’m just saying tok the guys that aren’t as well endowed that if you could just have more confidence about what you do have I think that more women would enjoy it. While I have decided that, for myself that since I’ve grown accustomed to large partners (of color) that this is what’s best for me And some of my girlfriends, I know this is not as important to many other women so work on the confidence part and those women are your perfect partners.
    Just my thoughts.

  23. I prefer women to be honest. My dick is pretty small, just 4 inches. So I can’t see how a woman could lie and tell me its big! Haha

  24. I guess I’m in the minority, but when I’m dating a woman, I’m always curious what she thinks about my penis size-wise. I’m interested in an honest answer, even if she prefer them larger ideally. Obviously I can’t make it grow, but I am still more interested in knowing my partner’s sexual needs and wants than worrying that I have the most perfectly shaped penis she’s ever happened upon.

  25. good for you george. most of the guys who comment are full of shit or they dont know how to use a measuring tape. if the average guys is 5-6 then how come theres all these 9.5 inch guys commenting on websites about men being too small.

    1. It seems so stupid for us to worry if our penis is large enough! We can’t change it so just find a woman that genuinely loves what you have! , we have all experienced that feeling of wanting a larger penis. It is very self destructive!

  26. The guy I’m dating now knew my last boyfriend personally and knew he had a large penis, (gym class), but it’s never really caused a problem between us.

  27. Be honest about the size thing if he asks, but as long as you also tell him that what he does with it works and makes you very happy then all will be fine. Been there done that!

  28. Don’t tell him he’s small because that would just make him sad/nervous probably (I know thats how it’d make me)

    I’m a male, 19yrs old, i won’t lie like most men do online and say i have a “9 inch dick, 6 inch girth with a side of gravy”
    Honestly my penis is only 5 1/3 inches long normally, and like 5 inches in girth. When i’m really aroused i can reach pretty close to 6 inches long. 5-6 inches is average so i guess i’m average, and I’ve never heard any complaints.
    My girlfriend and I are pretty open about things, and i don’t doubt she’d say something if she was unhappy, and she really enjoys having sex.

  29. Well i dated a man that did nothing but tell me he had a 8 inch cock. Well when the clothes came off well i think he added 5 inches my hand is wider and i have small hands. I want to tell him not to be mean but why do men lir about it. You would have better luck just saying it not big.

  30. @Lola, a big LOL. You do sound like you’ve been around. Telling us all about your scars, stretchmarks, and how ‘flippin’ hot’ you are in bed tells me alot about you. You’re very insecure about your body so you’ll do anything in bed just to get a guy to look past your flaws. Sad. You should value your body more than to throw it around. It catches up with you, it really does.

  31. OOPS SORRY, I forgot to say something 😀
    Just to inform anyone who doesn’t know this already, A girl’s G-Spot is only 3″ up the front wall of her vagina. You can guess where I’m going with this. A guy with a 3-4 inch dick and some really good positions can make a girl have a more intense orgasms compared to a guy who has a 12″ inch dick. SO yeah.

  32. My boyfriend is 18 and his dick is roughly 7 inches. To tell you the truth, I don’t mind! Sure it might feel good to have a 12 inch cock shoved inside you, but there is nothing that turns me on more than my loving boyfriend trying his hardest to make me happy(even though he gets the job done with minimal effort!). I’ve been with him for 2 years now, and I love him to death! What I’m trying to say is that you shouldn’t mind how long a guys’ dick is, just the fact that he wants to make you as happy as possible.

  33. As a woman, I have encountered this awkwardness before — I said almost exactly what Straight Single Guy Chris suggested, and it seemed to be a good choice. I can be very bad at lying even to spare someones feelings (I’m pretty hard on myself, and when I ask for the truth, I actually want it — I often make the mistake of doing unto others as I would have them do unto me). So saying, “You’re the biggest I’ve had” would not just be a lie, but an unconvincing one, and would definitely cause more insecurity than resolve.

    Like someone else said, if he’s small down there, he probably already knows it. If he’s AVERAGE down there, he may think of himself as small or large depending on his mood, confidence and personality. In most cases, he’s really just looking for an affirmation that he’s a prime specimen of raw male virility capable of providing orgasmic bliss to the ladies while inciting a healthy amount of envy from the inferior males. So give him the affirmation.

    I can say that my partner and I have mind-blowing sex. He’s about 4 inches, and boy, does he know what he’s doing — with ALL of his tools! I’ve had 9 inches before, and that was just too big for me. I like to have sex frequently, and that’s just something I was not as keen on doing when there was such a layover of soreness and sometimes some “interior chafing”, if lube wasn’t available. Not comfortable! I think there’s a Jack for every Jill in this regard… Larger/smaller vaginas, different heights, different tastes…

    Chemistry, trust, emotional connection, confidence, a compatible libido/ sense of adventure, and the genuine desire to please your partner are the things that really make or break sex.

  34. I’ve heard plenty of women talk about penises to their friends etc, I’ve even heard a girl say how disappointed she was with a guy once she saw how small his package was. But it’s funny, every girl I’ve ever been with usually don’t say anything to me prior to sex, afterwards the general reaction I get is, “wow, I was expecting that to be a lot worse because of your size” and generally I’m told that I am either the best or one of the best they’ve ever had.

    I think that it really boils down to the fact that from what I’ve heard from most women that most guys don’t even know how to kiss good, let alone knowing how to have sex, I can attest 100% that big or small as long as you know what women truly want and like sex will be good for them nearly every time!

  35. oh god, isn’t it lovely how guys on the internet always want to tell you exactly how big their cocks are?

    I’ve only been with guys who were too big for me. If I could change my boyfriend’s, I might shorten it by an inch, and he falls within what is normally considered average. The cervix-banging really is a mood killer. Thick guys, too, aren’t much fun for me. If sex leaves me sore, we’re not going to have as much. There’s nothing quite as disappointing as having to give up on your own orgasm because you’re too sore from a thick cock, and the pain is killing your orgasm potential (yes, even with plenty of lube and foreplay and all that good stuff).

    Of course size matters. I’ve got my favorite size and shape. But it’s definitely not “the bigger the better.” Honesty has never been a problem in my current relationship, because my honest response is that he’s too big for me, and I think he can live with that.

  36. If you like the guy, just tell him that his penis is the right size for you.

    Personally, I prefer smaller penises, but have had a very difficult time finding one! Very ironic. I think that maybe guys with smaller penises are shy or something.

  37. It’s rather sad to see how many people there are in this world who are completely uneducated about sexual anatomy of humans. First off, the only 2 places most women can orgasm from are the clitoris and the g-spot (which is located approx 3″ in and upward towards the bladder) if you’re a big guy chances are that she is going to have to have her clit stimulated by some other means than with a smaller guy who’s pelvis rubs the clit.

    Secondly, women can do what are called kegel exercises and better yet, kegel balls increase the effectiveness of these exercises a lot. Basically, kegel exercises strengthen the kegel muscle (same muscle used to pee) and tighten the pelvic floor of the vagina which is nothing more than a hammock of muscles.

    If you are worried about the size “issue” then get yourself some Ben Wa kegel balls, eventually even something as small as a pinky will create stimulation.

    So please, rather than going off of what society depicts as “normal” or “better” educate yourself on human anatomy and physiology. A smaller penis tends to be more rigid and can be positioned to hit your g-spot perfectly UNLIKE large penises, ever look at a g-spot stimulating vibrator? Notice how they’re generally small, thin and curved at the tip…just saying

    It was a man who invented the dildo and a woman who invented the vibrator, I’m going to think that a woman knows how to please herself better than a man.

    Rather than argue about penis size let’s argue about good in bet or not, I generally give my Gf 5-8 orgasms per session without fail, I’m 5 1/2″ and about 3″ thick she’s never faked an orgasm with me yet and doesn’t lie about things either, if she’s not into it then she let’s it be known, but generally we have sex at least 2 times a day, and a side note, she’s also had a kid before :p

  38. Well, obviously, size does matter – a little bit. Up to a point, bigger is going to be better. Past that point, well…let’s just say you’re going to hurt someone with that thing!! But size is only one small aspect of lovemaking. (Pun intended.) I’ve never been with a guy that made me think that it “wasn’t enough” or anything like that. Getting full penetration, plus a little of that pelvic grinding, more than makes up for a lack of feeling a really thick one. And what he does with his hands and lips can be much more thrilling than what he does while thrusting. One can never truly know the answer to this, but does smaller matter to the guy’s sensations and enjoyment??

    Oh, and it hasn’t been mentioned yet, but smaller is probably better for more adventurous activities… if you know what I mean.

  39. Well actually, considering how small the penii (penises?) of other primates are, even a not so well endowed human is an amazingly endowed animal. So I think the small dicks ~were~ weeded out a long long time ago.
    Just a theory.
    I still think what he can do with his hands is more important than what he can do with his penis.

  40. ^ You bring up an interesting point… dick size is genetically determined. If small guys were such undesirable partners, they’d have been weeded out a long, long time ago. Just like short guys and bald guys and fat guys and pimply guys.

    So relax! You’re probably fine.

  41. why dont all us small gus just kill our selfs, that way there will only be large guys left, we are already the one group in society that is fair game to be disciminated against and picked on/humiliated ect… best we all just die, we offer nothing to society and couldnt possibly ever be good loving husbands and great providers, fathers and companions.. better you marry a well hung loser than a small but loving and hard working gentlemen….

  42. This is a difficult question. I feel that Jon Ross answered it the best. A guy who is very well endowed is a blessing!

    Men are allowed to lust after women with big breasts and whatever else that they want. They will even settle for fake boobs.

    One of my sister friends brought up this topic just a few days ago. She is adamant about size. If a man has a small dick, I’m not going to be happy. We can be friends but sex will stop. It will not be fair to him or me for us to continue a physical relationship. I like sex and I enjoy it so if a man has a small penis, I won’t be having fun.

    I will give an average sized man a chance because I did have a boyfriend who was less than what I like but because I loved him it was ok. Never mind blowing but it was ok. I guess in any case, a woman can always buy toys but I suspect that a man will get the hint if she buys toys that are bigger than he is.

  43. If you don’t want to lie but still want to make him feel good and you enjoy having sex with him, just tell him that his member makes you feel good and leave it at that. If you don’t like having sex with him and sex is a big issue with you, maybe you will need to find a different partner.

  44. I’M big and proud of it, BUT the best sex I’ve ever had was when I was with a sweet, cute, loving girl with whom I could be totally loving, caring, and devoted to making her feel she is so special that I treasure my time with her; which is also quite true. I’m still with her and we have crazy, wonderful bed sessions, complete with apres orgasm cuddling and fondling.

  45. Well kids…it seems yet another blog about tenderfoots w small penis’ pops up to stumble across..let me start by saying most mens size varies and in some cases (such is the came w me) I can be measured at a thin 5in in length by 4.5in girth when I’m nervous and/or new to an environment..generally its 6.25 by 4.9 and no actual complaints have ever been made on its nervous size..just looks of a wondering nature..as is the look when I’m truly relaxed at 7.25 by 5.18! I guess what I’m trying to say is sure..tell the guy your feelings on the subject if you want to seem like a promiscuous insensitive yutz. Work on your personality instead of worrying about the way god made someone not up to your standards, make sense?

  46. I have 8 inches long by 5 inches around,measured with a tape measure.I have hit bottom on plenty of women,and they do not seem to enjoy it as much as getting a good rythem going. Foreplay is very important,a man has to be able to make her climax orally.This may take dating her for awhile to make her more comfortable with you.Sex is important,enjoy it,take your time with her.A woman needs to feel loved,if she is just in it for the sex,you better wrap it up,cause you are not the 1st and will not be the last.If she is good at oral sex,it is from practice!If she makes love like a porn star,she believes she is,and again wrap it up!I believe the best sex is when you have been together for awhile and are comfortable with each other.

  47. I’ve had huge guys, and I can honestly say I would take an average guy over a monster cock any day. I love to go hard but having your cervix rammed really takes you out of the moment..If he’s smaller or skinnier than you’d prefer, try different positions that allow for deeper penetration (try a pillow under your butt), but never, ever, EVER tell him its not the most perfect penis in the world. My boyfriend’s really IS perfect, but once I made fun of it after he got out of the pool, and I got the cold shoulder for the rest of the day!

  48. I’ve had freakishly huge and I’ve had average-to-small and average-to-large.(argh–I sound promiscuous, huh? Lol) The REAL truth? Nothing physically “feels” like a really large one, BUT; nothing compares to a guy who adores you and is driven by the desire to please you! Emotion trumps physical! It’s a no-brainer. If you’re diggin’ him, tell him his member is AMAZING, but unless it’s monstrous…don’t even indulge him in ‘size’ talk. ALL men should try these 3 things that will make her feel like your boner is bodacious: 1.Tell her she’s beautiful!(naked, clothed, or sick with the flu) 2. Learn how to give oral like it’s your profession & TRULY love it! 3. Snuggle, talk, plan, dream, laugh, and APPRECIATE her! For every 3 ‘normal’ sessions, have 1 fantasy/freaky/dress-up/public/ or wild event! Physically smaller tools need to work harder on the mental/emotional, but get over it; I’ll never have an 18″ waist or DD breasts. I have scars and stretchmarks; BUT I am so flippin hot in bed that men think I’m FAB! WHY? Because I let all inhibitions go and lose myself in the moment. People overthink sex WAY too much!

  49. I was just ran into this problem and I wasn’t sure what to say. He isn’t the biggest I’ve had but he is the perfect size to suck on and sex is great. He was joking but probingly said “Your lucky my dick is small.” So I responded “Umm babe what part of this weekend has made you think ur cock is small?! “Billy Dong Thornton is perfect for me and your fantastic in bed. It’s a very sexy combo I get to work with!” It seemed to work great!

  50. I have a pretty small cock myself, and there is absolutely nothing I can do about it!! Sorry, ladies! God damn I wish I could make it bigger. However, I will agree that women in general appreciate more the loving, sensuous side of sex, and although I’m envious of the guys with the big prongs, how you really make your woman cum is with your own ability to be turned on and your gentle, slow vibe. Love is a weird word, but in comes into play – you have to love. It all comes from that.

  51. Because i tell my penis is 15″ everbody say i am a bullshit er well if i could post a pic i would, i am a freak something you dont ever want to wish for believe me, be happy with your 5 6 7 8 9 inch penis over that and you make woman uncomfortable and end up lonly like me thanks

  52. Jlb03, I don’t argue that most woman want something slightly over the norm. My point is that there are those nine, ten and bigger that are out there and yes woman have had them. I as you did consider the alcohol as a contributing factor, and it’s not to say that it doesn’t play a role in what some woman may perceive as a large member. But in my wife’s description of her several encounters with this big dick, that fact that her hand couldn’t close around his girth and that she could get three hands on his length, well I believe that would constitute a cock that was definitely over nine inches and possibly ten. At the time she was too much in awe of his size that even if she would have had a tape measure she probably would have forgotten to use it. But then again she is a bit of a Size Queen so maybe she would have! I do think that when a woman does have her an encounter with a large cock, she may think, “OMG it has to be at least nine or ten inches!” When in reality it may only be in the upper seven to eight inch range. Add a little booze to the mix and I’m sure that there are wives and girlfriends out there tonight writing a story, posting a message or telling their man about this nine or ten inch dick they had in the past. Hey, no matter how it plays out, roll with it. Regardless of the true size, ask her what she liked about it and why. Have her tell you about the encounter. It’s harmless fun and it spices “things up!” I found it rather exciting when she told me about it because she seemed turned on by her encounter with this well hung man. She got me to pop fast on more then one occasion telling me what she was feeling and thinking when she first saw his cock outline and feeling him up through his pants. That fact that he was so big that she couldn’t pull him out through his zipper but had to get down between his legs and pull his pants down to get it out. She told me of her excitement as it swung into her view and how she proceeded to stroke him with one hand but soon realized that one this size needs and deserves two hands. She told how she sucked on the end of his cock as she stroked him with both hands. He was big enough so that she had a mouth full and still had plenty of stroking room on the shaft. She concluded by telling how that when she sensed he was near, she removed her mouth and watched in total amazement as several long thick ropes of cum blast out of his huge member. She said that she had never seen so much cum, as she jacked him off and he shot up onto the back of the couch and all over. The lust in her voice as she recalled how his cum load matched his cock size, well you get the point. Now I got one horny woman so I just enjoy it. If a woman thinks she has had a big one, let her. It’s the one that’s with her at the time she recalls her encounter that benefits. OORAH!

  53. And, Jasmine, as I said before it NEVER had anything to do with his penis. It was his immaturity and insecurity and need to control you all along. You deserve better, now go GET IT!!!! 😉

  54. Jasmine, dear, I hate to say, “I told you so…” but…..see my response, and then yours, Dec 9, 2010.https://www.emandlo.com/2009/03/wise-guys-if-he-asks-about-size-can-i-tell-him-the-truth/comment-page-2/#comments

    Immature, insecure guys never make good mates….

    I hope you are recovering well and can find a good, mature man who doesn’t need be constantly emotional propped up in the future.

    Good luck and I hope you find someone better than this little jerk. You are better off without him, which is what was discussed over 6 months ago.

    Get a new hairdo, buy yourself some new clothes, take some time for yourself, and get back into the water when you feel ready.


  55. I’ve had huge, average and small. The smallest is attached to the man I love more than any other. So it is perfect for me.

  56. Newbie eight, I dont neccesarily claim your wife is lying, but even the biggest porn stars aren’t even 10 inches. You must also take into account how drunk your wife was at the time of her sexual experience with the guy. Was she seeing double? All jokes aside,it’s possible she encountered a 10 inch guy, but extremely unlikely. Stats show it’s even more rare than 1 in 10,000 guys pack that 10 inch cock. Most claim John Holmes had one of the biggest back in the 70’s and 80’s. With claims as high as 13 inches, but when the truth came out from former girlfriends, his size was closer to 10 inches.

    Women are known to be big exagerators when it comes to size. Which comes from terrible estimation skills and guys lies. Thats say she was telling the truth, I would bet 90% would more and likely be grossed out by a man that size. Most women want big 7-8, with a thickness about the size of a standard toliet paper roll. Huge and small are turn-offs to most women I spoke to.

    Your size and my size are roughly what the majority of women look for. Look at this way, women want above average in most aspects of a guy. Though their is a such thing as too much. Most girls want a tall guy, but that doesn’t they want a huge 7 foot tall guy either. 6’0 to 6’3 is the perfered height for most women. Just like most women want a guy with a nice body, but would be turned off if they seen Mr. Olympia walk through the door. See my point?

  57. If a guy asks about size, its either because hes insecure about it or he knows it’s big and just wants to hear it come from your mouth. Either way you should be honest with him. I mean if he’s your boyfriend, you’re probably having sex with him on a regular basis. The best way to improve his performance in the bedroom and your experience is to be honest with him. The same goes for guys being honest with their ladies. If it’s small, just tell him it’s smaller than what you’ve encountered in the past but be optimistic. Tell him what positions work best for his size. I’ve talked with numerous females about the whole size thing and they’ve all said certain sizes are best for certain positions. Some girls like ’em really big and some girls could care less, it all depends on the make up of her vagina. But anyways back to the OP, yes be honest but be optimistic and open.

  58. This is in response to jlb03. My wife told me that I was the largest she had ever had. I measure around 8”, 8 ¼ when really turned on. We had been married for about 12 years when one night we were drinking and she confessed that she had an encounter with a larger one in college. I was a little surprised but more turned on by her confession. He was a Norwegian and was on the college swim team. She told me that after the party she was at, her friend inquired into his size. My wife pulled out a ruler and showed her. My wife said that he was long and thick. She couldn’t get her hand around his girth and figured he was about 6 ½” thick. She was able to get two hands on his length and still had plenty to suck on. She said that she could have gotten three hands on him. Well I too thought as you that the odds of his cock being 9 or 10” was not that likely. I thought that way until I ran the numbers. Yes it’s true that 1 in 100 have a cock in the 9” range and 1 in 10,000 have a cock over 10”. Based on this countries male population, that means there are 90,000 men out there swinging a cock over 9” and studies show that guys with big dicks tend to be more sexually active. My wife had seven partners before me and the activity ranged from hand jobs to intercourse. She wasn’t into the oral thing as much but that has change over the years. Since guys in general are more sexually active then girls and guys with big dicks are more active then the norm, it would be save to say that there are probably close to a million woman in this country that have encountered a cock over 9”. That makes my wife one in a million.

  59. I will always want a girlfriend who was open and told me how she felt over one that feels my confidence is too fragile to be honest with me.

  60. I’d agree that all of us guys are a little weirded out that our man-meat isn’t big enough. I’m somewhere between 7-7.5″, propotionate girth, have been told “don’t go so deep” and have glanced at “the competition” in the shower room. But still the niggling worry. We’d only be satisfied if the lady was cringing in terror or screaming that it was killing her. But back on OP topic…
    Tell him it’s not the biggest but you weren’
    t looking for a porn star. Tell him it works very nicely and to not be so silly when it obviously suits you. If he persists, tell him there are many ways to satisfy you. Ask him if it works for him – if so, tell him to hop on and shut up(jokingly).

  61. So if anyone has been following up with my story, that guy I idealised, and fell in love with…Turns out he’s been fucking everything that moves for the last couple of months…About the same time he told me how much I “changed him” and “gave him confidence” back in his “little penis”…

    So yeah, if I ever get that question again, or even get a hint of insecurity in that area, I’m bailing…Once you give them that confidence back, let em know it’s not about size, it’s about passion bla bla, they’ll go and put your theories to the test with other women. I’m not being cruel, I’m just scarred!! He took SOOO much of my energy, belittled my opinions about sex and love, and then when our relationship “helped him” (something I am grateful for) he cheated & thennn dumped…

    My Point Is…YES, tell the truth, and DO NOT get sucked into any in-depth “comforting” conversations about it

  62. Rose – ask a silly question, get a silly answer. Here’s what I consider a good one:

    Guy: Am I the biggest?

    Rose: Close, but no cigar!

  63. I just wanted to say, a guy I slept with last night sent me a text asking if he was the biggest, which he is not (but it was really good), so I googled how to handle this question without lying. This came up and helped me answer quite tactfully. Thanks!

  64. id like 2 add ive hd amazin orgasims no matter the size of the penis b it large,average,or small.it has to do with you and that person as a couple.

  65. ive hd my share of sexual encounters.there hv bn the average,the weigh to small & only 2 of great satisfaction.nw havn said that its all ur state of mind-the erotic zone-u let urself go 2 when ur bn sexually fead.i love my husbands lrg penis.cant live w/out it.he knw’s its more than avrg.he told me(cocky jock)that he is 19yrs ago b4 we were about 2 entertain(im bigger than most guys)!I was like is the guy kiddn,jst gv it 2 me & stop bragn.Well it was but,he didnt knw what 2 do w/it.i kept hm cuz i saw the potential.he’s not really gd @ the husband or daddy thang(thats a whole other blog).i kp hm 4 the sex only & he’s ok w/that.so what im sayn is 1st dont lie 2 a man if its small its small & he knw’s it.if he asks say yes its smaller than id like but,im feeln u & so we’ll make it wrk 4 us.

  66. Newbie Says:
    April 18th, 2010 at 11:19 am

    You guy never seem to believe it when we say it’s how you use it that matters… The only time I have ever reached orgasm during intercourse was with a man who was smaller than the average!


    1/2 the time we guys do not believe it because it is women lying through whats left of their teeth just to spare our feelings. kinda like women faking orgasms just to make guys feel studly and to spare their feelings when the guy is really DUDly – when she really does not have the balls to do cut the manure and to total truth with him cold and raw – and to NOT spare our feelings. to me – nothing is more attractive than a woman who tells me the complete and total truth w/o any sugar coating or warm/fuzzy feelings.

  67. Some women prefer a large penis and some women could care less… in the end you just have to find a woman who is sexually compatible with you.

    i am 5 inches hard. I have been with women who preferred a bigger dick and i have been with women who scream and cum more than once during intercourse. Test the waters and stick everything that moves, you’ll find one that works… and don’t forget to wrap it up.

  68. You guy never seem to believe it when we say it’s how you use it that matters… The only time I have ever reached orgasm during intercourse was with a man who was smaller than the average!

    1. I’m slightly smaller than the average and I believe you. Why? Because smaller that average and small penises are 100% capable of satisfying a woman unless that woman is a size queen with a huge vagina.

  69. Just don’t do what I did when I wanted to know what my size was. My girlfriend Megan and her best friend were drinking with me one afternoon. After a few beers the conversation turned to sex, of course. My girlfriend had always liked to tease me about having “the Irish curse”. I thought it was just to make me try harder in bed! lol. My girl was in the kitchen a few feet away from her girlfriend Jenn and I, when I asked Jenn to honestly tell me my size. My girlfriends voice warned from the kitchen “don’t do it”! Not an angry warning, more like a giggling taunt implying “you’ll be sorry if you do!” I was standing just a few feet away from where Jenn was sitting. I whipped down my shorts right down to my ankles…then rose..completely bare and on display. Startled and staring…Jenn’s eyes lowered on my manhood. I asked what she thought of my size. She tried avoiding a straight answer by telling me that size doesn’t matter and that if Megan was happy then that’s all that
    mattered. That’s when Meg shouted from the kitchen “just tell him the truth!” Jenn immediately blurted out “it’s tiny!” Meg came out just in time to see me naked and mortified. She stepped on my shorts so I couldn’t pull them up to cover my little penis. The two of them now laughing at my size. Meg then grabbed my whole package in one hand. I looked down at my now growing erection as they howled that my dick was still small. Jenn commented that my erect length was smaller than most guys when their soft! I finally managed to pull up my shorts, to cover my “dinklet” Meg’s private pet name for me now shared With Her best friend. They tease me all time now. Guess I got the answer to my question!

  70. it is a deal breaker with most any woman anyways – so why even bother trying when all they are going to do is heckle you because of it?

  71. I became aware of my waay below aver size skinny dipping with my guy friends and later with our teenaged gfs along for the swim. It was clear from the look in their eyes – they had never seen a guy like me. (Lucky for me – my penis is super cute. Short, thick and seriously cute.) One day I went swimming with the girls in the posse. The lone guy coming out of the lake naked dripping wet no towel. Judy finally broke the silence, “You’re all man – it’s just that you are a mini-man.” The young ladies all nodded and the nickname stuck.

    It’s going to come up and I say tell the truth. Don’t be brutal but if his mini-man is a deal breaker for you then it’s a deal breaker for you. Personal facts of life: there are plenty of fine females for whom this will not be an issue. I’ve found most lovers come back for seconds and thirds and …. if you make it romantic, creative, sensuous and fun.

  72. I’m bigger than average, but when one of my college girlfriends told me (more than once) how huge her first boyfriend’s penis was, it did put a dent my sexual confidence.

    Even though she more often commented on what an asshole he was, the fact that she still remembered his size so well, despite the emotional damage he did, made me sometimes feel small.

  73. Well I can be a bit prickly but I am not a prick….so Madam we should be able to get along just fine:D I fee all warm and fuzzy now.

    Liam yes, the truth is best!

  74. TELL THE TRUTH OF COURSE!!!!! nothing is worse than thinkin you go a big dick and walkin that big dick walk, pullin it out as a girl tries not to laugh

  75. Rich, I’m really not that bad. Just a little prickly. A lot of what I post is tongue in cheek, to a certain extent. (Yeah, I have a bitchy exterior, but I’m not a bad chick. A bad GIRL, yes, but not a bad person.)

    I promise not to redmark your posts. 😉

  76. Don’t fret over it Jasmine and thank you for clearing it up…I still wish you the best:D

    As to my grammar instructor your attitude seems passable today….I would even venture that we could be friends, as long as you don’t send everything I write back with red marks on it.

  77. Sorry guys n gals here’s a newsflash, my wife made some hurtful comparisons to me about her ex, way before we were married. Didn’t stop us getting married but the sex life never ever recovered. That was a long time ago…….

  78. Everything but the calc and the French. (And I passed the rest quite a while ago.) Yep, I KNOW I misspelled the French word…..but, this is an English speaking blog…and proper names are not subject to specific grammar or spelling rules (or is that just in Scrabble? ;)) ….and once it was written, and known, I just left it. Besides, it defines me. LOL!


  79. Et tu Jasmine? I was trying to be supportive and you label it preaching (shakes head).

    My point mademoiselle is that its a blog and not subject to the rules of English 101 grammar which I am willing to bet you only recently passed. I am very happy that you can write. Can you also do Chemistry and Physics? How about Multi-Veriable Calculus? How about we change the language? French perhaps? Or is your misspelled name the only word you know?

    Combien futé êtes vous petite dame?

  80. little said: “Sigh….are you really so petty as to correct peoples grammar…”

    There’s nothing “petty” about being able to communicate so others can actually understand what you say or write. In fact, it is one of the Hallmarks of creating and fitting into a Society and being Human.

  81. Jasmine I am very happy for you. Since you are a virgin I assume you are fairly young. I wish someone would have said this to me so I will say it to you. Things are not better on the other side of the fence and even the best relationship takes hard work on a daily basis. I hope that you continue to be honest with him and build a strong relationship. I also hope he continues to respect you and not take you for granted. If you two can avoid falling into these pitfalls you have a good chance of living a healthy, happy, successful life. Be aware of friends giving advice, girlfriends can screw things up for you because they would rather look at your relationship then the failings of their own. I am really happy for you Jasmine…I hope my thoughts and advice has been neutral and unbiased.

  82. BTMVK Ur ex gf said that to hurt u because u obviously hurt her, ur penis is fine, im not sure i can say the same thing for ur personality or the rest of you – ur penis can’t do all the work for you 🙂 Get some character

    Heeeyyy Richard thnx for the reply, ur absolutely right about staying consistent, im trying, it’s just that whn he asked me if it mattered i was a virgin and i was like…ummm i donno ive never thought about tht, i wudnt know (how the hell wud i?!?) so tht was the one insconsistency in my arguments about the matter…but i lovvve his penis, and he’s trying to not talk about it or let the subject ruin our moments together, so thts good news (right??) i think the more time we spend together and the more he realises how much he can satisfy me he feels better..so thts gr8, only problem is i dnt live in Arizona and we can only see eachother evry other week…so sumtimes i feel like whtver progress we made the week b4 fades whn i leave, he tries to hide it..he’s so scared of me giving up on him 🙁 which i wudnt dooo i absolutely adore him!!
    newaaay thts the update so far..that we had sex..it was amazing (better than i cud have ever expected – painful at first) we’re making progress with his confidence, but whn i leave i feel like all those dark thoughts and stupid commercials and sit coms just poison his mind against his manhood and his ability and all tht..which is just SO ridiculous to me no because he’s a wonderful lover
    sooo all in all great news, sumtimes frustrating..
    cheers xx

  83. Well a week has gone by again:D I am not sure if you can convince him unfortunately. All you can do is continue to show him you care and be CONSISTENT. Don’t ever tell him what you think he wants to hear because if you lie it will come out in the end and it will destroy what you have created. The most important thing is to build a relationship on you and him. If you lie or beat around the bush with him on his size then it will consume your time together. It might very well be true that you don’t care at all about his size. I would say that its the least of your concerns to be more correct. If he is smaller then the actual average and not just messed up in the head like me than he will have to be creative but then to be a really good love so does any man. Creativity, passion and even aggression at times are what I have found to be the precursors to good sex. It all depends on knowing your partner.

  84. Heeeeey Richard thank god sum1 with some sense cares about giving advice instead of preaching…seriously thats all i see here preaching & people who obviously have no1 tht listens to them and their pretencious “advice” that they come and barf their “opinions” on this site whr its just supposed to be for advice and support…neway things are great with him, the only “trouble” we have is when we discuss this..whether size matters or not..we’re sooo connected i sometimes FEEL what he feels about his penis..it feels natural but i dnt know, its not what im concerned about…he keeps deciding not to talk about it with me (his past experiences, his childhood, being teased or mocked or criticised from childhood to adulthood and also bombarded with all the penis jokes evrywhr and the enlargement commercials evrywhr…) however he sumtimes slips and starts talking about it with me, i dnt mind that he does but the most painful part is tht no matter how much we talk it through i still cant convince him and i know that if i was physically with him i’d just prove that it doesn’t…but im not with him…sooo we’re back to tht first Q..how do i convince him it duznt matter? without using my body (because im not with him)…thaaanx and to any1 else reading this: If you don’t plan on giving constructive advice, and showing the same courtesy you would show face-to-face then spare us all and shhhhhhhhhh

  85. Well Emily, I value your opinion I really do. I am actually large, I simply have a distorted view due to ignorant people in my life. Your comments only validate my points. I have no desire to convince you of anything….i am simply waiting to see if Jasmine comes back. If she doesn’t I have no interest in this pathetic game.

    Here is an interesting insight i came to with one of my girlfriends recently. Women want to be equals and lash out when a guy is insecure….They want to not be judged for being a whore physically and emotionally. I agree they should not be judged, but when they no longer interest you because they are old get ride of them…..Its complete equality. Shawn Connery is still considered sexy despite his age but most women have a shelf life of about 35, isn’t equality grand:D

  86. I think 90% of guys question their penis size at one point in their life. As a man it matters what a girl thinks about it. As a guy who is above average, I know I shouldn’t worry about it, but when you hear a fair share of girls claiming size matters and seem to exagerate how big a former boyfriend was, it kinda makes you a little less confident in the bedroom.

    Good news for guys. Most girls who claim they seen 9 or 10 inches are almost always completely full of shit. After the studies I read done on penis size shows that its extremely rare for a guy to be that large. A size that most porn stars don’t even reach. According to the study, 75% of males are between 5 and 7 inches, with 12% of guys being below that and 13% being above that. According to the study, if you put a 100 guys in a room. You might only have 1 being 9 inches or bigger at full erection.

    So in conclusion, stats don’t lie, girls do. So the next time a girl says she needs 8 or 9 inches to please her/feel it. Give your girl a ruler and ask her if she was really able to fit that inside her and if she says yes. Google up vagina deepness and print it out for her. The average girl is 5 to 7 inches deep when sexually aroused. So this will probably shut her mouth pretty quickly and make her feel like the one that has a problem, not you.

  87. why do men call women bucket pussies because they think a penis is small, just face it there are guys out there with abnormally small dicks GET OVER IT !!

  88. Louise,

    What was the purpose of your post? If people are looking for support why come in and basically say FU? People like you are obviously angry and should really just shoot yourselves and spare the rest of us the stress of dealing with you:D After my post about people adding to the problem you only prove my point.

  89. Honestly, what does it matter in this world what one person thinks about you. Unless you are so insecure that all he or she says is the truth. You are depending on another human to tell you the truth? Human’s are mostly always lying when it comes to those questions.
    Get a life and get some self esteem, ask yourself that question and bear with the truth that you know. What you want is a bigger EGO, don’t ask those questions then.

  90. Jasmine I am REALLY sorry….dealing with the holidays and my on relationships I dropped the ball and didn’t bet back to this post until today. I will check back for a few days (week) or so. I hope all is good with your man….I read some of the peoples comments on here and it makes me feel like they need to be locked up without a keyboard. Its a sad fact that many people turn to the computer/newspaper or other anonymous resources for help only to find people more fucked up then themselves in the guise of “help” the spill their own hatred.

  91. I just want to say that I personally don’t believe anyone should ever lie. There is no such thing as a white lie. When you lie, you take away a person’s ability to plan their lives effectively using the best information. Even if you think they already know, it is still wrong to lie because it is like giving them permission to fool themselves.

    The real truth is never as harsh as people who tell white lies make it out to be. If he was really so small it was unbearable, and it’s really that important to you, then why would you be with him?

    Lying makes impossible several simple responses to the situation that might make everyone happier in the long run than a little anguish now.

    1) He could get over it and get a giant dildo to finish you off with, and you might find this satisfying, which he might like thus making everyone better off.

    2) You could both decide it isn’t working, and he could date a shorter girl who might really make him feel like a man.

    3) You could tell him the truth and use it as a reason why he needs to be more creative in the sack and use positions that ensure the right places are stimulated.

    etc… all of these are preferable to a relationship based on lies. Guys who would want you to lie about it are immature cowards IMO. I can handle any truth, but finding out someone was lying about how they felt about something like that would probably send me into a berserk rage towards the liar.

  92. What strikes me first about this thread is precisely what Kristen just pointed out. If a question like this is even coming up, something is fundamentally wrong with the situation.

    You’ve absolutely, positively got to love yourself. Don’t expect someone else to validate you! It’s not going to happen.

    And if you do love yourself, body and soul, it cultivates confidence. Suddenly, you’re free to put yourself out there and love someone else, because you aren’t preoccupied with hating everything you have to offer (or worrying that someone won’t appreciate it). Realizing how awesome you are (without becoming egocentric) is the first step to a healthy existence.

    In other words, you’ve gotta love your own penis before someone else can, too. If you feel like you’ve got something great to offer, you probably do. Eventually, someone is going to see that.

    All that being said, insecurity is an epidemic in today’s society. So, in that case…

    If your guy is really asking you “is it big enough?,” you should be asking yourself, “is there something wrong with this situation?” Are you communicating to him that he’s somehow inadequate? Maybe you’ve stopped responding the same way in a sexual situation, or have become physically distant somehow. From what I’ve learned as a straight female, men place a lot of stock in how physically “wanted” they are. The minute a girl seems lukewarm, or in a worse situation, cold, the man starts to doubt himself, or his worth in the relationship. For that matter, the same thing happens with girls… I know if my guy gets physically distant from me, I wonder what might be going on.

    BUT, that’s where the self-confidence comes in: usually, it has nothing to do with YOU. Something is most likely going on in the other person’s life to cause the distance (stress at work, family trouble, all kinds of drama like that). So communicate with your partner. Keep them in the loop. If the relationship is functional, you guys will work it out, and realize what’s going on, and how to fix it.

    That’s my two cents.

  93. Maybe people should realize that only they can control their own insecurities, or seek help in dealing with them. Nobody else can make you feel bad about yourself if you aren’t receptive to it.

    Why don’t we stop freaking out over things we can’t change, like genitals, and start focusing on being better people and better partners? Or is it just more fun to angst about things we have no control over? 😛

  94. Personally, if a woman feels that my 5 and 3/4″ (not lying, I’d love 9 and 3/4, for various reasons) penis is simply too small to satisfy on either an aesthetic or physical levels, then she really isn’t the sort of woman I want to have sex with.

    The whole Curb Your Enthusiasm-inspired small penis/huge vagina dichotomy is probably keeping people from having the best possible sex (even as it keeps us laughing). I’m the sort of person who would never consider a huge vagina problematic, and one who hopes that whatever woman I have sex with next won’t consider my “small” (average) penis problematic either. Sex is about any number of connections, not least of which is the physical. We like to feel and see certain things in a partner, and if one of those things is a large penis, then so be it. I’m just more interested in other things. Like, say, the pleasure of shared physical experience.

    A world in which men are paranoid about having 7″ cocks is not the world I want to live in. Size queens are ruining it for the rest of us, not because they create false standards (which is bad enough), but because their shallow selfishness devalues both their own sex lives, and ours by contact. God damn it.

  95. grubber said: “I realized these girls had other motives, firstly to hurt me for me rejecting them and more interestingly they both had larger than average vagina’s”

    Uh huh.

  96. I’ve been with few girls in my lifetime and 2 of them were very short term flings. Both of those girls spread rumors that i had a small penis.

    It hit me very hard the 1st time as I was young, however by the second time I realized these girls had other motives, firstly to hurt me for me rejecting them and more interestingly they both had larger than average vagina’s so suspect they may have been pushing insecurities onto me.

    So basically don’t worry about it..really, don’t let a few nasty words spoil your fun, if a girl trash talks, laugh at her and move on. There are millions of beautiful, gorgeous, loving girls out there – focus on giving your love and affection to them, they deserve it…and sometimes you might just be lucky enough to get some back.

  97. oh – and another thing – i also have a condition called aspergers syndrome(which is a form of high-functioning autism) – WHICH MEANS – i will say things that make perfect sense if read clearly WITHOUT ANY REGARD TO THE READERS FEELINGS!!
    basically – EAT SHIT

  98. anathema –

    look – i call it the way my eyes see it – and i am not offering negative feedback – just being honest and real according to my experiences.
    and by the way – i have been picked on, teased, insulted because of my not being well endowed. i have also been mentally, emotionally, verbally abused by the same bitch who picked on me because of my cock size. it is what god gave me and there is not thing one i can do about it. that is NO REASON to fuck with a guys head – no matter how you justify it.

    ps – i am ever so very cut the shit and get right to the point.

  99. I’m getting the sense that Richard’s form of “performance art” is to offer negative feedback to every poster whether it makes sense or not. My boyfriend has a nice, thick, uncut 7″ cock. It’s not the biggest I’ve ever seen, but it makes me feel amazing. And it’s big enough that when we’re doing dom/sub roleplay, he can choke me with it, or hold it in his hand and slap my face with it–things I like that a small cock wouldn’t work as well for. Like so many men, he was really insecure about his size when we started dating, but I think he realizes that I am very honest and straightforward, and if I tell him it’s a nice, big, tasty cock, I mean it. With my prior boyfriend, who was not as well endowed, I never lied . . . I didn’t tell him it was big, but I did tell him it made me come, and that I loved to suck it. And proved both of those points regularly!

  100. jeanette –
    i have been frustrated LONG BEFORE i found these forums – i have been frustrated by women who banished me to the ”friend” list just because i did not have an 8” long bulge in my pants. but i met a woman who loves me – ALL OF ME – from the hAirs on my head – down to my 3.5” cock – and down to my toenails. too much info – WELL – THEN THAT IS TOO DAMN BAD

  101. Ho to all!
    I really don’t understand you guys. A 7″ is LONG!!! What is going on? A lot of people with smaller penis a reading that and getting more frustrated! You can make a woman happy with an size of penis. You just have to know how!

  102. derrick –
    let me clarify that a bit – she might also be more concerned on how fat your cock is and not so much about how long it is. IF she likes it fat and does not care about how long it is – then she(and you) should be golden – BUT if she cares more about how long it is and not so much about how fat your cock is – if she likes them long that makes her a size queen in my book.
    THATS when you kick them to the curb – because she will love you ONLY for how your cock is – NOT ALL OF YOU – just your long cock,

  103. derrick – if you kick her to the curb before she does it to you if she says ”yes – cock size does matter” – then it would spare you pain from getting picked on, teased, and insulted by her because of it – and it tells her LOUD AND CLEAR – she will have to get her cock size insulting jollies elsewhere,

  104. derrick – if i was you – i would force the issue with her – ask her if cock size matters to her – if she says yes – then kick her to the curb BEFORE SHE DOES IT TO YOU!!

  105. I’m Totally Falling for the Girl I’m Dating. We have great chemistry Still working on our trust… I Want to satisfy her but i dont know if i am Enough for her with 7″ idk should i tell her about my insecurities Wat should i do?

  106. Jeez. I didn’t mean to offend you. People ask for advice……All I did was comment on something I saw as VERY obvious. I could very well be wrong.

    I didn’t read much of the rest of your post after “and it is painful for him to talk to me about this, but I insist that we talk about it because I talk to him about my insecurities all the time. he’s not manipulative and this thing duznt rule our relationship, its the only thing we argue about.” WHY would you do that to him? WHY would you FORCE HIM he talk about such a delicate issue? That’s cruel, from my perspective. Especially if he did come from the type of family you described. It just seems to be the thing that would be much too familiar to him……I’ve been with the same man for decades and I don’t PUSH. Men HATE that. They talk when they are comfortable, if you have to drag things out of them, you only birth resentment. But, you must know best….

    And no, I don’t’ know “a lot” of abusive men, but I know the signs (I’m a nurse, and we have had Signs of Domestic Abuse training)….of course, if you are MAKING him talk about this stuff, I don’t understand. Again, I could be wrong, Usually when I ASK for advice and someone says something I don’t agree with, I simply LET IT GO.

    Anyway, Sorry. I won’t address the issue anymore. I guess the ball is in your court. I hope things get better for you.

    Good luck.

    (How could I be paranoid? I don’t think this dude is out to get ME. I don’t understand why you used the word. Doesn’t matter. Don’t bother. This is OT enough.)

  107. Ur a very angry person Madamoiselle L & very very very paranoid, which is ironic. Anyway, he is not manipulative at all he’s very respective and very nurturing and caring. I wanted advice on how to mkae him feel better about an insecurity he has. An insecurity all guys have, some more severely than others. I don’t have to defend the relationship or how healhty it is and I’ve been around long enough to sense “domestic abuse” in the near or distant future. and i KNOW it’s not my job to make him feel secure, however that’s what I do for people i love, and it is painful for him to talk to me about this, but I insist that we talk about it because I talk to him about my insecurities all the time. he’s not manipulative and this thing duznt rule our relationship, its the only thing we argue about. WE ALL have insecurities and we all handle them in our own way, and i just prefer comfort and support from the ones who love me and i expect the ones i love to count on me as well, that’s all, it’s not that complicated. I love someone who has a deep insecurity (on and btw i HAVE been around his family, and yes its true, they’re very shallow & materialistic & the women talk about penis size over dinner) and i just want advice on how to make him feel better, not because i have to or because he’s manipulating me, but because i love him very very much. and it’s painful to see someone assume that kind of shit about him after wht i wrote about him, thts just horrible. He’s a great person, very loving and very successful and i feel very very very safe with him & he does not have a depressive personality at all (although he knows how to deal with mine) So, Madamoiselle L ur advice was completely useless and thnku for ur concern but u seem to know a lot about abusive men and i really hope it doesn’t come frm personal experience.

  108. Jasmine, this dude needs HELP. He’s being immature and manipulative and from what you say, he’s using his “insecurity” as a way to try to guilt you into having sex with him, when you aren’t ready. Is he respecting YOUR side of the issue? My guess would be “No.” HOW is the “relationship” “great?” I see nothing but stress and strife. Is it ONLY “great” when he says it can be, not taking into account YOUR needs and feelings?

    You said: “And while the relationship is great, I’ve noticed (something to which he admitted was true) that the closer we become, the angrier he is about “his situation” and it’s worrying me, because he has never been a negative infleuence” He’s a “negative influence” now, and it will only get worse. There are a LOT of red flags about him from what you wrote.

    You said: “He thinks that it’s hopeless that he won’t satisfy me (which is not true..no1 has ever turned me on more than he has) and the smalles hint about penises or a movie/sit com/novel tht referred to penis size just depresses him and whenever that happens i get so frustrated with how stubborn he is that we end up fighting” WHY is it YOUR fault? WHY should a “reference” from a movie or anything else set him OFF like this? I don’t believe a WORD about the whole “feminist bigot family” bullshit. Real Feminists (the word means something different to everyone) DO NOT go around making fun of people’s body parts. DID YOU WITNESS THIS???? Or is this something he is telling you? RED FLAGS all around. WHY does he TAKE IT OUT ON YOU when a MOVIE on TV mentions penises? This man is ill, mentally ill.

    NO ONE should use guilt, give you silly stories about how “mommy and my sisters were mean to me” (even if the stories are true, which I doubt, IF they are: what a SICK family, WHO does things like that? What good can come from this?)

    DON’T let him coerce you. If you do stay with him, and eventually have sex with him with him my guess is he will ALWAYS have some overwhelming thing to be “insecure” about, and for reasons unknown, he will, think YOU have to fix it for him. This is one of the most dangerous kinds of relationships to be in. I don’t want to scare you, but this has “Domestic Violence” (in the near future) written all over it.

    This man needs help, and it is NOT something you can fix at all. He needs professional help, and I have fear for you and for your safety. He seems to either be blaming you for NOTHING you did, or expects you to fix his nearly NON EXISTENT problem. (You haven’t even had sex yet, ALL this is about, in reality is HIM setting YOU up to PRAISE him about what a great lover he is (despite his equipment, which HE is more worried about than you are) IF you ever do have sex with him. THAT is manipulative and reeks of mental imbalance. WHEN you do have sex, and say it was fine, he will either continue with this silliness, (THIS is what you want to live with for the rest of your life?) OR develop something else he will become “insecure” about and expect you to “fix” that, if that doesn’t work, he will start in on YOU and how YOU have to change things, so he “feels better” about his insecurities. THIS IS NOT A HAPPY OR SAFE PLACE FOR ANYONE TO BE.

    People who need NONSTOP reassurance are never good to get into a relationship with, the more “reassurance” they get, the MORE they require and also EVERYTHING you will do will become part of what is bothering him, and the cycle will go on.

    Please, take a look at this relationship, a man THIS needy and insecure needs to DEAL with his issues (and they have little or nothing to do with his penis) BEFORE he gets into a relationship for adults. It has NOTHING to do with his member, and everything to do with his immature attitude and obvious resentment of ALL women, (hates his mother, hates his sisters, FIGHTS with YOU when someone on TV mentions penises.)

    This guy is a classic, insecure, immature needy nut. There is NOTHING you will EVER be able to do to make him “feel competent” because he ISN’T secure enough to feel it HIMSELF. I isn’t YOUR JOB to make him feel competent. That job is his alone. His, and his therapist’s job. You can’t “fix” him. I am really worried that this immature and insecure man will eventually take out even more of his misogyny on YOU.

  109. Jasmine, I don’t know his or your exact circumstances but it sure does sound like a little of his family goes a very long way. Just be sure not to confuse those dedicated to the proposition that women are people too with unreconstructed misanthropes.

  110. Btw Richard…The reason my bf is so emotionally scarred is because his mom & sisters teased him about his penis when he was young…and even today (the sisters are married with kids in their teens) they’re these rabid feminist bigots from Texas who’s favorite dinner topic is penis size…seriously it’s frightening how his family obsesses over size…they discus it infront of their pre-teen daughters!! It’s just so de-spiriting for me because whatever little progress I make with my bf, they just piss all over whatever little confidence he gets back, only because they’re so empty, dim & tedious & can’t think of anything better to discuss at a family gathering. He’s been very unfortunate with the women he’s encountered in his life..including the ones he was raised by & with. I just thought ud relate and maybe help me help him..i just read your comment “. My mom, when I was 10 saw me naked and said “Doesn’t that thing ever grow” Jump forward years into my sexual relations. ”
    So I thought maybe you’d understand what I’m talking about
    Honestly, I didnt think mothers are capable of fucking up so bad..I’m really sorry you went through that..

  111. No amo I havn’t slept with him yet, he’s in another state right now. And I don’t need to LIE I’m already head over heels for this guy, whateve size he comes in, not a problem for me..However, I’d just like to say that telling a man that kind of “truth” is just brutal and uncalled for…If you want to stop seeing someone because they’re not satisfying you sexually/emotionally/intellectually or whatever you don’t actually have to emmasculate them in the name of HONESTY..that’s just ridiculous, if we’re capable of lying then I’m sure we’re capable of coming up with another reason for bailing..One that woudln’t ruin that man or woman for someone who would fall in love with them later on

  112. That all depends on whether or not you want to keep having sex with him and if it doesn’t fulfill you tell him the truth.He’ll probably just call you some visious name but you’ll(and every other woman he’s been with) know better.If other than size its great and you can live with it LIE

  113. Thanks Richard 🙂

    I’m not having a hard time supporting him, except when he completely shuts down becaue of this insecurity, then it’s like talking to a wall…he gets very stubborn and very depressed (I have figured out what I do that might trigger this mood) but sometimes it comes out of nowhere.

    I love him & I want our relationship to give him confidence, because it’s certainly done that & more for me.

    I just want to know how to give him back confidence in his..umm..penis..without sleeping with him..I’m not with him right now, and won’t be for a while. And while the relationship is great, I’ve noticed (something to which he admitted was true) that the closer we become, the angrier he is about “his situation” and it’s worrying me, because he has never been a negative infleuence and I’m starting to feel like maybe I am (something to which he, of course, says is very very untrue)

    This “issue” is just very very very aggravating because 1) he’s SO stubborn and 2) it’s not like i can shut him up and SHOW him (physically) that he’s wrong about not being adequate, because I’m not with him 3) I hate that someone i love so much could be so depressed for so loong about something that’s just…ridiculous in my opinion..not that I’m belittling his pain..just the cause of it

    So…tooo sum up
    Q: How do I convice my bf that size doesn’t matter when I’m not physically with him, and that women don’t care about size..(despite the many many many “size references” in almost everything around him..??

  114. Jasmine it sounds like you are thinking about most things correctly and maturely. I don’t think your boyfriend would find anything you wrote upsetting since you are only being supportive. Its great that you care enough, and all I can say is be aware and supportive. Its really not that hard. I have to run but will check back to see if you are still looking for answers. I would like to help you build him up.

  115. this stuff stays anonymous right?? im just freaking out now, if he finds out i wrote this it’ll just devastate him even more…shit

  116. Ok, so I googled “My bf thinks his penis is too small” and found this website. Seems to be the only place where i might get an answer from rational adults..I love my bf, he’s my soulmate & the perfect man for me. We have not had sex yet, I’m a virgin…The thing is I’ve never felt like it would be right with anyone until I met him..We’re in 2 different places right now (it’s long distance) so we won’t be having sex anytime soon…I don’t know how big he is, and i’ve never believed size matters. I know it does not. He’s had a lot of experiences that have scarred him emotionally and he believes that he’s inadequate and that he’s cursed and that he’s just living in a world where he has been robbed of his masculinity (due to all the commercials, sit coms, movies, even animated movies!! & sadly women around him “obsess” over penis size…). The problem: ALL of our fights revolve around this one issue; his complete lack of self-esteem. He thinks that it’s hopeless that he won’t satisfy me (which is not true..no1 has ever turned me on more than he has) and the smalles hint about penises or a movie/sit com/novel tht referred to penis size just depresses him and whenever that happens i get so frustrated with how stubborn he is that we end up fighting…lately i’ve been trying to calm down and not take the things he says about “what women want” too personal because it IS offensive…
    My question: How do i convince him (after many many many bad experiences and lots of exposure to the importance of a big penis) that it does not matter?? I’m just so worried that I’ll have sex with him & get even more attached to him & all he’ll be thinking is “OMG im not good enough”…I just want him to feel better about himself & to realise that size isn’t important!!

  117. most man have small dicks. 7inches long is in the realm of a small dick. anywhere from 9inches and up now that is a dong! and i am not afraid to tell a man to go chop of his little nook and get a real dong, plus i would cheat on him, so he would know that i he has a small wee wee………..lol!

  118. mp, you should very gently do total truth with him,
    just be very honest and gentle about it and do not mince words. it could also be your toy is so big that it streached your pussy so much you cannot feel his cock in you. if that is the case, then i suggest that you do the keigel exercises to tighten it up so you can both enjoy it. plus, the male is a very sensitive person, and if you use the dildo in front of him he most likely WILL kick YOU to the curb, so you might consider throwing the dildo in the trash, doing the keigel exercises, to tighten your pussy up, and and stay with him. and above all – ask yourself very deep inside, do i LOVE HIM, DO I REALLY SERIOUSLY LOVE HIM?

  119. Should I continue to give my boyfriend oral sex when he doesnt do it to me? what should I tell him if I dont get off and he ask me every time we are done should I just tell him the truth, that I rather him use his finger instead? Oh, what if my dildo is bigger than his penis should I use it in front of him, I think it hurts his feelings because thats when he starts asking “is my penis to small”.

  120. If he’s too small for you, he likely feels you are too large in the bat cave for him. Or, he may well think you are too lazy to do the Kegel exercises necessary to be able to work your stuff.
    Now if you expect him to provide a roof over your head and three square meals every day, you better damn well lie or your search for these “other” attributes will be expected to continue.

  121. leah

    also – studies PROVE that a penis of about 5” is the most that is needed for vaginal orgasms. the g-spot is only 2” in.

  122. I don’t care what women lie and say…size DOES matter. No ocean on the planet will make up for a small penis that barely hits the G Spot. Been in the situation where I know what a chisled pole of steal with length and girth can do as opposed to a vienna sausage. Pahleeze…fellas and ladies let’s stop lying. SIZE DOES MATTER! Small men have to work themselves damn near into a frenzy pushing and shoving that little thing to make it work. Therefore you end up working twice as hard for satisfaction. 8 inches or more is required!

  123. Don’t lie. Ask an unpleasant question, get an unpleasant answer. Just like when a woman asks me if she should lose some weight: “Yup!”

  124. Dudes, maybe it’s just better not to ask.

    Sometimes it’s like asking, “Am I the best you ever had?” BAD set up question.

    Just DON’T ASK, and ladies, DON’T tell. (It’s about the only place where “don’t ask, don’t tell” actually works. That and “Does this dress make my ass look big?”)

  125. another thing you can do is NOT take her at her word, NOT trust her, and say to her that she was lying just to spare your feelings! to me – the best way to handle it is to do total truth with the guy and NOT SPARE his feelings.

  126. LIE LIE LIE! I agree with all of the replies you have gotten. There is not one male on this planet that wants to hear that his dick is too small. I’m a 38 year old man and I have an average sized penis..(6 inches) I have never gotten any complaints from the women I’ve been with. I have asked that same question before too if mine was too small and she replied that its absolutely perfect..Now was she lying? Who knows..I would hope not, but it sure made me feel great..! So if you really like this guy make him feel like the Dick King and tell him it completely satisfies you. He wont have any hang ups about it and will probably perform that much better with that extra boost of confidence.

  127. I can kind of relate to Curiousdude. I am a 22 year old black male, 6’2″ 185 lbs. with a 7 inch penis and 5.5 girth. I used to think I was big when I was 16 and 17, but over the last few years I have had some insecurity about it. I’ve had a few girls tell me it was big, and I haven’t had a girl tell me I was small but I can’t help but think that girls expect me to have like a 9 inch penis with 7 inches of girth! I love to lick all over a girl and play with her nipples while making love to a girl.

  128. i have really small testicles, and i would say medium small penis (7 lentght and 5 girth) the issue about size has always haunted me , i think its to thin and the size of my balls always bothers me too.

  129. Wow…I expected to be able to proof read it or something:D Well, to the women who read this and are supportive please do not be offended and if someone comes along maybe you can relate. This was only a sample of the rude, careless comments women have given me. I also love the “well you seemed confident enough in your size, and an ego is bad so I didn’t say anything to you about it” Women, if a man has something that pleases you….TELL HIM!!!!! Ego, honor, and confidence are what make a good man a hero…Its what makes us do the right thing! Jerks will be jerks regardless, but think of this….bullies are NOT the confident strong person. They are insecure and scared, I feel women create the guys they hate by not feeding our inner boys.

  130. I obviously am having issues within myself to have found this page…wanna hear the messed up part? I should be 100% ok with myself, but women are stupid and insensitive. Maybe its not fair to group “all” into a stereotype but its my perspective. First off I am 7×6 and I have issues with my size. My mom, when I was 10 saw me naked and said “Doesn’t that thing ever grow” Jump forward years into my sexual relations. Gf tells me her highschool bf was so big she couldn’t get her mouth around the head. Current gf saw me peeing in the bathroom, legs spread apart. Asked, “why do you stand like that?” I didn’t know but after thinking, I am a muscular guy, I said “I don’t know…i guess I would feel squished if I had them close together. She says to me “honey its not that big” Since then we have gone round in circles, she says she likes me and is impressed but CAN’T give me a compliment to save her life. I was content knowing that I wasn’t the biggest but that I was close to it….and that I pleased her. Then her story changed, she was comparing me to her past in stupid ways. She has no concept of size and put zero effort into even thinking before answering. Now I maybe the thickest she has been with and only a bit shorter. Women want support and love, but they do not in my experience extend the same compassion and understanding to the opposite gender

  131. No, you don’t answer that question. If he gives you successful orgasms. He is your man. I had one guy who I had a great mental romance with, the sex was disappointing. I had a 2 tiny guys, I didn’t feel a thing. Got rid of both. I would agree I am a ‘size queen’ I prefer appx 6″ with girth.

    As far a the breast implants, blame the media. Women are programmed to believe men LOVE and CANT live without women with huge tits. Pamela Anderson ring any bells? Porn stars, hello? And perhaps that effected women too in the size dept.

  132. like i keep on telling myself – im NOT fucked up, the rest of the would sure as hell is – because all the rest of the world cares about is the mates money and material possitions when there is more to the mate than money, property and cock size.

  133. Praialover –

    like i also said – many women do not really care about the guy himself – just how much he makes and how big his cock is. that is the type who only care about themselves and lower men to little more than breeding stock. then some women pick on the mans cock size if it is smaller than 5” and that is ever so very cruel and humilates the man. would women like it if men picked on them for not shaving or waxing their gash? – i doubt it. to me it is the exact same difference.
    then some women lie through whats left of their teeth saying the cock size is just about right when it is either too big or too small. wish they would just tell the truth for lands sakes. then some would fake orgasms when they are not getting any pleasure from it – to me that is little more than a form of lying to your partner. that also sickens me.

  134. Anyone who thinks sexual satisfaction is just a physical thing related to the size of a man’s dick … is missing out on the best sex they could otherwise have. They don’t know what they’re missing.

    Like many of the women on here point out, at some point, the pure physical aspect is gonna hurt. If a dick is as big as a small baby, it would deliver “labor pain”, not pleasure.

    More girth might be nice for some women if it’s the only aspect of pleasure they’ve experience from a lover. Some men may be missing the boat in other areas of providing pleasure and the unfortunate woman may simply be unaware of these other areas of pleasure that a man can and should deliver, regardless of his size.

    The best sexual techniques start with the brain (like ludwig said) … you first have to start making love to her brain (set the mood, flirt with her, talk to her playfully, sensually, stroke her ego gently, tell her what you’re gonna do to her … there’s nothing like anticipation) and then do the outside of her body (caress & tease her to please her, e.g. there’s nothing more pleasurable to a woman than a hot tongue masterfully applied in all the right places … along with a finger or two … think about it … your fingers and her fingers aren’t as big as a dick but those can make her come when properly utilized, no?)

    This will bring her to the brink or orgasm. For some women, it may take a lot of work to get her there … but getting her there is 90% of the enjoyment. Keep her there … don’t give her the release of coming too soon. Make her beg for it! By the time you use your dick … she is either already coming or will come soon. If not, take your dick out and make her come some other way. Thee’s no rule that says you can only make her come with your dick.

    Then you can bust your nut after she’s had hers.

    Bottom line is that no size of penis or sexual aids can make up for lack of competence in sexual technique across the entire encounter. It’s not just about sticking a dick in there and blasting away. Anyone who thinks that – male of female – has been brain-washed and will miss out on an even more pleasurable experiences that are possible.

    Great overall sexual technique delivered by a confident, competent lover will deliver the most mind-blowing orgasms she ever had. So it’s not about the size of the dick, some men just don’t know how to f**k!

    Or they only care about themselves! And some women just may not recognize that.

  135. lisa –
    having a small cock kinda does bother me, because i was born with it and there is not much i can do about it. it is shallow, materialistic women who bother me more than my cock size because all they really care about is how much the guy makes in a year and how long he is. if the woman loved me in spite of my cock size and wanted me – thats one thing – that i would not mind. a woman who would pick on me because of it is the lowest form of pond scum and does not really love the inner guy – just his cock and how much he makes in a year.
    those kinds sicken me to death.

  136. Gotta say that while I enjoy all of the possible variations on sex and body parts, extreme ends of the range—both huge and tiny—are a bit off-putting. I enjoy going down on a guy, and if he’s huge, it just ain’t happening, at least not for long. If he’s tiny or even just smaller, it may not bother me but I’ll bet it bugs him, and it will show.

  137. WHY in the heck are the women in here and the rest of the world for that matter such size queens? when you put the size of the mans cock above all else that is basically telling the guy all you care about him is the size of his cock and not the rest of him. i personally would not even TOUCH a size queen – i would kick her right to the curb before she does it to me for that reason alone. i would prefer to be loved for me alone – ALL OF ME – and with the cock put on the VERY BOTTOM of the priority list.

  138. curiousdude,

    size does NOT matter down there, never has and never will. the biggest sexual organ your body has is right between your ears – the human brain. the pecker size crap is all in your head. it is not the size of your tool that matters – it is how you use it.

  139. i’m black man with a 6.3 inch penis…..because of the stereotype on black men….i can’t help but notice somewhat disappointed expressions on the faces of women when i first pull down my pants which turns to sheer delight after the sex (i’ve been told i’m good at oral sex). I don’t women should tell a guy about his size because it will definitely be on his mind the next time they have sex……which could be a very huge turn off for the guy, I haven’t had a woman complain about my penis size before and i guess when it comes down to it it’s talent that really matters.

  140. i said that because, to me, faking orgasms is little more than lying to your partner, and sugar coating things is not much further away from lying.
    if the woman is not getting any orgasms from the sex then she should just plain tell him, and sugar coating things is also kinda childish anyways.

  141. do NOT spare his feelings, do TOTAL truth with him and be honest with him. i personally find anything more unattractive than a woman who:
    (A) sugar coats things
    (B) fakes orgasms
    (C) lies through whats left of her teeth what ever
    the topic or reason.

    if she fakes orgasms, lies, or sugar coats things then how can i ever trust or believe her?

  142. I have a small tiny penis and it’s skinny too. I tried enlargement pills like enzyte, and tried streching my penis by pulling on them, hanging weights, helicopter techniques. I’ve been doing the exercises for about 6 months and my penis is still the same size. only 4.5″ fully erect, but it’s bent sideways. I tried the pump to straiten it out. It initially looked bigger, and then it turned purple and really hurt. I measured today after the using the pump for about a week and my size decreased down to 4″. I lost 0.5″. I can’t believe it… I’m so mad! I’m ordered a different penis enlargement pills for $59.99. Hope it works.

  143. Hey Sandy I don’t understand why you don’t believe our situation?.Many couples experiment and are into swinging,fetishes or cuckolding.I do find it very stimulating seeing my wife with her lover who is much bigger than my 3 inches.The fact I’m dressed as a baby girl at the time is mainly for my own pleasure and it also feels less threatening to her lover if I’ dressed in frilly baby attire.
    Phatbootiecutie thanks for your comments.http://www.flickr.com/people/37489007@N02/

  144. Only the most objective opinions need be taken into account.
    Logically guys with big penises will boast their size ( like the guy that proudly posts his size ) and will say all women love big penises, because it wopuld be against their ego to admit many women do not like large penises, that would leave them out, like the car owner with the flasshy wheels and corny chromes being way too much for others, even though he thinks his car is the greatest thing on wheels.

    Some women enjoy the power they get , the power of rejecting, and not only rejection, but the power to destroy and submit a man by telling him ( them ) that size matters. The equivalent of a man that says that only “10” women with perfect bodies, no fat and large breasts/tight pink pussies ought to exist.

    So , this issue comes down to human nature, phisical capabilities and common sense. We are living in an era where young girls are watching porn in their early teens in the confort of their computers at home, and they are growing up with the idea that all men are large.
    That porn thing is more real with men’s observations, because most women in porn stuff are not exactly the perfect no fat large breasted kind of women, most women in porn are closer to the average, and a lot of amateur porn has women that are far from that average.
    So while men learn that a woman is a woman no matter what, women on the other hand learn that men are large ( which is not true, men in porn are hired for large sizes, not the real representative of the population.)
    The learning process is askew, and men that are born large are having a free ride, while men that are not , although the average, are getting a raw deal out of this fantasy land porn has created.
    But, like I said before, the real issue will come in a close future, when through stem cell development, men will be able to get larger. That will be as common as nose jobs and then, only then, the real criteria women have about size will come out.
    Only when all men are 11 inches long and big, only then will women come out and say what and how much size matters.
    It will be too late, like it has been everytime I have gone out with a woman with silicon breast implants. While we have sex, I often think, what a waste, this plastic feeling, cold and hard bubbles in no way shape or form replace the real warm, soft and extremely attractive texture of a real breast.

  145. Uh, Ryan, no.
    “For the most part women are size queens and as much as they don’t want to admit it to you (man with small one) they love a big one and big everything for that matter.”
    I believe you are over generalizing just a bit. Not all women love a really big penis. Women vary in sizes as well, and for some having a thick penis over 5in can be painful. Just trust me when I tell you that feeling like a rod is trying to break through your cervix isn’t the most pleasant of experiences, neither is feeling like something might rip at any moment. Some women run when the package is a bit too big.


    You know what? It is a shame that many men are being victims of their womens dumbness.

    Look women, if you want to be with this guy forever, I think the best idea is to say “I went to the obstetrics/gynaecology department for a check up because I wanted to make sure I don’t suffer from things like cervical cancer because I got scared looking at it on the news, and it made me very anxious. My doctor said I have a naturally large vagina, and I am upset about it in one way how men would be insecure about their penis size, because I genuinely want to give you MAXIMUM PLEASURE because I KNOW THAT MEN PREFER TIGHTER VAGINAS BECAUSE IT PROVIDES MORE SENSATION FOR THE MEN, but then again, I feel better when I think about how great you feel in my vagina anyway, but I have serious self esteem issues about this now and want to make myself tighter or just enhance the physical side of sex” – THIS IS A GREAT IDEA, HE WILL UNDERSTAND BECAUSE HE IS INSECURE ABOUT HIS PENIS SIZE WITHOUT A DOUBT!

    Another thing you can say to this LONG TERM LIFE PARTNER is that your previous partners lasted a lot longer, so you want him to use a penis sleeve! i.e the Julian Senso Sleeve (haha, this is a good way to make up for his small penis girth).


    1. Vagina Tightening Creams. Go on the ‘pure romance’ sex shop website and take a look. Keep trying them, don’t give up on them with your wife, apply it in different ways if it hasn’t worked the first time. These creams do work if you apply it well, and it makes the vagina so tight so you seem very thick. There will be no need for a thick penis. They are 24 hour creams – get your wife to put it on in the morning before work, and when she comes back from work, get her to put it on again for that extremely virgin tight fit. Don’t put too much on her or else her vagina will be too tight to open temporarily (for about a day). These creams are very cheap so you can use them for every sexual encounter you have, your 4.5 inch girth will feel like 6.5, maybe 7, you’d be shrinking that vagina so much.

    2. Penis sleeve extensions. Accept the fact that your penis size is not optimum for PHYSICAL pleasure for the woman. Whack a realistic feel, large penis extension on. i.e look on pure romance website again and type in “penis extension 8.5” ” Although you wont be able to feel anything physically, you will spiritually and emotionally feel great because you know that no man can have sex with your wife as good as you are now. How many men have a 8.5 inch penis with 6.5 inch girth, probably 1/200, and they will ejaculate and have less staying power anyway. Whereas this penis extension gives you staying power and gives your wife multiple vaginal orgasms (a naturally large penis has not got the staying power of an extension and the male with a large penis who isn’t your husband will never give you a better experience because there is no love for you to share, the overall sexual experience is always best with your husband). Then after you have pleasured her, it would be her turn to pleasure you (KEEP JUSTICE IN THE BEDROOM), her vagina will feel so sensitive after all those orgasms, that your penis will feel such great vaginal sensations with your smaller penis, a male with a large penis may be painful with a woman with a highly sensitive vagina. She will also be all into love and emotions after receiving many orgasms, so sex will be more of an emotional thing, she may get another orgasm with your smaller penis too because she has gone so sensitive down there. During this time you can go for all sex positions, you wont have to be limited to just the small penis sex positions because she is already sexually fulfilled and it is her turn to please you so you can gain a lot of sexual variety, communicate with her about this part of sex and tell her to feel and make it an erotic, emotional, love, union experience, you will be the best at sex here for her because no man can love your wife as much as you. Just face the fact and don’t be all depressed just because your actual penis size isn’t big, hardly any male penises are so who cares? the fact is you have a wife and you want to please her like no other man can.

    Another alternative is to use the Julian Senso Sleeve, you will be able to feel sensation too and it is really enjoyable for women and also you can use other sleeves which has a vacuum effect on your penis which is extremely pleasurable – yes they all exist, shop around at a local store or online.

    3. Get her to use the kegelmaster2000 to use regularly. This strengthens the muscle tone in her vagina, which increases sexual sensation in the vagina during sex, thus increasing the chances or her getting vaginal orgasms, and also increasing the intensity of her orgasms.

    4. Increase your fitness! Get yourself a six pack, improve your self image, you’ll look great, last longer in bed, go harder and faster in bed for longer, you’ll probably gain some penis size that is in your fat pad. You will be more desirable by your wife.

    5. mattersofsize dot com, this is a penis enlargement site. After a year, people on average gain 1 inch in length and 0.25 inches in girth, and because they were consistent with it for a whole year, the gains were permanent. They will give you routines which will also make your penis more healthier and less prone to erectile dysfunction.

    6. Go on google, type in “Ejaculation Under Control” and click on the first link, notice that your mind is your most powerful sex organ, when people have sex, they put too much arousal onto their bodies and barely anything in their minds, it should be the other way round, so you can last longer and be more intelligent in sex.
    7. Look at methods to enhance the sexual experience, i.b books and stuff.
    I would personally suggest Vagina tightening cream + kegelmaster and ben waa balls throughout the week, and then on the weekend, enjoy the senso sleeve together, and on occasions and celebrations where you have a lot of time for sex, use the penis extension sleeve, BUT remind her/be reminded that it feels good mainly because you are in a happy state of mind in successful occasions and celerations, so you shouldnt think size matters just because it is treated like a ‘treat’.

    So, I hope you can stop whining now.

    p.s Average penis girth = 4.7-5.1 inches.
    Average penis length is 5-5.9 inches.

    Vagina sizes vary as much as penis sizes do, which is a shame because some women can’t feel pleasure that other women can with the same size penis. But not anymore.

    Oh and if your husband is small, but has a large girth, just but a 3″ extension on him! It gives him more staying power too and he can feel a lot!

  147. I’m a 24 year old white male and it sounds to me if the guy you ladies are with is asking if his penis is big it’s prolly small and there looking for a little re-assurance that your actually getting pleasure. If you have big one, you know, it doesn’t take a genius but you still have to know how to work it. I know when my girl is squirting like crazy, I must be doing something right and I don’t need her to tell me. Size matters if your really small, but if yours is on the big side (I’d say mines a thick 8-9″) you’ll never hear a complaint (except maybe slow down) and you’ll never need your partner’s confirmation that it’s “big”. For the most part women are size queens and as much as they don’t want to admit it to you (man with small one) they love a big one and big everything for that matter. So, ladies don’t bring it up and GUYS don’t ask…even if your a horse, there’s always bigger and you don’t need a complex. Let your girl volunteer info like that.

  148. Back at what I mentioned before.
    I was reading an article in an Italian magazine last night. It was an article about human beings trying to change it all to their specifications.
    The article, strangely enought talked about boobs and penises. It was saying that women are going overboard with breast implants. Today even teen agers want to do it.
    What women do not realize, or chose not to care about it, is that most men do not like the feeling of enhanced breasts. I gree with that statement, I have had my share of implanted breasts, and those feel ackward, hard like plastic and cold, unlike the real warm and nice feeling of real breasts.
    When stem cell reaserach finally allowes men to get the size they want, like women today in the case of boobs, men will go overboard, even men with large packages ( natural 8, 9 ) will want to become 12 in in size.
    Only then a real revolution will take place. I am sure that the time will come ( not far away ) when women will long for average units instead of the “then average” 12 inches.
    That happenes today with me at least, in the boobs department, it is a turn off to learn a girl I like has implants.

  149. Plum…

    I feel you on noticing your bf’s withdrawal. Personally, I’m a firm believer of NOT asking questions that I don’t TRULLY want the answer to. When questioned, he’ll probably pull the whole,”I’m not acting strange” bit, but once you all talk about it more in debt, he should get over it, and be able to accept the reality.

  150. PS his phone was shut off for whatever reason so hes not hating me forever but i still feel like i’ve done emotional damage!!

  151. my boyfriend asked me if his member wasn’t big enough last night and i didn’t have teh heart to tell him. the kinds of questions he kept asking were awful and i hated to answer any but i am too honest not to so i tried as hard as i could to mask wanting to say “sure a huge dick is awesome sorry bout yer bad luck”

    i want to marry this guy so idk, its just not an issue for me. he can get me off with his dick he can get me off in other ways, and it’s not what’s important to me.

    what i did end up telling him was the truth. i had been with bigger that had no idea what to do with it so it’s not just size that matters. there are many things distracting me in my life (which is one of the reasons i’m not getting off every time we have sex) and he’d gotten me off more times than any other boyfriend i’ve ever had.

    now i feel like i’ve damaged him by what i’ve said after reading all this. he didnt text me when he got out of work which isn’t like him, and now im afraid i’ve created a bigger problem. we’ve been together 6 or 7 months now. *sigh*

    However, a woman should @ least sugarcoat it a bit. Every one has flaws, but it’s not fair to point out or draw attention to someone’s. That hurts.

    I agree with Lacey that u should not straight-up tell him he’s small compared to others you may have had. A woman should address the fact that her partner is “just right for her”, and jump on! 😉 OR if it’s that much of a turn off, don’t go through with it, and simply move on.

    Life’s too short to be taking on unpleasurable experiences unecessarily. Do research before the big or lil” bang! Lol…
    Feel around, or do other creative jestures to see what he’s “packing” prior to actual sex. Think of it like this, ladies… Do you go to a movie before seeing the previews? Enough said.:)

  153. SissybabySusie, wow. Your situation exemplifies what it’s like to compromise.The baby issue is something else, though I find it really interesting.
    The fact that you have agreed to allow your wife to experience another man is great because your allowing her to have what she wants, but you can’t provide it.

    I highly commend you on being able to compromise in such a way.

  154. I have quite a tiny penis,just 3 inches fully erect.I have lived with this for 41 years of my life.I’m married to a very attractive woman and our relationship is great apart from the sex.We have beed married for 9 years and for the last few months she has sex with another man who is particuarly well endowed.She found penetration frustrating and difficult to actually feel me inside of her so we agreed she could take lovers.I actually find this a turn on because I’m always there when they have sex.Of course its humiliating but then this plays into my fetish for dressing as a baby girl.I have a wardrobe fully of frilly satin baby items including frilly baby panties,plastic pants and nappies ect.The point I wish to make is we compromised and found a solution that worked for us.

  155. I think this issue with size will come to haunt women in the future, and I think it is not a distant future, with stem cell research, in about 10 to 20 years.

    What I mean is that men will be able to enlarge their penises, and soon a lot of men will have XL penises. Caveat Emptor ladies, when that time comes, women will not find sex pleasurable.

    Should I dump a woman because her vagina is not tight enough? Or should I dump a woman because her breasts, or her body is not the right one?
    I think women are becoming really mean. Stop and meditate

  156. My boyfriend of two years and I recently split up. When we were first together and just beginning to have sex, I confided in him that my previous long-term boyfriend, whom I was with for four years, were only able to even attempt sex a handful of times because his penis was far too large for me and sex was extremely painful. I told my new boyfriend that he was exactly the right size for me. (And this was true, I had never experienced an orgasm with another man) However, the knowledge that my previous boyfriend’s package had been larger than his haunted our entire relationship, and he NEVER forgave me for telling him, regardless of the favorable context.

  157. I think you should tell the truth. If he’s got the tiniest todger you’ve ever seen… just tell him. Then tell him you love his hot little cock, and give him a blow job. I have a small penis and have been confused by women’s comments my whole life. “It feels so big!” …really? feels good maybe, but if you don’t want me to confuse big and good then don’t use that those socially ingrained words. Nobody’s perfect. I’d rather be accepted with my shortcomings than lied to about them.

  158. haha.. holland tunnel, never heard that one before. i would say this to the ladies out there.. there is definitely a large difference in vagina size among you, and it doesn’t take a small dick to tell. i’m 7″ by 5.25″ and with some girls it’s so tight it hurts, and with other girls i can barely feel a thing! i don’t think i’d dump a girl with a ‘holland tunnel’ but it sure is nicer when she’s tight (like my current girl is).

  159. oops , typos in 1st response.
    i had a man tell me this is all he had, 4 inchs fully erect, but he know how to use it.

  160. i had a man tell me thi is a i g mye 4 inches fully erect, but he knew how to use. we were togethr for 2 yrs.

  161. Oh man, it’s weird. I’ve been with my mate for 3 years, no sex. And here I see people dumping over size of their manpride. Maybe if I were in your shoes I’d understand much better.

  162. quick and simple: lie to the guy asking about his penis size or his life will be ruined forever if u tell him that it is too small. size does matter first and techniques can always be taught. morfius69, u will hurt any young lady’s a-hole, lol-it’s better u don’t attempt that on anyone because ur size is definitely on the too large end of the spectrum.

  163. If someone thinks my boobs are too small/big for his taste, I would have known before it all. We would not gotten that far. Why would somebody settle for less than they want and need? And I know pure arousal, if not to the ceiling, I’m not interested. If you can’t be honest about this, you can’t be honest about a lot more. Ecstasy is only for those who dare to be real and therefore, honest.

  164. But if size matters or disappoints, don’t stay! Don’t ruin your lives over a lie that neither will satisfy. But honesty from a man will help the cause a great deal for there are so many other things to do and even momentarily increase size a notch or two.

  165. Hey Papito,
    Maybe were not built to hold a penis alone, ever wondered? Some of us made ways for e.g a fist instead of a ejaculating penis which only serves well for reproduction? And if you got a eenie weenie, than everything feels like the Holland Tunnel. That does not make it less sensitive, but the tiny ones would not know, for they never touch the sides nor end.

  166. Hey ladies…it is interesting how society puts such a big emphasis on the penis size…but how many of you ever wondered if you were built like the holland tunnel down there? Makes u wonder, doesn’t it.

  167. In answer to Morfious69 the african american male realize that girls are small and the average depth of a woman is 8″. As for the anal, find sum1 who truly loves u and promise to be gentle and that you’ll owe her huge. Slowly and only expect her to try, not to finish or n e thing. Good luck!

  168. I’m an African-American Male, I am considered very well endowed. I have a rather nice and very large penis. (10″inches relaxed) when fully erect im an even 12’inches. My thing is I can’t get the right woman to really let’me penetrate her anal! I happen to love Anal-sex, by the way I’m straight. How do I break it down to a chick, that I wont hurt them? Especially if we are using the right lubricants to perform the act… Can you help a brotha’ out?

  169. But penis size isn’t the same thing as breast size or weight. Big breasts and a healthy body look good. A small penis may not feel as good during sex. Telling the guy would cause all kinds of problems, but isn’t there anything a girl could do or say to make the sex better? Lying isn’t going to work for the girl.

  170. ugh. i actually used to date a guy who was too small for my pleasure and i kept trying to get him to do things to make up for it (use huge dildos, enhancing sleeves, different positions, etc) and finally, he asked “am i really small?” and i said something like these guys all suggest (“you’re not the biggest i’ve been with, but i’ve seen smaller”). the truth was that he was definitely too small for me. he knew it. i knew it. and all my attempts to be okay with it and try different methods to deal with it didn’t change the matter. eventually, i dumped him and now i have a boyfriend who’s size is great. the truth is, for me and most girls i know SIZE MATTERS. thus, this is what i say to the girl who wrote in. be honest with yourself. if his size is too small for you, dump him. you’ll be doing both of you a favor.

  171. “So lie. But before you do, you need to know is that if his penis is small-ish, he already knows. He is already sensitive about it, and he is just hoping you haven’t been with any well-endowed men.”

    That is absolutely true, and it’s the worst part about the question being asked. I wouldn’t say to lie, but to be honest in that it’s satisfactory, if it is.

  172. I’ve never asked, but of all the partners I’ve had only a few have mentioned a preference for size at all. Two in a row expressed relief that I wasn’t as large as their immediate previous partners, both of whom were big enough to be uncomfortable for them. One said it so sincerely, and then backed up and got all flustered, I had to laugh. The other was dead serious saying “that means we can do this… and this… and this.” None of which she’d been able to do in her previous long-term relationships.

    That said, while I’m usually pretty easygoing about disclosure even I think that *if* your partner’s going to be bone-headed or insecure enough to ask a nosy, none-of-his-business question like that then you should answer with all the honesty and sincerity a question like that deserves: little to none.


  173. Nah, I think it’s different person to person. I mean, for most girls, girth may be better. For me, I’m a little dismayed if a guy is on the bigger side, because a)F*** that thing’s gonna hurt and b) if he knows it’s big there’s a chance he’s gonna think size is ~all~ that matters and won’t bother with… well… technique or anything.

  174. Oh, dear. Please don’t tell him it’s small. Never mention that you’ve had bigger. Always say “It fits me just right.” Then jump on. Honestly, though, just between us girls, size does matter (sorry, fellas). A man with a little girth just feels better.

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