LELO Reveals NEW CONDOM Design! Here’s Why It’s a Big Deal.

LELO-HEX_FullLELO just unveiled their new re-engineered condom, the HEX. In the works since 2008, the HEX is designed to address the 3 most common complaints people have with condoms today by:

  • increasing pleasure
  • reducing slippage
  • decreasing breakage

LELO is calling it “the first major step forward since the reservoir tip was added almost 70 years ago.” And while there have been innovations — like polyurethane, textures, and balloon heads with extra material for added sensation — there hasn’t been as impressive a structural innovation with game-changing possibilities for condoms in that time…until now.

The Structure

Inspired by the molecular structure of graphene — the strongest, thinnest material known to science — LELO HEX integrates 350 individual hexagons through its ultra-thin latex surface to help it perform differently from other condoms today. Think honeycombs and snake scales! The design combines a 0.55mm hexagonal web with ultra-thin 0.45mm latex panels for thinness and strength combined. This allows HEX to flex and mold to the uniqueness of the wearer, while it channels unwanted stress through the structure itself. Meanwhile it’s internal texture, inspired by Formula 1 race tires, reduce the chances of slippage.

The Spokesman

When Charlie Sheen announced that he was HIV-positive in November of 2015, online searches related to HIV and condoms increased by 70-400%, a trend dubbed the ‘Charlie Sheen Effect’ by experts. “Announcing my HIV condition gave me a new sense of purpose in speaking actively on sexual health,” says Sheen, who hopes to help drive more conversations on safer sex. “That’s why LELO HEX is such an important project for me.” Watch this vid — it’s probably not the Charlie Sheen you expect.

The Scary Stats

  • Only 1 in 4 acts of sexual intercourse are protected
  • 1 million people a day contract an STI
  • There are no less than 2 million new cases of HIV each year
  • STI rates are on the rise
  • New viruses may be transmitted via sex, like Ebola and Zika

Early this year (Feb 19), the CDC published a reminder regarding the effectiveness of condoms — when used correctly every time — in preventing unintended pregnancies, viral hepatitis, STIs and some viruses. HEX not only meets all international safety standards, it exceeds them. They also electronically test each and every condom they ship to ensure the highest quality.

The Early Adopter Deals!

LELO is offering some truly amazing deals for signing up early on either LELO.com or Indiegogo to be the first to receive a package of HEX (all with FREE global shipping when they’re mailed August):

  • $12 = Get a pack of 12 condoms and save $8 off the normal retail price
  • $39 = Get three 12 packs and a carbon fiber money clip worth $30 for a savings of $50
  • $49 = Get 36 condoms and a $50 gift card to LELO.com (save $60)
  • $89 = Get 36 condoms, LELO Personal Moisturizer and a $100 LELO gift card (save $95)
  • $109 = Get 36 condoms and a TOR 2 vibrating couples ring (save $90)
  • $145 = Get 36 condoms, LELO Personal Moisturizer and a $200 LELO gift card (save $135)
  • *BEST DEAL* $189 = Get 36 condoms and the gold-embellished TIANI 24K (save $269!)
  • $229 = Get 36 condoms, LELO Personal Moisturizer and a $300 LELO gift card (save $160)


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  1. Also, the reason graphene is so strong isn’t just because of the hexagon shape, it is also the configuration of the electrons in the carbon atom, and the way they bond. Carbon is a very important element. Nanotubes are also a structure like graphene, made with some pretty interesting chemistry.

  2. Looks good, too narrow diameter though. I use the my size 69mm, and they are the only ones that I tried that fit well, I am very thick, and have used so called extra large condoms that just choke everything and ruin it. I still used them because I won’t have sex without a condom, but a 54mm diameter is too small.

    If they made them bigger, I would probably try them.

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