How Do You Love Committed Sex? Tell Us the Ways & Win a LIV2!


Fall is just around the corner, which makes us think of people coupling up and finding someone to get cozy with in time for the cooler seasons. So, we want you to tell us your favorite thing about committed sex (as opposed to casual sex or first-time sex or new sex or ex sex or breakup sex) — our favorite response will win a LIV2 by LELO! The LIV2 is the newly upgraded edition of their iconic mid-sized vibrator which now has:

  • 100% more powerful vibrations
  • fully-waterproof versatility
  • even softer body-safe silicone

Maybe your favorite thing is the post-coital pillow talk, or knowing your way around someone else’s body blindfolded, or being comfortable enough to get seriously kinky. You tell us! Along with the winner, we’ll also feature the runner-up responses in a post on this site. Accolades and good vibrations — what more could you ask for?

Post your entry in the comments section below, or email us (select “Contest Entry” from the pull-down menu) to send it to us directly. Multiple entries are warmly encouraged! Feel free to post anonymously, of course — just be sure to include your email address in the comment submission form below (this will NOT show up on the site) or in the email submission form so we can contact you if you’re the winner.

By the way, you must be 18 or over to enter. The contest is open until Wednesday, September 18th.

Okay… Dish away!

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  1. Another great thing about having committed sex is the ability to be creative without being judged…to be a little silly, or to be a little intense, or to be a little emotional, and to not be constantly worried about doing the “wrong” thing.

  2. Erotic sex. Sweet, soft, tender sex. Raunchy down-‘n’-dirty sex. Urgent sex. Slow, leisurely, sex. Up-against-the-wall sex. Silly sex. Sweaty sex. Sensual sex. Mind blowing sex. Thank-god-we-finally-had-sex sex. Quiet sex. Wake-the-neighbors sex. Morning sex. Kitchen sex. Ho-hum sex. Nasty sex. Loving sex. Monogamy doesn’t have to mean monotony. The very best part about sex in an exclusive relationship is that there’s endless room to creatively define and redefine your sexuality. Room to explore and discover the vast ocean of sensual possibilities. The sturdier the ship, the greater the adventure.

  3. Another awesome thing about committed sex is the trust. We trust each other enough to be kinky, to be honest, to be silly, to be scared. And we trust each other to be there in the morning after the sexy part is over

  4. My favorite thing about committed sex is the knowledge that we have both decided to give up all the others. I never would have thought, when I was younger, that monogamy could be sexy. But knowing that my man is the only one who gets to touch my body, and vice versa, is way more of a turn on then a one night stand.

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