March 8th, 2017

In honor of International Women's Day today, we've collected some of our best feminist pieces from the past few years — from award-winning author Kerry Neville's devastating personal essay on consent (or the lack thereof) to practical steps you can take to start your own revolution in the bedroom.

VIDEO: 7 Steps to Gender Equality…IN THE BEDROOM!
Confession: Saying “Yes”and Finally Meaning It
10 Quick Lessons from “Parenting Beyond Pink and Blue”
10 Ways You Can Join the Rebel Alliance & Fight the Galactic Empire!
The Unbearable Lightness of Blowjobs
Strap-Ons Are the Great Gender Equalizer
10 Super Easy Ways NOT to Be a Misogynist Pig Like Trump*
Why You Shouldn’t Be Offended by the P-Word Anymore
The Meanings — and Myths! — of Rape Fantasies
Asking for Permission to Marry a Woman Is Total Effing Bulls*&t!
If America Made Abortion Illegal…
10 Practical Ways Parents Can Fight Rape Culture
8 Things You Should Know About Consent on College Campuses
Why You Can Be a Feminist and Still Like It Rough
Is Rape Natural?
If You Want to Make Sex Equal, Stop Viewing Penetration as Submissive
10 Ways to Be Less Competitive with Other Women
5 Reasons to Merge Last Names When You Marry

"I felt a strange, cold sensation enter me. It was a beer bottle. I didn’t protest, just checked out—acquiescence, not consent."

— from the personal essay "Saying YES and FINALLY Meaning It"

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