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To reach Em & Lo, please fill out the form below, selecting from the drop-down menu the description that best fits your letter. If you have an advice question you’d like to be considered for publication, select one of the Public options from the drop-down menu (i.e. Question for Em & Lo, Question for the Wise Guys, Question for the Doctors, Please Interpret My Dream); by submitting a Public Advice Question or a Contest Entry, you agree to have it posted on EMandLO.com, on any partner sites and in any Em & Lo promotional materials or other media (including magazines, books, e-books, etc); Try our *NEW*
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you also agree not to take this site too seriously and sue us for liable or damages. Those of you who would like fast, discreet, private advice for a fee should select “Private Advice Request.” No matter what type your inquiry is, your last name and email address will be kept private, won’t be shared with a third party, and won’t be entered into any database.


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