More Favorite Finds
Must Condom
Kimono Microthins
Consistently rated one of the most pleasurable and reliable condoms available.

Must-Have Accessory
Corkcicle Water Bottle
Hydrate in style after a rigorous sesh. Around $30.

Must-Have Accessory
Rainbow Umbrella
Be dry, fashionable, and gay or gay-friendly! Under $25.

Cheap Thrills
Erotic Dice
This is probably the only novelty we'll endorse: a set of 4 die (including 1 glow in the dark!) to help you have fun spicing things up.…

Bedroom Accessory
Essential Oils Gift Set By Alyees
Upgrade your at-home massage with these affordable essential oils in six scents: peppermint, sweet orange, lavender, tea tree, eucalyptus & lemongrass.

Must Read
Sex: How to Do Everything
The Guardian UK included it their list of the 10 best sex manuals ever the history of the world!

Bedside Accessory
Nooky Massage Oil
Lightly scented with natural ingredients that won't irritate sensitive skin. Plus, you gotta love a handy pump dispenser!

Sensual Scents
Nest’s White Narcisse Gift Set
Nest makes great smelling, gender-neutral products for your home & bod. This set comes with body wash, cream & spray.

Instant Romance
Handmade Jewelry
Get personal, personalized jewelry at an affordable price for Valentine's Day.

Bathroom Love
The Squatty Potty
A present revolving around dumping will probably get you dumped, so consider this simple invention (that will make your bathroom experiences so much smoother) for a "me-present."…