Blog Snog: Why I Plan to Be Fully Submissive to My Husband

photo via flickr YourTango: Why I plan to be fully submissive to my husband. The Frisky: How love is about choice, not chance. PopSugar: Spice up your relationship with this 30-day challenge. Nerve: Me and the fetish wrestlers next door. 150 Shades of Play: Now on Kindle!!! Only $4.99!!! Brush up on BDSM before the movie!!!

Blog Snog: The 29 Steamiest Movie Sex Scenes of All Time

still from the movie “Titanic” via PopSugar YourTango: 8 Tinder dates from hell, as witnessed by baristas. The Frisky: The dudes of “Sweet Valley High,” ranked. PopSugar: The 29 steamiest movie sex scenes of all time.  Nerve: Rare wisdom from YouTube’s most prolific “sex magic” practitioners. 150 Shades of Play: Now on Kindle!!! Only $4.99!!! Brush […]

Em & Lo Named Among the Best 15 Sexperts of 2015!

  Yes, we just referred to ourselves in the third person. We can do that now, because apparently we’re officially among the Top 15 Sexperts of the Year! (And we’re only 14 days into it!) We’re rubbing virtual elbows with the likes of Dr. Ruth, along with long-time friends and respected colleagues Jamye Waxman and […]

Blog Snog: No, Your Penis Is Not Too Big to Fit in a Condom

Swedish pop star Zara Larsson’s condom-ed leg, via Instagram YourTango: 7 giant clues your relationship is doomed. The Frisky: Proof that no, his penis is not too big to wear a condom. PopSugar: The shocking porn statistics that no one is telling you. Nerve: Louis CK brilliantly explains why sexism is still alive. 150 Shades […]

Blog Snog: The 7 Sexiest Santas of the 21st Century

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Blog Snog: 9 Ways Love Changes Your Brain

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Blog Snog: Sex Acts As Represented by Thanksgiving Dinner Dishes

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Blog Snog: Why I Dated a Guy Even After He Raped Me

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Blog Snog: The Cure for Benedict Cumberbatch’s Engagement News

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Blog Snog: An Open Letter to Men Who Think Catcalling Is Flattery

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Blog Snog: Lot’s o’ Halloween Couples Costume Ideas

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Blog Snog: 10 Books That Will Make You Deathly Afraid of Marriage

PopSugar: 10 thrilling books that will have you deathly afraid of marriage. YourTango: This 12 year old is marrying a 37 year old in 2 days! The Frisky: “The best sex of my life!” Nerve: The life of a virgin stripper.  150 Shades of Play: Get some kinky ideas for your Halloween costume this year… and then leave […]

Blog Snog: One Woman’s Search for a Happy Ending…Massage

photo via YourTango The Frisky: 20 non-sexy reasons for making really sexy sounds. YourTango: One woman’s search for a sexy happy ending massage. PopSugar: Get your sex life back on track with this 7-day sex challenge. Nerve: 10 Victorian sex tips, from the ridiculous to the kind of hot. 150 Shades of Play: Get some kinky […]

Please VOTE for!

photo via Flickr All you  have to do is press the pink “VOTE” button on our Kinkly page HERE! is holding a Sex Blogging Superheroes Contest: whichever blog gets the most votes from their fans gets not only the glory, but $500 in cash from our favorite pleasure object purveyors, LELO! And we […]

Blog Snog: Women Don’t Watch Straight Porn

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Blog Snog: Dating Advice from Mindy Kaling

YourTango: 4 reasons why you should fall in love with a failure. The Frisky: Watch old people react to the “Fifty Shades of Grey” trailer. PopSugar: Smart dating advice from single-lady hero Mindy Kaling. The Date Report: You’re not as cool on Tinder as you think you are. Nerve: The official Nerve glossary of sex […]