How to “Open Up” to Your Wife

Enjoyment of and fascination with one’s own butthole can get a bad rap. Freud deemed it one of his psychosexual “stages,” thereby guaranteeing negative societal judgment of it for about a full century now. And if you’re a straight dude? Forget it: all the narrow-minded sexist homophobes will call you gay and girly (as if […]

Dear Em & Lo
Dear Em & Lo: Will a Big Toy Make My Boyfriend Seem Too Small?

Elise 2 by Lelo Dear Em & Lo, I want to buy a sex toy but I am concerned that the size will affect how I will have sex with my boyfriend. I know that the intimacy of sex will never be replaced, but I would rather not jeopardize the physical satisfaction I get from […]

LELO’s 3 New & Improved Toys, All 100% More Powerful!

LELO just relaunched three of their greatest-hit pleasure objects, revamped according to customer demand. The most important change to the three toys — INA 2, MONA 2, and ELISE 2 — is that they are now 100% more powerful. Imagine if you could make that kind of request of your partner?! No offense to lovers the […]