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The Virgin Diaries: The Sexiness of Abstinence

Our contributor Katherine Chen, a sophomore English major at Princeton University (check out her personal site here), is penning a series of confessions for collectively called “The Virgin Diaries.” Here’s her third installment: These days, every girl between 10 and 50 seems to be obsessed with the Twilight Saga. You’d think it was because […]

Naked News: Pot-Smoking Hippies & Tina Fey’s Cherry

photo via The U.S. National Archives I was going to have sex…and then I got high. New study shows that pot-smoking may cut a man’s sex life short. Speaking of pot-smoking hippies, a federal judge in San Francisco refused to dismiss a constitutional challenge to Proposition 8, ruling that a trial was required to resolve legal and factual […]

Comment of the Week: Virgins Aren’t Sizeists

photo by ILoveButter “Please don’t kill me for saying this, but as a virgin I’ve come to believe that — at least in my own case — I have an advantage. I could honestly care less if I married a man who was 2 inches, 4 inches or 6 inches. It seems Western society puts […]

Pop Culture
Film: What It Felt Like the Very First Time

Eve Waltermaurer, producer and director of First Eve Waltermaurer, a professor of sociology at SUNY New Paltz, is producer and director of FIRST, a documentary about women’s sexual first times. The film features ten women, ages 16 to 89, spilling the beans in their own bedrooms (complete with teddy bear and framed prom photo, in […]

Personal Essays
Confession: My Boyf and I Are Going on a Break

photo by Matt Seppings Our contributor Kristine deGuzman, a junior at UC Berkeley, has a confession to make: I’m studying abroad in Spain over the summer, and my boyfriend and I have decided to go on a break, because, as he puts it, “This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. When else are you […]