Thanks for the Memories!

When we became Em & Lo back in 1999 at, we had no idea we’d write 8 books, go on a 7-city cross-country tour publicizing one of them, pen countless magazine features, have 4 magazine columns, cross the pond for a UK book tour and a television show, go on a 5-city tour for NARAL Pro-Choice America, collaborate with Planned Parenthood doctors and a dream interpreter(!), and run this website for almost 15 years, which reached a quarter million views per month at its height — all with the purpose of bringing progressive sex ed with a sense of humor to the masses. It’s been a blast.

After 20 years, we’re on to new adventures!

If you’ve grown up with us and now have kids of your own like we do, check out Lo’s new endeavor, The Butterfly Academy — a health, self care, and sex education org based in New York’s Hudson Valley that’s dedicated to empowering kids & their parents around the realities of relationships with positivity, inclusivity & age-appropriate honesty. While the site will soon have its own blog, The Butterfly Academy primarily offers in-person workshops — some for kids, some for parents — in order to supplement the wildly divergent, often unmandated, non-comprehensive, and biased public school sex education we got in this country and that our kids are still getting. If you’d like The Butterfly Academy to come to your community to teach, please get in touch! Live and recorded webinars will soon be available, along with a Butterfly Academy blog and a Butterfly Academy newsletter with the latest news and tips for parents interested raising sexually healthy, literate and responsible citizens (Em & Lo subscribers will be grandfathered in, but you can always unsubscribe). Read The Butterfly Academy’s mission statement here: Why Your Kids Need Extracurricular Sex Ed.

If there’s anything from the Em & Lo archives you’re desperate for, reach out to us here.

Thanks for joining us on this journey of sexual enlightenment. We wish you nothing but good lovin’ going forward!

Hugs & Kisses,

Em & Lo