4 Easy Ways to Enjoy Sensation Play

Lelo’s Tantra Feather Teaser

Sensation play might as well be called sensational play. After all, sex shouldn’t always be rub, climax, rinse, repeat. Add a little subtlety to your sexuality and you get sensuality, the driving force behind “sensation play.” It’s notoriously been the domain of sensitive ponytailed men and earnest granola chicks who own speculums, but it doesn’t have to be. No matter whether you have a sense of irony or not, experimenting with different textures and temperatures, both on and around your erogenous zones, wakes up your body to new experiences and surprises your nerves with the unexpected. So here are five easy ways to try it out in the bedroom:

1. Ice Cubes. One of the cheapest, most readily available sex toys there is. Perfect to perk up lazy erogenous zones on a hot summer day. But remember, safety first: you don’t want anything to go numb or turn blue. And be sure to use the cubes externally only, lest they tear delicate internal linings. For sillier sex, get this Pecker Ice Cube Tray.

2. Candle Wax. Why should goths have all the fun? First be sure to use a soy candle or a made-for-play massage oil candle. (Absolutely no scented, colored or beeswax candles — they burn way too hot!) Blow the candle out before dripping the wax; test the wax on the back of your hand first; once the wax hits your partner’s skin, rub it in to disperse the heat; do not drip the wax on your partner’s face or delicate mucous membranes (you know, those areas where STDs and infection get passed the most). But if you’d like clean up a little easier, go for a nice massage candle where the wax turns into massage oil.

3. Feathers. Sometimes the lightest touches can elicit the most intense tingles. A single feather, a feather tickler with a handle, or even a feather boa work well. (We must insist that if you use a feather duster, it must be brand new and never used for actual cleaning. Faux fur is probably a better substitute. ) For a dramatic contrast of sensations, combine it will the delightful sting of a little spank on (only) the plumpest part of your partner’s bottom.

4. Blindfolds. It’s not the sensation of fabric against your eyes that’s important here; it’s the fact that limiting one sense (sight) can heighten another (touch). When you don’t know what’s coming, the feeling when you actually get it is that much more intense. Proper blindfolds are nice, but if you don’t have one handy, a soft scarf will do (just tie it on the side so they don’t have to lie on the knot). Combine with some headphones to drown out your sense of sound, and you’ll multiply that intensity. Hey, it worked for Anastasia Steele!

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