Celebrities Do It Too! (01-30-09)

jessica_simpsonphoto by jvh33


  1. Another thing – it’s not just the fashion designers. Who pushes pictures of expanding female celebrity bodies, who sells shots of Uma’s and Jennifer Love Hewitt’s ass celulite, who makes a big deal out of a few extra pounds on Jessica Simpson? Insipid Hollywood gossip rags! Who conusmes that crapola? Mainly women!

    It’s basic supply and demand. What do you expect? Stop rotting your brains on that bullshit, and they’ll stop selling it. Demand better.

  2. A note on female body image, inspired by the coat hanger model: body-bashing is female-on-female agression, typically! Like you said – MEN aren’t turned on by a woman that skinny. Models who look like that aren’t there to appeal to the masculine sexual sensibility. They’re chosen to appeal to the female aesthetic sensibility – they’re there to sell womens’ clothes. If you look at mens’ magazines, we like curves!

    Ladies, you’re doing this to yourselves. Reject the anorexic look in fashion – you, after all, are the target consumers. Demand healthy models, even if that means boycotting designers who push the unhealthy look.

    As long as Kim Kardashian attends those fashion shows, and accepts the hand-outs from designers who employ anorexic models, I don’t wanna hear it from her.

  3. oh my gosh I LOVE the way Jess looks. I think her curves are fantastic. I want every celebrity to look like this. I think she should own it. it doesn’t look unhealthy. As long as she stays physically healthy I think this would be the best thing in the world for her to just be this weight and keep looking great!

  4. On Kanye’s blog, he states that he never said anything about doing porn, and that the websites that post those statements are wrong.

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