Comment of the Week: A Small Penis Is Better Than No Hands

photo via Flickr

We selected this Comment of the Week with some hesitation — thanks, in part, to his terrible username, his unnecessary mention of his own penis size (i.e. not small), and his refusal to use punctuation (which we’ve provided for him) — but his heart really seemed like it was in the right place, so here’s a part of Womanareagift’s response to the post “Wise Guys: If He Asks About Size, Can I Tell Him the Truth?” He had some other good points buried within his comment, but honestly, we didn’t have the patience to extricate them from all the bad grammar.

As a guy, you should really not allow yourself to waste any of your life feeling unhappy about your penis. If it’s small, so what? What if you had no hands! You would be a lot less fortunate and [experience a lot less pleasure] than you can with hands and any size penis. I am around average size, based on all the feedback [I’ve heard], porn [I’ve seen] and showers at boarding school [I’ve taken]. I don’t feel inadequate in any way, and you should just be real. Why be concerned, did you somehow fuck up and get delivered a small one [as punishment?] NO, you had no control [over] what you got, so just use it to get as much pleasure as you desire and think [about what it would be like] if it got cut off or you had no hands.