Comment of the Week: Another Great Argument for Contraception Coverage

Dave, in response to the recent post “It Shouldn’t Matter WHY You Use Contraception, Damn It“:

Here is the argument that feels strongest to me.

  1. The US Constitution says that the government cannot force religious beliefs on US citizens.
  2. Pretty much all hospitals in the US get 50% or more of their money from the US government in the form of medicare and medicaid payments.
  3. So if a hospital forces me to follow their religious beliefs (by not providing services that are against their beliefs), it is effectively the US government forcing me to follow religious beliefs because it is their money that makes that hospital stay open.

Also, under my argument any hospital could refuse any services they want as long as they quit taking government money (which almost no hospitals could afford to do).  This seems fairly reasonable to me because as long as they aren’t using my money to do it, I don’t have any say in what they do.

Just my 2 cents.