Comment of the Week: Let's Hear It for Sex After 40!

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In a recent “Your Call” post, a reader of our site oh-so-casually mentioned how she became multiply orgasmic in her forties, after a sexually unsatisfying marriage. Turns out she’s not the only one.

After a rather boring sexually 13-year marriage, I have found a whole new world of sex. I love it and am too multi-orgasm blessed. I say blessed because for serveral years I was lucky enough to have one.

Ladybug, responding to the post “Your Call: How Can I Convince Him He’s the Best in Bed?”

Count me in on the multi-orgasmic tally and am in my early forties. I don’t know if it’s my lover or me or the combination of the us, but it’s incredible. I’m finding new ways to just experience them and him. I do wish it could be the same for him though. He’s so unselfish.

I have found that it all hinges on that very deep connection of love and trust being solid. When I am not connected to my lover for some emotional reason, it doesn’t happen.

Meau, also responding to the post “Your Call: How Can I Convince Him He’s the Best in Bed?”


  1. My love and I are both in our sixties, and its different but better. When she rides me, she takes herself to places she’d never been in the first 60 years, and she takes me along. Great times just keep on coming…

  2. I agree about having great sex after 40. I think expeirence patience and understanding your self your partner is the key. Keep up good sex out there.

  3. The best sex for me has definitely been in my forties. Not as a result of any deep connections though. A combination of lowered inhibitions on my part and the right sex partner with a good attitude, also in his 40s, did it.

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