Comment of the Week: The War on Women Hurts Everyone

In a recent poll on our site, we asked you guys, “Is there a ‘War on Women’?” Admittedly, we didn’t give you the chance to say flat-out not — because that would be flat-out wrong! (Hey, we never said this site was a democracy.) Rather, we were asking what you thought about the terminology “War on Women” — is it justified, or too strong, etc. Anyway, reader Ella said that no one ever talks about men’s rights, and argued that this kind of conversation only serves to divide us more, to which reader Dannie responded:

A war on women doesn’t mean that only women are the victims. Far from it! Anything that discriminates between the sexes like that ultimately hurts everyone. That’s the whole point! Much of the legislation that is going on–or is trying to go on–is not only specifically written about things typically seen to only concern women, but it is increasing in viciousness and frequency, and women have little say in it at all. Is it harmful to constantly see the world as divided? Yes, but until it -isn’t- divided, we have no choice. Women still make 77 cents to a man’s dollar. Women pay more on health care then men, and are at risk for having their choices taken away every time they go into a doctor’s office. If a man want’s to buy Viagara, chances are his insurance will not only cover it, but he won’t be fired for wanting to use it or be labeled as a “slut” for seeking it out; the same is not true for birth control, and the legislation going up against it just keeps coming back, more in the recent years than in the past twenty. There is a trend. It is growing. And to pretend it doesn’t exist doesn’t help anyone. Do men have infringements on their rights? YES! But in the political world, those are usual just phrased as “rights,” and not “men’s rights.” Legislation that hurts one sex always hurts the other, but you can’t ignore the fact that there’s a lot more political and legal contention happening over the pills that go into a woman’s mouth than what’s going into a man’s.

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  1. Excellent point!! Except in Kansas women only earn 74 cents on every man’s dollar.

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