Confession: I Love My Boobs!

photo by PinkMoose

A college-student contributor friend of ours, who wishes to remain anonymous, has a confession to make:

I have this dress that I bought at H&M a few months ago that I wear whenever I’m in the mood to feel sexy. Translation: I wear this dress all the time. It’s nothing particularly trashy: just a brown shirt dress, belted at the waist. But it does make my boobs look fantastic.

This is my sole criteria for buying clothes. Even if the color is terrible, even if the fit’s a little iffy in other places; if my boobs look splendid in it, I’m buying it. Because I’m a little bit obsessed with the twins.

This all started in sixth grade, when they began bursting out of my chest with a rapidity usually only seen with the help of a fast-forward button. By seventh grade, they were a B cup. And, eight years later, they’ve finally stopped at a DD.

Any relationship or self-esteem self-help book will tell you to pick something you love about your body and keep it at the forefront of your mind, to think about how great that part of your body is when you want to feel great too. So every time I’m getting ready to leave the house, painting on a last-minute swath of mascara with one hand and cramming breakfast into my mouth with the other, I look at my chest and smile.

I’ve given up on buying clothes that I think should fit and look good because of the size on the tag. Instead, I’ve made dressing my boobs the number-one priority. I’ve stopped worrying about feeling fat just because I can’t fit my top half into the same size as my bottom half and instead, started focusing on how awesome I look when I buy clothes that fit my chest. And that makes me feel hot.

As I’ve come into my own sexuality, I’ve noticed that women who have decided to work with what they have and work it well — however much or little available to them, from 32A to 46DDD — have a sort of sexual energy about them. My body’s not perfect, and my boobs don’t sit atop a super-toned set of abs or balance out a Kim Kardashian-esque butt. Far from it. But the more I focus on how much I love my breasts, the less I think about needing to look supermodel perfect with the rest of my body.

I wish every woman could feel this good about her boobs. Because I truly believe loving them means loving yourself. And guys notice this too. Until recently, I was one of those girls who spent hours nitpicking my body. But when I spend less time making sure my gut’s sucked in and more time thinking about how fantastic this dress makes me look up top, guys see more of the easygoing, upbeat person I actually am. I sound happier. I smile more. I actually act like myself.

Sure, there are the gross guys who focus only on my anatomy. One such gentleman actually told me that I “made Jenna Jameson look like a nun,” which is a lame, fatally flawed comparison. Just because I like to play up the part of my body I love with a cute belt and a tasteful v-neck doesn’t make me a porn star. My style tends more towards “cute and chic” than it does towards “Halloween-costume slutty.” And my body type doesn’t magically make me put out. Sorry. I may have boobs, but that doesn’t mean I let just any asshole touch them.

Instead, I’m a little more discerning. I hold out for those guys who see the smile, the passion for NPR, and the love of literature that make me, well, me. Sure, they like the boobs, but they see the actual person behind them, too. And they’re able to see all that because I carry myself with my head held high, my back straight, and my chest puffed.


  1. Love my 38d boobs. They are so big and soft with black nipples. I always get the stares from guys and guys i have dated couldn’t keep their hands off them. I have always wanted big boobs and I have them now and they are part of me

  2. Thank you, Razada. You remind us all that big boobs aren’t needed, but rather the self-confidence.

  3. I am a 36 A, I stand at 5”6, and I weigh 111 lbs all of my life I felt too small and too thin but then wham I hit high school and I started to appreciate my small but still there curves. Yeah, I don’t have big boobs or even a big butt but my tiny curves, I just adore them. I don’t hate on girls with big breasts I congratulate them if they love them like I love my small ones. I think that girls with big boobs who think they are better should get over themselves 😛 My boobs may be small but they are just as awesome because they are mine and I love ’em. So ladies, strut down the sidewalks or hallways like the goddess you are and have some appreciation for your bodies 😀 Just don’t be bitchy and conceded. Haha.

  4. I am a 32DD. It is so hard to find bras in that size. And gravity is not your friend when you are a little top heavy. I wore a 34D when I was 11. I was skinny, so they really stood out. I hated it and was teased by the boys and had hateful treatment from the girls. Now in my 30’s I have the hourglass figure to even it out. For years I cursed the fact that I wasn’t either tiny and petite or model tall with long legs. I am not overweight and wear a size 6, but I hated the curves and there was no getting rid of the boobs, hips, and butt. I had to learn to accept my body just the way it is. My friends laugh at me, but I actually used to think guys were hitting on me out of pity or to get to one of my friends. I was always shocked when they were really interested in me. I know so many women battle insecurities. We are all beautiful no matter what our body type is. Girl Power! It is sad that you have to reach a certain age before you decide to let go of your insecurities and appreciate what you have.

  5. Thanks for sharing! I’ve got boobs I usually lament as being too big(38D) which makes me pretty anti-cleavage, but this reminds me I should be proud of them! Who cares what size that shirt/dress says, these girls usually look great, regardless!

  6. Its great to know you loveyour boobs.
    I love mine too. I have a 36C and proud of it.I also have a whole lot of junk in my trunk. So i look fabulous.I’m not the prettiest girl in the world, but boy do i have brown eyes to die for, and the right size of poutty lips.Mmmh. Black is beautiful and any one who says otherwise is wrong.Curves are in hunny-bees.

    So go on girls choose what you love about yourself and flaunt it. Don’t let guys nit-pick at you or haters hate. Then again haters can hate. It just means you have something they wish they had.

  7. I really should follow your mentality.
    I *adore* my boobs. I often get giddy when I think about how lucky I am to be a 32DDD/34DD.
    But then I see my abs (or lack thereof) and get depressed about how my body looks. It’s the one flaw I keep fretting about more than anything else.
    Now, when I look at my bit of a “pooch” and frown, I’ll remember to look upwards a bit more at that lovely chest of mine instead. 🙂

  8. Well if I was a DD, I’d love mine just as much. Sadly, they’re not and I can’t help feeling too small.

    That’s not to say I don’t show them off when I can. I have a special bra that makes them look much bigger and I do feel much more confident when they’re looking good.

  9. I have the same thing…but with my butt. I don’t buy pants mail order or on the internet or in a “its on sale” justification. I try each and every pair on and if they don’t make my butt look marvelous then I don’t buy them. I could be wearing a holey t-shirt, no makeup, flip flops, and bed head but if my butt looks good I’m a happy camper.

  10. I love my boobs too! Every now and then I look in the mirror and just think- fabulous.

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