Confession: My Top 5 Pornos for Us Ladies

comstock_films_porn2Comstock Films makes great couples’ porn

A couple of weeks ago, our friend confessed that porn makes her heart grow fonder — especially when she watches it with her boyfriend. So we asked her to compile a list of her top favorite porn movies or genres for watching with a partner. We’re constantly hearing from women who hate their boyfriend’s porn habit (or from those boyfriends who don’t want to give up their porn) — well, maybe this list will help you  find some common ground. (Or maybe it will just confirm for you that porn is definitely not your thang). Here’s what our friend had to say…

  1. White Lightning. Directed by former porn star Veronica Hart, this film is a great place for couples to start because it’s almost like watching a regular movie. The plot is complex and engaging, the characters are realistic and the sex is hot. There is something for both men and women and the quality of the film will make it a less awkward experience. Films with female directors tend to appeal more to women (duh), making White Lightning a good place to start for a hesitant couple. FYI: This film is less graphic than some of the others in the list.
  2. Erotic Massage. Any porn that includes erotic massage is a good ice breaker for couples because it encourages sensual foreplay without just throwing hardcore sex in your face. This one in particular on red tube is girl-on-girl, which, depending on the woman, might be more appealing because it focuses on female pleasure. The video is slow-moving and builds up anticipation. Another positive about the film is that the girl-on-girl action will appeal to male fantasies but will also teach him a thing or two. Heads up: This vid is amateur porn style, which means a lot of close shots of the vagina being fingered (though happily the lighting is a lot more subtle than the youporn vid in #3, below).
  3. Amateur Real Couple. If watching something with a serious plot doesn’t seem like your thing, you can always go in the other direction. This video from youporn shows a seemingly regular couple doing the deed. It’s nothing fancy, but it gets the job done. The couple is not remarkably attractive, their bodies are more realistic than a porn star’s, and they more or less just represent the average couple. The fact that they fumble with their clothes and don’t wear any ridiculous costumes or lingerie helps relieve the pressure and standards that a more Hollywood or plot-driven porn can create. Heads up for the squeamish: This vid is very brightly lit with really close-up penetration.
  4. Comstock Films. Comstock Films is a great resource for high quality, documentary-style porn films about real couples. Its series slogan, “Real people, Real life, Real sex,” pretty much sums it up — but these videos are done more tastefully and with a higher quality than an amateur video. These films are great for a couple who might want to gain more insight on how other lovers interact and want more of a connection to their porn instead of just watching two strangers do the deed. A good recommendation is Marie and Jack: A Hardcore Love Story. FYI: Comstock Films tend to be less graphic than some of the other titles I mention.
  5. Modern Kama Sutra. This series is an instructional guide to Kama Sutra techniques with live-couple demonstrations. The best part about these videos is that encourage you to play along — so it’s a perfect way for a couple to enjoy pleasuring each other while being visually stimulated. Not to mention, it’s educational! These videos quench curiosity, provide the on-camera aspect of a typical porn, but also really involve the viewer in a learning environment. Heads up: Because this video is meant to be instructional it is pretty graphic, demonstrating techniques and positions up very close and personal. However, there is a professional quality in terms of lighting, which creates a welcome subtlety.


  1. Oh, I absolutely take it as a compliment, and I understand she’s conflating “graphic” with “confrontational” But it doesn’t have to be that way.

    I think the details of lovemaking are beautiful, but we’re so accustomed to seeing them filmed badly it’s as if we’ve come to believe there’s something inherently off-putting or unbeautiful about it.

    But believe me, just like food photography can be beautiful, just like lovers kissing can be sensuous, frank depictions of lovemaking can be every bit as visually appealing, so long as their presented with the same eye for detail, both visual and emotional!

  2. Hey Tony, great to hear from you! We guess that “graphic” is a pretty subjective concept (kind of like “porn”!). We asked our friend to rate the different titles on terms of how graphic she thinks they are (to give newbies a bit of a heads up), and obviously she’s the type who finds something less graphic when the production values are higher — so take it as a compliment! Thanks for the added tips.

  3. Comstock films are wonderful. My wife’s favourite is Matt and Khym.
    Thanks for the list — I’ll definitely check out the other titles. I’m always on the lookout for good couple-friendly porn.

  4. Hello Em&Lo and thanks for the shout out.

    RE: “Less Graphic”

    I chuckled when I read this, because we’ve been hearing this for years, about MARIE AND JACK and the rest of our films.

    Our films are quite explicit, and certainly as explicit as any of the films on this list. According to Wikipedia, MARIE AND JACK is the most sexually explicit film ever granted an NC-17 by the MPAA.

    If our film *feel* less explicit, it’s because while the camera never turns away from the erotic details, neither does it linger on them fetishistically. Mouths kissing are every bit as important as genitals colliding; and when it’s all over, people remember the sensuous eye contact as much as the naked bodies. The lasting impression of our films is of warm emotions rather than of depersonalized and interminable close-ups.

    Also, while I’m still very proud of MARIE AND JACK and think it’s a great little film, it was our first film, and I think subsequent efforts make an even better introduction to our erotic documentary style of movie making. My personal recommend for a “first date” with us would be a coin-toss between MATT AND KHYM: BETTER THAN EVER or XANA AND DAX: WHEN OPPOSITES ATTRACT. Both are available directly from us, or on Amazon, or from retailers like Blowfish, Good Vibrations, and Babeland.


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