Do It Tonight! Get Some Fiber in Your Diet

fiber1add a little psyllium husk powder to O.J.

We guess this is probably more a “Do It This Morning!” kind of thing, since prunes go better with sunshine. But no matter what time of day you do it, adding fiber to your diet can improve your sex life. We shit you not. (Ba dum ching!) A daily dose will help keep your works of art firm, which means less road kill on the hershey highway and a clean exist, i.e. fewer wipes. It’s no replacement for regular pre-sex showering, of course, but when you feel good about your bathroom visits — fully relieved and lighter — you’ll feel better about having all your nooks and crannies intimately explored. If dried plums (such a better term than “prunes”) just aren’t your thing, another decent option is adding a little psyllium husk powder to your morning glass of O.J.


  1. jesus christ, M., do you EVER stop googling old posts about poo and then asking people if they EVER stop talking about it?

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