Do It Tonight! Rip Your Shirt Off

buttonsphoto by ellie

Sometimes it’s nice to take things slowly, to undress each other as an act of love, to undo every button with unrushed focus. Other times, you just want to rip off each other’s clothes, literally! But this is often impractical. People pay a lot of hard-earned money on their wardrobes, and as much as they’d like to be the kind of people who’ll sacrifice anything for passion, most don’t want to have their outfits ruined during every enthusiastic romp. So here’s an idea: go to a cheap second-hand store and buy yourself (and/or your partner) something you’re okay with only wearing once. You don’t even have to wear it outside the house. It just needs to be worn long enough to be torn off — either worn by you and torn by you (a la Demi Moore in Striptease) or worn by your partner and torn by you (a la the entire bodice-ripper genre). Button-downs are great for the visual effect of the buttons flying, but anything that tears easily will do (nothing worse than a stubborn t-shirt gagging you as you try — and fail — to tear it off like a sexy Incredible Hulk).


  1. I am 31yrs old & I remember movies/tv series in the 70’s & 80’s that shown a lot of woman ripping off the man’s shirt open during sex scenes. You don’t see that anymore, it turns me on so much.

    I think older woman are into that from experience. I once was w/ an older woman in her 40’s who one time got so into it, she ripped open my button down shirt & then tank top & started kissing my chest & stomach. Was the best time in my life!

  2. This is so true. My older lover initiated me into the clothes ripping. The first time he ripped my blouse open I was shocked but now I love the fact that he wants me so badly.

  3. that sounds so true when people have sex they just want to jump into bed. not having the patinece enough to take the time to caress their partner and arouse them. with simpleness.

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