Dumb Video of the Week: Ben Taylor’s “Wicked Way”

Look, we’re all for the occasional casual sex, especially when it’s between two parties who equally understand the casual nature of said fling, who are fully aware of the inherent risks of such behavior, and who treat each other with kindness and respect even though they may never see each other again. But this stupid video from Ben Taylor (spawn of James Taylor and Carly Simon) is a perfect example of what’s wrong with a lot of sex today:

It’s all, “Me, me, me, me. I don’t care about you, what you have to say, or what you think. I just want to get you drunk so I can basically date rape you.” The visuals only compound the offensiveness of the lyrics, further suggesting that it’s all about quantity rather than quality, that (hot) women have nothing to say, that one just blends into the next. What a terrible message about sex…and women! Claiming it’s all a “joke” to begin with doesn’t make it funny. Besides, if you’re going to do the whole face morphing thing, you better make sure it looks at least as technically good as Michael Jackson’s “Black or White” video which was made 18 freaking years ago. And don’t even get us started on that pseudo accent that’s supposed to make you sound cool and sexy but actually just makes you sound like your self-involved celebrity parents dropped you on the head as a baby one too many times. And if you’re uneasy being in front of the camera for this song’s video (as you should be), why are you in front of the camera to introduce it?… Can you tell we’re annoyed?


  1. Sure hope this song is satirical.
    While I agree that the honesty boasted by the song is refreshing, getting someone drunk so they would participate in sex that they otherwise may not agree to is technically rape.
    It would be great to get some more perspective from the side of the songwriter. However, even if the song is not perpetuating rape culture, one still can’t seriously ignore the baseness of the message it delivers. Its lyrics illustrate a subject that objectifies women as a means (for personal pleasure), not as an equal human being (with agency for consent, emotions, and thoughts – about tv shows). If not a rapist – if nothing else, the subject of the “Wicked Way” song, is a shallow and sordid person, expressing ‘wicked’ perversions.

    Art is art – but art does send a message.

  2. As expected from today’s society…overreacting.

    What is he saying?

    “I think you’re attractive and I want to have sex with you.”

    You may like to write paragraphs and essays overanalyzing but at the end of the day, it’s that simple…”I want to have sex with you.”

    This sentiment is one of the most basic of human nature right next to “I want to eat” and “I want to sleep”.

    So to take issue with this song is to take issue with acknowledging our own humanity. I think the world woulf be better off if we were all as honest as Ben is in this song.

  3. My flatmate was playing this not five minutes ago, which was when I heard it for the first time. At first I wasn’t paying attention, but then “get you drunk” caught my ear, and things just went downhill from there. How any self-respecting woman can listen to this and not be disgusted is beyond me. Lmfao.

  4. Erin, I highly DOUBT ANY girls were “forced” to participate in this video. People don’t need to use “roofies” to get girls with NO self esteem, who think being in the same room with a “Star” will somehow raise their internal self appraisal value, to do self degrading things!

    There are just too many young women who have no idea who they are, what they want, or the fact that they can get a good relationship on who they are. It’s sad, but no one was “forced” to do this. There are and sadly, always have been enough women everywhere (but especially in the LA or NY area) who want to be in the vicinity of “Fame” who have no idea that THEY THEMSELVES have value on their own.

    Nobody needs to “roofie” girls like this. They do, however, need some education about their own worth. They didn’t look drugged to me, just naive and silly.

  5. I had to stop it about a minute and a half in. YUCK! Does he live in LA? Is it the Land of Girls with No Self Esteem?

    How does one get so many girls to go along with a thing like this?

    I’m as disturbed as you all are. On a viceral level more than anything.


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