Erika Lust Wants to Turn Your Fantasy Into an Erotic Film

We frequently hear from couples who disagree on the subject of porn, and one of the first things we advise them is to be ethical and responsible when it comes to porn consumption, and to try out porn made by women and with a feminist perspective. Like Erika Lust, for example, an author and erotic film director who is a four-time winner of the Feminist Porn Awards. She’s smart and talented and her films tend to be edgy rather than cheesy.

Her latest project is XConfessions.com, a project “by you and Erika Lust.” She gathers steamy confessions from readers and then turns them into short erotic films. So far she has gathered hundreds of confessions and has turned ten of them into short films, which you can view on the site: In “I Fucking Love Ikea” (how awesome is that title, for a start?), a woman watches her boyfriend build things and then rewards him for his efforts; in “Hold Me So Tight It Hurts,” a woman experiments with bondage; and in “Sit Down, Shut Up and Watch,” a couple try out a threeway. The stars tend toward the cool and tattooed, the films are beautifully shot, and the cringe factor is extremely low.

Lust has promised to pick her favorite two confessions each month and turn them into an erotic film or object. So what are you waiting for? Click here to spill the beans.




  1. Actually that is a little better. Men everywhere – myself included – have impressed women by playing carpenter with Ikea furniture.

  2. Johnny, it’s not spending all day at Ikea, it’s assembling Ikea furniture. Hope that’s less nut-shriveling!

  3. Rewards him with sex for spending all day at Ikea – that just makes my nuts shrivel up.

    Those other ones sound hot though. I’ll check it out.

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