Everything You Need to Know About the Nuva Ring

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When it comes to hormonal birth control, I get more questions about the NuvaRing than any other method — for proof, just check out the comments sections of my posts “Tell Me About the Nuva Ring” and “Does the Nuva Ring Deserve Its Bad Press.” The ring just doesn’t seem to be as intuitive as the once-a-day-every-day tyranny of the birth control pill. Most women’s questions focus on the timing of the ring, and what happens if their schedule gets thrown off. So, since Em & Lo have put a moratorium on Nuva Ring questions for the time being, here are the 14 points about the Nuva Ring that should hopefully answer any and all questions.

1. When to start it: You can start the ring any time you want…

  • If you’re starting it with your period, put in the ring during the first 5 days of bleeding.
  • If you’re starting it later than that, or totally off your period, take a pregnancy test first. If negative, begin the ring that day.
  • If you’re switching to the ring from the pill or patch (and you completed your pack of pills/box of patches), you can place the ring on the day you would have started your new pack of pills or box of patches.

2. How soon you’re protected: It depends on when you started the ring…

  • If you place the ring on the first day of your period, you’re protected immediately.
  • If you started the ring at any other time, you need to use condoms for 7 days for maximum contraception protection.
  • If you directly switched from the pill or patch to the ring (and you completed your pack of pills/box of patches), you’re protected immediately.

3. The minimum you must leave it in: The ring needs to be in your body for 3 straight weeks. Don’t take it out early if you start bleeding earlier than you expect — the ring needs its three weeks to work. If you remove the ring before the three weeks are up, you’re at risk of pregnancy that cycle.

4. The maximum it can stay in: The ring has enough hormones so that it may be left inside for up to 5 weeks and still be effective. So you’ve got lots of flexibility in how long the ring is in. And you don’t need to use the ring for the same amount of time each cycle — some months you may leave it in 3 weeks, some up to 5 weeks — your body will adjust. But if it’s left in longer than five weeks, you’re now at risk of pregnancy.

5. How long you can leave the old ring out before you put a new one in: When switching between old and new rings, the device cannot be out of your body for more than 7 days — in other words, you need to put a new ring back in by the same day of the week that you removed the old one. This rule holds even if you’re still bleeding — the new ring must be reinserted within a week. (If you want to shorten your ring-free week and, say, put a new one in after 3 or 4 days, that’s fine — you’ll still be protected.)

6. When it’s out for that one week, you’re protected: If you’ve used the ring following these guidelines, you’re still protected against pregnancy during the ring-free week. The ring has suppressed ovulation for that cycle, so you don’t need a back-up method of birth control during the ring-free week (though condoms are always a good idea for infection prevention, whether the ring is in or out).

7. Temporarily taking the ring out for three hours or less:
The exception to rule #3: you can remove the ring for up to 3 hours at a time and still be protected against pregnancy. For instance, you can take it out for a gyno visit, sex, or masturbation (some people don’t like the idea of playing ring toss in their vagina), but in each of those cases it isn’t necessary to do so.  There are no studies that tell us how often you can take a ring holiday; I counsel my patients that they can remove the ring once a day for 3 hours and are likely still safe.

8. Taking the ring out for more than three hours:
If it’s out for more than 3 hours, it’s possible that your ovaries will respond with a quickie ovulation. So put the ring back in and use condoms for a week.

9. If you’re late putting a new ring in:
If the old ring has been out for more than 7 days, put the new ring in anyway. Don’t wait for your period to start (so many women become pregnant while they’re waiting!). Then use condoms for 7 days.

10. Using rings back-to-back. You can use a new ring directly after taking out the old one — you don’t need to leave a ring out for any length of time, you don’t need a back-up method, and you can do this indefinitely (no need to ever bleed).

11. Bleeding patterns: It’s normal to have irregular spotting or bleeding during your first few months on a new birth control method. Don’t pull the ring out if you begin to bleed early — it doesn’t mean the ring is “finished,” it’s just breakthrough bleeding while your body is adjusting.

12. Other things in your vagina: Fingers, penises, tampons, sex toys, semen — all okay.

13. You can’t lose it in your body.
As long as the ring is all the way in the vagina, and it feels comfortable, you’re good to go. It doesn’t need to be in a particular place to work, and it won’t go in too far.

14. Risk of pregnancy: If you have sex without using the ring correctly, you are at risk of pregnancy. Take a pregnancy test if your period doesn’t come when you expect.

Dr. Kate of Gynotalk is an OB/GYN at one of the largest teaching hospitals in New York City. She also lectures nationally on women’s health issues and conducts research on reproductive health. 


  1. A friend of mine just started using this and has wonderful things to say – great information to have now since I was considering starting to use it!

  2. I usually skip my period using the Nuvo Ring by replacing it and not leaving it out for time to get my period.
    I just replaced the Nuvo Ring this morning and just now I have had a break through period which my gynecologist said to let the period happen if I get a break through.
    My question is, can I reuse that Nuvo ring in a weeks time when my period finishes as the Nuvo Ring was brand new? I have put it back in the packet.

  3. On September 11 hurricane Irma hit my town pretty hard. I was scheduled to get my new nuva ring on September 15th but the pharmacy was closed for 2 weeks!! I hadn’t had a period nor spotting for 7 months. Due to the storm i was 2 weeks late putting in my new ring and i have been heavily bleeding since that day. I called my dr 2 different times and they said it was completely normal for me to be bleeding and my body would regulate within the next month or two. Lies lies lies!!! I’m still bleeding and i ended up taking the nuva ring out in hopes that the bleeding would stop a week ago but it has not. What can I do to stop the bleeding? I’ve never had a problem with irregular periods in my life until the nuva ring!!

  4. Hi there! I took my ring out on a Thursday, got my period on a Sunday and put the ring in during the 5 day window (4 days for me) you mention. Do I have to use condoms for a week, or am I okay for the day after I put the ring in?

  5. Does the Nuvaring cause recurring Urinary Tract infections? Or is it mistakingly putting it in or taking it out without washing hands or from sex?

  6. My calendar got deleted and I ended up taking my nuvaring out a week early. So I waited a week after my period and put a new one in. When I went to my doctor she told me to take the new one out immediately and come back in two weeks to take a pregnancy test before inserting a new nuvaring. So I’ve taken out the nuvaring and it’s been 4 days and no period. Will I get another period since I already had one a couple weeks ago when I took out the previous one or should I still expect a period? I usually get it on the third day of taking out the ring. No cramps or anything either.

  7. I have been having some crazy side effects with the nuvaring lately, I’ve been on it for almost 2 years now and recently I decided I didn’t want to have a period due to a trip I was taking, so I did back to back rings. Within a week I was spotting and this went on for a week straight before I decided to take it out and let my body regulate the hormones. I left it out for 7 days and put a new one in its now been 11 days of the new ring and I’m bleeding again! Help me.. I’m so frustrated

    1. I’m sorta having the same issue Danielle. I don’t think our bodies will regulate putting a new ring in or leaving it out for a month or even two. I’ve been bleeding since September 11th 2017. And my dr says it’s normal!! There’s nothing normal about bleeding like this.

  8. Iv realized my nuvaring was not up in my vagina like it normally is and iv been experiencing horrid cramping. Does the position of the ring matter?

  9. Hello Dr. Kate, during intercourse the white part of my nuva ring frayed and came off. Is the ring still effective even though that occurred?

  10. Hi Dr. Kate, my last period was in February , i was too lazy to go get my nuvaring prescription, then forgot for about a week. I thought it was to late to insert it so i decided to just wait for my period. Now its March 22nd 2017, no period and two negative pregnancy test? Should i inset the nuvaring now or what should i do ? Please help.

  11. Hi Dr.Kate, I normally only give myself a 3-4 day break to have a period (typically start to bleed around the 2nd or 3rd day of being ring-free), and it last for about 3 days, 4 tops. Now this month I took the ring out about an hour later than I normally do because I was nervous about switching pharmacies, believing they wouldn’t fulfill my prescription order on time. I did however remove it anyway and ended up with what has become a normal cycle for me now (3-4 day break with 3-4 days bleeding). Now I inserted my new ring on Thursday the 9th after removing it Monday the 6th, and I continued bleeding until the following Monday when it started to turn brownish and less frequent. Now sometime that Monday I believe I lost my nuvaring after removing a tampon, which I did not replace. Tuesday morning when I got in the shower I made this realization and naturally freaked out, trying to recall the last time I physically felt it. I immediately inserted a new ring after my shower and later that afternoon when I used the bathroom I found fresh blood on my panty liner. I called my ob/gyn’s office asap for advice about the situation. I described in detail my dilemma and the color of the blood before and after inserting the new ring, and the nurse told me to remove the 2nd ring since my body is trying to have a period. She advised I wait 3-4 days like normal and insert a 3rd ring and use condoms for a week. Now this would be day 2 of not having a ring after removing the 2nd one, and my boyfriend and I had unprotected sex this afternoon. He did not ejaculate inside me, but now I’m second guessing whether or not that was dangerous or if there’s any possible window that the nuvaring might have lingering affects (which I highly doubt). However, I’ve been unable to find any concrete advice concerning using more than one ring in a short period of time, and going without when I have been very diligent for the previous months. Could losing my 1st ring of this month caused the birth control to be ineffective immediately since it exceeded 3 hours, or would I still be protected under my “28 days” as if I had a 7 day ring-free week? And after that 3 hour window, would a new ring be ineffective for 7 days regardless? I have taken plan b before I started birth control twice, and resulted in a 3 week period once. Now I’m afraid that taking a plan b and then using my nuvaring like normal will wreck havoc on my body. However, I cannot afford to become pregnant either so I’m leaning towards using a plan b anyway.

  12. Dear Dr Kate
    I had sex with my boyfriend around 2am on a Sunday 5 March so I took out my nuva ring even through he ddnt cum in me . I put it back in late the same day around 10am. Then we had unprotected sex this Sunday 12 March 330 am , but this time he ejaculated in me. Its exactly over a week should I worry about getting pregnant or I’m okay.

  13. I know someone who takes the ring out and immediately puts one in, never having periods. It would seem dangerous, never letting the blood out. Is it? She is also gaining weight- a lot. Does that have something to do with the way she is using nuvaring. Is there some literature I could show her.

    1. Hi Nancy…
      My friend was doing the same thing and she gained a whole lot of weight…I’m not a doctor but I don’t think that its natural not to bleed…that’s our cleansing moment
      If we don’t bleed how are we cleansing. And where is all that waste going?…my friend stop doing it and started having her period again… after a little while she lost the weight
      Good Luck to your friend…

    2. You can do 4 weeks in an put them in back to back its safe! But my doc told me to do 2months 4 week an then the 3rd month do 3 weeks…

  14. HELP! I had my period starting on January 11th, I don’t rememberexactly how long it lasted, usually around 5-7 days. I put a nuvaring in on January 23rd and had unprotected sex with him ejaculating inside of me on the 28th and on the 30th. What is the likelihood of being pregnant?

  15. Advice please?! Ive been on the nuvaring for about two weeks now. So far ive been constantly bloated and crampy, very irritable and have been breaking out like crazy, when normally i have very clear skin. My gyno said to contact her if this isnt working out, but if these symptoms are going to subside soon, i don’t want to give in before I give it sufficient time. Are these symptoms typical at first? Will they subside eventually?

  16. Hi Em & Lo.. I’ve been on nuva ring continues without break for 3 months.. this month for the first time I’ve been having brown spotting for 4 days already.. in 2 days (December 26) I’m supposed to change my nuva ring should I leave it out for 4 days to get the bleeding out and then use a new ring ? Please help I’m going on a New Years cruise and I don’t want to be bleeding :/

  17. Hey so I have a weird question. I took my nuvaring out during sex and I forgot to put it back it it’s been 3 days can I place that same ring back in or do I need a new one? Wasn’t sure if it would still be effective being out of the package and out of my vagina for 3days?

  18. Hi Em & Lo, I have a question for you. So I had my period on Thursday (Nov. 10th) and then inserted a new nuvaring Sunday (Nov. 13th).
    I’m always on time each month with inserting and removing (3 weeks in 1 week out).
    I then had unprotected sex with my bf 2 days after inserting a new ring.
    Am I protected? I’ve read several articles that say you need condoms as a back up method for the first week but no one has specified if: it’s only for the very first time you’re using nuvaring ever, or if it’s every time you start a new 3 week cycle having used the ring before? Should I take a plan B? If I could get an answer asap that’d be great!! I’m worried :0 thanks!

  19. I just have a quick question so I started my Nuvaring the 7th of this month and the nurse at planned parenthood showed me when too put it in and when too take it out so I put it in the 7th and I just took it out today and I doing it right or wrong cause everybody is saying keep ring in for 3 weeks and the next week take it out for my free ring week is that correct

      1. And the day you took it out give it exactly one week to put in another and follow the 3 week guildelines until you take it out again. it was hard for me to understand but i have been using these bad boys for so long now and been perfectly fine.

  20. I had sex with my boyfriend the day I had to take my ring out on the 25th and took it out the next day 26th. I’ve been on the ring for quite awhile now and I use it how I’m suppose to. I put in a new ring every 1st and take it out every 25th. Should I be concerned ??

  21. I’ve tried just about every birth-control on the market and this is hands down my favorite!! I would recommend this to any woman searching for a hormonal and spotting friendly BC. Thanks to this BC I no longer have breakouts or spotting..it’s just perfect! There are a lot of useful Nuvaring apps that you can download also to help you keep track of your ring days also.

  22. I had my ring in for 4 weeks my boyfriend and i want a baby so i took the ring out and we had unprotected sex. Can i still get pregnant if i keep it out?

  23. Hi Doctor, the exp. date on nuva ring packet is Sept 24, 2016, I expect to insert it for the next 3 week cycle on Sept 15. Is it still going to be cosidedred an effective birth control? Thank you.

  24. I have heard horrible stories about women using the nuvaring should I worry? I’ve already gone through 3 different Birth Controls and changed die to pain or cramping, not from blood clots.

  25. I just started my NuvaRing July 19. My period usually lasts 4-5 days so i started my period on July 16 and decided to put on the NuvaRing 3 days after my really bad bleeding so i put it on when I know that my period is almost done. Is that Fine? Also when I first inserted the NuvaRing I felt like i didn’t place it in right so I decided to pull it back out. I washed it with warm water then I placed it back in. I waited for 8-9 hours then while I was taking a shower, I decided to put my finger in to check if i can still feel it so I pulled it our one more time put it back in and still felt the same….? Then I did multiple researchers and I found out that the ring itself is suppose to feel bent when placing my finger inside my vagina right?. So was it OK for me to pull it out twice for my first time trying on this birth control? I only pulled it out then pushed it back in right away.

  26. This has hands down been the most useful, insightful read on NuvaRing! All those other forums/discussions/articles will have a girl all sorts of mixed up and confused! All my questions and concerns answered in a short and thorough list. Thank You!

  27. I am in my 2nd month of Nuvaring….I just took it out. Started brown spotting/break through bleeding after intercourse 4 days ago. happened last month also….but only lasted a day. I have had trouble in the past w/bc pills etc….and fibroids/cysts… so I just got a little spooked. Maybe i shouldn’t have taken it out ?? I am 46 and My gyno put me on it to help w/hormones. Not sure it’s the right thing….although it did help w/breast tenderness. 1st month felt great…but not so much after that.
    Thoughts ?

    1. From what I understand, you need to keep the ring in even despite the bleeding. As you said, it’s simply breakthrough bleeding as your body adjusts to the new form of birth control. It’ll take 2-4 months for you to regulate. I’m going through the same thing now and I was spooked too! I also was placed on NuvaRing for cysts. Other than this breakthrough bleeding, it has worked well and I believe it will continue to once our bodies have adjusted. Good luck!

  28. My husband and I decided to TTC and I took my last nuvaring out May 19th. I had my period the next week, as normal, then began ovulating just as I had before. Now 13 days aftermy period ended, I’ve just started my period again. Do I need to be concerned? I’ve never been pregnant before and this didn’t happen the last time I got off BC.

  29. I just recently had an abortion, I was told to put my Nuvaring in on that Sunday but my bleeding was still pretty heavy so I was uncomfortable with doing so. It will be 2 weeks tomorrow since I had it. But I’m still spotting. Was I right for waiting or should I have put it in on that Sunday? I haven’t been having sex of course. But once I’m completely healed I do wanna be able to have sex with my husband. But the thought of bleeding in anyway while trying to insert this grosses me out.

  30. My wife took the ring out a day early from her three weeks, is she still protected or should i use protection?

  31. I started NuvaRing for the first time on day 2 of my period. I have now been bleeding for over 2 weeks and it is very heavy (using a pad and super plus tampon). Why am I bleeding for so long, and will I stop bleeding if I remove it? I had 2 miscarriages back to back before starting the NR, so I feel as if I have been bleeding for months and months! I am totally over it! Help!

  32. I took the ring out on a Wednesday night but forgot to put it back in. There was no additional protection, but no ejaculation either. I was meant to take it out as per my schedule the following day on Thursday evening anyway… is it possible that taking it out one day early put me at risk of pregnancy for this cycle? I am trying to decide if I need to take Plan B.

  33. Do you have to wait a week before having sex every time to put a new Nuva ring each month to make sure you don’t get pregnant? Or once you go through the first month and do the 3 weeks in and 1 week out monthly your ok?

  34. I have doubts on how the nuvaring works exactly. I started it this month. I put it in the first day of this month and I know I have to take it out in 3 weeks. Leave it out 1 week and put a new one the same day that I started but do I need to use a back up method for 7 days again? Do I use another contraception method for 7 days every month I put a new ring?

    1. Hi Jazmin,
      The ring works by tricking your brain into thinking that you’re pregnant, so the brain doesn’t release the hormones that stimulate egg development in your ovary. As long as you use the ring in the correct way – as you said, in for 3 weeks, out for one, new one back in – you DON’T need to use a back-up method again. Your ovaries will stay “turned off” during that ring-free week.

      That said, if the ring-free week becomes 8 days, 9 days, 10 days….when you put in a new ring, you’ll need to back it up again for 7 days (since your ovaries may have woken up in that time and released an egg). Good luck!

  35. I inserted my nuvaring for the 1st time on Friday 5-6-16 at 1130 am. I took it out around 6 that night and here we are 5-8-16. I put it back in the foil and in fridge. Can I just start it tomorrow using the same one?

    1. Hi Jay,
      Yes, you can restart using the same ring when you’re ready. The ring has enough hormones for 5 weeks of use, so you can ignore that first “try it out”day May 6th – and when you put it back in, use it for at least 3 weeks (but no more than 4 weeks 6 days).
      Good luck!

  36. This is my first month of using the nuvaring. It’s due to come out this coming su day but I already got my period this past Friday. Do I keep the ring I and take it back out on Sunday. And will I get my period again. As well as when do I put it back in if I already had my period this month.

    1. hi Veronica – even if your bleeding started early, leave the ring in until your scheduled removal day. And put in a new one no more than 7 days later. Your ovaries need to be suppressed for the full 3 weeks, and they’ll “wake up” if you delay putting the ring back in. Don’t worry about the bleeding – it’s normal for your body to be a little irregular in the first three months of a new birth control method. It will normalize soon!

    1. You absolutely can! Using a little bit of lubricant will probably help – and it’s a good idea to use lube the first time you have sex, too.

  37. I’ve got a question I put my first nuva ring in right after my period ended. I took it out about a week later and I got bloated and started hurting with bad cramps and started bleeding. The thing is I’m not even supposed to start my period until like 3 weeks from now. Why is this happening?

    1. Hi Leeann – the brief exposure to hormones after your period might have thrown off your cycle for the month. Even though the hormones are out of your system in a few days, this cycle may be a little crazy. If you don’t restart a hormonal birth control method, your cycle should return to normal next month.

    1. Bleeding during sex can be a sign of an infection or a polyp in your cervix. If it happens again, see your gyno.

  38. So I took my ring out for sex and forgot to put it back in for a few days. Can I put it back in for the rest of the cycle or should I wait till after my period to start it again?

  39. Okay I took the Nuva ring out on week 4 instead of week 3 didn’t have my normal period at all I had some brownish colored sporting. Took a pregnancy test came back negative I also had unprotected sex with my boyfriend the day I took Nuva ring out also I was a week late in putting it in cause of the unusual spotting so my dr did a test they told me to take it out so the new one was out for 5 hours and me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex New Year’s Eve could I be pregnant. I have been on Nuvaring for a long time except after I had my son in 2012 my boobs hurt bad this morning.

    1. I did the same thing last night. What did you do? Im not sure if its okay if i re insert it even tho i only had it on for about 10mins before i took it out

      1. The ring needs to be in your body for a week before the protection kicks in. So it’s okay to replace it quickly, but you need to use a back-up method for the first week to be safe.

  40. I have been on nuva ring for over a year and have always had my period like clock work until this last cycle.. I started my previous period Oct 22nd it lasted 5 days I placed a new ring Oct 26th and had unprotected sex the 26th and 28th.. I had a physical including a pap Nov 2nd following with unprotected sex again on Nov 7th.. Nov 8th I started spotting and now (Nov 10th) I have a heavy period with lots of cramping and clotting.. I still have another week before I take my ring out.. Is this normal? Could I be pregnant and need to take my ring it? Could something more serious be happening? I NEVER have break through bleeding so I’m confused

  41. I inserted my nuva ring on the 4th day of my period and had sex 6 days later instead of waiting 7 days. There was no protection other than the Nuva ring . Is the possibility of being pregnant high ?

  42. I started the ring 2 weeks after my period. I took 3 weeks later. It’s been 3 days no period. Should I be freaking out ?

  43. I removed my nuvaring on a Thursday night, had sex the following Thursday but inserted the new ring Friday morning. Technically it was out for more than 7 days, just some hours more. Am I at risk for pregnancy ?

  44. Hi Dr Kate,
    I am not overly worried about getting pregnant – we have 2 children and are happy to add more if we fall pregnant. However, we are going on a family beach holiday in a couple of months and my period has fallen into a perfect pattern to be with me through the middle of the holiday. Could I use the Nuvaring to skip my period or delay it until we get back – just as a once off?

  45. Hi,

    So I’ve been on nuva ring for about a year now and I recently messed up my schedule. I usually take the rjng out after the 3 weeks and then have my period, as instructed. I reinserted it and after two weeks, I removed it ( a week early cause I misread my calendar). I still had a period ( which is why i thought i wad on track until i read the calendar today) and i had put the nuvaring back in as i would usually do.

    Because i bled, is there a risk of pregnancy or did i just restart my cycle a week early? I understood that there’s a risk if you take it out a week early, as I read, but I did bleed and have a period. So I would like to understand my situation. Am I at risk or am I safe?

    1. Yes, Katy. Re-read Dr. Kate’s point #10. (Tho as always, check with your own doctor first, as this site is for entertainment purposes only and not intended as medical advice! Our lawyers told us to say that.)

  46. Hi Dr. Kate. I used the ring back to back because of vacation. With placement of the second ring I took it out 10 days after placement just because I want to get my period to make sure I am not pregnant, It gives me a sense of relief. My question is:

    Do I still follow the same rules as before, place ring back in within the week?
    Its been 3 days since I have taken it out, still no period…
    Did I mess up my cycle by taking the second ring out early?

    Thanks so much for your help

  47. I took the ring out after a week of use because I wanted to try to conceive, had unprotected sex 3-4 times the following couple days. But today I started bleeding o. It’s not time for my normal period but could it have came early

  48. This is my fourth month on the ring. Do I need to still use a condom the day I put it back in or am I safe to have unprotected sex the day I insert it?

  49. hi, Ive been using the ring for approx 5months now and i either go 3 weeks in 4th week ring free or 3 weeks in and insert new ring to skip period. its been working for me. however should i be worried if i have removed ring tuesday (its now friday) and im yet to get my period? thanks,

  50. I have left my nuvaring in for 10 weeks went on vacation and forgot about it. Just took it out should I see a doctor or should I be ok?

  51. how far do you need to push the nova ring in ? how do you know when to stop? I’m worried i haven’t done it correctly as i can feel it quite close to the vaginal entrance.

  52. I have never been on birth control before but since the time i got freaked out because i thought i was pregnant i have been considering it. Of all the methods i learned about the nuvaring was my favorite and i will begin using it tomorrow. At the end of my ring-free week I will insert a new nuvaring correct? Do i have to use condoms for a week after the new ring or will i be protected automatically after my menstrual cycle? Somebody please help me before i start using it tomorrow

  53. I gave birth on dec 30 then got on the nuva ring for the first time on feb 1st got a very heavy period on the 26th thru 30th of feb. Then i put another ring on march the 1st at this time i took some antibiotics for five days but always used protection for the whole month and just took it off on the sun the 22nd of march and i still havent gotten my period could i be pregnant??

  54. I put my nuvaring in and left it in for 5 weeks then automatically switched it without a break && i got my period still not heavy, im kinda spotting but a little more than that is that normal?

  55. Thanks in advance for your help. I’ve been on the Nuva Ring for a little over a month. The first cycle I was on it, I took it out on Wednesday instead of the Sunday coming up because I was experiencing some health issues and the doctors in the ER told me to take it out just in case it was causing any problems, which it wasn’t. I got my period that Saturday and I put the ring in on Sunday, because I read somewhere that it is the most reliable when you put the ring in right when your cycle starts.
    I am a virgin, so I know it doesn’t matter when I put the ring in. However, my boyfriend and I were planning on having sex this weekend and I was wondering if I would still be covered because I didn’t go a whole week after taking it out? To be more clear, I took it out Wednesday the 11th of June and put it back in on Sunday the 15th without any break between. I called my nurse at my OBGYN but she wasn’t clear as to whether I would be covered. Do any of you guys know?

  56. I put the nuvaring today
    Around 3. And couple
    Hours later I started
    To feel dizzy my head
    Started to Hurt little bit
    Then I felt sleepy
    I felt like I wanted to throw up
    You think I should take it off
    Or this is normal ?

  57. Ok my last day of my cycle was April 15th 2014 …I started the nuva ring on April 26th 2014 after I put the ring in we had sex 3X in which he ejaculated in me twice, I wasn’t on birth control before this! I thought I was covered immediately after inserting the ring! To make matters worse I took it out to soon, I had it in only 12 days.. I bled after taking it out, my period lasted for 3 days.. Kinda heavy one day and then light the other two days! The second day of bleeding I had sex and he ejaculated in me. That was on May 10th I didn’t put another ring in until May 19 and that was 30 minutes prior to sex and he also ejaculated in me, one hour after sex I took the nuva ring out and have not put it back in! What are my chances of being pregnant? Worried

  58. I have a quick question about the nuvaring.

    I started the nuvaring at the end of my menstrual cycle. Because I had to start it again at the end of my cycle following the removal of the nuvaring in order to keep schedule, do I still wait a week before it’s safe to have sex without a condom?

  59. This was so helpful! The package just tells you the average 28 day cycle and doesn’t explain alternatives. Also it doesn’t really answer the major questions about how it translates compared to the pill. This answered my questions, thank you!

  60. I am using the nuvaring all month for no periods. This is my third month of doing this. I had my usual pms symptoms last week and started bleeding a few days ago. At first it was just a little brown but after sex w my bf, I’m actually bleeding now. It’s not time for a new ring yet and I havnt taken it out for longer than a cpl mins for cleaning in the shower. I’ve read some bleeding is normal but how long will this last? And how often will it happen? It kinda defeats the purpose of not having periods. I don’t get to see my bf often but when I do we’d like to have full access w no restrictions (fingers and mouths).

  61. I had he ring in for no longer than 2 weeks because I had very bad side effects from it. Chronic nausea, weight gain and mood swings. I’ve now got my period 2 weeks early without any signs. Is this normal? Or should I see my GP. There is no way I could be pregnant because I did not have sex while having the ring in.!

  62. I started my period 4 days before taking the ring off so I figure I started earlier but when I go and reach to take it out the ring was no in me so it must of fall out when I was having sex so now im concern because I don’t know when it fell out n if I should wait untill my period is over to put a new one in. I been using the ring for about 3 years.

  63. So this is my first month of having the nuvaring in and I haven’t had my period since January. I am irregular but I still chdcked I wasn’t pregnant. The questions and answers say that we aren’t going to ovulate but this is my last week and I’m cramping to the point of goose bumps and ovulating to the point I have to where I soak my underwear. Is that a possibility?

  64. I inserted my nuvaring yesterday. (first time ever using it) I had unprotected sex last night. Should I be worried about being pregnant? If I should be worried will the nuvaring hurt the fetus at all?

  65. I removed nuvaring a week earlie got my period and insert new ring after 7 days without the previous ring (that was thrusday) and had sex today (sunday). Should I be worrie to be pregnant ( I’ve been using nuvaring for 3 years)

  66. I had unprotected sex…got my period…then started the nuvaring for only 5 days…got my period 2 days after the removal…had more unprotected sex…could I be pregnant?

  67. I’ve been on the nuva ring for 4 months almost . The last 2 mints my periods come late . Should I be worried ? I’ve been using it right, leaving it in the 3 weeks and normally my period comes on the 20th but its late again

  68. I put the nuvaring in a day after my period, I was taking antibiotics and wasn’t aware it makes it not work as well. Now I think I’m pregnant I’m having all symptoms. I started my period march 7th ended march 11th got the ring that day. Should igo by my normal period starting time or the nuvaring starting time?

  69. Someone tell me when exactly do I take it out cause today is the day I do but what time and when I get my period after how long till I put it back in I’m so confused and don’t want to mess up.

  70. I have a question. I forgot to take my ring out on time, and left it in for an extra day. I then put a new one in after six days. Am I still protected? (I believe that I should be, but I am paranoid)

  71. I been on the nuva ring for a couple of days now . I started noticing I haven’t been sleeping good since I started the nuva ring .. is this normal.?

  72. I took my nuvaring out 4 days early so that I wouldn’t be on my period when I went to see my bf I’m 3 days away from putting
    It back in and still have not started yet is that normal?
    I’m putting it back in on the 3rd and will be seeing him on the 8th will I still be protected or do I need to put it back in right away?Plz help

  73. Would i get my period again as in twice a month like you do when you use the depo and you don’t take it again. I used the nuva ring for the first time and then i took it out so i can get my period and i had intercourse after my period went away, and i haven’t gotten my second one because i have no way to get to my doctor and i have to go in for a second prescription. Can you help me ?

  74. I put my nuvaring in on the day I was suppose to start it and I guess when taking out my tampon it fell out and I didn’t realize it till a couple days later. I have been bleeding non stop(really heavy) since. Is that normal??

  75. i have been using the ring for years. This is the first time i have taken it out late. Im two days late taking it out. When do I put it back in

  76. I kept my ring out possibly over three hours but I put it back in immediatley after I realized it and kept having unprotected sex for a few days after, is that okay?

  77. I had my period kind of a lite one but had one.. I put the ring in and I was getting very sick off of it. I took it out after a week and I never got my period.. Is that normal?

  78. Thank you for this! I’ve been on NuvaRing for almost a year and after getting pregnant on the pill, having horrible side effects from the depo shot and getting horrid UTI’s from Merina. I have found this to be the most positive form of birth control for me. Zero weight gain or surprise pregnancy (love my baby, he is my world!) I am delighted to know that I don’t have to wait the full seven days to put in a new ring. My crazy work schedule makes this difficult. So thank you again. This was good information for me too! 🙂

  79. Totally by mistake I took my ring out a week to early to early as I was meant to take out instead I took it out this Wednesday instead of next Wednesday, so should I put it in next week which gives me my 7 day break or do I wait till the following week. I have a feeling next week but no harm to be on the safe side and double check . Please respond thanks

  80. I stopped using the ring for 4 months, and then starte it again on the 3rd day of my period. I had unprotected sex 5 days after putting in the ring. Should I be worried?

  81. This is my first time using a contraceptive, and my perioded just ended two days ago. I just had the nuvaring inserted today and need to know how long it will be before I am protected?????

  82. I was on the IUD for 5 years and when it was due to be taken out my Dr put me on the nuvaring. So I have no idea when my last period was since I never got one with the IUD. My spouse and I decided we want to go ahead and have a child so I took the nuvaring and was awaiting one period to get back to normal. It has been 4 days and no period….is that normal? could my period still come or could I possibly be prego already?

  83. i was late putting my nuva ring in by 1 day i put it in on a Monday should I keep it in for the 3 weeks and take it out on that monday or go back to my old schedule and take it out on sunday? I’ve been taking it correctly I just want to know because I am the 3 weeks and I want to know if I should takee it out today or tomorrow? (Sunday or Monday)?

  84. I want to start using NuvaRing for the first time but I want to know if it is safe, as I just recently had unprotected sex. Is there a period of time I should wait to find out if I may have become pregnant or can I start taking it right away?

  85. Thank you for this! Straightforward, comprehensive, and ultra-helpful. Every nuvaring should come with a link to this page 🙂

    Also to anyone on here who is considering the ring: I highly recommend it. I had serious breakthrough bleeding the first month but it has stopped completely this second month and I am experiencing virtually no other side effects! If you have had bad experiences with the pill like I have, I urge you to try the ring!

  86. I am suppose to take out the nuvaring today. I had protected sex today as well. Is there a possibility I could get pregnant if I take out the nuvaring today or am I still protected?

  87. This is my first month on the ring. I was supposed to take it out on Monday, march 26. I forgot and just remembered today. Once I take it out, is it okay to put the new one in on Monday?

  88. When you insert a new NuvaRing does it have to be inserted at the same time you put in your previous one or does the time not matter? It’s my first month using the ring and it’s my “free-ring” week. I inserted my first ring on a Friday at 12:30 a.m. But I took it out at 2:00 a.m. on the 3rd week. Does that matter? Am I still protected?

  89. ive been on nuvaring for 2 months…i didnt like it so i took it out last week before the 4th week came around. i have brownish like spotting,does this mean i will get my period around this date, or will my cycle continue normally on the date i used to get it (when the ring was supposed to be removed)?

  90. I recently took my ring out and started bleeding just two days later…I have a hectic work schedule and the fatigue I’m feeling is worse than the cramps, but they potentate eachother…but after I saw blood, I put the ring back in and it’s been about 24 hours since then. I’m still bleeding, and taking ibuprofen and muscle relaxers generously, but when will the fatigue and bleeding start receding? Does anyone know exactly how long it takes for the hormones to start working when the ring has only been out for a few days? PLEASE this is very important, I’m already on thin ice at my job for this very problem and I’m just damn sick of it. Any answer would be much appreciated, thanks!!!

  91. I have been on the nuva ring for a few years and get my leriod every 3 months, i just put a new ring in and started bleeding a couple days later, i would normally get my period after this ring, should i take it out and have my period? But will it still be ok to use after? Or should i just leave it in?

  92. okay i just delivered a baby boy 4 weeks ago. havent yet gotten my period. not sure if i can take the nuva ring without having my period….

  93. Am I protected the week after my period , once I’ve placed the new ring …like on day two of my replacement ring?? I’ve been on it for four months…

  94. 3mos since I been on the ring and I like it… I gain 2lbs all in the right places, but I can say the first month was crazy for me, I was craving donuts, had bad headache, tiredness, waking up out my sleep at night, going to the bathroom a lot and had gas… not cool at all. But after all that my body adjust to it all… you can’t feel it at all… and you don’t have to worry about what time you have to take it unlike the pill…the hormone goes straight to the cervix with the ring.. and you’ll never knows its there.

  95. I had unprotected sex after my period (period last 3 days) so on day 4th I had unprotected sex, on the fifth day I took the day after pill and inserted the ring, this is my first time using it. I then again had unprotected sex on day 7th and 8th day this means that my ring was only in 3 and 4 days before i had unprotected sex, should I take another plan B, what are the chances that I will get pregnant?

  96. I just had a baby boy 6wks ago and I decided 2 get the nuvaring 2day at my 6wk checkup. I’m nt sure when my period is because I bleed 4 about 3 wks aftr giving birth but I need 2 start a method of birth control nooooow and not condoms. Can I start the nuvaring at anytime? And if I were 2 start 2day at a random time having nothing to do with my period when can I begin having unprotected sex?

  97. I just realized that I did not take out my Nuvaring on time. I haven’t had it in more than 4 weeks, so I know I’m protected. But what’s odd is that I got my period while the Nuvaring was still in and have it now. I’m going to proceed as normal and put in my new Nuvaring a few days early so I can start my cycle when I want. Is there anything wrong with this situation? Also, it has come out multiple times now during intercourse…is there something I can do to prevent this besides taking it out before sex??

  98. I have had the ring to actually come out on its own while using the bathroom and also comes out multiple times while pulling out a tampons! Is there something I’m doing wrong?

  99. this is my first month using the NUva ring.. this is suppose to be my free week from the Nuva ring its almost time for me to insert nother Ring and my period has not came on.. is that normal… i know i am not pregnant i just went to the doctor in the 1st and had a pregnancy test and i ws already in week one of using the Nuva ring.

  100. I was on the Nuvaring for 1 year and apparently gained 10 lbs the year I was on it. I didn’t know it until the doctor weighed me at my recent physical. Now that I am off of it, I have really noticed weight gain. The kind that makes my clothes not fit anymore. 🙁 Will this stop? I don’t want to go back on the Nuvaring because my husband and I want to start a family. I also was on various birth control pills for 12 years before going on the Nuvaring. I know I will have baby weight to lose after the baby arrives, but I don’t want to have to lose extra weight on top of that. I am not pregnant yet (we wanted to wait a few months before trying to reduce the chance of a miscarriage). I just worry about having to lose a lot of weight after the whole process.

  101. I put the ring on oct.23 and took it off on nov. 4th. I had unprotected sex with my partner on oct. 24th, 25th, 26th, also, on nov. 3th & nov. 7th. I never replaced the ring I removed on the 4th. However, my period came down on nov.10th and it lasted for about 4 days. Is there a possibility that I can be pregnant?

  102. what if i am 3 days late having a period i started the nuva ring way before my period should of started the doctor said it was okay but now i havent had a period . Is this normal?

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