Make Your Pro-Choice/Sex Ed/Gay Marriage/Equal Pay/Obama Ad Now!

Ad Your Voice 2012 is giving all you creative types out there a chance to create a cool political ad that could help defeat Mitt Romney in November.  Send them your ads – gut-splitting, fist-shaking, tear-jerking video shorts between 30 and 60 seconds long – in support of Obama-Biden. The deadline is October 22nd, but the sooner you get it to them (by next week if possible), the better chance you’ll have of getting some real support behind it. Their panel of luminaries, led by Bill Maher, Scarlett Johannson and the award-winning producers at Park Pictures, will review the ads. If they think your video has what it takes to help get Obama reelected, they will offer you a $10,000 honorarium and work with you and a top director to make the ad primetime-ready for wide distribution on TV and online.

Remember, GOP Super PACs are amassing close to a $1 billion war chest to support Mitt Romney – many times more than what pro-Obama Super PACs hope to bring in. Which means Democrats must learn to fight above their weight class. We can’t hope to out-fundraise Rove and the Koch brothers, but we can out-message them. Get shooting!

In a few weeks, whether you’ve submitted a video or not, you’ll be able to vote on your favorite ones. Share them with friends and family, encourage them to “like” their favorite videos via Facebook or vote for them on AdYourVoice2012.com, and just keep spreading the word. Because every view can mobilize a vote for Obama’s reelection! In other words, every view can save reproductive rights, secure marriage equality, educate our kids, and help women get paid the same as men for the same work.

If you need inspiration, watch the 25 greatest unofficial political ads ever created.