How to Give a Toe Job: 10 Steps to Kissing Feet Like a Fetishist

Lovers often forget the feet completely. But why should fetishists have all the fun? Those little piggies have nerves that like to be touched, too. Here are a few tips to keep you on your toes while you’re on theirs:

1. Just as some people are protective of their anuses (lord knows why), others are shy about their feet — toe-sucking is not in everyone’s sexual repertoire. So first make sure your partner’s cool with you heading all the way down.

2.  If your partner’s embarrassed, start off by bathing their little piggies to assuage any fears they may have about stinky feet or toe cheese. Whether they’re embarrassed or not, insist on this for your own sake. (Unless you’re into that whole self-degrading, grosser than gross, The Cook, the Thief, His Wife and Her Lover meat truck scene thing — in which case, you’re on your own.)

3.  A foot-rub is a great segue into toe-sucking. Edible massage oil is a nice touch. Just make sure you have warm hands!

4.  Maintain eye contact. Not only does it up the raunch factor, but their reaction will help you avoid the ticklish spots (very important for not ruining the mood).

5.  It’s just like a blowjob: Start slowly, tease, don’t just suck, use your tongue to follow the curves (including in between the toes and the line of the arch), take your time, enjoy it, etc.

6.  No tickling, please. Lest you get kicked in the face.

7.  If your partner gets pedicures, make sure to give their tootsies attention soon afterward. They’re feet will never be smoother and softer. And your partner will feel they’re really getting the most out of those pedis! Just make sure they get them done at reputable places with strict hygienic procedures and safe equipment, otherwise you might come face to face with a fungal infection, warts or bacterial boils.  Speaking of: if your partner has anything resembling a foot infection, abort mission!

8.  Try out positions where you can stimulate your partner’s more traditional erogenous zones while continuing to suck the toes for a nice Pavlovian effect.

9.  Better yet, get in a position where they can stimulate you while you savor those little nubbins — double whammy!

10.  If you’re the kind of person who gets pedicures, use them to give love, too. Heck, use any body part: Thigh, hip bone, butt crack, you name it!

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